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 on: February 11, 2019, 09:57:03 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by JaqEboy
i called a couple local talk radio shows to tell them about your network attempt thanks for doing this

See you at the meet up Thursday!

 on: February 11, 2019, 09:54:51 pm 
Started by FTL_Ian - Last post by JaqEboy
as promised i l went to fsphub but it says i have to log in to look at it.  that's a dealbreaker for me right off the bat. isn't that what facebook does and part of what we are supposed to be getting away from?   but thanks for doing something, whoever started this.

Hi, Dave,
To clarify a few points for you, and I'm sure Chloe can elaborate further:

Hubzilla, the software that allows one to set up an independent hub in a federated network of servers (hubs), does the following that are reliefs from Facebook's flaws/attacks:

1) Allows people to set up independent hubs (servers), such as,
2) which makes that hub free of control from an overarching authority, such as Facebook's policies,
3) which makes that hub not dependent on the legal status/compliance behavior of a centralized service, such as Facebook,
4) does not have a mechanism for sale of your information built in, like Facebook,
5) does not advertise to you, like Facebook,
6) Allows finer setting for your privacy / sharing choices than Facebook does,
7) Allows/encoourages federation with other Hubzilla hubs,
8 ) Allows interfacing with / passing messages back and forth with other non-Facebook socials, such as diaspora, friendica, Gnu-Social, through recognition of their protocols and translation to the Hubzilla format,

Chloe presented to the AltExpo#29 crowd this past weekend and we're encouraging her to conduct some trainings on how to sign up and how to use the Hubzilla system. I hope to see an announcement of that soon, eh @Chloe? It can be an AltExpo extended session, instead of one of our usual "speed sessions".

 on: February 09, 2019, 06:15:21 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


'Inkjet' solar panels poised to revolutionise green energy

Waferscale computer

Transforming flat elastomers into 3D shapes

To conserve energy in buildings, AI may help

Cold weather can cut electric car range over 40 percent

Researchers chart path to cheaper flexible solar cells

'Air traffic control' for driverless cars could speed up deployment

Detecting and analyzing cracks in man-made structures

Physicists create exotic electron liquid

A new model for understanding how certain nuclei split

Controllable electron flow in quantum wires

Scientists discover new type of magnet

Single molecules show promise to optically detect single electrons

A circuit platform made of strongly interacting microwave photons

New measurements of exotic form of magnesium suggest surprising shape-shift

Lightning's electromagnetic fields may have protective properties

New method improves infrared imaging performance


The Herouni Antenna - The Death of the Big Bang!

Sky Scholar Channel

Novel experiment validates widely speculated mechanism behind the formation of stars

The Milky Way shown to be torqued into s-shape

Possible snow line reveals organic molecules around young star

Highly collimated jet spotted from the Red Square Nebula
- See:

Bubbles of brand new stars

Gaia clocks new speeds for Milky Way-Andromeda collision

From supergiant to solar-mass star: Study finds HD 179821 less massive than previously thought

Evidence for a new fundamental constant of the sun

NASA and ESA team to knock asteroid out of orbit to test Earth defense system

Comet Iwamoto fast approaching Earth

Rare Atira asteroid spotted orbiting the Sun

Hubble reveals dynamic atmospheres of Uranus, Neptune

Visualization of regions of electromagnetic wave-plasma interactions surrounding the Earth

The composition of ancient meteorites

'Earth's magnetic North Pole has shifted so much we've had to update GPS'

Deadly Indonesian earthquake was rare ultra-powerful supershear event

*Evidence Mounts Against Climate Prediction That Inspired ‘Day After Tomorrow’ Disaster Flick

*Reassessing the RCPs hyped by climate alarmist scientists

*Climate Etc

*Climate FAIL Files

Darwinism still a theory in crisis as anomalies accumulate

Giant impacts caused by interplanetary collisions

Catastrophism through the Ages, and a Cosmic Catastrophe at the Origin of Civilization

Carolina Bay formation - Wind effects | Antonio Zamora

Younger Dryas Impact -- Atmospheric Effects | Antonio Zamora

Randall Carlson's Catastrophist GeoCosmic REX Channel

Brien Foerster's Ancient Tech Channel

Mystery History's Ancient Tech Channel

Bright Insight's Catastrophism & Ancient Tech Channel

Ancient Architects Channel

 on: February 05, 2019, 10:37:31 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
i called a couple local talk radio shows to tell them about your network attempt thanks for doing this

 on: February 05, 2019, 10:36:43 pm 
Started by FTL_Ian - Last post by RidleyReport
as promised i l went to fsphub but it says i have to log in to look at it.  that's a dealbreaker for me right off the bat. isn't that what facebook does and part of what we are supposed to be getting away from?   but thanks for doing something, whoever started this.

 on: February 05, 2019, 10:34:56 pm 
Started by FTL_Ian - Last post by RidleyReport
i've been happy with as a facebook alternative... i immediately had viewers, comments and followers upon signing up.
chloe i'll look at your link

 on: February 05, 2019, 10:07:10 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
NH: States' rights bills aim to protect from sales tax, other states

Some of this week's legislative proposal summaries in New like partial declarations of independence from the other states. 

