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 on: July 04, 2020, 08:46:15 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

 on: July 04, 2020, 08:45:56 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Coronavirus makes infected cells sprout 'sinister' tentacles to quickly travel inside the body

The test set: Another brick in the covid-19 disinformation game plan

Declining eyesight improved by looking at deep red light

Video of brain clearing out dead neurons captured for first time

Trump-touted COVID-19 drug hydroxychloroquine works, according to new study

"No one has died from the coronavirus": Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

Modelers were 'astronomically wrong' in COVID-19 predictions, says epidemiologist Dr. John Ioannidis—and the world is paying the price

GSK recycles its problematic adjuvant into COVID-19 vaccines

Dr. Jerry Tennant: Voltage & Regeneration | Electricity of Life

Increase oxytocin levels

 on: July 04, 2020, 08:07:23 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


How the Fed protects banks and the rich, while Congress pretends it’s broke

One again, Reason Magazine promulgates the Big Lie to stifle the economy

America’s Next Crisis: Unfunded Pensions for State and Local Bureaucrats

FDR’s New Deal Exacerbated the Great Depression

“A Storm Waiting To Happen”: The Average American’s Power Bill Is About To Rise As Much As 30%


What is Worldschooling?

4 ways to make homeschooling more fun

How to Home-School Your Child on a Budget & Save Money


NH: Little Winchester gets big black lives protest
NH: Winchester's top cop joins BLM support rally, unmasked
NH: Police chief aces ambush interview (Winchester)
Good transparency @ black lives rally in Winchester, NH

Porcfest ForkFest Day Five – Space Disco

Porcfest ForkFest Day Six – Escape from Capture

Porcfest ForkFest Day Seven – Wrapping Up

Porcfest 2020 is over. Is today the eighth or first day of Forkfest 2020?

Porcfest ForkFest Day Eight – Retrospective

The British Museum Sword. Where I offer a pretty straightforward solution

Where is the ACLU during Covid BS? Nowhere, that's where. Illinois Judge finds Covid lockdowns etc unconstitutional.

Politically extreme sources publish more COVID-19 news than scientifically-grounded outlets, study finds

Japan city launches pedestrian smartphone ban

How have people responded to COVID-19 restrictions around the world?

Six Ways to Gain Power in Uncertain Times

What the Declaration of Independence Said and Meant

Teacher Unions vs. Black Children

The Natural Progression Of “Woke” Censorship Is Tyranny

Texas Governor MANDATES Face Masks

Tennessee Gov Allows ‘County Mayors’ To Make Mask Mandate Decisions [Again, that's unconstitutuional]

After Killing Unarmed 17yo Boy On Video, Cop Got $70K Payout

Officer Tasers, Then Shoots Unarmed Man in the Heart as He Danced in a Park

Are Uncivil Protests and Mob Violence Winning?

Staying Safe During Civil Unrest In America

Sweden: Number of Covid Deaths Plummeting Even as the Number of Cases Rises

Despite Its Government's Antics, America Has Made Moral Progress in a Difficult Time

 on: July 04, 2020, 11:09:11 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


New forecasting model improves solar panel performance

Automated shipping coming to Europe's waters

Multi-sensor system for the precise and efficient inspection of roads, railways and similar assets

Jellyfish-inspired soft robots can outswim their natural counterparts

Next-generation battery storage delivers affordable, clean energy to communities in Sierra Leone

Reverse engineering of 3-D-printed parts by machine learning reveals security vulnerabilities

Laser takes pictures of electrons in crystals

New method measures temperature within 3-D objects

Researchers observe branched flow of light for the first time

Light flows like a river when shone through a soap bubble

New superconducting system in which magnetic flux quanta can move at velocities of 10 to 15 km/s


Ad blockers may benefit websites, users, and the market at large

New open-source software aims to reduce cybersickness in VR use

Analysis of complex geometric models made simple

New single sign-on algorithm provides superior privacy

Credit card skimmers hide in web page image files

FoolChecker: A platform to check how robust an image is against adversarial attacks

Building a path to High-performance computing (HPC) for modeling, simulation, analysis etc

A hyperdimensional computing system that performs all core computations in-memory

Facebook designs ultra-thin VR eyeglasses

Blockchain a stronger option for American election modernization

A completely new plasmonic chip for ultrafast data transmission using light


Star's mysterious disappearance hints at new type of stellar death

Hubble captures galaxy on edge

Array of radio telescopes reveals explosion on the surface of a hot dead star

Astronomers investigate chemical composition of a nearby star-forming dwarf galaxy

Giant star spots likely cause of Betelgeuse dimming

Galaxy cluster Abell 2255

Astronomers see unexpected molecule in exoplanet atmosphere

The surviving core of a gas giant

Hubble spots feathered spiral

Unprecedented ground-based discovery of two strongly interacting exoplanets

Stellar fireworks celebrate birth of giant cluster

Astronomers observe nova V659 Sct during outburst

Discovery of a luminous galaxy reionizing the local intergalactic medium 13 billion years ago

