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Author Topic: 7) Health News & Statist Health Threats  (Read 136350 times)


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #210 on: September 05, 2017, 02:40:07 pm »

Natural Vitamin C and B5
A good source of vitamin C and B5 etc ordering online is
Here's their best deal for vitamin C from Amla Berries:
This seems to be the best deal for B5:

James Sloane, a former med tech, found in medical studies that vitamin C and B5 are important for adrenal gland function, but synthetic ascorbic acid vitamin C is short-lived, while natural vitamin C in foods, is stable (if it's not heated). Vitamin C is also important for all blood vessels, but the body prioritizes the adrenals [to handle stress and help the immune system]. Stress depletes C and B5, but a few hundred mg per day of vitamin C, half hour before meals (to prevent absorption being blocked by protein and fat digestion), is enough to restore it and about 100 mg of B5 per day (with meals) is enough. This will allow extra C to go to blood vessels to maintain them. [Rice bran is better for all the B vitamins.] Here are excerpts from some medical studies.

Vitamin C prevents oxidative damage
The observations substantiate the previous in vitro findings that ascorbate specifically prevents oxidative degradation of microsomal membranes. The results indicate that vitamin C may exert a powerful protection against degenerative diseases associated with oxidative damage and play a critical role in wellness and health maintenance.

Vitamin C is an important cofactor for both adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla
The data derived from these animal models and various cell culture studies confirm a crucial role for vitamin C for both the adrenal cortex as well as the adrenal medulla further underlining the interdependence of the two endocrine systems united in one gland.

The role of functional foods in the psychobiology of health and disease
Presently there are a number of ingredients, which include vitamin C, milk proteins, a number of herbal extracts (ginkgo biloba, ginseng, kava, valerian and lemon balm), and n-3 fatty acids, that have demonstrated potential stress reactivity-lowering and mood-enhancing effects, although further work is required to substantiate the efficacy in human subjects. Dietary supplements that can alleviate excessive stress responses may play an increasingly important role for the maintenance of health in a stressful environment.

Vitamin C in the treatment and/or prevention of obesity
Obesity has emerged as one of the major health threats worldwide. Moreover, an excessive body fat accumulation, which defines this disease, could lead to several associated clinical manifestations such as cardiovascular events, type 2 diabetes, inflammation, and some types of cancer. The appearance of these co-morbidities has been often related to an unbalanced oxidative stress. Therefore, antioxidant-based treatments could be considered as interesting approaches to possibly counteract obesity fat accumulation complications. In this context, it has been observed that vitamin C intake (ascorbic acid) is negatively associated with the occurrence of several conditions such as hypertension, gallbladder disease, stroke, cancers, and atherosclerosis, and also with the onset of obesity in humans and animals. Among the possible beneficial effects of ascorbic acid on obesity-related mechanisms, it has been suggested that this vitamin may: (a) modulate adipocyte lipolysis; (b) regulate the glucocorticoid release from adrenal glands; (c) inhibit glucose metabolism and leptin secretion on isolated adipocytes; (d) lead to an improvement in hyperglycemia and decrease glycosylation in obese-diabetic models; and (e) reduce the inflammatory response. Possibly, all these features could be related with the outstanding antioxidant characteristics of this vitamin. Thus, the present article reviews the up-to-date evidence regarding in vitro and in vivo effects of vitamin C in obesity and its co-morbidities.

Treatment of the common cold in children and adults
Prophylactic vitamin C modestly reduces cold symptom duration in adults and children.

Vitamin C function in the brain: vital role of the ascorbate transporter SVCT2
Neurodegenerative diseases typically involve high levels of oxidative stress and thus ascorbate has been posited to have potential therapeutic roles against ischemic stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease.

Human adrenal glands secrete vitamin C in response to adrenocorticotrophic hormone
CONCLUSIONS: Adrenocorticotrophic hormone stimulation increases adrenal vein but not peripheral vein vitamin C concentrations. These data are the first in humans showing that hormone-regulated vitamin secretion occurs and that adrenal vitamin C paracrine secretion is part of the stress response. Tight control of peripheral vitamin C concentration is permissive of higher local concentrations that may have paracrine functions.

