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Author Topic: Dave Ramsey said on his show tonight he would not have money in these banks  (Read 1476 times)


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Bank of America And Citibank (I might think Chase too since they got bailout money and bought WamU)

These banks are going/is being owned by the government and said if he had money in them he would pull them out and put it someplace else. This will help stop socailism
You can find more on DAVE Ramsey

He is quite smart and all you guys would love him if you don't already know who he is  ;)

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My dad introduced me to Dave Ramsey after nearly going bankrupt and starting the long road to recovery. I diced up my credit cards immediately, have been debt free for almost a year now and am working on my fully-funded emergency fund.

It is good stuff.

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Especially in light of this:—

FDIC hiring 500+ new people.
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