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 on: September 29, 2018, 02:00:04 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


That ol’ debt crisis, it just keeps loomin’, it keeps on loomin’ along

Republic of Texas naively Sets Up Gold Backed Alternative to Federal Reserve

Hackers target real estate deals, with devastating impact

What Brexit could mean

Ford executive says may boost production in China to avoid tariffs

Bioplastics sourced from wood

Satellites safeguard Europe's potato industry

Publicizing a firm's security levels may strengthen security over time

How blockchain could underpin sustainable energy

Capitalizing on sleep-wake cycle can drastically increase digital ad profits from social media

POLITICS, Statist News second

Gender Imbalance Sparks CIVIL WAR in EUROPE etc

The Culture Wars Have Come to Linux

*New blockchain protocol could improve government and corporate procurement

When will America stop the insane practice of allowing dual citizens to run their government?

Im A Latino Democrat, But Thanks To The Kavanaugh Circus Im Voting Republican In The Midterms

Woman Who Confronted Flake In Elevator Runs Soros-Funded Organization

Are men in the west really going to keep letting their civilization be destroyed just to avoid hurting people's feelings?

If Kavanaugh had done any of what he's accused of, the Clinton War Room would have destroyed him in 1998 when he was a top official in Ken Starr's Whitewater Investigation

Are you seeing the insanity of letting women vote and run for office?

The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools

I'll see your "Maxine Waters is dumb" and raise you a Georgia Congressman who thinks islands can tip over

Yale Law School Cancels 31 Classes so Students Can Protest Kavanaugh

16 years old boy almost beaten to death by gang of youths (diversity spreading the love)

Melanie Shaw, Victim and UK Political Pedophiles Whistlerblower JAILED in 'Cover Up' By British Establishment

Muslim mother has son beaten nearly to death, burned with cigarettes, for converting to Christianity

If one of us were nominated for the Supreme Court, Congress would get to read all the Voat comments into the record

My work is planning Diversity Day next week; give me some good responses in case someone asks why Im NOT participating

Polish Democracy Is Under Siege by the European Union

Black South African President Claims No White Farmers Have Been Murdered

Just a reminder that the press consciously manipulates public opinion, even by their choice of photographs

ARISTOTLE on Immigration, Diversity, and Democracy

Democratic mistreatment of Brett Kavanaugh has united and awakened a sleeping GOP base

Assange steps down as editor of WikiLeaks

Reddit Now Directing Users Who Question 9/11 to Gov't Site

1 In 4 Of A Baltimore Hospital Admissions Are Babies Addicted To Opioids

Inventor of world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee, tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

Trump is like the hero Stallone in the movie Demolition man

I think Trump is letting this Supreme court shitshow play out for as long as possible because it spotlights the democratic lunacy

I was the first of my friends on Facebook to delete Facebook (over 6 years ago)

CONGRATULATIONS to Liberals for RED-PILLING a Supreme Court Justice just prior to LIFETIME APPOINTMENT

Absolute proof that (((someone))) is using bots to spam Voat

Somebody said we should welcome all new refugee invaders from Reddit, facebook, r/CringeAnarchy, WhitePride, theRedPill, Blackrimes, ZOG ...

Sargon of Akkad Throws in the Towel

Anti-white Jew comes, has hate for Kavanaugh

Project Veritas: Deep State Unmasked

Reddit's ideological censorship is exposed by mass media

*Protecting the power grid from cyber attacks

ESA technology making L.A. Metro a safer ride

Your Facebook friends don't mean it, but they're likely hurting you daily

Leaders may create ineffective cultures because they are stuck in the past

 on: September 29, 2018, 12:15:00 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Integrated modulator is now better than ever

Smart transformer extremely compact and energy efficient

Automated robotic solutions for agriculture

Robots may need lizard-like tails for 'off-road' travel

Smart controller for home heating and cooling system can clean pollution with little energy costs

ANYmal will pick up your trash no matter what

Zinc-air batteries provide power in remote areas

Smart devices could soon tap their owners as a battery source

Device that integrates solar cell and battery could store electricity outside the grid

