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Author Topic: Who votes [on the state]?  (Read 2833 times)


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Who votes [on the state]?
« on: August 25, 2002, 12:31:26 am »

I know it's probably on the main FSP website, but just for clarification, who or what board ultimately decides on which state the FSP membership moves to?

Besides Jason and Elizabeth, are there any other "voters" that post regularly on here, and if so, what is their bias towards or against one state or another?

I know there are the Nevada/Idaho factions and the New Hampshire/Northeast factions, but it would be nice to know the background and makeup of who all will be voting on the FSP member state.



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Re:Who votes [on the state]?
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2002, 01:09:59 am »

All signed members of the FSP vote, using the Cumulative Count method.

And it is on the website:

Free State Project Participation Guidelines

1. The Free State Project (FSP) shall not require dues or contributions of any kind for participation.

2. The FSP shall require all prospective participants to sign a Statement of Intent indicating:

a) that they will move to the state designated according to the rules laid out in these Guidelines,
b) that they will be bound by the Guidelines, and
c) that they will work toward a society in which the sole role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

The Statement shall become void three years after the time of signing should the designation of the state not have occurred by that time.

3. Once 5,000 people have signed the Statement, voting shall commence on a state where all participants should move and register to vote (should they choose to register to vote). All sufficiently small states will be considered. The voting shall proceed according to the method of Cumulative Count.* All ballots shall be made public to avoid subterfuge; miscounted ballots shall be corrected before the outcome is officially declared.

4. Once 20,000 people have signed the Statement, participants in the FSP shall move to the state decided upon as expeditiously as possible and absolutely within five years of the crossing of the 20,000-signer threshold. Should the Project never attract 20,000 signers, the move shall be aborted.

5. If these Guidelines are amended, anyone who has signed to an earlier version shall be given an opportunity to withdraw his consent.

*Cumulative Count is a method of voting by which each elector is allotted a certain number of points, say, 10. The elector may then allot these points among eligible candidates as he sees fit: for example, 5.6 to one state, 2.7 to another, 0.8 to another, and so on. The state with the most points after all electors’ ballots have been counted is declared the victor.
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