The Ant Nebula in infrared

The rapid brightening of comet NEOWISE, plus noctilucent clouds in 3D

Two asteroids to race past Earth

Higher concentration of metal in Moon's craters provides new insights to its origin

Video: Flight over Korolev Crater on Mars

Hubble captures one galaxy, two asteroids


Life's bias for right-handed DNA maybe explained by cosmic rays

New evidence of a giant 'lava lamp' beneath the ancient Pacific

Mistakes Intelligent Design critics make

CRISPR gene editing in human embryos wreaks chromosomal mayhem

Soft Dinosaur Eggs Deflate Bird-Dinosaur Evolution

Bronze Age Globalism

Ancient Cataclysmic Volcanoes

Ancientr Sunken Tools Australia, also Caves

Climate Apocalypse Never

Unearthing the ancient ‘pharaohs’ of Ireland

Largest Prehistoric Site Ever Found in Britain Next to Stonehenge

Dr. Jerry Tennant: Voltage & Regeneration | Electricity of Life

Puma Punku's Mysterious Magnetic Stone-Work

GODS from the DAWN OF TIME, are all over EVERYONE'S HOME

 on: June 28, 2020, 10:49:44 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
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 on: June 28, 2020, 10:45:09 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


How the Fed protects banks and the rich, while Congress pretends it’s broke.

COVID-19 has changed the future of retail: there's plenty more automation in store

Life is getting harder for debt collectors, and that is bad news for borrowers

Tax Havens Are Good for Growth, Part I
Part II

America’s Jobless Claims Data Refuse To Confirm V-Shaped Recovery Narrative


From semi-structured homeschooling to unschooling

Why The Pandemic May Change Parenting Forever

FAQ: What does unschooling look like?

PERFECT PHONICS learning book [for dyslexics too]



Porcfest Forkfest Day Zero – The Dome

Porcfest Forkfest Day One – Ernest Hancock’s Love Bus

Porcfest ForkFest Day Two – Jumping Off a Cliff

Porcfest ForkFest Day Three – On the Radio

Porcfest ForkFest Day Four – Pirate Luau Happy Hour

The English Revolution - Where I hit Charles I, Cromwell, Milton, Mary Tudor, and much more

Five places that should boom from the coming Covid migration

Your barber has more training than your police force

Parasitic Elites Always Exploit Racial Fault Lines

New York's Highest Court Upholds Taking of Private Property for Pipeline that Might Never Get Built

Police In 20 Largest US Cities Fail To Meet Basic Human Rights Guidelines

Judge Rules That Children Must Be Released From Immigration Detention Centers

“Volunteer” Hawaiians Turn “Paradise On Earth” Into An Island Of Snitches

Washington State Gov. Makes NOT Wearing A Mask A Misdemeanor Crime

There WILL BE A Second Lockdown: COVID-19 Cases “SPIKE”

The ‘Greatest’ Generation’s Refusal to Fight the ‘Good War’

Cops Recorded Plotting ‘Civil War’ to ‘Wipe Blacks Off the Map’

Four Cops Boiled a Mentally Ill Man to Death, None Were Charged and 3 are Still Cops

A Nursing Student Needed Help But Cops Showed Up Instead and Cuffed, Kicked, Stomped Her

WATCH: Cops Choke Handcuffed Man Hold His Nose to Prevent Him from Breathing

WATCH: Cops Handcuff Man, Beat Him for 6 Minutes for Walking on Wrong Side of the Road

The Long-Planned Second Wave of This Coronavirus Is Now Going Into High Gear

The Press Continues To Lie About COVID-19 To Generate Fear

Oklahoma Judge Charges Protesters with Terrorism, Rioting and Assault

 on: June 28, 2020, 09:40:59 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on coming COVID vaccines

Why is the World Health Organization Anti-Meat?

Scientific panel on new dietary guidelines draws criticism from health advocates

Shining a light on unnecessary quarantines: The WHO recommended the opposite of what was needed

Bottled water made by Whole Foods contains high levels of arsenic

Typical human virome includes HIV, hepatitis & many other viruses

Big Agriculture obtains a permanent injunction preventing the state of California from requiring a cancer warning label on glyphosate products sold within the state

COVID19 PCR tests are scientifically meaningless

Covid-19 Has Turned Public Health Into a Patient-Killing Experiment

Compelling Evidence That SARS-CoV-2 Was Man-Made

 on: June 27, 2020, 09:01:34 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Super-strong surgical tape detaches on demand

New battery electrolyte may boost the performance of electric vehicles

Efficient laser technique can convert cellulose into biofuel

A navigation algorithm enables drones to do challenging acrobatic maneuvers

3-D printing to open new doors for microfluidics

Developing technologies to ensure profitable environmental protection

Device turns wasted heat into clean electricity

AI monitoring of laser welding processes

AI could help improve performance of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells

