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Author Topic: SMILE every time you hear the word : REVOLUTION  (Read 815 times)


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SMILE every time you hear the word : REVOLUTION
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:51:19 pm »

The movement towards real freedom is growing very fast now. You can feel it. Don't we all understand that as we embrace freedom more and more in this oppressed world that a head on collision is imminent ? This is a fact that we all need to accept. It is no doubt becoming dangerous to promote freedom. This is a reason to smile. We are living in very exciting times !! Think of your short time on this planet and what it will mean: Will you be a slave for the corp.of america until you are exactly 67.5 years old and then beg your masters to give you some money? Will you leave this crappy oppressive life to your kids? Will your kids be micro-chipped? How advanced will A.I. be in 5 years ? What will the police state have for capabilities in 2 years? Do you think the book 1984 is not prophetic? We have been frogs in the pot on slow boil for some time now. The temp. of the water is very high. The FSP has become much more than libertarian clout but has also attracted those looking to end the enslavement of humanity. We have a bit of what the colonist rebels(1st revolution) had inside our frontal lobes.We are now in a race between freeing humanity and having humanity completely controlled. Humanity was meant to be free. We are rewarded with freedom if we stand up to evil. All evil starts with statism. Lose your statism. Our oppressors won't be stopped with legislation. This generation has the option to be part of some of the best excitement since 1776 ! Arm yourself to the teeth.
"No,I didn't come here to seize the power for myself. I came here to DESTROY it."            (part of Grant's speech from THE IRON WEB by Larken Rose)
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