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Author Topic: Declaration of Emancipation  (Read 2376 times)


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Declaration of Emancipation
« on: August 26, 2015, 10:12:22 am »

To whom it may concern, the Rulers of man,

Throughout the breadth of time mankind has been subjected to the consequences and effects of your actions, orders, laws, proclamations and decrees, you have unanimously failed to provide any productive market value.

You openly admit to your negative value by using force of arms to subject populations to funding your endeavors with extortion, threatening and making violence upon our homes, property, business, wages, children, friends, neighbors and family.

By these facts, any action no matter how virtuous of intent, if achieved by these means (threatening, ordering, and initiating force of arms) is destructive, criminal, and damaging to the security of a peaceful, civilized and free society.

We hereby terminate all disservices here and into the future. Your disservices will no longer be endorsed, and were never required nor wanted by a population with the capacity to voluntarily choose (free of force and coercion) with the fruits of our labor, every service that we shall ever want and/or need for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Consider this a notice that all who hereby declare authority to violate the basic common law human rights of the non-aggression principle are acting fully under their own independent will (free of mind, contract, commission, representation, and coercion), accepting full moral and personal responsibility for continuing to operate as an occupying criminal enterprise via overwhelming force of arms and are henceforth liable for all future and incurred damages as such.

We do hereby declare all credit amassed under coercion of a hostage people as Odious and therefore invalid. Such consequences of the collections and repayment of "National Debt" is the sole responsibility and liability of those "Representatives" who directly incurred these debts and accepted loans of payment under their own authority and volition with sound mind. We reserve the Right to hold those accountable and liable for the damages afflicted upon a hostage people's survival, future, and quality of life.

By the authority of The People vested in the common law document of the Declaration of Independence. Consider henceforth, Rulership and coerced "Representation" hereby Abolished.

Signed, We The People


Something to get people thinking, though only 1 person can speak for themselves. There is no "We The People".
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