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 on: Today at 12:12:50 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Vermin Supreme Sues City of Concord over Free Speech Denial

VIDEO: Vermin Supreme’s Pony Protest Outside Hillary’s Book Signing in Concord

Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference a Huge Success

All Cryptocurrencies Set Record $420 Billion Market Cap as NH Retailers Launch DASH Acceptance

Concord Monitor Runs Another Story on Bitcoin

Full Video of First-Ever Free State Blockchain Conference

NHCLU Files Motion Challenging Border Patrol Checkpoints!

Small Argument at VA Meeting Highlights Big Rift Between Whistleblowers, Leadership

Construction Co. Fined For Portsmouth Workers' Mercury Exposure

Small New Hampshire Towns Struggle to Keep Police Chiefs

Manchester Settles Panhandling Lawsuit for $89K

Proposes Gas Pipeline To Run From N.H. Seacoast To Manchester

Vermin Supreme Hosts 'Pony Parade' Protest Outside Clinton Event In Concord

N.H. Churches to Participate in Active Shooter Training

Analysis Points to 2 Conflicts of Interest in N.H.

Homelessness Among Families On The Rise In N.H.

Manchester's Safe Station Inspires Program in Providence, R.I.

Border Patrol Checkpoints On I-93 Violated N.H. Constitution

Jury Finds Man Not Guilty in Plainfield Murder-For-Hire Case

Convicted Murderer at 17, Fights to Get Out 26 Years Later

N.H. Creates Civil Rights Unit to Combat Discrimination

New Civil Rights Unit Shows 'Value of Inclusion, Safety, Equity'

N.H.'s Prescription Drug Monitoring Is a Mess

 on: December 15, 2017, 11:45:34 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Wearable computing ring allows users to write words and numbers with thumb

6 common cognitive biases user interface designers should know

German Interior Minister drafts law to spy on all digital devices

Google blocks YouTube on Amazon devices in escalating feud

Big Brother isn't just watching at work, surveillance software can track your every move

Are you aware? Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages

Pre-Installed Keylogger Found On Over 460 HP Laptop Models could allow hackers to steal data

Nearly Every Briton Has Been Hacked With Some Personal Details Being Sold On the Dark Web

Safe Messaging Options for Linux and Android

Mozilla Quietly Adds Features From Tor Browser to Firefox

Germany Cyber Agency Seeks Approval for Cyber Counterstrikes [Spies pretending to be defenders of victims]

Interpol and Cisco Team Up to Fight [or engage in] Cybercrime

Researchers Find Hidden Trackers in Android Apps

US Supreme Court Hears Landmark Cellphone Privacy Case

Using a Large Scale Darknet To Identify Botnet Related Activities

Detection of Malicious or Black IP Addresses Via Analysis of Daily Darknet Traffic

The Darknet Search Engine ‘Grams’ is Shutting Down

DNA has gone digital – what could possibly go wrong?

Firewalls – a security risk?

Unlocking the power of web text data

What to teach your preschooler about internet safety

Read this before you give your kid his or her first smartphone

Drones, volcanoes and the 'computerisation' of the Earth

Computer scientists develop a simple tool to tell if websites suffered a data breach

Here's how to shut down the internet: Snip undersea fiber-optic cables

Tech support scams hitting more computer users online

Discovery could reduce cost, energy for high-speed Internet connections

 on: December 15, 2017, 11:10:58 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
LadyCare is Clinically Proven To Relieve 23 Menopause Symptoms

Flexible impedance sensor can fit inside urinary catheters; monitor and treat biofilm

3-D-printed minifactories: Researchers print 'living materials' with bacteria-loaded inks

Reading aloud improves recall

Teen brains find it challenging to properly recognise and react to the importance of tasks

Ancient women had much stronger arms than today's female sports stars

The smarter person's brain is just wired better

Researchers 3-D print lifelike artificial organ models

Scientists have created the world's first soft artificial beating heart

Information injected into monkey's brains

Dengue vaccine program halted in Philippines after study shows it could worsen outbreak

How Metabolic Therapies Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases

Chinese Herb Galla chinensis Shows Promise Against Tooth Decay

Vaccine Deficient Employees Fired to Gain Health Care Funding

Government Falsifies Warning on Kratom to Protect Opioids

Sugar Companies Buried Evidence to Hide Sugar Harms

Depression Treatment Drives Users to Murder, Suicide

The Importance of Electromagnetic Field Remediation In the Treatment of Chronic Disease

Big Pharma Tries to Monopolize CBD Oil Market

Poop Pills Can Combat Deadly Infections

Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries

Teflon Town: A Toxic Legacy

Glitter Has Become a Global Hazard

Organic Leaders Take Fight for Authentic Organics to the Grocery Aisles

Increase in prevalence of developmental disabilities in US kids

Uterus transplant recipient gives birth to baby, first in the US

Antibiotic resistance has caused a drop in life expectancy

Study shows type 2 diabetes starts in the liver

Lowering iron levels in the brain could slow or prevent Alzheimer's

Ketogenic diet for epilepsy

Sugar Linked to brain shrinkage, Alzheimer's and other types of dementia

Is government addicted to banning natural substances?

Researchers put diabetics on starvation diet and watch their disease reverse

Pollution wipes out the benefits of exercise

Biologists show how to shut off hunger 'alarm system': Hormones, such as cholecystokinin, peptide tyrosine, tyrosine and amylin turn off hunger in mice

One reason why antidepressants fail

Canola oil linked to brain damage

How many shots are on the CDC schedule?