Pantothenic acid deficiency as a factor contributing to the development of hypertension
In this paper, pantothenic acid deficiency will be shown to be a factor in the experimental origin of hypertension due to adrenal regeneration [or degeneration?].
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #211 on: September 15, 2017, 07:11:07 pm »

This Hospice Hopes to Prove Cannabis Can Make Dying Less Painful

Migraine Cause(s) May Be Immune System Related

Mechanized Underwear Fights Lower Back Pain

Special Corrective Glasses Can Minimize Colourblindess

New Way to Communicate with Vegetative Patients

465K US Pacemaker Patients Need Firmware Patch to Prevent Hacking

Bubbles for Broken Bones

Immune cells may prevent stem cell growth in spinal cord repair

Rotor-propelled microbots could fight deadly cancers inside the body [but herbs are far better: Pau d'Arco, Chaparal, etc]

Phones and drones transforming healthcare

Man Received World’s First 3-D Printed Tibia Replacement

PupilScreen aims to allow parents, coaches, medics to detect concussion, TBIs with a phone

New type of camera that sees through structures inside the human body

New research reveals a way to detoxify soil: infrared lasers

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic

Human skin cells transformed directly into muscle nerve cells

A pacemaker-liked device that hacks the body's neural circuits could alleviate symptoms of diseases

How Sewage Contaminates Our Food Supply

The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained

Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War

Farmers Increase Profits Using Traditional Practices

InPower: A Mass Action of Liability

How Corporations Took Over Our Bodies and Brains

Large-Scale Study Proves High-Fat Diet Promotes Health and Longevity

Factory Farming Contaminates Water in More Ways Than One

Is PetMed Selling Opiates for People, Not Pets?

A CRISPR Future New Form of Eugenics?

Cholesterol Isn't the Problem in Heart Disease; Inflammation Is

Vegetarians Twice as Likely To Be Depressed


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #212 on: October 01, 2017, 12:44:31 pm »

Starve cancer of energy with natural molecule, study advises

New method claims to combine every childhood vaccine into one shot

Wireless Cyborg Eyes for the Blind

Humans lost ancient viral defense mechanism

Researchers say miniscule DNA robots could soon end need for major surgeries

AI can detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms show

Shape of your face may say a lot about your sexuality

New Technique of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Awakens Man After 15 Years in Coma

Ancient Chinese Ink Shows Promise as Cancer Treatment

Newly Discovered Broken Brain Links Could Cause Hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease

Wii games to help Parkinson's patients

Robot dentist performs first successful implant surgery

With blood transfusion, fresh is not best

Way to breaking ribosome antibiotic resistance

Possible end to hereditary disease by editing human embryo

Multiday Fasting Gaining Popularity

How University Foundations Circumvent Conflict of Interest Disclosure Rules and Hide Corporate Ties to Faculty

High Cost of Corn and Saving Prairies

Physicians Find Americans Taking Too Much Medication

The Real Dangers of Electronic Devices and EMFs

Up to 40 Percent Decrease of Nutrients in Our Food

Flu Vaccination During Early Pregnancy Linked to Nearly Eightfold Risk of Miscarriage

Fake Pharma using PR firm to write Fake Med Paper

Common Cleaning Products May Increase Your Risk of Lung Disease

How Dehydration Affects Your Brain Function

Russia Hides Cancer Risks to Protect Its Role as the World’s Asbestos Dealer


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #213 on: October 15, 2017, 07:12:42 pm »

New Bio-Sensing Tattoos Could Monitor Health Conditions

US University Unveils First-Ever Degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry

A fashionable chemical and biological threat detector-on-a-ring

Drug-resistant gene has spread around the world within 2 years

Scientists find treatment that causes cancer cells to self-destruct - without affecting healthy cells

Newly discovered genes critical for hearing

Researchers reveal enzyme behind immune cell response

Advantages of breast feeding

Researchers use gene therapy to combat weight gain and insulin resistance in mice

New technology can prevent GM organisms from breeding with their natural counterparts

Shift from hunting and gathering to agriculture may have transformed the shape of human skulls

