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 on: December 30, 2020, 08:07:59 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
This occurred as I was ambush interviewing govt. officials on their way into the regular planning board meeting.  How well do you feel he handled it?  Or me?

 on: December 28, 2020, 10:16:27 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport

 on: December 27, 2020, 10:37:08 pm 
Started by Russell Kanning - Last post by Russell Kanning

 on: December 27, 2020, 11:57:58 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

In Case You Thought the PCR Test Detects an Actual Virus … Wrong

New study shows mask mandates had zero effect in Florida or nationwide, but the lie continues

More evidence lockdowns don't work

A brilliant analysis of vaccination, by Richard Moskowitz, MD and homeopath



Flawed paper behind Covid-19 testing may be retracted, after scientists expose its ten fatal problems


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l. Message for Freedom and Hope

 on: December 27, 2020, 08:59:23 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck



The one, simple economics question that determines whether someone knows WTF they are talking about

Government, Not Coronavirus, Is Killing Small Businesses


Sovereignty, Annette Kim

Mass Exodus From Public Schools Accelerates


NH school superintendent doesn't want to answer my free speech question
NH: School superintendent follows me around during board meeting (Epsom)
Military calls cops on me when I try to stand near public meeting
NH Attorney General flees lockdown questions
NH secession question stuns top politician
Cops deliberate whether to let me enter public meeting

VIDEO: Police Threaten Peaceful Protestors at NH Governor’s House with Arrest for Chanting & Speaking
New Declaration of Independence for NH Read, Signed, & Delivered in Concord by Crowd of Revolutionaries
Merry Christmas! Download your “COVID Carols” Songsheet!

Henry Lee Lucas: another fake serial killer. Also blowing the cover of the Deaton murder and the Walsh murder, and tying Morgan Grenfell to the whole lot.
Best of the Year. Vote for your favorite paper of 2020 in several categories, and drop a comment at Cutting Through the Fog.

The Nuremberg Code and Mandatory Vaccinations

Top Russian scientist Alexander ‘Sasha’ Kagansky working on COVID-19 vaccine assassinated in St Petersberg

Wichita gym sues Kansas for compensation after being forced to shut down through unjustified lockdowns

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says employers can FORCE employees to submit to dangerous coronavirus vaccines

Conservative pundit Candace Owens questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines

Discussing vaccine dangers on Twitter is now prohibited

Half of U.S. States prioritizing Blacks, People Of Color for COVID-19 vaccination

Whistleblower who exposed COVID-19 vaccine side effects slapped with lawsuit

Johns Hopkins newspaper removes study examining COVID death rate

Colorado congressman more worried about vaccine than COVID-19

Brazil’s Supreme Court rules against human rights, supports mandatory coronavirus vaccines

IMF proposes punishing dissidents by lowering their credit score if they go to bad websites

California restaurants to remain open despite lockdown orders as owners try to survive government tyranny

GOP Rep Ken Buck praises coronavirus vaccine for “saving lives” but said he won’t get it, citing its health risks

Pharmaceutical factory that manufactures hydroxychloroquine mysteriously bursts into flames, explodes

The Nashville Bombing Didn’t Come From An RV

Another Leftist Has an Epiphany on Guns

Covid-1984 And The Agendas To Come with James Perloff

What Is the Great Reset? Part I: Reduced Expectations and Bio-techno-feudalism

How Science & Facts Became “Fake News” In The COVID-19 BioSecurity State – w/ Spiro

Ohio National Guard Will “Help” Administer The Vaccine To All Ohioans

WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

Columbus, OH Cop’s Body Cam Was Off Before Killing Innocent Man Holding a Phone, But It Caught Him Anyway

Manchester Township, NJ Family Pulled Over, Beaten, 9-Month-old Baby Kidnapped Over Legal CBD Tea

Keller, TX WATCH: Innocent Dad Beaten, Arrested for Filming Cops Arrest His Son for ‘Wide Right Turn’

New Hampshire, State Rules Citizens Have Religious Freedom to Use Psychedelic Mushrooms

Santa Ana, CA Cop Indicted After Video Caught Him Breaking Into Dead Man’s Home, Stealing His Guns

Face Masks Refusal Says So Much, Because Courage Is the Prerequisite to All Virtuous Behavior

In Case You Thought the PCR Test Detects an Actual Virus…Wrong

 on: December 26, 2020, 11:44:40 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

New study shows mask mandates had zero effect in Florida or nationwide, but the lie continues

Difference in blood pressure readings between arms is linked to greater risk of heart attack, stroke and death

More evidence lockdowns don't work

Top German virologist casts doubt on fears of new 'highly contagious' UK Covid-19 strain

New class of antibiotics

EPM301: The synthetic & patented cannabis compound 'more potent than CBD & THC' [synthetic usually means toxic]

A brilliant analysis of vaccination, by Richard Moskowitz, MD and homeopath

Doctor reportedly has severe allergic reaction to Moderna COVID vaccine

Mystery illness strikes town in India: Hundreds hospitalized and 1 dead

22 Highly renowned scientists say: Out of all of the COVID patients we’ve identified with the PCR test, 97% never had COVID

COVID-19 vaccines may increase the risk of HIV infections

 on: December 26, 2020, 09:07:09 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by Russell Kanning
great link site

 on: December 26, 2020, 08:33:03 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by Russell Kanning

Red and Blue States: It's Time for a Multistate Solution and other links

 on: December 26, 2020, 05:19:01 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


History of a Lost [Fireproofing] Supermaterial & How To Make It (Starlite Part 2)

