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 on: May 14, 2020, 04:55:56 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by scm
Pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) exposures may be exacerbating COVID-19 viral replication or the spread or lethality of the disease. It is highly probable that one of the best things Wuhan can do to control the epidemic in the city is to power off the 4G/5G antennas.

 on: May 14, 2020, 12:19:18 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by scm
The 5G thing is unrelated.
1. Very little is actually deployed.
2. It is very low power
3. It is on the same frequencies that were high power TV for decades.

1. Not true, check coverage maps
Here is at&t.
T mobile.
(And this does not include all of Elon musks 5g satellites above us already.
2. Not true, It’s not the “power” that matters. It’s the wavelength
3. What is a “high power TV”?
Tv “amplifiers” work on much different frequencies and wavelengths. If that is what you are referring too.

Let take this one step further. Check out the places in this list and see if they have 5g

 on: May 14, 2020, 10:48:26 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by KDus
The 5G thing is unrelated.
1. Very little is actually deployed.
2. It is very low power
3. It is on the same frequencies that were high power TV for decades.

 on: May 13, 2020, 12:11:07 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Re The Greatest Heist ever Sold. Corona as a cover for a $2 trillion heist.

Miles predicts that the "deep state" will bring martial law against the big bankers, because he assumes that if the bankers take too much bailout money, there won't be much left for the deep state from taxpayer money. But explains that because the U.S. is monetarily sovereign, it doesn't need taxpayer money at all. It can just print money for whatever it wants. So I don't think the deep state will have martial law to go against the bankers. I think 5G is what the Covid thing is really about, i.e. providing cover for installing 5G.

Kelly Brogan, MD, says: Have you noticed these towers popping up around your neighborhood lately? During the present global lockdown, Telecom companies have accelerated the installation of 5G towers throughout the world, including in schools, and highly populated areas — all without consent. They claim it’s to increase your internet speed, but what they aren’t telling you is the darker side that includes, global surveillance, the capacity to beam millimeter waves for crowd control (or worse), and the well-evidenced consequences on the biology of living entities including children, plants, and insects. Simply put, 5G is a global, for-profit, human experiment happening right now - without your consent (because when you don’t say no, you’re saying yes). … [Her associates] have collected experts to inform you of what are not otherwise being told AND what you can do to take back your power! They’re hosting the 5G Summit.

I don't know if the summit will be worthwhile. I don't have time to listen much. They may have way too much info. I just need the basic facts and suggestions.

 on: May 12, 2020, 11:01:03 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

The Greatest Heist ever Sold. Corona as a cover for a $2 trillion heist.

 on: May 12, 2020, 11:00:14 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

The Greatest Heist ever Sold. Corona as a cover for a $2 trillion heist.

 on: May 10, 2020, 12:42:41 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

(NOTE: I posted the weekly update yesterday in the previous post.)


How radioactive are common fossils? Testing rocks with...
Did you know that some fossils can accumulate radioactive elements acting like a sponge? Scientists sometimes use radioactivity to search for dinosaur bones...

Why Dinosaur Fossils Are Radioactive Sometimes
The reason that dinosaur fossils can be radioactive is because they come from the ground, and radioactive elements are a common component of soils and rock formations...

Are fossils radioactive? - Quora
Do fossils concentrate radioactivity? Usually very little … in fact, when “dating” fossils, the radioactive tests are normally done to the surrounding rocks, since there’s more...

Radioactive Fossils — browse images

What is radioactive fossil - Answers
Radioactive fossil sites occur primarily within an elevation zone of 900-1000 m above sea level and are most commonly found associated with ancient river channels filled with sand.

radioactive fossils — 1 thousand videos

Wait.... radioactive fossils?? - Questions... - The Fossil Forum
I have two fossilized shark teeth, two amber specimens, an alleged dinosaur bone fragment, a...

Fossils, radioactive - Big Chemical Encyclopedia

Radioactive Fossil Bones in Teton County, Wyoming (1954)
1954, Radioactive fossil bones in Teton County, Wyoming: Geological Survey of Wyoming [Wyoming State Geological Survey]...