Smart bandage could promote better, faster healing

Researchers extract stem cells from wisdom teeth

Law takes aim at stem cell treatments not approved by the FDA

Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy Correlates to Lower IQ in Their Children

New Study Shows Artificial Sweeteners Can Lead to Diabetes

Most Sea Salt [and table salt] Contains Plastic Fragments

How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver

Ketogenic Diet Study Confirms Massive Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Whooping Cough Reemergence Traced Back to Vaccines

How to Grow Ginger at Home

Fluoride: Poison on Tap

Biodynamic Farming


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #214 on: October 31, 2017, 07:35:11 pm »

Scientists Just Restored Breathing After Spinal Paralysis

Hunger-blocking injection lets obese monkeys quickly lose weight

Gulf of Mexico Now Largest Dead Zone in the World, and Factory Farming Is to Blame

Big Chickens, Little Nutrition

Obesity Responsible for 40 Percent of Diagnosed Cancers

Buyer Beware: Most Collagen Supplements Sourced From CAFOs

Are C-Sections Contributing to Autism?

Family Farms Attacked While Criminal CAFOs Protected

Research Finds Sugar Changes Metabolism in Even the Healthiest of People

Ashwagandha Can Be Used for Stress and Anxiety

Media Manipulation Compromise Your Ability to Get Truthful Information

Laboratory Testing Reveals Substantial Amounts of Glyphosate in Foods and Population

Diet Soda Makers Sued Over Deceptive, False and Misleading Advertising

Fluoride — A Little Bit at the Wrong Time Is Devastating

Congress is to blame for the opioid epidemic

Stress could be just as harmful for the digestive system as a junk food diet

Marijuana legalization reduced opioid-related deaths & alters brain function, studies show

Ovarian cancer study finds origin likely starts in fallopian tubes

Cancer therapy undergoing a rethink as fasting and dietary interventions show promising results

Air and water pollution is killing millions of people a year and the world is reaching 'crisis point'

Researchers find key molecule that can mimic ketosis and lower inflammation

Insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates

Monsanto's bogus science

The creation of the Rockefeller pharma industry

Make sure your collagen is organic

How to detoxify plastics from your body

How the vaccine industry has been involved in a large-scale medical fraud

Ketamine can help greatly reduce migraine pain

There's a new type of diabetes

Dad's nutritional status affects the survival rate of embryos

US baby foods test positive for arsenic

Stem cell injections could bring relief to millions with lower back pain

Flu Season: Don't believe the hype

Can mushrooms make you feel fuller longer?

Nurses continue to be justified in refusing mandatory flu shots

Prostate cancer 'shocked' [cured] using testosterone therapy

MYTH #1 -- Only Dairy Products Can Provide Adequate Calcium [NOT]

Shingles vaccines fail at least 97% of the time

Sperm count levels down in West, but Asian, African and Latin American men 'doing fine'

Wait a minute—clamping the umbilical cord later could save thousands of preterm babies' lives

Mainstream news finally admits that diet is a factor in getting cancer

New therapy device heals the body by reprogramming cells

Portable holographic microscope makes field diagnosis possible
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #215 on: November 15, 2017, 10:05:42 am »

Ayahausca Study Reveals Its Psychological Benefits

Vaccinated child still gets the disease

How Pharma Sabotaged the Drug Enforcement Agency and Caused Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths

Study Proves Sugar Is Responsible for Remarkable Rate of Disease

Psychedelic Potential for Healing

Update on the Orchestrated Attacks to Eliminate Vaccine Safety Exemptions

Why Informed Consent Matters in the 21st Century

1,200 Percent Increase of Weed Killer in Your Body

Air Pollution Is Becoming More Dangerous

Good & Bad Trends in State Vaccine Legislation in America 2015 to 2017
See also

Changing EPA Policies May Increase Your Risk of Living in a Toxic Town

2017 to 2018 Flu Vaccine Fraud Update

Vaccine Dangers

Photobiomodulation for Chronic Pain etc

Agribiz Hydroponics Posing as Organic

GMO Golden Rice Is Fake News Propaganda

Pesticides Implicated in Infertility

More Proof Heartburn Products Are Dangerous

HPV Cancer Increasing
For Cures:

Trans people misunderstand and often regret sex-change surgery

Know what else comes with vaccines?

