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Author Topic: Join my guild in online game, and let's build a free state there too  (Read 1093 times)


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If you're a free stater gamer, you may want to join this free multiplayer online shooter I'm playing. It gives a lot of room to experiment with Swiss type defense.

It's called "Terra: Battle for the Outlands."

What's special is that it combines FPS with the chance to set up your own country, choose its foreign policy, location, defenses... You can do twitchy air/tank combat, recon, transport, banking, a.i. management, construction. And almost everything you do has a meaningful effect on the team, the enemy and the persistent map. A map which is, I understand, bigger than earth's moon. There is much realism and little boredom, little grinding. No instanced combat or quests...everything happens in the family friendly "real" world.

It's a little like Civilization meets Fallout 3.

The downsides: It is old with dated graphics. There is no medic or repair type unit. I'm not a very effective leader or twitchy player...but I'm not the one in charge.  Terra has a low player base...but as with Astro Empires you actually benefit from that.  All the enemy's fighting units and bases are still there for you to attack whenever their humans are offline....doing that hurts the enemy team just as much as killing them while they're online.

If you'd like to get involved, just message me here. I'm in a guild called WarParty, and my name is "EndTheFe"
It was supposed to be EndTheFed but character limit got me...  is the guild

Despite the name, their actual foreigin policy is pretty non-aggressive. I'm lobbying to keep it that way and make it more that way so that we can focus max attention on actual invaders.
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