Saving pedestrian lives by using public cameras to communicate with smartphones

Enhanced liquid oxygen-propylene rocket engine

Cheap, easy to produce nano-filter to scrub toxic metals from polluted water

Industrial fruit peel waste used to create new adsorbent material for water filtration


Newly discovered magnetic state could lead to combining low-energy consumption with high-speed computational power and high-density data storage

Efficient generation of high-density plasma enabled by high magnetic field

Tracking hydrogen movement using subatomic particles

Self-folding metamaterial

Plasma thruster: New space debris removal technology

Ancient Mars had right conditions for underground life

Martian moon may have come from impact on Mars

Japan's 'hopping rovers' land successfully, send first images of Ryugu asteroid

Scientists measure invisible clouds of matter that orbit every human being

Supernova that went unnoticed 14 years ago discovered

A review of Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are (Nature over Nurture)

Astronomers may have spotted the birth of a neutron star in heart of supernova [kuz supernova is starbirth, not stardeath]

Father of the 2°C climate target admits number is fabricated as a 'political goal'

Particles coming from the ground in Antarctica have physicists puzzled

26,000-pound dinosaur discovered in South Africa was Earth's largest land animal

Dust storms on Titan spotted for the first time

Four extremely young asteroid families less than 7 million years old identified

Hyper Suprime-Cam survey maps dark matter [something] in the universe

How a tiny Curiosity motor identified a massive Martian dust storm

Extended emission filaments found in the galaxy Markarian 6

Dust clouds can explain puzzling features of active galactic nuclei

Aboriginal people lived in Australia’s desert interior 50,000 years ago

Archaeologists discover ‘massive’ ancient building in Egypt

Ice age discovery may reveal early migration route of first Americans

22 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Human-Induced Global Warming

Martian meteorites are most likely a few thousand years old, at most

1000 Mile Long "Stone-age" Tunnel Beneath Europe?

Mystery History

Burckle Crater Impact and Mega-tsunami Cosmography - Randall Carlson

Micro-scale Flood Effects Mimic Macro Events - Randall Carlson

Catastrophes & Climate Variations Timeline: Is there a cycle? - Randall Carlson

Could a Comet Be the Cause of the Great Flood?

5 Things PROVE Asteroid Hit Earth & RESET Advanced Ancient Human Civilization 12980 Years Ago

The Lost Island of Atlantis Revealed Part 2 | Ancient Architects

Sophisticated Astronomy at Chaco & Globally / Canyon Geology w/ Randall Carlson

Atlantis Program Intro History & Geologic Rationale - Randall Carlson

How long it took to build Egypt Pyramids? - Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson's Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe

 on: September 27, 2018, 10:50:35 am 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
This post is sort of a placeholder; sorry if it's a little cryptic.

Ridley Report YouTube channel:
Little Free Surplus project:
NH independence page:
NH independence Facebook group:

 on: September 24, 2018, 10:56:26 am 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
PM sent.  just knowing you're there and up for this lets me collect more items without fear they'll be to many.   right now i have about enough to fill one typical 18 gallon rubbermade container.
Left to my own devices I tend to wash or sterilize stuff and organize it into small disposable disaster kits, but a lot of it is still just loose raw materials like extra bandaids, rubber bands, cloth, cans, gloves...potentially useful stuff I don't have  a use for.
it might help to know if you have some requirements of items...  for example would they need to be below a certain size, would you want to avoid items that were picked up off the side of the road or something and  washed , what kinds of items would you definitely not want, etc. 

In terms of people accessing the thing, it would just be up to you to set the parameters and how much you wanted to publicize the location etc.  the shed idea sounds great

 on: September 24, 2018, 10:38:26 am 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
Yay thanks Leahx!  I will try and private message you now so we can talk about this further.

 on: September 23, 2018, 10:38:29 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Trump’s Larry Kudlow: The Social Security killer. Are you outraged? [Please excuse author's bias.]