Acid reflux drugs could double stomach cancer risk

Digital 3-D-fabrication technology for nursing and healthcare

Your brain on alcohol

Massage can help regrow muscle even on a non-massaged limb

Ashwagandha root extract can normalize thyroid hormone levels

Link between gut health and age-related diseases

Alzheimer's can be spread by transfusions, surgery etc

Study shows intrusive thoughts may be mitigated by use of GABA [Glycine is better]

Akorn Pharmaceuticals CEO charged with nationwide conspiracy to bribe doctors to prescribe his company's opioid painkiller Subsys [Which big companies aren't guilty?]

The Deep State and opioids trafficking

New study shows thousands of heart patients may be getting stents for no reason

Blood plasma from young donors breathes fresh life into Alzheimer's patients

The EU and glyphosate: it's time to put children's health before pesticides

Immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer: The genetic roulette of vaccination

Groundbreaking breath tests could detect up to 17 diseases

Shattered lives: The business of hysterectomies

New York Times admits that vaccinated children are spreading mumps

Some common laxatives (psyllium, cascara sagrada, senna) have risks of hepatitis, liver failure etc

Study shows alcohol cancer risk

Sauna is good for health

Ketogenic diet helped curb a girl's daily seizures

Surgeons spending more time taking out breast implants

US lowers guidelines for high blood pressure to profit Pharma Companies
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #216 on: November 30, 2017, 04:57:18 pm »


Tiny sensors developed to study the secrets of brain chemistry

Brain Scans Can Now Identify People with Suicidal Thoughts

Flu shot manufacturing causes influenza to mutate

New research looks into the body instead of the brain for Alzheimer's treatment

Research suggests rare metal found in meteors can be used to kill cancer cells

Mad scientists ready to make men pregnant


New ‘Trackable’ Pill Knows When It’s Been Taken And Can Talk To Doctors


Algorithm better at diagnosing pneumonia than radiologists

Russia's record wheat harvest sees it replace US as agricultural superpower

Man suffering from metabolic disease becomes first person to undergo internal gene editing

As a new ice age approaches, scientists want to mimic volcanic eruptions to cool earth's climate

Gene therapy gives boy new skin

A 'half-hearted' solution to one-sided heart failure: Soft robotic system provides support

Chronic demyelination linked to seizures in MS patients

Reckless and unregulated Biohackers are using CRISPR to edit their own DNA

'Helper' brain cells play significant role in forming traumatic memories

Study doubts previous findings that adult brain's memory-forming region makes new cells

CRISPR gene drives are too powerful to be used in the wild

Scientists clone a clone just to see what happens

Is a cure for baldness just around the corner?

Prefrontal executive control of the brain may be harnessed to help reduce the risk of anxiety

Intelligent people have brains that are better connected

Nursing homes have become far too dependent on mind-altering meds

25 Most Shocking Medical Mistakes, and How You Can Protect Yourself

How to Use Regenerative Farming Principles to Grow Healthier Food in Your Own Garden

EPA Refuses to Ban Neurotoxic Pesticide Found in 87 Percent of Newborns

Watch out; GMO Apples Arriving at Grocery Stores

Do We Really Need Opioids for Pain?

Meet the Sacklers: The Family That's Killing Millions with Opioids
Opioids are now the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50.

Are Stents a Scam? Best approach covered by insurance

Chuck Norris Sues for MRI Dye Injuring His Wife

Pharma Dogs Hunt Down Vaccine Disruptors in California

The Growing Threat of the Green Plague [pond scum]

American Heart Association President Suffers Heart Attack at 52

Blood Pressure Lowered by Probiotics

Kidney damage, poor mental health and risky behavior: The dark side of energy drinks

New study shows the sugar industry knew of its link to heart disease 50 years ago

Children's screen time linked to obesity

Fifty workers fired from healthcare system for refusing flu shot

Toxins in the brain and the benefits of essential oils

Does Russia have the key to solve America's opioid crisis?

Slow down the aging process with dancing

Can infrared light reverse Parkinson's and Alzheimer's?