Answer the following questions about radioactive fossils...

 on: May 10, 2020, 10:15:45 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Main Points of the Article

Here are some first steps that can be taken to help set a lawsuit into motion.

Step 1: Decide: Pro Se, Public Interest & Pro Bono, Or Your Own Private Attorney

Step 2: Keep Organized with a spreadsheet etc, with columns for the lawyer name, URL, phone number, dates you’ve reached out, and responses

Step 3: Identify Potential Lawyers; make a fairly long list on the spreadsheet
Though the list is from 2011, Walter Block compiled a fantastic, exhaustive list of libertarian legal theorists toward the end of the linked post
Here are other potential sources of help:

Step 4: Create A Form Letter That Says Enough, But Not Too Much
Until a lawyer represents you, there’s no need to tell them your deepest secrets on this topic. Keep the form letter short and to the point: you are seeking representation, you see clear precedent, are they interested?
If you’d like a template, something like this might work:
Dear First name Last name,
I’m looking for a pro bono attorney to represent me on a public interest case regarding the Covid-19 order in my state, (insert State).
The New York Supreme Court has previously ruled against widespread quarantines, establishing a clear precedent in the 1856 New York Supreme Court case The People vs. Peter W. Roff, mentioned by a think tank fellow recently in this linked article. I wonder if there may be other meaningful precedent on this topic.
Would you be willing to represent me?
If you would not, can you recommend someone who might want to?
Thank you.
First name Last name
City, State
Email address

Step 5: Follow Through

Step 6: Find A Few Different Interested Lawyers
The corona bans are illegal and unconstitutional. They are executive and bureaucratic over-reach. Many lawyers out there will happily take on a case like yours.

Step 7: Choose A Lawyer

Step 8: Focus On Your Next Instance Of Civil Disobedience

List of libertarian legal theorists:
Paul Aubert, Daren Bakst, Randy Barnett, William Barnett II, Jeffrey Barr, Scott Bauer, Joe Becker, Shana Black, Clint Bolick, Don Boudreaux, Scott Bullock, Gary Chartier, Carrie Ann Citren, Dick Clark, Mila Cobanov-Vecore, Jeff Deist, John Denson, David Dieteman, Brad Edmonds, Richard Epstein, Marty Feldman, Deanna Forbush French, Kurt Gerry, David Gruning, John Hasnas, Jared Hausmann, Jule Herbert, Jacob Hornberger, Jacob Huebert, Lee Iglody, Stephan Kinsella, Manuel S. Klausner, Thomas Lambert, Bart Lee, George Leef, Glen Lenihan, Dan Levine, Robert Levy, Floy Lilly, Geoffrey Manne, Henry Manne, David Mayer, Bob McGee, Todd McMullan, William Mellor, Andrew Morriss, Andrew Napolitano, Nadia Nedzel, Clark Neily, James Ostrowski, R. J. Peltz, Stewart Rhodes, Roger Roots, Clay Rossi, Noah D. Rubins, Matt Saltzman, Butler Shaffer, Norman Singleton, Brad Smith, Jeff Snyder, John Sotirakis, Maurice Thompson, Patrick Tinsley, Gordon Tullock, Jim Viator, Marc Victor, Eugene Volokh, Roy Whitehead, Joshua Wright …
… plus … Janice Rogers Brown, Lloyd Cohen, Steven Eagle Robert Fast, Bruce Fein, Kevin Gutzman, Thomas Hazlett, Christopher Horner, Sam Kazman, Michael Krauss, Jonathan R. Macey, Kevin A. McCabe, Todd Ptak, Paul Sherman, W. Randall Stroud, Jonathan Turley, Edwin Vieira, Jr., Patrick Wood, Todd Zywicki
Possible additions:
Jonathan Adler, J. Michael Altman, Steve Bainbridge, Stuart Benjamin, Adam Clanton, Ronald Coffey, George Dent, Eric Gookin, Gene Healy, Christine Hurt, Stavros Katsios, Russell Korobkin, David Mayer, David Post, Glenn Reynolds, Ron Rychlak, Sukrit Sabhlok, Emmanouil Savoidakis, Ilya Shapiro, Keith Sharfman, Bill Sjostrom, Justin Skidmore, Brad Smith, Gordon Smith, R. Ben Sperry, Maria Topakitzian, Fred Tung, Bryan Dean Wilson
Libertarian Professors:

 on: May 09, 2020, 11:44:52 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
The Pigs in Power found a way to have Martial Law without the people realizing it. Didn't they!

