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Author Topic: Thinking of making the move, but I'm curious about my job prospects...  (Read 1834 times)


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Let me preface this by stating that I still want to visit NH (thinking of going to Liberty Forum actually) before I'm 100% certain, but the idea behind FSP is an alluring one, if not intoxicating.

I was born, raised, and continue to live in California.  My educational background is in business management, but my work experience primarily revolves around firearms (sales, registration paperwork, and some smithing, but nothing fancy), and I started a group that does some media work for comic conventions on the side. (Photography, videography, and audio work)

I know that Sig and Ruger are nearby, but I'm not seeing too much in the way of jobs in the firearms industry, besides machining.  If I were to make the move, is there any expectation that I'd be able to find a job in those areas, or would I need to start fresh in a new field?


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Re: Thinking of making the move, but I'm curious about my job prospects...
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2016, 08:31:16 pm »

I'd advise coming here and talking to others who know the industry. There are Porcs at Ruger. There are Porcs who've started their own custom rifle manufacturer: . There are others who are independent smiths or work in gun shops. I will say the general economy in NH is very hot right now. 17,000 new jobs so far this year.
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