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 on: Today at 07:32:35 am 
Started by rippld - Last post by JasonPSorens
It depends on where you are and what kind of farming you are doing. If you are doing a large-scale dairy or apple farm, you can get by doing that full-time, though the profit margins are narrow. Vegetable farming is really profitable only in prime locations along the Connecticut River. A few of the larger farms also do CSAs, U-Pick, weddings, and the like to make ends meet. But most farms are part-time operations.

 on: Today at 06:22:21 am 
Started by rippld - Last post by paperboy

There are lots and lots of small farmers here in NH.

Not many of them, that I am aware of, are cash positive.

They generally have a family member or two that work a full time job in addition to working the farm.

Buying a farm can be expensive. Two recently (in the last two years) sold in our town. Both were around $400,000 and needed lots of work.

The people who now live on these farms LOVE LIVING IN NH.

It's awesome here. I pinch myself everyday.

 on: Today at 06:11:32 am 
Started by PossibilityField - Last post by paperboy

I'd strongly encourage you to visit NH before selecting a community.

Every town is different with it's own pluses and minuses.

I am a big fan of Carroll County towns, but for many, it's too remote.

If you're looking for a larger city, Manchester, Concord or Portsmouth can be attractive.

 on: Today at 06:08:41 am 
Started by Retiree - Last post by paperboy

Buff McLaughry knows everything about greater Lebanon. (Not a free-stater) that I know of.

Buff McLaughry

Direct: (603) 276-1317

 on: Today at 06:06:00 am 
Started by Codythebarber - Last post by paperboy

You're going to love Meredith. It's an awesome town.

Quality housing on the north side of Winnipesaukee can prove to be challenging some times.

Shoot me a PM and I'll gladly give you the inside scoop on all the lakes region has to offer.

Welcome to NH.

 on: October 16, 2017, 05:38:29 am 
Started by Instinct2Bfree - Last post by paperboy

As a refugee from Maine to NH, I can tell you be careful what you wish for.

These unorganized townships tend to fall under the LURC rules. Land Use Regulatory Commission.

A bunch of unelected bureaucrats who will put a windfarm on your property if that's what they deem best.

Maine sucks, but if you want to give 1/8 of your money in income and sales taxes to the state, be my guest.

 on: October 15, 2017, 09:51:57 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
The Pop-Cultural Heritage of Terrorism, Treasure Hunting, and Trafficking

English Cathedrals Hope Apprenticeship Schemes Will Save Ancient Skills

“Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” Will Drive Traffickers Toward the DarkWeb

F-35 stealth fighter data stolen in Australia defence hack

Britain makes battle plans for war with North Korea

Las Vegas shooting eyewitness: There were 'four to five' shooters attacking multiple hotels

Las Vegas Hoax

Professional With Master's Degree in Photography Analyzes Oddities in Las Vegas Shooter's Photo

Hotel Worker Reported Shooting Before Las Vegas [fake] Massacre Started

Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on social media

US 'simulates' anti-ISIS fight in Iraq as terrorists cross into Syria

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule

In victory for Trump, Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case

Police issue warrant for black man beaten at Charlottesville rally

Trump eases ObamaCare rules with executive order

Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, imposes 'tough sanctions' on Revolutionary Guard Corps

George Clooney Accused of Helping Blacklist Actress Who Complained of Sexual Harassment

Facebook already planning to RIG the next election and hand a victory to Democrats, no matter what

The insurance subsidies Trump cancelled were outright illegal; They should never have existed

YouTube Commies Censoring Right Wing Channels Like Crazy

Increased Use Of Machine Learning, Facial Recognition Outs Sex Workers Real Names

Woody Allen Fears Pogrom on Hollywood Pedos

A woman enjoys sex with her man, as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously

Apple diversity chief apologizes for saying that white people contribute to "diversity"

Body cameras, now gun cameras? Some police trying them out

Steve Jobs & everyone at Apple were fake

Trump's Election was Faked

Pro-Trump, Anti-Global Warming Facebook Post Leads to Arizona Restaurant's Closure

In Historic Result, 31-Year-Old Wins Austrian Elections, Bad For Establishment Party

CIA Trying to Stop Investigations into Child Trafficking and Other Criminal Operations

 on: October 15, 2017, 08:57:46 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Loopix: New Anonymization Service?