Knowing from my sources that the virus is not what it's made out to be, not a virus pandemic, I've been thinking of class action lawsuits. Then I saw this article today.

How To Sue Your Governor

I just skimmed through it. I've done a little legal research before, so I had some of my own ideas already.

The science behind the virus is very shoddy. Mainstream science is shoddy in general. It's not based much on scientific method, but on bias from the government and foundations etc that provide grants for scientific research.

So a lawsuit should shed light on the shoddy science.

I think it should also consider the cost/benefit ratio of lockdowns etc.

Readers seldom discuss on this forum any more, but if anyone would like to discuss lawsuits and other possible activism, you're welcome to do so here.

Free Staters have apparently been somewhat active in Concord, NH. Maybe a good percentage of them may like to pursue more effective activism. Civil disobedience is probably worthwhile, which is what the activism in Concord was. Maybe go to Manchester and Nashua etc and encourage businesses to open or join in protests. Things like that.

Got other or better ideas or additions?

 on: May 09, 2020, 10:58:25 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


How many jobs do robots really replace?

Robots help some firms, even while workers across industries struggle

The surprisingly simple way to open America in 14 days and avoid a depression


Trusting our Children

Homeschooling Resources to the Rescue

'It squeezed all the creativity out of her': the parents reconsidering formal education during school closures


Food shortages: Drying my dandelions for long storage (Covid, preppers, coronavirus)

State Representative Claims [digital] Rape Is Impossible

Video from May 2nd Major Freedom Rally at NH State House

More Sex-baiting from MI6/CIA.
RationalWiki ... was relatively simple to trace to nearby Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, and to the psychological operations unit there.

How artificial intelligence can save journalism

Nelson Mandela Fraud

Bind, Torture, Kill. . . Lie about Everything, Where I hit the fake BTK strangler, taking down another serial killer

Another Pretend Pedophile

Isaac Newton Fraud

John Knox, Protestant Fraud

How the Elite Use Symbols to Gain Power

Kentucky Governor's Order Violates Free Exercise Clause as to In-Person Worship Services

Does Sweden Have the Right Response to the Coronavirus?

Recognizing the Deadly Impact of Economic Lockdowns

California County Launches Snatch-and-Grab Program (And Other Tyrannical Weekly News)

New Maryland Law Bans Warrantless Stingray Spying; Hinders Federal Surveillance Program

“Metalhead” DARPA Robot Enlisted by Police to Enforce Social Distancing

It Is Not About A Virus … It Is About Control

CV-1984: The Accelerated Rise Of Automated Robots

Cop to Other LEOs: “Stop Being Order Followers!”

They Want To Make “Social Distancing” A Permanent Part Of Our Lives

Police Are Complicit in Politicians’ Disregard for the Rule of Law

Michigan State Targets Elderly Barber For Opening Shop

‘Time To Sue’: Some Of California’s Salons, Barbers Prepare To Challenge Governor

People In Hong Kong Are Becoming Ill With Rat Hepatitis For First Time Ever, No One Knows How It’s Happening

Suspicions Raised Over COVID-19 Tests After a Fruit Reportedly Tests Positive for Virus

Good Cop Says ‘There’ll Be Blood in the Streets” If Bad Cops Keep Enforcing Lockdown

Citizens Swarm Cops Arresting Woman for Being On Beach — Force Them to Stand Down

Cops Restrain, then Beat, Taser, Torture Innocent Mentally Ill Man

Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billions

How To Sue Your Governor

Michigan Rising: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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