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Author Topic: Nashua, NH: Cassandra Big Data Programmer  (Read 1353 times)


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Nashua, NH: Cassandra Big Data Programmer
« on: October 31, 2012, 03:55:50 pm »

We are on the hunt for any skilled professionals with real world experience developing Apache Cassandra NoSQL databases for a project in NH (North of Boston).

Wanted: Cassandra Developers to assist a team in designing and implementing a Cassandra database back end and code new interfaces.


> Can you give me more details regarding the project?


> Our platform is heavily reliant on MySQL. In particular one reporting

> portion is not appropriate for traditional RDBMS modeling and

> implementation. We're working to replace that storage mechanism with

> one that has a more appropriate data model and better scaling factor.


> What exactly is the project?


> We need to implement a data model and peripheral data access layer for

> replacing a very large mysql cluster for reporting based requirements.

> Consume our functional and non-functional requirements, help us

> establish an estimate of the work and then work with our P&O team to

> compose the code for implementing and deploying the solution. The

> goal is to put a python (and potentially Java) data access layer on

> top of our data model implemented in cassandra. We have basic

> reporting requirements, however there are other developing

> requirements that will need to be kept in mind as the prototype is scoped for scale.


> What are the other technologies being used?

Linux, Cassandra 1.1, Python and Pycassa, Java and Hector, CQL, cf-engine, bash and SQL


> What is the length of term of the project?

3 months, with the possibility of extension


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