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Title: Free drupal consultations for FSP participants
Post by: nahuel on October 07, 2015, 05:33:40 am
I'm a seasoned Drupal consultant currently living in Chile and looking for NH based income streams (so I get closer to move). If you have a Drupal website or are creating one, no matter if you are the entrepreneur or coder on the project, as long as you are FSP participant, I'll give you a free 1 hour skype / zoom consulting. (Just mention it on my contact form (

I'm also open to create a new project with FSP partners, I specially value editorial experience and front end (css, sass, js) skills. I'm also BTC and 420 friendly ;)


Bonus: If you want to build a e-commerce store, check out my compressive guide on choosing an e-commerce platform ( before investing in a solution.