Flu vaccines are killing senior citizens, study warns

Why CBD oil from Cannabis is better than prescription painkillers

A professor of medicine explains why eating fat won't make you fat — but sugar will

Neurofeedback has promise in treating tinnitus

Light therapy might help people with bipolar depression

Study finds obesity and diabetes were responsible for almost 800,000 cases of cancer in one year

Harvard Immunologist: Unvaccinated children pose ZERO risk to anyone and here's why

VA study finds Vietnam vets may be dying from slow-killing parasite contracted while fighting in SE Asian jungles

Disrupting circadian rhythm of muscle cells could lead to diabetes

Fast food diet linked to 51% higher depression risk
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #217 on: December 15, 2017, 11:10:58 pm »

LadyCare is Clinically Proven To Relieve 23 Menopause Symptoms

Flexible impedance sensor can fit inside urinary catheters; monitor and treat biofilm

3-D-printed minifactories: Researchers print 'living materials' with bacteria-loaded inks

Reading aloud improves recall

Teen brains find it challenging to properly recognise and react to the importance of tasks

Ancient women had much stronger arms than today's female sports stars

The smarter person's brain is just wired better

Researchers 3-D print lifelike artificial organ models

Scientists have created the world's first soft artificial beating heart

Information injected into monkey's brains

Dengue vaccine program halted in Philippines after study shows it could worsen outbreak

How Metabolic Therapies Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases

Chinese Herb Galla chinensis Shows Promise Against Tooth Decay

Vaccine Deficient Employees Fired to Gain Health Care Funding

Government Falsifies Warning on Kratom to Protect Opioids

Sugar Companies Buried Evidence to Hide Sugar Harms

Depression Treatment Drives Users to Murder, Suicide

The Importance of Electromagnetic Field Remediation In the Treatment of Chronic Disease

Big Pharma Tries to Monopolize CBD Oil Market

Poop Pills Can Combat Deadly Infections

Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries

Teflon Town: A Toxic Legacy

Glitter Has Become a Global Hazard

Organic Leaders Take Fight for Authentic Organics to the Grocery Aisles

Increase in prevalence of developmental disabilities in US kids

Uterus transplant recipient gives birth to baby, first in the US

Antibiotic resistance has caused a drop in life expectancy

Study shows type 2 diabetes starts in the liver

Lowering iron levels in the brain could slow or prevent Alzheimer's

Ketogenic diet for epilepsy

Sugar Linked to brain shrinkage, Alzheimer's and other types of dementia

Is government addicted to banning natural substances?

Researchers put diabetics on starvation diet and watch their disease reverse

Pollution wipes out the benefits of exercise

Biologists show how to shut off hunger 'alarm system': Hormones, such as cholecystokinin, peptide tyrosine, tyrosine and amylin turn off hunger in mice

One reason why antidepressants fail

Canola oil linked to brain damage

How many shots are on the CDC schedule?

Smartphone addiction wreaks havoc in teenage brains

Antipsychotics nearly triple the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack

Keep that cell phone away from your head

Mainstream media tells parents should give children dangerous drugs for treating depression

Monsanto's Glyphosate leaves environmentalists' strategy in tatters

WHO declares medical marijuana has no public health risks and should not be withheld from patients
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #218 on: December 31, 2017, 12:42:19 am »

Science Proves Yoga Has An Incredible Impact On Resilience

How Much Do You Really Know About Vaccine Safety?

Will McDonald’s Transition to Regenerative Agriculture?

700,000 Children Will Suffer This Severe Vaccine Side Effect

Officials Admit Flu Vaccine 2017 Likely Worthless

Blood Pressure Treatment Linked to More Disease

Mammograms Are a Tragic Lie

What You Really Need to Know About Heart Disease and Its Treatment

A New Article Series That Exposes How Puppet Masters Control the Planet for Their Benefit

Farmers Incentivized With Cash to Spray New Poison

Scientific Evidence for the Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza

Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma

Air Pollution Damages Neurons, Leads to Infertility and Birth Defects

Success Breeds Greed That Gets in the Way of Ethics, Common Sense and Caution

Pride and the Politics of Vaccines

The War on Supplements, Essential Oils and Homeopathy

Lies, Denial, Deceit and Manipulative ‘Research’

