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Title: Regaining our liberties doesn't have to be a slow process.
Post by: FTL_Ian on January 29, 2005, 01:39:53 pm
With all of the recent success of the fledgling NH Underground (, I'm excited for the future of liberty.  The NH Underground is a "proof of concept" for the FSP.  Even though their numbers are few at this point, they are having a real impact, and making the news!  As more porcs arrive in the state, and get active, the pace towards liberty will quicken.  Once there are enough of us there, we need not be incremental about returning to liberty.  In fact, our quickness may lead the rest of the country in the right direction.  Imagine this news story hitting the other 49 states:

""Free State" New Hampshire withdraws from all federal programs and passes law providing protection for all in-state businesses who no longer wish to participate in witholding for the IRS, or who no longer wish to collect federal taxes"

The pundits will predict chaos and ruin for NH, then one year later as our liberty and newfound ability to create wealth flourishes, no one will be able to deny that liberty works.

I'm proud of the NH Underground for not pulling any punches, and going all out for liberty.

Let's get to 20K!!