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Author Topic: Hello and a suggestion  (Read 1021 times)


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Hello and a suggestion
« on: August 05, 2012, 04:25:22 am »

Hi folks, Ran into your forum and decided to join.  I have heard rumblings about the FSP from my son but when I ran into the forum it took me some time before I realized that clicking on the porcupine icon wast how one found out what the FSP was all about and how I saw an actual mission statement and definition.  Might I suggest a sticky note at the top of this particular thread that either tells people outright to click on the porcupine or provides the same link?  After a while I got blurry eyed trying to search for a definition of the FSP, wading through old notes and such.

I arrived here because I was doing some background searches on militia.  I've lived in NH for some time.  Originally from NY, my wife and I have lived here for about 28 years.

It'll be interesting going through some of the threads and seeing what people are discussing.



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Re: Hello and a suggestion
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 11:30:26 am »

Hey Rich,

Welcome to the FSP Forum and website.

Clicking on the porcupine takes you to the website.  On the left side of the website is a menu.  The 1st item is labeled Donate.  The 2nd item is labeled What is the FSP?  If you click on What is the FSP, there are various sections such as What is the FSP?, Why New Hampshire?, 101 Reasons to Move and Endorsements presented.  I agree with you that there are too many steps involved.  For example, IMO, the What is the FSP link should have that side menu but it should also open up the What is the FSP? link .  Another way to learn about what the FSP is, is to go to the website and read the center text. 3 paragraphs into the text it describes what the FSP is with a link to the Statement of Intent and a big intro link is featured in another paragraph.

Thanks for the suggestion.  A redesigned (simpler, more modern) FSP website is in the works.
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