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 on: May 25, 2019, 03:55:49 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by SteveA
Thank you for your insights, Luck.

The rights of an ecosystem would fundamentally appear to be determined by one's own values, which could extend to include others opinions of what those rights might be.

My view of rights is that they are actions or states that one doesn't resist - for example, a right to free speech exists to the extent that one doesn't act to impede it.  In the case of the rights of an "ecosystem" this would similarly appear as the what states or changes of "it" (admittedly vague) that I would not act to impede.

As you have noticed as well, there are nuances that could be concerning if someone wanted to legislate this in precise logical detail:

1) What are the boundaries of an ecosystem?  Does it include rainfall, which could be considered to include the evaporative cycles of water in nature as well as solar input from the Sun (and ultimately extended to include all of nature and the universe? ;))  Does an ecosystem also include the interactions along its bondaries with adjacent ecosystems?  If so, does the boundary of that ecosystem continually expand to include everything else?  In that case ecosystems would disappear and there would only be the universe inclusive of all ecosystems.

2) Is an ecosystem required to retain static properties or are evolutionary dynamics allowed?  For example, if an ecosystem is vaguely a desert but over time, humidity rises and clouds tend to shade it more and provide more rainfall, is that "desert" required to remain hotter and dryer?  Alternately, if someone went out to homestead an area of it and proceeded to retain rainwater, grow some hardened scrub and ultimately live farming off an area of the land, would that be a violation of "desert rights"?

3) Would there be unfairness of rights which needed action?  For example, if parrots live in the bounty of luxiuous tropical rainforests while most scorpions plod through desolate landscapes in search of their next scrap of sustinance, should we "enforce equality" by transplanting scorpions into the rainforest (where they drown) and parrots into a scrubland to watch them similarly pass away from dehydration or starvation?

These are all simply extreme concerns and I know few people would agree that much of any of these are ideals, but the sad reality has been that I've run into a rotten apple or two and ultimately when push comes to shove, I've got to reserve the right to defend myself against anything that I perceive to be a problem ... so that may fundamently be where rights originate from - a desire to efficiently communicate what realm of actions are tolerated without forceful impediments. 

 on: May 25, 2019, 02:58:55 pm 
Started by Tet Omeg - Last post by Tet Omeg
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 on: May 25, 2019, 02:18:18 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Researchers develop new flying / driving robot

Driverless cars working together can speed up traffic by 35%

LG will smarten home appliances with eyes and ears

High-flying robot leaps over obstacles with ease

A hybrid, green media wall for existing high-rise buildings

Researchers gain key insight into solar material's soaring efficiency

'Neural Lander' uses AI to land drones smoothly

Hyperspectral camera captures wealth of data in an instant

Iron selenide revealed as 'garden-variety iron-based superconductor'

New ultra-fast imaging technology with high frame rate and frame number

Electrons can become heavier


The [possible] Decay in the Speed of Light and the [partial] truth about Red Shift

Astronomers think the universe may be a 'billion years younger' than they thought

Constants are neither fundamental nor constant says new paper

We Are Going (to the Moon in 2024)

New Comet C/2019 J1 (Lemmon)

Immense punch from dwarf planet may explain why our moon is so strange looking

Oumuamua was a fragment from a disintegrated comet

Asteroid with its own moon is set for a close pass

The largest meteorite ever found in North America

New study gives more detailed picture of Earth's mantle [assumes subduction nonsense]

Do tiny tremblors on the West Coast signal a major earthquake?

Taurid comet debris may raise chances of impacts on Earth in June

No Hockey Sticks: Studies Reveal Long-Term Lack of Warming
- More than a dozen independent observations

New video series will strip away materialist dogma and share the truths being uncovered by real science

Scientists predict that babies will be grown in artificial wombs within ten years [cost effective?]

Evidence found of continuous phase transition when rats move from sleep to awake

New study confirms Libyan Desert Glass formed by airburst

Planation surfaces formed by river piracy?

The case for re-writing history! New evidence, an introduction to UnchartedX

I'll add that channel to this list:
Catastrophist Video Channels

Here are two relevant recent videos from the same channel.
Cataclysms of the Ice Age - Younger Dryas, Bolling Allerod. Part 1: Introduction

Evidence of Ancient High Technology - Liquid Polishing at the Serapeum of Saqqara - Chapter 4

What are we missing?: 6 Ancient artifacts that suggests there was a 'Lost Civilization'

Science Confirms Great Pyramid Secret Main Entrance | Ancient Architects

Huge Statues Near Luxor In Egypt: Show Signs Of Cataclysmic Damage

10,800 BC Mega Tsunami Discovery (My Own Hypothesis)

 on: May 25, 2019, 11:26:58 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Do Ecosystems Have Rights? This is an ad for a new book or something from

