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 on: June 14, 2017, 11:38:26 am 
Started by Instinct2Bfree - Last post by Instinct2Bfree
Today a gang member (steve scalise) who serves as a congressional staffer was shot. There was also supposed to be a congressional hearing today on the "Sportsmans Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act"  This hearing was (drumroll please....) CANCELLED TODAY because of the shooting. The measures in the act included lifting regulations on things like silencers,transporting guns across state lines, AND... ( another drumroll please...) ARMOR PIERCING BULLETS !!!!   Raise your Gadsden flags today with pride knowing that the most evil gang in human history ( us govt) is in fact AFRAID OF YOU !  Stock up on GREEN TIP and BLACK TIP bullets for your AR's, M14s, 50 Cals, etc.. !!! They may become hard to get soon.  My hat is off to the founders and members of the FREE STATE PROJECT. You are advancing freedom in ways you can not imagine.  Thanks,Instinct2Bfree

 on: June 14, 2017, 10:26:12 am 
Started by UCCO2004 - Last post by UCCO2004
I have noticed something about the American military in the past 10-15 years, that our culture did not do in the '80s and '90s to my knowledge.

It is the phenomenon (which appears to have started under Bush Jr., especially after 9/11) of saying "Thanks for your service" to people affiliated with the U.S. military.

In my opinion, it is the neoconservative agenda to get people to obsessively think about what the military is doing overseas, especially in the Middle East.

First Bush Jr. started this custom, then Trump talks about "Our depleted military" when we already spend as much on our military as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea combined.

[The only thing I agree with Trump about is "Our geriatric Air Force" with its Stratofortresses that were made in the 1950s, but then again, they are strategic bombers meant to drop nukes!]

Has anyone else out there noticed this phenomenon of "Thanks for your service"? 

I believe it was appropriate when the world was with us against Bin Laden, but after that morphed into the Iraq conflict/debacle/quagmire, and now we have ISIS, it's almost annoying to hear people say that same exact phrase 15 years later, instead of using original word choice they might use.  I'm not saying soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors, etc. are unworthy of thanks, but I wish Bush Jr. (R) hadn't revived militarism around the same time Rangel (D) tried to reinstate the draft.

Anyone care to respond to this thread?

 on: June 13, 2017, 12:40:49 am 
Started by ill_logic - Last post by DSCOTESE
I am interested, but I'm not sure I'm going yet.  I know that sucks on my part but I have a problem committing to things before I'm ready to commit.  If you found a better place to talk about carpooling to PF, can you let me know?  You can call or text me (Dave Scotese, webmaster of, actually) at (951)236-2719.

What I really wanted to do was car pool to PF with someone from anywhere and fly wherever that is first.  I was thinking that it might be cheaper to fly to somewhere further away and drive in for a day or so, since the airlines are getting stuffed with folks who want to go to PF (I imagine).


 on: June 12, 2017, 09:37:53 am 
Started by ill_logic - Last post by ill_logic
I just realized there's a sub-sub-sub forum for PF ride sharing. I posted there:

Locking this one. Thanks.

 on: June 12, 2017, 09:36:51 am 
Started by ill_logic - Last post by ill_logic
Hey all,

Posting here because I am not a Facebook user. Perhaps a fellow non-Facebook-user is also looking for a ride.

I'll be staying in Manchester before and after the event. I haven't rented a car yet. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in carpooling. If you don't have a car, I can rent and we can split. Otherwise I can split gas, rental, etc.

I will plan to be there the whole time, Weds - Sun.


 on: June 12, 2017, 08:41:50 am 
Started by ill_logic - Last post by ill_logic
Hey all,

I'll be staying in Manchester before and after the event. I haven't rented a car yet. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in carpooling. If you don't have a car, I can rent. Otherwise I can split gas, etc.

I will plan to be there the whole time, Weds - Sun.


 on: June 11, 2017, 08:52:58 pm 
Started by jeanius - Last post by Russell Kanning
there are events all the time, so if you show up at one you can meet a bunch of people

 on: June 11, 2017, 06:20:32 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Libya: A US-Created Terrorist Haven

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President Trump considers breaking up large banks

Texas BANS Sharia Law and the First Islamic Sharia Court in the USA is NOT Happy

Voter fraud charges filed against 12 democrat defendants in Indiana after lengthy investigation

Mysterious Deaths Of 75+ Bank Employees Since 2014

FRAUDSTER Al Gore Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming

Science fights back against the global warming fraud

Genocide of Whites in South Africa

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Illegal immigration up 27 percent last month

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Islamic State (ISIS) burns 19 Yazidi girls to death in iron cages [Picture looks fake]

Pakistani man sentenced to death for blasphemy on Facebook

ISIS 'kills Chinese couple abducted while teaching in Pakistan' as the terror group wages war on Beijing

Global Research Articles below:

"Forget Terrorism": The Real Reason Behind the Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas

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Subjugate Qatar into Client State Status: "The GCC States Led by Saudi Arabia Will Collapse into Oblivion"

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Gulf States Launch Naval Blockade Of Qatar

Punishing Qatar

Diplomatic Conspiracy Against Qatar, The Funding of Terrorism in Syria? The Real Reasons?

