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Title: More questions
Post by: Herring07 on August 11, 2017, 05:34:59 pm
Hey guys,

Just a few questions as I'm thinking more seriously about coming over:

1. Some of the 'cabin' type places for sale are truly appealing esp when they have multiple acres attached to them. Do you all know of any restrictions about living in a cabin full time (I see some land use 'recreational' and I wondered how strictly that was enforced).

2. Some of the northerly sites I'm looking at are less expensive but I'm also an avid gardener and beekeeper. About what point in the state, north vs south does it become impossible to grow tomatoes, peppers etc in the summer and become difficult to keep bees in the winter?

3. Because of my home and employment situation here it may be that I have to drive over rather suddenly when everything falls into place. Are there any places that you would recommend for storage of items whilst real estate shopping? And what part of the state would you recommend visiting first?

As always thank you all in advance for any answers you can throw my way. :)

Title: Re: More questions
Post by: JasonPSorens on August 11, 2017, 08:11:24 pm
I know people who've lived in cabins full-time, but it's a tough go in winter. I suppose you could add insulation to make it more comfortable. I don't know of any regulations that would or could prevent this kind of living, though.

Many northern farmers use partly earth-embedded greenhouses to grow crops through the winter. If you start tomatoes and peppers indoors in spring, there's really no part of the state where you couldn't have these done by winter - unless you're over 2500 ft. elevation, but hardly anyone lives that high.

Don't know about storage... I'd say visit the central and eastern parts of the state first, roughly from Grafton to Freedom. Cheaper (except around Lake Winni) and a bit out of the way, but that sounds like what you're looking for, and it's not *too* far out of the way.