Destroying your mind and making you fat: There is nothing healthy about Canola oil

A deadly flesh-eating bacteria infects 525 in Japan

10 alternative therapies for ADD & ADHD

French woman gets $228k compensation after mandatory Hep B vaccine gives her macrophagic myofasciitis

Russian biologists put cancer cells on a 'diet' and destroy them

New culprit [fungicides] is killing the world's bees
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #219 on: January 15, 2018, 12:47:29 pm »


Russian scientists develop experimental underwater breathing technique - aimed at rescuing submarine crews

Study shows which books you read to your baby matters

Speed breeding technique sows seeds of new green revolution

Robotic implants spur tissue regeneration inside the body

Uproar over contraceptive app after 37 users fall pregnant

Decapitated worms regrow their heads but keep their old memories

Crooked big pharma that hooked people on opioids now profits again from addicts' switching to heroin

Unvaccinated Australian children are now banned from daycare

UK woman who battled blood cancer for years halts disease by treatment with turmeric

Trehalose, a popular sugar additive, may have fueled the spread of often fatal superbug

The Smarter Your Phone, The Dumber Your Brain

One FDA scientist could end the autism epidemic

Pregnant women who take ADHD drugs more likely to have babies with heart deformities and other birth defects

GMO Apples coming soon

How stress can make you pile on the pounds [Vitamin C tablets & B5 counter stress]

Male infertility among many side effects linked to painkiller ibuprofen

Sleep yourself slim: how an extra 90 mins in bed can help stop sugar cravings while shedding excess lbs

The Modern Parenting Techniques That Hinder Brain Development

Brain cancer breakthrough: Reovirus injected into blood attacks brain tumors and stimulates the immune system

Fraudulent Health Scientific Research

Safety of childhood vaccination still unproven

Mental Health, Inc. exposes the greed and cronyism behind some of Big Pharma's worst excesses

Unlike anti-depressants, psilocybin mushrooms can actually cure depression

Why iodine tablets won't save you from nuclear fallout

"Breast Cancer Gene" Is A Myth

Multivitamin and folic acid use lowers autism rates

Reduce EMF Exposure

More People Killed From Opioids Than Leading Diseases

Grow Your Own Food


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #220 on: January 31, 2018, 12:39:25 pm »


A small chemical reactor made via 3-D printing allows for making drugs on-demand [How about nutrients on demand?]

Microwaves could be as bad for the environment as cars

New device brings us closer to coin-sized medical labs

Smile to improve your endurance

Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini reveals the toxicity of formulants and heavy metals in glyphosate-based herbicides

Russian health ministry reports 80% drop in alcohol consumption as Russians embrace healthier lifestyles

Big Pharma infiltrates the Boston Museum of Science to spread mental illness narrative

Fat [Food] is My Friend

Obese child taken from her home & placed in foster care

Parents speak out about Tamiflu making their children sick and crazy

How to reduce your exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals

Amazon tribe saves plant lore

Could high vaccination rates be the reason Mississippi has the worst health in the nation?

'Police state' registry system being set up to track your vaccination status

Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller destroys the microbiome in humans and soils

Unnecessary C-sections

US FDA just approved GMO rice [Dearth to both]

Scientists say obesity is like a contagious disease

Psilocybin mushrooms reduce authoritarianism and boost nature relatedness

Another fox to guard the hen house: Former BigPharma exec confirmed to lead Dept of Health and Human Services

Groundbreaking study shows shielding EMF improves autoimmune disease

Health authorities lament the [totally deserved] lack of trust in modern medicine

How sound and smell cues can enhance learning while you sleep

False and deceptive marketing practices revealed: parallels between the recognized opioid epidemic and ignored vaccine disasters

Montmorency cherry juice as effective at reducing high blood pressure as medication

How rejuvenation of stem cells could lead to healthier aging

ADHD - Why some experts don't believe the diagnosis is real

Top UK doctor warns of antibiotic apocalypse

Buyer beware: CDC Scare tactics vs sound science in flu shot promotions

Vaccine side effects worse than the disease

Last year Study finds chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body