The Pirate Bay May Be Ditching Ads in Favor of JavaScript Monero Mining

Spain Censoring the Internet, Cracking Down on Free Speech

Adblocker Extension for Chrome Hid Monero Miner

Credit Agency Uses Darknet to Scare Customers into Buying Services

Some countries are opening doors to adopt cryptocurrencies in a larger scale

Cyber-security: A Rising Threat in the Middle East

Early Fraud Detection System Unveiled By MasterCard

Monero Considers Implementing zk-STARKs

Europol and Interpol Upholds Fight against Cyber Crime [or pretends to]

Hacker Advertises India National Internet Registry Database

Tor Update Supports v3 Onion Services

TradeRoute Went Down Following a Major Security Leak

Internet-wide security update put on hold over fears 60 million people would be kicked offline

Give old electronics new life with Linux and Raspberry Pi

Google's Alphabet DeepMind forms [Pro-Greed?] ethics unit for artificial intelligence

New Google AI almost perfectly mimics human speech

Websites to Find and Download Free and Open Source Software

Oculus unveils standalone virtual reality headset

Global firms join rush to bet on Indonesia as next start-up frontier

EU antitrust chief defends probe of Google, US tech giants

Russia threatens to block Facebook over data storage

Bringing harmony to discord in the IoT world

A pirate site explores a new way of paying for the internet that doesn't involve ads

Nobody reads privacy policies – here's how to fix that

Automotive intrusion detection and prevention systems against cyber attacks

Internet researchers harness the power of algorithms to find [imaginary] hate speech

 on: October 15, 2017, 08:21:06 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
NH Documentary “Victimless Crime Spree” Celebrates Five Years – Q&A With Director & Producer

Shielded ZCash Transaction at NH Retail Store

NHHRC Takes to the Streets for Drug-Related Harm Reduction

Keene “Sanctuary City” Resolution Hearing – Full Video

Belmont Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Wanted On Warrant Outside Gas Station

1,200 [uselessly?] Walk For Mental Health Awareness As Record Numbers Wait in N.H. ERs

To One N.H. Fiscal Hawk, Cameras in Committee Rooms Would Be Money Well Spent

Eight Arrested During Latest Immigration Checkpoint in White Mountains

Medical Examiner Says Man Fatally Shot Himself During Officer-Involved Shooting

Plan For New [corrupt] Drug Rehab Center in Keene Draws Opposition

Manchester VA Whistleblower Announces Bid for Congress

Council Focuses on Concerns of Millennials in N.H.

One Woman's Quest To Help With Food And Family In Puerto Rico

Top Democrat in N.H. House Wants to Ban 'Bump Stocks' for Guns

N.H. Gun Shop Owner: 'We Need to Self-Regulate As A Gun Industry, As A Gun Culture'

Broad Jurisdiction Of U.S. Border Patrol Raises Concerns About Racial Profiling

UNH Team to Develop Training for Students in Responding to Sexual Violence

Millennial in a Tipi – One PSU Senior’s Experiment in Sustainability

State, EPA Differ on Public Health Risk from Seacoast Superfund Site

Watchdog Group Allowed to Weigh In on Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Review

PFC Blood Tests in Merrimack Find Levels Higher than General Population

Massachusetts Trooper Accused of Beating Man Says He Was Trying to Cuff Suspect

Pair of Lawsuits Challenging N.H. Voter Law are Merged

As Rural Doctor Surrenders License, Patients Wonder: "Where Am I Supposed to Go?" [Try a chiropractor or other alternative doctor, much healthier & cheaper]

 on: October 15, 2017, 07:40:42 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Vermont Issues 75: The Abnormally Warm September

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton to Receive Award for Advancing Human Rights... Hahaha!

