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Author Topic: College as self-sacrifice for companies?  (Read 3076 times)


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College as self-sacrifice for companies?
« on: February 13, 2015, 12:25:32 pm »

I would like to start a new topic about college education as being self-sacrifice for narrow-minded companies that won't invest a dime in the training of their own employees, then get rid of you suddenly within a year or less, as they have usually done to me in Cincinnati.  The way that my parents have raised me, that is how I have always lived.  But now that I am in my late 30s, I am starting to think that it is the wrong way to live, and that they might be wrong.

In my grandparents' day, you didn't need college to get a job at a living wage, or a middle-class income.  In the Baby Boomers' day, college was easier, and jobs that required college lasted longer.

Now, the Baby Boomers have left Generation X a world in which you have to do twice as much college for half the real wages, if they bother to employ you for even a year at their company.  And you can't even made enough money to pay back even some of the student loans you took out to go to college.  In my case, I went to college for five years to earn two associate degrees in graphic arts and web design, then only got to do about a year of work in either before the Great Recession hit in 2007-08.

So I am starting to think that Libertarians like myself who are influenced by Ayn Rand, who may have seen through self-sacrifice for government, poor people, the Pentagon, and public schools back in the '90s, may have overlooked self-sacrifice for colleges and companies in the 2000s.  And the Baby Boomers might just discriminate against young Americans forever anyway.  Not trying to turn this into a bigotry thread, which is forbidden at FSP, but I feel as though Cincinnati is a very ageist city.

What is it like up in New Hampshire?  Are people less ageist, less prejudiced about college, and jobs more stable, and possibly better paying too per hour or per week?  I'd like to know.


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Re: College as self-sacrifice for companies?
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2015, 04:04:21 pm »

As far as the FSP goes, there should be plenty of people who are school-skeptic and a variety of career paths to take. And by that I don't mean paths to different jobs, but different ways of reaching the same job. (The former should be obvious).

I dropped out of high school in 2012, and reading this I consider myself lucky. Unfortunately you have committed one of the 4 major mistakes in money-debt. (1. buy a house 2. have kids 3. buy a car 4. go to college- I avoid this list to avoid debt).

Instead of getting myself into debt, I've volunteered at the places that would give me skills and future job opportunities. For some reason people think I'm "failing" because I'm doing it for free, when their dumb asses are incurring a huge debt and screwing their futures.

Look into the unschooling movement. Stefan Molyneux interviewed Dr. Peter Gray. Anarchy naturally opposes school; there will be plenty of anti-school porcs. Or more accurately, porcs who want it to be voluntary (like me) and not coercive.

Make a post in the jobs forum more specified to what you're looking for and see what happens. As for graphic design, you might want to look at online remote opportunities. There is a lot of techie-innovative logo and web design happening these days.


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Re: College as self-sacrifice for companies?
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2015, 02:32:46 pm »

I am a millennial and I think people should rethink and take a very different approach. Humans are naturally highly intelligent and lazy. Older generations value hard work. I think we instead should work smart. Any job that does not want to use you brain does not value what you are good at, but it may be okay for a part time second job. I think we should work on making home classes with people who do the work we love and make robots to do all the mundane work.
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