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Author Topic: New here (waves hi) and a note to Sherri (the Musician family)  (Read 2434 times)


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Hi - I'm Matt.  I may find some former neighbors/cohorts, etc here.  I lived in NH for many years, and I'm now considering moving back. I found this site when searching Google for Karl Beisel because on an article that he wrote.  This site is number 1 in Google for that search!  - Good Job! - and Hi Karl, wherever you are.

I have been longing to return to NH for a long, long time. I'm not very far away (just outside of Boston), so I visit often and still maintain very close friendships in NH.  It's the best damned State in the Union.

To Sherri - my friend Tom Bianchi has recently started hosting a songwriter showcase in Manchester every Tuesday night at a club called Shaskeen on Elm Street.  You might want to check it out (also, anyone else who would like to check out some fine indie musicians).

To all - greetings.  I was disturbed yesterday to see that Rep. Charles F. Bass II (R-NH - 2nd district) is voting today against the neutrality of the internet.  He, and quite a few others, are are voting to make it possible for AT&T, Verizon and Comcast to erect virtual tollbooths in order to control who sees what.  The whole story is available at 

If you have a chance, why not call him at 202-225-5206 and let him know how you feel.  ;-)

Anyway - I look forward to some very interesting reading and discussions.  Thanks!

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