More People Killed From Opioid Meds Than Leading Diseases

Stubborn, Optimistic, Purposeful People Live Longer

How Alcohol Damages Your DNA

Depression Not Caused by Chemical Imbalance

Use Coconut Oil Daily for your thyroid, brain and heart health etc

How Statins, Pesticides and Wireless Radiation Affect Your Heart Health

Government agency has moved to make popular homeopathic remedies essentially illegal


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #221 on: February 15, 2018, 11:31:02 pm »


3-D printing of living cells

Dentists may soon be able to regenerate teeth

Testosterone may protect men from autoimmune diseases

Kidney doctor who sounded the alarm on vaccine damage was targeted for murder when the brake lines of her vehicle were secretly clamped

New malleable 'electronic skin' self-healable, recyclable

New study shows low-intensity electrical stimulation of the brain can boost memory

The Alarming Reason Some People Die From the Flu

Vitamin D Insufficiency Linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Sports Injuries

Can the Conventional Medical Profession Be Trusted?

Surprising Reason for Toxic Water Crisis

Synthetic Opioids Flooding Into US Via Postal Service

Antibiotics Turned the Chicken Industry Into a Source of Lethal Infections

Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami

CDC Director Resigns Following Public Exposure of Tobacco Investments

Drug Companies Responsible for Severe Environmental Pollution

Surprising Sources of Air Pollution

Surprising Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy

Teenage antidepressants: Harmful and no evidence of benefit, often prescribed after 10-minute appointments without counseling

Doctors admit they got it wrong after almost 1 million dengue vaccinations result in children's deaths

Flu vaccines fail 99%

North Texas man now an amputee after flu complications

Tamiflu hitting record sales, yet it's making kids hallucinate and turn violent

Tamiflu and abnormal behavior

1 in 10 and climbing American deaths caused by flu

The calorie myth is the most damaging food lie we have ever been told

Swimming in cold water as painkiller

Major study reveals processed foods are driving up rates of cancer

A map app to track stem cells

Vid: This Doctor Has A Secret Trick To Instantly Make a Baby Stop Crying
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #222 on: March 01, 2018, 10:46:14 pm »


Researchers reverse Alzheimer's in mice by targeting a key enzyme

Expert claims human speech will be replaced by thought communications via computer by the year 2050

Stretchable health sensor could improve monitoring of chronic conditions

Artificial eye

Edible electronics

Immunology of the nervous system in health and in disease

Google's AI hopes to use retinal imaging to predict heart disease and hypertension

French wine study shows humans can taste fungicides and glyphosate-based herbicides

Man left with two beating hearts after transplant surgery surprise

6 bodily tissues that can be regenerated through nutrition

Study Finds: Medical cannabis superior to opioids for chronic pain

Study of "superagers" show anatomically different brains

Largest observational study to date finds alcohol use biggest risk factor for dementia

"School exclusion day" bans unvaccinated kids from schools in Oregon [Homeschool/Unschool instead!]

America's other prescription drug epidemic? Benzodiazepines

United States' falls embarrassingly far behind other wealthy countries in infant mortality rates

Scientists catch on film the rogue molecule that can trigger autoimmunity (VIDEO)

Quercetin far superior to Tamiflu as flu remedy

Millennials on course to be the fattest generation on record

Escharotic treatment for cervical dysplasia is unproven, dangerous and stupid

Many cases of "dementia" are actually side effects of prescription drugs or vaccines

Ketosis: the potential cure for type II diabetes

Medical Board Ordered to Pay Millions for Harassment

Federal Agency Killing Kratom, Life-saving Herb

Helping People Eat Healthy Food Is claimed to be Illegal by Jackass Governments

New Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Heart and Brain Tumors

Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Strengthens

Skin Product a Fire Hazard

Lobbying Group for Processed Food Industry Teeters on Brink of Extinction, well deserved

Ultra-Processed and Plastic-Contaminated Food Wreak Havoc on Health

The Teflon Devil

Get Rid of Bedbugs


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #223 on: March 15, 2018, 07:09:07 pm »


2018’s Best [Microwave] Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases

Scientists in China develop tiny nanorobots that can cut off blood supply to tumors

