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Author Topic: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long  (Read 206510 times)


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #630 on: May 12, 2019, 07:55:52 am »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

New form of virtual money proposed

Study finds that collaborating with business contributes to academic productivity

San Francisco to join list of those banning cashless stores

Tinder-style approach could help organisations' partnerships and projects to flourish

Amazon says small business owners earn $90,000 a year from selling in its stores

Women entrepreneurs thrive managing talented teams and balancing many investors

How global cities are changing international trade

POLITICS & Statist News

Nationalist Christian Hungary Sees Highest Marriage and Birthrates in 20 Years!!!

Years Into Ongoing Boycotts, Chick-fil-A Is Now The Third Biggest Fast Food Joint In America

Ted Bundy, part 2

Yard sales are white supremacy

Finland makes sex with children legal

both sides are subservient to the same Jew World Order

Oregon USA School BRAINWASHED Eight year old Boy covertly into being a TRANSSEXUAL! Parents Suing for $999,999

New nationalist anti-Islam party seen entering Danish Parliament in election polls

Teenage white males ID as GOP by 2:1 margin

Chris Manning has to explain to Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris that teachers aren't paid by the Federal Government

If you are using Amazon "Alexa" in your home, you are

Israel "Root Cause for World Instability"

Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New Anti-Hate Proposal

There is limited discussion on the 5G roll out, is nobody concerned or interested?

Bitter, dying cunt Hillary Clinton blames 'Internet conspiracy

Polish nationalists march against Holocaust compensation law

Why do corporations like Adidas, Converse (i.e. Nike) push LGBT rights, SJW and tranny/pedo crap so hard?

Snopes Introduces New 'Factually Inaccurate But Morally Right' Fact Check Result

55 year old honking Macho Ma'am uses hammer to hit 19 year old girl at a KFC. Media doesn't mention it's a tranny

First mentally disabled person on the cover of Elle

Nessie, Bigfoot and UFO pictures have dried up now that everyone has a very good camera in their pocket

Islamist Who Terrorized Royal Shakespeare Theater, Threatened to Shoot, Stab 'English Pigs' WALKS FREE with No Jail Time

Arizona following California's medical tyranny; seeks to eliminate parental choice on children's vaccines with proposed new law

Federal court rules no justification needed to place anyone on a "suspicious persons" list

Defending yourself against a home invader is now a criminal offense in Canada

Vaccine Industry to partner with police, come after home school students in Iowa for mandated quarterly "health and wellness" checks

Cops raid cancer patient's hospital room because he was using cannabis oil to successfully treat cancer symptoms

Yes, Google manually alters search results

The entire purpose of tech censorship is to allow fake news media to push totally fabricated hoax stories

FBI seeking to covertly create national DNA database that turns everyone into a suspect

Facebook whistleblower exposes malicious algorithm to shadow ban and "de-boost" conservative content


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #631 on: May 19, 2019, 10:17:57 am »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

Five Things to Understand about Trump’s Trade War with China

USA’s Declining Birthrate Is A Financial Warning: Recession Coming & Social Security Insolvency

When economics loses its importance

New York City Restaurant Jobs Are Collapsing in the Face of a Higher Minimum Wage

America's Defense Budget Is Bigger Than You Think

Stanley Black & Decker investing $90M to shift more Craftsman production back to US

Trump Doubles Down on Ineffective Tariffs, Further Harming U.S. Farmers and Consumers

America's Top Cities Swamped In Debt, Chicago Leads The Way

Exposing The Regulatory-Industrial Complex

POLITICS & Statist News

A Libertarian’s Case Against Intellectual Property

"Trolling for Copyright Claims Against Online Hosts"

“Cultural Schizophrenia”: US Media No Longer Reports Facts, But Appeals To Emotions

Reminder: Neocons ADMIT They Will Lie Us Into War

Five Years in Prison for Offending Someone Online (And Other News From The Twilight Zone)

Thought Crimes? Facial Recognition Technology Is Invading The U.S.

The choice between more taxes or more government power, neither

And people wonder why no one trust cops

Facebook Suspends Candace Owens For Saying Black America Needs to Wake Up to the Great Liberal Hoax

Hundreds of Muslim Defence League members attacking women and children at Tommy Robinson MEP rally

That feeling when you want to prove Islam is dangerous and 300 Muslims attack you and prove your point

Polish Wikipedia user noticed that the admins are changing Jewish executioners to Polish in Holocaust articles to shift blame on Poland

Sweden: Security Service Arrest Several Islamists Including Leader of Muslim School

Britain's Violent Crime Wave Claims 100th Fatal Stabbing Victim of 2019

Horrific Body Cam Shows Cops Publicly Execute Man for Holding a Flimsy Stick

Italian PM reportedly fires several top intelligence agency chiefs over their cooperation with Obama deep state in 'Spygate'

Cops Break Into Innocent Man’s Home, Hold Him at Gunpoint, Force K-9 to Shred Him

Baby Falls to the Ground as Officer Drags Mother from Car to Arrest Her

8chan Jim's house was broken into by Vice journalists

Voat being flooded with 27 day old kike accounts

Al-Jazeera takes down AJ+ Arabic content after Friday video questioned number of Jews killed in the Holocaust [What holocaust?]

Life in Prison + 419 Years for a Car Accident. This Liberal Madness MUST END NOW! . . . FREE JAMES FIELDS

Israeli group tried to disrupt elections on 3 continents for YEARS

Illinois Republicans consider push to separate Chicago from state

Chicago becomes first city to collect "Netflix tax"

US Gov’t Now Openly Admits Pentagon Asks for Money to Directly Fund Terrorists

Cop Sends Tiny Woman Flying Through the Air for Filming Him, Fakes Charges—Not Disciplined

Innocent Man Gets $60k Because Cops Forgot Their Oath to the Constitution

Corporate-Backed Political Violence Is Here

Austria Bans Headscarves in Primary Schools

Stanford admits student whose application essay was just the phrase 'BlackLivesMatter' repeated 100 times

The globalists are coming for every right wing government

Major Israeli bank to pay $195 million penalty for US tax-avoidance scheme

Snapchat's New Gender-Swap Filter Is Causing Problems For Social Justice Warriors

PG&E Plans To Cut Electricity to 5 MILLION California Residents

Why Do We Live Under a Monopoly?

Violent Climate Change is Wet and Cold

UK: 40 members of a Muslim sex trafficking gang arrested for child sex abuse
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