Do immigrant children take money from our children? [NO]

Virtual simulation and 3-D modeling assure high performance of projects

You can't tell whether an online restaurant review is fake—but this AI can

Capitalizing on sleep-wake cycle can drastically increase digital ad profits from social media

Africa seeks tourism boom

Putting underused smart devices to work

Workshy bosses breed contempt and abuse in the workforce

Outside competition breeds more trust among coworkers

Discovering the secrets of business success in modern rural areas

Trump starts antitrust against Google and Facebook


NH pipeline project Taxpayers Moneypit? Come to Epping on Sep 27 Thur

Thai Cave Rescue Globalist Hoax

World-Wide Solar Observatory Closures: What is Happening? [This is very strange with no definite answers, so I'm posting 4 links about it: solar storm? UFOs? Comment if you've found the answer, please.]

Unusual UFOs in NC

Combining multiple CCTV images could help catch suspects

Why women – including feminists – are still attracted to 'benevolently sexist' men

Spotify to let artists post music without labels

Paper-based electronics could fold, biodegrade and be the basis for the next generation of devices

Billionaires buying up media

White farmer says he will die fighting before he allows the Bantu invader government to steal his farm

UK: Muslim sex gangs are responsible for a "Holocaust of our children"

Student Editor Fired For Saying Women Don't Have Penises [because transwomen sometimes do?]

Michael Moore's New Anti-Trump Movie FLOPS At The Box Office

Unhinged Muslim found with 2 IED's in his car in Salinas California

Overwhelming majority of South Koreans don't want Muslim refugees

Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”: If the threat is put into action, ramifications could include large parts of the internet being left vulnerable to exploits, and companies around the world might even inherit bundles of unwanted legal liabilities

Putin [a Chabad agent?] Averts WWIII As Israeli-French Gamble In Syria Backfires Spectacularly

Why the [Neo]Liberal Media Ignored the Maryland Mass Shooting This Week

85-90% of foreigners helping Communist China during the period tens of millions were killed, were JEWS

Trump border wall going up in Texas

Maryland Home Owner Won't Be Charged After Shooting Cops in Wrong-House Raid

Robber Shot Dead After Opening Fire in a Whataburger Restaurant

Cultural enrichment in Sweden continues to be a resounding success as a young immigrant student is being sentenced for raping a teacher in Småland on Friday

The new Q-tards are welfare queens, come here because their leader said we have open borders and now they're here for the gibs

Q and his loyal faggots

What is the general consensus on this Q faggot?

To the butthurt Q fags who want Voat to conform to them

This Q fag is a neo con Warmonger trying to go to War with Iran over bullshit - This Q shit is a deep state psyop

What has the Q migration done for Voat?

Agents Apprehend 2,000 Migrants in 3 Days at Single Border Crossing

Why California's Republican John Cox looks increasingly likely to win the governorship

Woman ordered by court to pay $8.4million in damages to Colonel for false rape claims of 32 years ago

Only 25% of Women Believe Christine Ford's Accusations Against Judge Kavanaugh

 on: September 23, 2018, 01:40:59 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Granite Bridge pipeline project Taxpayers Moneypit?

Thursday, September 27th, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library
151 Main St.
Epping, NH  03042

Liberty Utilities has proposed the Granite Bridge pipeline project, a 27 mile, 16 foot-diameter, high pressure natural gas pipeline to span state land along Route 101 between Manchester and Stratham, New Hampshire. The project includes a liquified natural gas storage tank and a plant for reliquification and regasification to move from pipe to distribution.