Smartphone addiction wreaks havoc in teenage brains

Antipsychotics nearly triple the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack

Keep that cell phone away from your head

Mainstream media tells parents should give children dangerous drugs for treating depression

Monsanto's Glyphosate leaves environmentalists' strategy in tatters

WHO declares medical marijuana has no public health risks and should not be withheld from patients

 on: December 15, 2017, 03:08:30 pm 
Started by garyonthenet2 - Last post by JasonPSorens
I see. If it's not registered where you are, then you are in a bit of a pickle. I don't see any way around obtaining residency before registering your vehicle. You provide proof of residence when you register. Perhaps you could do a short-term rental and use that address as your "residence" for registration purposes. Proof of residence typically requires a rental agreement, utility bill, or piece of mail received at your current physical address.

 on: December 15, 2017, 11:47:43 am 
Started by garyonthenet2 - Last post by garyonthenet2
Because I intend to move there shortly, and I am going to use the car to get around there looking at the places I might want to live at.
It is not currently registered and it would make no sense to register it here where I live, only to re-register it a month later.
Any actual ideas, suggestions on what I could/should do?

 on: December 14, 2017, 07:05:26 pm 
Started by garyonthenet2 - Last post by JasonPSorens
Registration is done at the town level, so yeah, you'd need to have a place of residence before registering your car. But may I ask, Why do you want to register your car first? Nothing else depends on it, and you save a bit of money (extend your time until registration renewal) by waiting until you *have* to register.

 on: December 14, 2017, 04:33:16 pm 
Started by garyonthenet2 - Last post by garyonthenet2
Ok, so I am and early signer of the pledge way be in the low ougts.
Now the 20K threshold of pledgers has been met, I am preparing for the move, and one of the first things I want to do is get my vehicle registered there.
The problem is, I think you need to already have a place that you are living in NH in order to register one's car there.
A little bit of a chicken and egg situation; so, how do I get my car registered there, which is what I want to do first while I am looking for a place to live??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

 on: December 13, 2017, 10:35:23 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
Thruster Failure & Success
The Nassikas Lorentz force thruster fails the helium test [The original simple design worked, but not the newer designs -- this explains why]

(The following is a followup to a previous message from April 2016 at )

Posted by: Paul LaViolette
October 6, 2017
This is a follow up to an earlier posting on the Nassikas thruster.
In August we carried out a helium test on version II and III of the Nassikas thruster at SuperPower Corp. in Schenectady, NY.  We fixed the coil in a liquid helium dewar with its axis pointed in a horizontal direction.  The dewar in turn was suspended from a ceiling beam so that it could move from side to side.  Any side deflection of the dewar, due to any internally developed force, would have been measured on an electronic scale which was in mechanical contact with the wall of the dewar.  The scale would have been able to register a force as small as 20 grams (0.7 ounce). However, the coil showed no evidence of axial thrust even when the current to it was increased to 175 amps.  So we have concluded that this invention is impractical.  This does not apply to version I, which instead uses a conical YBCO casting with an attached permanent magnet.  That version still has potential application.
In my opinion, the reason why the test failed has to do with a flaw in physical theory.  Conventional thinking is that due to the self interaction of its magnetic field and current a coil develops Lorentz forces which try to expand the coil diameter.  But physicists have ignored that there is another force which can strain coils and cause them to expand which is called the Ampere force.  Both forces increase according to the square of coil current.  The difference is that the Ampere force causes a longitudinal tension, along the length of the wire, whereas the Lorentz force would cause a transverse force, perpendicular to the coil windings.  If the Lorentz force were the predominant force causing tension in a coil, we should have seen an axial propulsion in our experiment.  Since our experiment showed no force, we must conclude that the Lorentz force is essentially absent as a self acting force in coils and that instead the coil expanding force is due to the Ampere force.  Since the Ampere force acts along the length of the coil windings, an axial force component would be unable to develop in a conically shaped coil.  So I believe that all we have accomplished with this experiment is to point out a flaw in physical theory.  The reason why our Finite Element Analysis simulations showed that an axial force should have been developed is because that program assumed that coils develop Lorentz forces when energized.  If physical theory was correct, we should have seen a propulsion, just as the simulations showed.  But Nature does not always behave as we might think or like.
4 Responses to The Nassikas Lorentz force thruster fails the helium test
November 10, 2017 at 12:17 pm
thanks for the update, please let your public know whether a theoretical explanation for the failure of the latest trials should emerge.
Paul LaViolette
November 14, 2017 at 5:22 pm
I gave a theoretical explanation in the posting. Namely, that the force is due to the Ampere force and not to the Lorentz force. Our experiment seems to prove this.
November 7, 2017 at 9:36 am
Dr LaViolette, thanks for sharing this valuable information as well for the efforts in this type of research. May I ask whether there are plans for further development of Version I ? I believe the use of tape multilayer superconductors introduced in Version II and III may have introduced further effects or phenomena which eventually led to a suppression of the effect.
Paul LaViolette
November 8, 2017 at 5:52 pm
The matter is now in the hands of Dr. Nassikas to decide how he wants to proceed. The version I thruster needs repair before testing can continue. There is more to do on his first version to improve the amount of the thrust. I will help him if he needs further help, but there are no plans in the works right now.

 on: December 13, 2017, 09:27:29 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
ThomJeff, you have no data and thus no argument.

 on: December 12, 2017, 08:44:55 pm 
Started by PossibilityField - Last post by PossibilityField
I'm thinking about going to Concord from what I've been able to see behind a computer.

Taking your advice and visiting. A friend of mine asked why I was moving to New Hampshire. Told him about how nice the taxes are and showed him the free state project. We are heading to out in mid to late January to visit for a week.

We work together in Colorado during the summers, so we will probably buy a house around September 2018.

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