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Author Topic: Free ways to help NH liberty from anywhere  (Read 1627 times)


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Free ways to help NH liberty from anywhere
« on: March 22, 2016, 05:58:32 pm »

Here's a condensed list of mostly free things *you* can do from nearly any location to help liberty in New Hampshire. Here are also resources to get you started.  Locals like me are already doing many of these action items, but it would be even better if we had more "Foreign Legion" helping us too!

) The best thing you can do is probably the peaceful act that is in your heart and fun for you.  But don't forget to tell people about a rule, broadcast your accomplishments on this thread!

) Call talk radio, spew a pro freedom message on whatever their topic is:  Obviously if get a chance to talk up the FSP other NH liberty URL, that's ideal. 
  This is mostly a New England list last updated around 2015...want to make a national list?  A more updated list?

) Post or discuss NH liberty news on social media and web forums. Here's a list of NH forums and also many outside: 

) Post or promote NH liberty-related events on FaceBook or other calendars.  The person who started the event can only invite so many folks.   One thing I like to do, if I can't be at a good event, is decline then click invite.  I invite pretty much all the folks who are in listed as "Manchester" friends.

) *Phone* in NH liberty news to hundreds of free staters via 603-413-0411 -
Sort of like the calendar above except you just use the phone to alert us.   Your news could be anything from an upcoming event to a police raid in progress.  It should be NH related. 

) Call Free Talk Live with NH news or discussion:   1-855-450-FREE   
On average you'll be on hold about 30 minutes and reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

) Peaceably protest crackdowns on NH liberty activists. If outside NH you could be in front of your nearest Federal building or U.S. embassy.   This is a case where your distance from New Hampshire can be a magnifier. For instance, say Lauren Canario from New Hampshire gets arrested again for protesting in an IRS office, but you live in Geneva.  If you show up outside the U.S. embassy in Switzerland with a sign, the effect could be significant.  If you videotape it, and post the vid to YouTube, or bring friends, or get a local reporter to cover it the effect could be outright electric.  I'd probably cover any such protest on  Its results would be completely out of proportion to the effort expended. This is becoming more dangerous than it used to be cautious but not too afraid.  I did something not so different *inside* the Bulgarian embassy *while* the Iron Curtain was still up.

) You could protest instead at a busy street corner...probably safer and more will see you.  Make sure there's a short URL on your sign, preferably  Again...organizing even the most innocuous sign wave can occasionally get you arrested.  And you don't want that to happen before you make the move, it could tie you to your local tyranny. So here are items that are even safer:
) Attend NH liberty related events if/when you're in state.  Or govt. events for that matter. All the calendars I know of are listed at

) Read and review bills for the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance:

) Call govt. bad guys with your concerns related to NH liberty.  If lawful, record and broadcast the conversation.

) Aim cameras at govt. bad guys with your concerns related to NH liberty, ask them questions, post to your YouTube channel.   Not always safe.

) Make your own YouTube channel (or use a different hosting service) aim a camera at yourself, talk about NH liberty news.  Be sure to put good keywords in your video descrip and tag section or the video will be seen by very few.

) Write a letter-to-the-editor discussing some liberty issue and mentioning  Send it to a liberty-leaning newspaper, or any paper in your area.  It works best if you respond to something the newspaper itself reported on.  Anyone want to post a list of liberty-leaning national papers which run LTEs?  New England papers?

) Build news releases related to our activiteis here and send them to appropriate media outlets:
______ (link to follow hopefully...who do you think are good outlets to contact?)
How to get media coverage:

) Contribute money to effective pro-liberty institutions or candidates here.  Sorry, I guess that's not free but it might as well be on the list for completeness. Here's a partial list:
It could use updating.

) Post FSP-related flyers in hi-traffic areas.  Here are some off the might need to modify them so they have tear-offs:

) Start a cable access show in your area, using it to promote the Free State Project.  Feel free to run the RidleyReport on it until you hear otherwise. You probably will never hear otherwise.

) Have your local cable access station run the Ridley Report need to do your own show that way! 

) Buy from NH liberty activists and their advertisers.  There are plenty of things you were already going to buy this month...why not buy them from NH liberty folk:
This URL could use updating/replacing/improving

) Write NH prisoners
Sometimes NH liberty activists end up in jail for victimless crimes.  Also there are some Brown supporters who received unspeakable sentences for assisting an elderly New Hampshire couple during their standoff with U.S. Marshals.  Writing any of the above would be constructive.  The Browns and their backers are probably the most in need. Here are some ways to contact NH political prisoners....often without even leaving your computer: -
  - This last will get you to the Brown supporters themselves

These links are mostly obsolete...their services could use replacing.

) Vacation here instead of the "nanny states."  NH is fun year round.  But there are at least three two great liberty events that happen annually: - big, indoors, usually around February,  convention-style + wild parties - biggest event, in summer

) Join these NH liberty-related forums or websites as a member/subscriber: - Political organizers in New Hampshire, tolerant but not very active. - Folks around the country planning to move to NH for more freedom - Poor man's TV newsroom featuring NH liberty news

) Shoot and upload some video.  Or better yet a re-enactment of some NH liberty event (usually an arrest) that was not successfully recorded.  E-mail me thru if you want specific ideas and details for events that would lend themselves to re-enactment.  In terms of simple video, here is an explanation of the types of vid I'm usually low on:

) Contact media outlets in your area to see if you can talk them into doing a story about us.   This will probably only work if you give them something "local" to photograph: A protest, a publicity stunt or better yet a shot of you packing your U-Haul on the way out of their Nanny State!  Here are some tips on interacting with the media:

) Subscribe to
When messages come in detailing the locations of checkpoints or speed traps...maybe post them to or other sites that track predators.

) Help me improve this list by replying with other suggestions for activism.

) Whatever you do, share it with us!  Don't be too humble; brag about your activities and accomplishments on our behalf!  It's good for our morale! This thread is as good a place as any.

) Direct people to this list of action items. 

Long before I moved here, I found the activism I did for NH from afar was safer and more rewarding than what I did for my old location.  Don't waste your activism trying to save New York or something...use it efficiently.  Aim it at your future home, where it counts.

An earlier version of this list appeared at ...
  It contains various replies that include additional action options.

Also here's a list of action items and resources that are more for people *inside* New Hampshire:

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