More Legacy Media Smears of Trumps Puerto Rico Response as Angel Perez Otero Praises President

Vermont Issues 76: Vermont Subcontractor SAManage USA Data Breach Lawsuit Settled

Mass Shooting in Las Vegas as Stephen Paddock Kills 50+ at Country Music Concert

Catalonia Referendum Passes, but Spain Will Not Recognize It: My Thoughts

Vermont Issues 77: Rutland Herald Downsizing, Selling Several Properties

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton has Moronic, Self Serving Reaction to Las Vegas Shooting

Traditionalism will Likely Win the Current Cultural Shift I: Growth and Decline

You Don't Know How It Feels (RIP Tom Petty)

Vermont Issues 78: Crazy Man Brings Hognose Snakes into Vermont

A Big Problem With Gun Control

Refuting Direct Democracy

Vermont Issues 79: I Condemn the Bennington Banner for its Vegas Cartoon and Encourage a Boycott

ACLU Free Speech Event Shut Down by BLM because "Liberalism is White Supremacy"

On RWW's Character Assassination of Me (And My Support for Some of Their Work Oddly!)

Vermont Issues 80: Better Mental Health in Focus

If You Ain't With Us Yer Against Us: The Chorus of Fanatics on the Far Left and Right

Republicans in Congress Abandon the Second Amendment: Not Like They Hadn't Years Ago

Vermont Issues 81: Density Increase for South Burlington

Trump Removes Contraception Mandate from Healthcare

As I Predicted, the Legacy Media is Seeking to Defame the Alt Media; Alt Entertainment is Next

Vermont Issues 82: School Threats in Vermont Make the News

Legacy Media Whines About Trump "Censoring" Them As They Call For Censoring the Alt Media

One Dimensionality: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part One)

Gatekeeper Fallacy: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Two)

Vermont Issues 83: Drug and Weapon Wars Alive and Well as 15 Year Old Jailed for Pot and Knuckles

Youtube Creates new "Priority Creator" Caste that is Exempt from its Monetization Flagging

Six Degrees of...: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Three)

Deflecting Attack: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Four)

I'm Withdrawing From Nicotine; Don't Expect 100% Verbal Finesse!

Vermont Issues 84: Bernie Sanders Comes to Castleton To Market "FREE"(TM) College

False Objective Morality: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Five)

Gatekeeper like Gateway Drug (Moral Panic): How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Six)

Trump Uses Executive Power to Defang some Useless Bureaus and Agencies

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton and Neolib Obama Took Days to Condemn and Disavow Harvey Weinstein

Eminem Attacks Trump, People Pretend to be Outraged; Grow Up!

Vermont Issues 85: Vermont State Government Wants Suggestions for Outdoor Economy: So Here It Is!

Trump Threatens to Have FCC Revoke Licenses of So-Called News that Isn't News

Girls Now Able to Join Boy Scouts... Can Boys Join the Girl Scouts Too?

Project Veritas Confirms Youtube Front Page is Manipulated by Legacy Media, NYT Deflects

Vermont Issues 86: Bald Eagles Back in a Big Way in Vermont

Bernie Sanders First Speaker at Womens Convention; Far Left Sexists Outraged

California Decriminalizes Infecting Others with HIV: I Call for a Travel Boycott of the State

Twitter is Run By Morons; the Rose McGowan Incident is a Symbol of Big Tech Defending Money

Vermont Issues 87: Vermont Senator Drives Drunk, Crashes, Gets DUI

North Korea Tries, Fails to Hack Parts of US Electrical Grid (Par for the Course!)

Trump to Pressure on Iran Deal: I Mostly Oppose This

Vermont Issues 88: Vermont #1 for Breweries Per Capita

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Says Trump a "Confessed Sexual Assaulter"; More Whining!

Biloxi Public Schools Ban To Kill a Mockingbird Because Muh Feels

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