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Title: Anyone in Bedford?
Post by: greenc197 on April 26, 2013, 12:34:49 pm
I am applying for a High School math teaching position in Bedford and am wondering if anyone can help me get an interview.  Ive been a teacher for 16 years in NJ (I already have my NH teaching license in hand) and I am having a tough time getting interviews because Im so experienced.  I have had an interview already (out of 20 apps) but was passed over for someone with less experience (ie cheaper).  I never knew what overqualified meant until now lol.  My record can stand for itself and I interview well... but getting my foot in the door for an interview is the challenge.  Im looking to move to NH this summer but cant do it without a job. Any help would be appreciated. 

Also, if anyone knows of any other math teaching jobs they could help get me an interview let me know.