How Wealth Rules the World
_As crackdowns on local democracy accelerate, and corporate and state interests continue their efforts to repress social movements, How Wealth Rules the World presciently reveals structures of power and law that facilitate blatant corporate supremacy in the United States. 
_Ben Price is CELDF's National Organizing Director. Using fifteen years of experience challenging corporate assaults across the country and a careful reading of U.S. history, Price shows how the structures of law that facilitated slavery and the fossil fuel economy have endured and adapted.
_Critically, Price shares how Community Rights and Rights of Nature movements are planting seeds of a new legal system that upends this paradigm, and that makes the liberty, civil rights and dignity of humans and ecosystems its ultimate purpose.

_I'm concerned that claiming that ecosystems have rights may undermine human rights and may actually give more power to governments and big corporations, whether unintentionally or not.

PS, I don't think the fossil fuel economy is all that bad (the monopolies in control of it are plenty bad though) and global warming is obviously fake news (as is often shown by links in my weekly Sci and Tech News thread).

 on: May 24, 2019, 02:09:33 pm 
Started by Tet Omeg - Last post by Tet Omeg
Cool. And maybe a differently worded subject? ;)

Given the wink emoticon, I would guess that you're being facetious. If that's the case, then I assume it is permissible for me to repost the post in question but without the quotation of the abstract.

Not facetious, just friendly.

A friendly suggestion, or is a change of title a requirement? Because I'm quite satisfied with the title as it is. It's dubious any other title would be as good.

I assume that it is permissible to repost the post in question but without the quotation of the relevant article's abstract, as per this thread's discussion.

Per this assumption, I will make said repost with the discussed modification in due time.

 on: May 24, 2019, 12:25:32 pm 
Started by Aftershock00 - Last post by Aftershock00
Thanks for the replies guys. 
I don't have a job there yet.  My wife and I have good jobs here in long island commuting to the city, which fortunately/unfortunately, is the one thing making moving to NH completely a tough decision.  However, I'd like to get my foot in the door by buying just property.  Looking for 25+ acres of land that I can eventually build a house on.  IN the meantime, I think that's enough land to shoot my guns in peace and ride dirtbikes or ATV's. Ill just take my RV travel trailer and use that as my home in the meantime. Definitely want to live amongst hard working constitution respecting people like myself.  Hoping to steer clear of people with "coexist" bumper stickers on their Subaru or prius. I want southern NH, cause it is the shortest commute from LI, and if I chose to move, at least I have potential employment in Boston (I do heavy civil construction)

As far as places to see and things to do, thanks for the advice.  I'm just going to head there and figure it out as we go along.  We plan to spend at least a day looking for potential property.  Maybe there will be memorial day fireworks.

 on: May 23, 2019, 05:41:45 pm 
Started by Liberty603 - Last post by Liberty603
David Friedman confirmed!

 on: May 22, 2019, 11:43:27 pm 
Started by SteveA - Last post by SteveA
Thanks for the welcome and reply.

Yes, I think much of it is already almost instinctively understood by most children though repeated exposure to various elements in the environment (i.e. media or schools) can twist things around some and trying to untie the knots doesn't always work well, but as I mentioned about having a few epiphanies recently, time and nature go on in any case and they don't necessarily pay attention to what the popular opinion of the day is.

It may be that when it's all distilled down the main difference between good and bad is simply that one version continues on.

I've been relieved a bit over the years to both recognize and have a few personal experiences verifying that complete tyranny is basically impossible.

Ultimately most everyone is simply trying to get by day to day.  A quote from the movie Jurassic Park comes to mind - "Life finds a way." and there isn't necessarily much that needs to be done to assure this.

Something enjoyable to see is the development of alternate economic models like cryptocurrencies (I think most are still susceptible to being indirectly hacked via the operating system but then again there are also market forces pressuring against that similar to the credit card industry, so they effectively have their own "ecosystem" to evolve in) as well as more direct forms of trade like bartering.

 on: May 22, 2019, 08:38:02 pm 
Started by SteveA - Last post by JasonPSorens
Welcome back!

I do think the libertarian philosophy ends up mainly being about applying commonsense morality widely shared by human beings to government - where most people seem to make big exceptions. This is Michael Huemer's point in The Problem of Political Authority as well. You don't need fancy theories of property rights to come to the conclusion that most of what government does is wrong, provided we hold them to the same standard to which we hold everyone else.

 on: May 22, 2019, 08:35:25 pm 
Started by JasonPSorens - Last post by JasonPSorens
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