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Author Topic: 20,000 signed up. Awesome. Now the next step.  (Read 1717 times)


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20,000 signed up. Awesome. Now the next step.
« on: February 08, 2016, 11:09:34 am »

I signed up for the FSP back in 2002/2003 some time. I'm glad it finally reached 20,000 which means that now I need to contemplate my pledge to move within 5 years. As I am sure many others are thinking about as well.

Most coming up with excuses I am sure, as am I, about why it just isn't possible.

During Jason's speech he mentioned how most people are more willing to move to another state than to move to another country. Well, I could not really wait for one state so I already left the US and seek freedom in my own life. I never really planned on returning to the US and hate to think of the idea that my income tax would be used to fund ISIS or other horrible things if I were to return.

My only thought, on this initial day of finding out about the 20k, is that I had already planned on selling my home in Florida (currently rented out) this summer. I use it as my residence for anything US related, bank account, voting, etc. I could just as easily change that residence to NH. At least that would be a foot in the door and would give me the satisfaction that I at least took a step toward fulfilling my pledge.

And who knows, maybe when the US goes bankrupt and there's a reboot I could return if there's anything left. But I will certainly keep an eye on NH if I do return.
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Re: 20,000 signed up. Awesome. Now the next step.
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2016, 11:47:05 am »

Yes, no reason not to change your official state of residence!

I share a lot of your concerns about the U.S., but I also think that if the U.S. goes down the tubes, it will bring the rest of the world with it. Outside the U.S., you're not exactly sheltered from the U.S. government's actions. In N.H. we at least stand a chance of making a difference.
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Re: 20,000 signed up. Awesome. Now the next step.
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2016, 02:00:01 pm »

I think your concern is well founded. At a national level, I think things are going to get a bit ugly. When you have a self described socialist and a might as well be self described fascist vying for the major party nominations, it says something.

Actually, it says a couple of things. One is that people are dissatisfied with the status quo, another is that they're willing to embrace some profoundly bad alternatives.

While I think this might result in some hard times, it also means that it's open season in the marketplace of ideas. There's usually a correlation between risk and reward. I think we are in a position where we could win or lose big more so than any time in the last few decades. Whether it is a win or a lose depends on what we do.

As a side note, I've been a friend of the FSP since 03/04. I'm a NH native who has since moved to Maine for career reasons. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the Shire within the 5 years.

If 80% of the unmoved signers flake out, that's still about 3600 more movers in NH within 5 years, which triples the number of movers. Consider that along with the progress made with the early movers to date, and I think even a "disappointing" result promises to blow past libertarian migration movements out of the water.


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Re: 20,000 signed up. Awesome. Now the next step.
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2016, 06:32:13 pm »

Out of curiosity, where are you living now?  Are you generally happy with your decision to leave?

I too live abroad, but apparently not far enough away to free myself from the IRS.


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Re: 20,000 signed up. Awesome. Now the next step.
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2016, 10:00:56 pm »

Well I'm planning to move as early as this September, but more likely in 2017. In my mind, this is immediate and I'm taking serious action. In my homestate of Minnesota I have been involved in volunteering and community activism for a while, and have learned to work well with the many socialist and marxist statists here. There is always overlap if you focus solely on action in context, in the moment.

I'm taking this to New Hampshire. I have a general idea of the nonprofit I want to start, and a goal of working intensely within the FSP and outside of it. A focus on conflict mediation and coexistence.

I am determined to be completely independent of government in my life time, and if that goes well early on then I would move on to "six degrees of independence" where you could not connect me to gov't in six degrees of other people (adding one degree at a time, I would be shocked if I could get out two degrees where me, my customers or suppliers and other supporters are not paying taxes to be involved with my business.)

Anyway I have ambitious and complex goals and I'm not afraid of them in the least. I see no reason to fear the unknown in New Hampshire and unfortunately struggle with empathy for people that do have that fear. I've never experienced that. Failure was always an opportunity and an adventure. What a beautiful thing it is that I can even talk to you guys now, and that you would have read this. Amazing things have already happened all around us. What point is there in living half-awake?
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