New Hampshire communities are exploring Community Rights and Rights of Nature to protect themselves and local ecosystems from the project. In this workshop, the New Hampshire Community Rights Network shares how eleven other towns across the state, and almost 200 across the nation, have exercised their Community Rights to protect people and planet above profit.

 on: September 22, 2018, 11:33:35 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by LeahxpeArl
Hi, I'd be willing to host items on my property in Weare.
We could pick up some free sheds off Craigslist and yard sale sites to hold the items in. I have access to a trailer for this and a truck. I've got the space. Just would need to hash out the details of when/how people would be granted access to my property. I'd just want notice before people show up, but maybe that defeats the purpose? Not sure. Let me know your thoughts.

 on: September 22, 2018, 11:19:09 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Using lignin to replace fossil materials

Multi-joint, personalized soft exosuit breaks new ground

German electric hybrid train

Germany rolls out world's first hydrogen train

Machine-learning system tackles speech and object recognition

Scientists use artificial neural networks to predict new stable materials

Creating 3-D printed 'motion sculptures' from 2-D videos

Wearable technology that turns the user's skin into a loudspeaker

Fast object detection in videos

Self-flying glider 'learns' to soar like a bird

'Robotic skins' turn everyday objects into robots

Super cheap earth element to advance new battery tech

Crowd counting through walls, with WiFi

E-skin able to detect changes in wind, water drops and moving ants

This Machine Will turn your favorite teddy bear into robo-Teddy


New understanding of light allows researchers to see around corners

Modified superconductor synapse reveals exotic electron behavior

Laser ignites hot plasma

Researchers push the boundaries of optical microscopy

Researchers decipher the dynamics of electrons in perovskite crystals

Ancients Saw Saturn Explosion That Formed a Ring Around Saturn
I was just reading The Ship of Heaven [Aeon Journal] and found these interesting quotes.
"Nut, as we have already observed, simply personified the Aten-band" [the snake-like circular enclosure around the sun god, Saturn].
"In the archaic creation legend, vast quantities of material erupted from the sun god as living 'Outflow', and it was from this ejecta that the band was constituted."
"... this fiery ejecta is recorded pictographically as an assembly of 'star'-images. (Hence the "stars" on the body of Nut.)"
Have you seen pictures of the ancient Egyptian goddess Nut naked with stars on her body? Apparently, those were meteors and asteroids produced from the nova eruption of Saturn. By reflecting sunlight at night or twilight they would look like stars.

Michigan Copper in the Mediterranean (Isle Royale and Keweenaw Peninsula, c. 2400BC-1200BC)

Kakadu National Park: The ‘Soul of Australia‘ has Some of the Oldest Rock Art in the World

Beyond Milankovitch [Cause of Ice Ages]

Myths of the Cherokee: The Deluge

Gobekli Tepe Archaeoastronomy and the Second Hill of Osiris

World-Wide Solar Observatory Closures: What is Happening? [This is very strange with no definite answers, so I'm posting 4 links about it: solar storm? UFOs? Comment if you've found the answer, please.]

Sophisticated Astronomy at Chaco & Globally / Canyon Geology

Moral Collapse or Catastrophe? The Drowning of Atlantis

Hubble detects never-before-seen features around neutron star

Scientists observe origins of elusive sprites that appear above thunderstorms

Japanese physicists record largest magnetic field ever generated indoors

There are more microbial species on Earth than stars in the galaxy

The Moon is electric

'Deep creep' discovery near California's deadliest faults could explain mystery earthquakes

The next big 'space weather' event poses an astronomical risk to modern man

Gaia satellite detects a shake in the Milky Way

Chandra detection of diskless young stars

Closest planet ever discovered outside solar system could be habitable with a dayside ocean

Magellanic clouds duo may have been a trio

Video: Net successfully snares space debris

Different kind of black hole

Gaia detects a shake in the Milky Way

First detection of [Does It] matter falling into a black hole at 30 percent of the speed of light

Astrophysicists measure precise rotation pattern of sun-like stars for the first time

Japan space robots start asteroid survey

Supposedly 73,000-Year-Old Doodle May Be World’s Oldest Drawing

The Path to the Egyptian Underworld: The Wall of the Crow

NEW THEORY: The Lost Island of Atlantis Revealed

Younger Dryas Ejecta Curtain - Antonio Zamora

RA + ISIS = Younger Dryas Impact

Mother Goddess Spiral Petroglyph - Younger Dryas

Was there a BIGGER purpose for Egypt Pyramids? - Randall Carlson

 on: September 20, 2018, 10:51:07 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


For related material, see:

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