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Putin v. NBC's Kelly: A Poorly Planned Match

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The Case of Seth Rich's Assassination: Will It Expose the Truth Behind the “Russia Elections Hacking" Narrative

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Washington’s Empire Is Not Unraveling

The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: Questions, Hints and Allegations

London, Manchester, Paris et al – State Sponsored Terror, Again and Again?

Why the British Establishment Wants Jeremy Corbyn Buried

Jeremy Corbyn has written to his MPs saying he cannot support bombing raids in Syria

How Britain Helped Create ISIS

The Continuing Linkage Between Israel and Today's Terrorism

Understanding the Geopolitics of Terrorism

Global Banking and Economic Destruction: Without Glass-Steagall America Will Fail

 on: June 11, 2017, 05:06:21 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Coal as 'Clean' as Natural Gas?

Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment

Dutch households will use computers waste heat to heat their showers for free

All Dutch trains now run on 100% wind power

Nanoparticles That Can Communicate With Each Other

Low cost, scalable water splitting fuels the future hydrogen economy

Plasmonics could bring desalination tech

US Air Force announces SpaceX to launch mysterious X-37B 'spaceplane'

Pilotless commercial jetliners coming soon

Turn car plastics into foam with coconut oil [a waste of nutritious oil]

Czech 'GyroDrive' beats flying cars for hybrid licence

Autonomous cars (no human backup) may hit the road next year

Inflatable space habitat

Are Aliens Communicating with Neutrino Beams?


Milky Way Galaxy Resides in Enormous Cosmic Void [in an fantasy expanding universe]

New Comet: C/2017 K4 (ATLAS)

Earth is impacted by meteors often

Mysterious deep hole on Mars

Two new moons discovered around Jupiter, bring total to 69

Threat of asteroid collision on Earth higher than previously thought

Mathematically-based model for a viable time machine

100 million-year-old amber holds tiny feathered chick [in 4,000 year old strata?]

Concept could sustainably meet human resource needs of 'full Earth'

Strange Blackbody Force That Can Both Pull and Push Objects

Huge impact could have smashed early Earth into a doughnut shape

Our galaxy produces 9 trillion kilograms of antimatter a second—how?

Mars Gale Crater Once Had Drinkable Water

Tabby’s Star: a Gigantic Planet or a Planet With Rings

Strange cosmic radio burst pinned down to giant stellar nursery [Charles Chandler said Gamma Ray Bursters & Supernovas Occur during Star Birth]

Looking for Alien Megastructures

The ‘chirp’ of gravitational waves passing through Earth

Study estimates amount of water needed to carve Martian valleys

Past ‘Water Worlds’ of Venus & Mars

ALMA returns to boomerang nebula: Companion star provides chilling power of 'coldest object in the universe'

Mini-flares potentially jeopardize habitability of planets circling red dwarf stars

Meteorites from Moon and Mars show uneven pressures of formation

New confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

The largest virtual universe ever simulated

Hubble applauds waltzing brown dwarfs

Failed star orbits a dead star every 71 minutes

Jurassic Park will never exist

Mummy DNA shows that ancients most closely related to people of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria

Subterranean World of Ancient Turkey: Hittites?

Evidence of 4,000-year-old trading post uncovered on Sir Bani Yas Island

Artifacts of ancient Americans show civilization more advanced than thought

For 4,500 years, Stone Age humans returned to this mysterious cave

Remnants of Mother Language from the Last Ice Age

Earliest directly dated rock paintings from southern Africa

5,000 Years of Native American Moundbuilding

 on: June 09, 2017, 01:30:32 pm 
Started by Danarchist - Last post by Danarchist
Hello, everyone. I'm thinking of moving to New Hampshire. Don't invest too much time helping me because it's not yet a commitment.

I tutor in math, science, and music. As a voluntaryist I want parents to negotiate with their kids (e.g. "I'll give you electricity to play your video games if you take piano lessons"), and the student should be able to choose.

I can do in-person or online tutoring. Tutoring at a college would be good. I can teach groups but I don't know how this would be done voluntarily and I'm unfamiliar with how homeschool/unschool associations do these things.

Do any of you have thoughts about this?

Tangential side offer: If I can help you by creating instructional videos or spreadsheets for you for free, let me know. You can see examples at my website, It's a work in progress so don't judge me too harshly. How fast/if I can do it depends on the complexity and my situation, but I'll see what I can do.

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