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Author Topic: 7) Health News & Statist Health Threats  (Read 109874 times)


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #270 on: July 31, 2019, 07:00:32 pm »


New protein powder created from air, water, and bacteria could feed millions

Transgender and non-binary autism link

Europe faces 'looming syphilis epidemic'

From vaccines to statins: Dr. David Brownstein replies to fake news in JAMA Cardiology

Feces & flesh-eating bacteria: Study reveals shocking levels of contamination at America's beaches

Glyphosate is being inserted into your proteins — by mistake

UK experts point out 'serious flaws' in European Food Authority review of aspartame as safe for consumers

Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health

Strength training might come at the expense of endurance muscles

Cootie Invasion - Strange Disease and Infection Outbreaks

Rare virus spread by mosquitos that can cause personality changes

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick - A second look at vaccination - answers that cannot be questioned

Brazil's toxic pesticides 'affecting people all over the world' through agricultural exports

Freedom to dissent and the new blacklist in America

Why is poop allowed in your food?

Why most health commissioners end up in bed with Big Pharma

The Big Secret, the wealthy industrialist credited with creating our current medical system

Drain tiling, the hidden accelerator of water pollution

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease

Chemo could spread disease and create more aggressive tumors

Case study reveals how cognitive decline can be reversed

An introduction to hepatitis C

Nearly half of those surveyed doubt vaccine safety

Riboflavin for migraine prevention

Multiple bottled water brands tainted with arsenic and PFAS


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Re: 15) Health News & Statist Health Threats
« Reply #271 on: August 17, 2019, 10:59:06 pm »


Fight depression with virtual reality

Wearable motion sensors could save unborn babies

Paul Offit unwittingly exposes scientific fraud of the FDA's vaccine licensure

Fascia - The Body's "Fiber Optic" Crystalline Matrix

Government panel rules saturated fat is bad for you but angry experts slam the 'outdated and incompetent' advice

Wisconsin officials urge people to stop vaping after sudden rise in lung disease

'Significant' new medical procedure could delay menopause by 20 years

The fundamental link between body weight and the immune system

How DuPont poisoned the world with Teflon

Acts against health freedom you'll probably never learn about

Corporate free speech precedents allow corporations to legally put carcinogens in our food without warning labels

EPA defies California rules over Monsanto Roundup; still insists the herbicide is safe

Modern medicine declares war on loneliness with drugs and bots - introverts threatened with extinction

Common OTC drugs can cause dementia

Grilling eggs for essential choline

Cannabis provides strong pain relief

'Star Wars' protest against forced vaccinations in California

Birth rate reaches record low as premature deliveries rise

Amazon admits it sold fake supplements leaves Facebook today
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