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Author Topic: Truck available for transportation  (Read 864 times)


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Truck available for transportation
« on: April 10, 2009, 07:57:46 pm »

I finally got a replacement for my old truck.  This is primarily a work vehicle for my heating&cooling business.  However, it's a nice, big diesel with a 6-passenger cab, 6.5-foot bed (for which I have a high-rise cap), and factory-installed towing setup, and Porcupines occasionally need goods transported when moving or whatnot.

So, if you need something towed, or have some furniture to move, or whatever, and I don't happen to be busy with some other project that day, I'm available to transport goods and passengers.

I also have a trailer available.  It's an open-bottom (just two crossbars - no deck) trailer with an overhead crane.  So it can transport items which are large and sturdy enough to straddle both crossbars.  I will be building a deck for it at some point, and I would be willing to trade use of the trailer for help in the construction.

I get about 20mpg when running empty, but that obviously changes when you put a few tons of material on a trailer and tow it, so prices will be negotiated to reflect what is being transported.  I'm also willing to barter for metals, general labor (assuming I have some particular need), skilled labor (assuming you have some skill that I need to make use of), or possibly goods/services, depending upon what you have and what I need.

I am primarily only available for transportation in NH/VT.  I charge a premium for travel into states with substantially anti-gun laws, and the premium will be adjusted depending upon the particular state I'm being asked to travel to or through.  Don't ask me to take you to Chicago or DC unless you're a multi-millionaire! :)

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We are not civilized because we are armed; we are armed because we are civilized..
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