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Title: Urban Households in Portland, OR
Post by: antayla on April 15, 2004, 08:42:08 pm
I'm going to organize an urban household in the Portland area.  I would like to purchase a 4-plex and organize it as the first household in network of roommie households throughout Portland and then... THE WORLD! (MUAHAHAHA. er... sorry.)

I am considering the option of buying a pre-built plex (probably 2 bed/1 bathroom units) but I am also considering building a custom 4-plex that is supportive of the shared housing community.  I currently am head of a family residence shared household, and would like to upgrade to a larger property to rent to other people who would like to be part of my household.

This household will be similar to cohousing, but cheaper because the shared areas will be included within the units.  I have many ideas on ownership structures that will be profitable, flexible, and easy to manage.  If you are interested in this concept, or have ideas, please mail me :)

Even though it will not be in New Hampshire, this Household will be the first of many households I plan to organize throughout the World.  Why limit myself to New Hampshire?  Besides, it's good practice for the real thing :)