Advanced tech ideas to help monitor infrastructure

Answer to energy storage problem could be hydrogen

A new way to control photons

A new approach to optical microscopy

Record-breaking metalens could revolutionize optical technologies

Pendulum may reveal gravity's secrets


New technique may enable all-optical data-center networks

Japan supercomputer is world's fastest

Researcher develops tool to protect children's online privacy

Machine learning has a flaw; it's gullible

Silicon nanowire transistors with both learning and memory functions

How fake accounts constantly manipulate what you see on social media

Innovation challenges regular touchscreens

Photos converted into 3-D from any mobile device

Method for designing lower-power circuits


Excellent Astronomy Videos (except for being naive)

Mysterious repeating FRB discovered coming from another galaxy

Astronomers detect teraelectronvolt emission from the gamma-ray burst GRB 190114C

Super-Earths discovered orbiting nearby red dwarf

CNO fusion neutrinos from the sun observed for the first time

Newly detected chi Phoenicids meteor shower

Understanding how Pluto can have liquid oceans so far from the sun

Heat gave Jupiter's icy moon Europa layers

Motions in the sun reveal inner workings of sunspot cycle


One-fifth of Earth's ocean floor is now mapped

Fossils of gigantic wolverines and otters the size of wolves offer fresh insights into the past

How water in the deep Earth triggers earthquakes and tsunamis
Electricity triggers them more

Impact of meteorites led to life-giving amino acids on Earth

A global magnetic anomaly

Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis receives support in new book

Climate Data tampering

Stonehenge Hidden Landscape

Warped earth (folded rocks)

Was earth covered in water “3200 million years ago”?

Long-distance transport of sediments [Flood]

Revisiting the Isochron Age Model, Part 1

Fossil Footprints Show a Dinosaur as Big as a T. Rex Once Terrorised Australia

Vast neolithic circle of deep shafts found near Stonehenge


Agate Fossil Beds

Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysmic Heat Damage At The Rameseum In Egypt

Stone Forts "Turned To Glass" Found In Scotland?

110,000 Year-Old "Underground-City" Found Under Turkey?





 on: June 21, 2020, 07:32:23 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


New economic tracker finds flaws in U.S. recovery plan

Biz Op? Fake Pandemic leads to a bicycle boom, and shortage, around world

How the coronavirus pandemic is adding to the world's slave labour workforce

Which Country Enjoys More Economic Liberty, the United States or Denmark?


Recognise that play is learning

Tested Tips To Help You Survive Homeschooling — And Love It

FAQ: Am I doing enough?

How To Get Your High Schooler A College Degree At No Or Low Cost

A group of educators believes that schools should be "deschooled," arguing that students are like prisoners inside schools


NH: Bureaucracy says its bureaucrats are "heroes"
NH: Solo camera raid on cop shop
Free stater's "crisis advice-iss" for United States of Easily Scared People
NH: Open carry litter pickup @ Winchester
NH brothers to lead BLM demonstrations from Keene to San Diego
Crisis cauldron! Predictions for 2021 (Covid, Floyd, Depression, War)

Keene Police Prove it’s Business As Usual By Targeting Peaceful Nightcap Event

How disbanding police can lead to less crime and less conflict

The System Is Rigged: Qualified Immunity Is How the Police State Stays in Power

The Bail Companies are at it Again

Fake Riots Fake Division

The 1571 Ridolfi Plot was Faked

The Atlanta Wendy's Fake

The Shining Path was Faked, Where we look at Peru, Marxism etc

The US Government has a History of Protest Infiltration and False Flag Operations

Yet Another Non Sequitur in the Coronavirus Debates

We Live in a Time When Our “Opinions Qualify as Crimes”

Cops Ordered to Turn Off Body Cams, Illegally Raid Journalist Who Embarrassed Them, And They Obeyed

Wealthy Homeowners In “Mad Rush” To Flee San Francisco

5th Canadian Municipality Calls for 5G Moratorium

Shootings Surge Less Than A Week After NYPD Cut Plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit

Innocent Man Jailed for Months, Until Prosecutors Finally Watched Body Cam Proving Cops Attacked Him

Innocent Man Severely Burned As Cops Shoved Him Into Hot Coals For Barbecuing During COVID

This Juneteenth Remember: Slavery Wasn’t Abolished in 1865, It Was Reinvented For Everyone

Is There Really Strong Evidence for Wearing Masks?

Lies, Damned Lies, and Covid19

 on: June 21, 2020, 06:21:25 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Ketamine effects on EEG for finding ways to improve mental health

Honeybee lives severely shortened after exposure to two widely used 'bee friendly' pesticides

State of artificial hibernation induced in mice

Scientist says he was threatened because of fluoride study

Studies Reveal NO Benefits to Global COVID-19 Facemasks-for-all Policy

FDA approves first-ever 'prescription' video game for kids with ADHD

Young Covid-19 victims suffer psychosis, fatigue and anxiety side-effects - or is it just all in the mind?

Study suggests 60% of people naturally RESISTANT to SARS-COV2

Cheap drug dexamethasone is first shown to improve COVID-19 survival

COVID Antibody Tests: Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery

Are Your Medications Causing Depression?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

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