New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research

Four ways microbial fuel cells might revolutionize electricity production in the future

Technical roadmap guides research direction for grid-forming inverters

Sustainable biodiesel from neem tree trans-esterification

Putting on the pressure improves glass for fiber optics

Chemists describe a new form of ice

Perfect transmission through barrier using sound

Scientists develop an efficient way to produce low-cost heatsinks

Long-term study of bonded steel reinforcements on a concrete beam

Polymer to capture ammonia pollution

Scientists invent glue activated by magnetic field



Optoelectronic devices that emit warm and cool white light



Pair of brown dwarfs found in the constellation Ophiuchus

Open cluster NGC 2158 investigated in detail

Robust stellar flares might not prevent life on exoplanets

Study sheds more light on the complex morphology of supernova remnant IC 443

If a planet has a lot of methane in its atmosphere, life is the most likely cause

Asteroid chips like charcoal


Pig brains partially revived hours after death, PUBLISHED APRIL 17, 2019 [I missed this story last year]

Ancient wolf pup mummy uncovered in Yukon permafrost reveals surprising findings
"process of muck formation by huge tsunami waves at the end of the last Ice Age. ... the muck [is] a conglomeration of ice, tree branches and mangled trunks, as well as vegetation of all kinds, and animals - in parts rather than as whole specimens."

*Earth's expanding ocean anoxic zones and the correlation with periods of geologic upheaval
Comment: Anoxia shows a very strong correlation[2] with mass extinctions and one of the causes of anoxia is large underwater volcanic eruptions[1] . But what caused those waves of mass eruptions in the first place? It seems that the chain of events is cometary impact -> disruption of Earth E-field -> increased volcanism -> anoxia.
[1] Jenkyns, H. C. (2010). "Geochemistry of oceanic anoxic events". Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 11(3)
[2] The seven major periods of widespread anoxia in the oceans of the last 260 million years are significantly correlated (>99.99%) with the ages of the flood-basalt - extinction events. See: Rampino, Michael et al. (2019). "What causes mass extinctions?"

Key mechanism behind biggest earthquakes that can trigger mega-tsunamis discovered

Recent "Greening Earth" has had strong cooling effect on land

The world's oldest story? Astronomers say global myths about 'seven sisters' stars may reach back 100,000 years

*The 3.7kaBP Middle Ghor Event: Catastrophic Termination of a Bronze Age Civilization

Alps of Otzi 3200 BC

Plate Beneath China Verifies Rapid Subduction

10,800 Years Ago, Early Humans Planted Forest Islands in Amazonia’s Grasslands

Ancient DNA sheds light on the peopling of the Mariana Islands 3500 years ago

Andrew Hall: Subsurface Birkeland Currents

300K Year-Old "Nano Technology" Found In Russia

Herodium's Fortress

'Kans Quila' - 5000 Year Old Castle of Kamsa? Evidence of Mahabharata

 on: December 20, 2020, 08:57:31 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Can you answer these few simple questions about our economy? Your Congressperson won’t.

The Most Economically Free State (New Hampshire is in first place, followed by Florida, Virginia, Texas, and Tennessee)

Corporate Taxes and the Laffer Curve

Why an Online Sales Tax Would Hurt All New Yorkers

New York can’t buy its way out of blackouts


How To Homeschool Your Kids (The Parent’s Guide)

How Dyslexic Kids Learn to Read When Removed From School

Learning the Difference

Unschooling around the world – United States



VIDEO: Burning COVID Propaganda Signs!

Solar Cycles: Miles v. the Mainstream. My Dutch collaborator Steven Oostdijk has written a long paper comparing my predictions to the mainstream's. In short, the current hard spike in numbers coinciding with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a body blow to current dynamo theory. It confirms my charge models with huge exclamation points.
The Big Smoothing Cheat. Where we see NASA, NOAA, and others fudging and hiding data from us in spectacular ways, to distort the start of Solar Cycle 25.
President McKinley: another fake assassination. Also commentary on the assassination of King Umberto and other topics.

French professor abducted, thrown in psych ward for questioning COVID-19 vaccines

Florida coronavirus whistleblower whose home was raided says she knew Gov. DeSantis would come after her

Walgreens Partners with Verizon to Install 5G in 9000+ U.S. Stores Despite Health Risks and Increasing 5G Opposition

Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study

34 Police Departments Kill Citizens At Higher Rates Than the US Murder Rate

“Trying To Get The Hell Out” – Emergency Lockdown In London Triggers Mass Exodus

Big Brother in Disguise: The Rise of a New, Technological World Order

NYPD Deploys Robot Dog To Catch “COVID Violators”

Learn to Recognize Government Disinformation (Assange et al are agents)

Another “Pre-Crime” AI System Claims It Can Predict Who Will Share Disinformation Before It’s Published

Silver Lake, CA No Charges for Cops Who Responded to Hostage Situation and Killed the Hostage

Klamath Falls, OR On Duty Cop Stole Fentanyl from Evidence, Overdosed While Driving, Caused Multi-car Crash

Belle Plaine, KS Cops Intentionally Run Over ‘Fellow Officer’ For Running in a Field

Phoenix, AZ Despite Obeying Cops, Handcuffed Man Tortured by K-9 for 3 MINUTES

Longest-Serving Inmate for Weed Finally Released

Chicago, IL Investigation Kept Secret After Unarmed Dad Shot in the Back, Executed as He Climbed a Fence

3 Logical Fact-Based Issues to Consider Before Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Proven To Exist; I Can Do This Forever

How the State Spreads Mass Hysteria

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