'Brain tsunamis' during dying

How to grow a 100-year-old food forest in your backyard in just 10 years

Optical tools to detect metabolic changes linked to disease

*New Beehive allows honey to be harvested on demand directly from the hive without harming bees

*Galactic cosmic rays hitting Earth are 'bad and getting worse'

Vid: The Vegetable Myth: Veggies Are Not Necessary

Vid: Scientist says: How I Shut Up My Doctor About Vaccines

Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world

The Dangers of Mainstream TV etc Dietary Advice

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals illegally obtained data on kids to sell them drugs they didn't need

Surprise! Study concludes side-effects of antidepressants outweigh benefits

New Mexico boy on life support after flu symptoms turned out to be deadly rat-borne Hantavirus that cripples vital organs

Authors of premier medical textbook didn't disclose $11 million in industry payments

Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Glyphosate herbicide and how to detox it

Vid: Why ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) Are A SCAM

Vid: They Are Doing Things with Microwaves That Will Truly Scare You, Worse than All Terrorism

Scientists identify marker of biological age in human urine

‘The Big Fat Surprise’ — Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Are Important Parts of a Healthy Diet

Google and WebMD Partner To Be Virtual Doctor for Suckers

Tyrannical Proposed Regulations of Alternative Healthcare

Public Health Agency Sued for Coca-Cola Collusion

Exposure to Cleaning Products Are as Bad as Pack-a-Day Smoking

Recent Successes and What’s in Store for Organic Industry in 2018

Without Magnesium, Vitamin D Supplementation May Backfire

The Big Bad Flu Data — What You Need to Know About Vaccine Effectiveness and Alternatives

Doctor Wants to 'Snuff Out' Pharmaceutical Skeptics

Beyond GMOs and Fast Food Nation: Regenerating Public Health

E-cigs Deliver Appalling Amounts of Heavy Metals

Universities hide the truth as their scientists use loopholes to circumvent conflict of interest rules and take funding from industry giants
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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
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This Survey Reports Improved Health After Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods
Following are the percentages of people on a non-GMO diet who showed improvement in the following conditions:
Digestive: 85.2%; Fatigue, low energy: 60.4%; Overweight or obesity: 54.6%; Brain fog: 51.7%; Food allergies or sensitivities: 50.2%; Mood problems, such as anxiety or depression: 51.1%; Memory, concentration: 48.1%; Joint pain: 47.5%; Seasonal allergies: 46.6%; Gluten sensitivities: 42.2%; Insomnia: 33.2%; Skin conditions (not eczema): 30.9%; Hormonal problems: 30.4%; Musculoskeletal pain: 25.2%; Autoimmune disease: 21.4%; Eczema: 20.8%; and Cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure: 19.8%.

Curing Depression & Food Cravings

Use Search Box to get Sloane's Info on Many Health Concerns

Stem cell trial restores sight in two patients

Sore throat: Effective treatment means more vitamins, fewer drugs [no drugs]

Farmed salmon is the new toxic 'junk food'

Obesity-driven inflammation is killing off people's taste buds

Medical childbirth interventions 'negatively impact child's long-term health'

UK government to give flu vaccine to children under the age of nine - even though similar program failed to prevent the recent flu crisis

Tuberculosis cases suddenly jump by 10% in New York City, largest increase in 26 years

If gut microbiome is perturbed by antibiotics, viral disease may inflict more harm

Autoimmune diseases tied to yeast in vaccines

5G rollout: How big wireless made us [falsely] think that cell phones are safe

GMOs trigger an avalanche of conditions like celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, restrain the immune system and stomp out protein production

The US Opioid Epidemic — A War of a Different Kind

Raw Milk Farmers Are Going to Prison

Can Factory Farms Force Stores to Buy Their Products?

Abdominal Obesity Linked to Anxiety and Depression

Unconventional Medicine — The Revolution to Reinvent Health Care and Reverse Chronic Disease

Regenerative Agriculture — The Next Big Thing

Dentists Dying From Mercury Poisoning?

Vitamin D Optimization Can Stop Tragic Increase in Preterm Births

Lead Is Far Worse Than We Know

‘Wi-Fried’ — Is Wireless Technology Dooming a Generation to Ill Health?

The Interstitium: Scientists discover new organ that spans throughout the human body

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