  "Prohibiting the state from entering into or enforcing agreements concerning sales tax collection with other states (HB114)"
   "Protections against other states imposing the collection of sales taxes on NH businesses (HB698)"

Of course, if we had full independence (, maybe we wouldn't have to deal with with bills like the following, from the collaborationist faction:

"Making the departments of transportation and safety share vehicle registration information with other states so those states can collect tolls here (SB240)"

You can find hearing dates and contact the relevant committees at the link below, though your opinion may not count much if you don't live here.

posted the above to:
Posted also to
Posted to the New Hampshire page on Gab, direct link apparently not possible:

 on: February 03, 2019, 04:27:07 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

Re National Debt: Does the CRFB believe if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth?

How Trump got outfoxed and conned by Foxconn

How does the federal government “pay for” a big federal tax cut?

Re Democrats & Health Care: On tying your shoes together before the race

Pete Peterson foundation, your center for economic ignorance, speaks again

From Territorial to Monetary Sovereignty

The hidden treasure of digital piracy? Can boost bottom line for manufacturers, retailers

POLITICS & Statist News

China Rewrites the Bible?! 10 Ways China is Targeting Christians and Catholics

Subliminal Messaging and Predictive Programming: How They Work and Why Some People Are Immune

5 reasons why “predictive programming” is psychologically implausible

How to Escape the New World Order

Fake History is DEADLY to all of us on the planet
The bankers, government war departments and psychiatry joined forces to steal important patents (like Tesla's), gain monopoly control and use propaganda to make unjust wars since WW1.

Trump-Russia Collusion, i.e. Russian Jews: Trump, Chabad, Epstein, & Black Cube EXPOSED by NEWSWEEK Journalist

Declassified US report on potential for 'super EMP blackout warfare'

Migrants pushed three 16-year-old Germans in front of train - mainstream media covered up the murders

Wow I can't believe 6 million journalists lost their jobs

YouTube could remove the dislike button because leftist videos are being downvoted

Dear jews: If you want us to stop being so anti-semitic, have you considered not being so anti-white?

Detroit Mayor fired a museum editor for merely mentioning that Ford named the Jew

Senate Unites Against Trump to Defend Forever Wars in Syria, Afghanistan

Core Debian developer summarily banned from project for referring to a transgender person with a non-approved pronoun

Windows 10 has violated HIPPA laws [for patient privacy] since it was released

BitChute Deplatformed By Indiegogo Over Politically Neutral Open-Source Software

Italian leader Matteo Salvini learns he is to be charged with kidnapping for blocking migrant ship

If white people are so racist how come they do so much humanitarian work for the marginalized?

Why is Congress allowed to do secret closed door deals behind the American people's back?

What We're Watching is the Democrat Party Commit Suicide

Reminder that the SPLC celebrates white decline

Muslim school will not allow girls to eat lunch until after boys have finished

Nazi SS Officer, 96, Faces Hate Speech Charge For Stating the Obvious in Germany

UK: Men Stop Attempted Rape Of Teenager And Hold Suspect Until Police Arrive

New Mexico Committee Passes Legislation Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

South Africa: Kaffirs Kill Elderly White Woman

Hundred of armed ANTIFAGGOTS terrorize a small town

If PC Gamers Boycott Us Over Moving To Epic, Then We Just Won't Make Games For PC

Unpaid teenage girl's work was Buzzfeed's highest traffic driver

When will mexicans pay genocide reparations to the native aztec and inca tribes?

Nuclear waste burial fund grows to $43 billion, but DOE has not buried an ounce of spent fue

 on: February 03, 2019, 01:52:29 am 
Started by Instinct2Bfree - Last post by Rocky1776
Wildlife is a public common.  I'm as big a fan of privatization as anyone, but you can't privatize migrating ducks and the like.  A lot of species went extinct, or nearly so, because of unrestricted hunting. The tragedy of the commons can be avoided in two ways:  privatization, so its not a common, or when that can't be done, regulation.   Sometimes regulation is a necessary evil.  A commons wouldn't be a problem if there were many fewer people in the world, but when there are more hunters than deer, not everyone can shoot a deer, and pretty soon there would be no deer to shoot if not for permits and regulations and police to enforce them.

 on: February 03, 2019, 01:15:09 am 
Started by QBcrusher - Last post by Rocky1776
I would like to learn some military or survival skills.  I don't think that there is any near term need for militias, but I have long thought it would be a healthy thing for our liberties for the institution to be reinstated on a voluntary basis.  But with or without any group or organization, it never hurts to be prepared.

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