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Title: Free Kid Project
Post by: bookish_lass on October 11, 2004, 05:20:15 pm
This weekend, talking to Fred Mitchell and Jack Schimek, we came up with the idea of a Free Kid Project.  It would be an extension of the Welcome Wagon, geared toward a special welcome for porcupine kids.   Meet and Greets are great, but not especially so if you're a kid.  Moving has got to get especially hard on the kids, too, not that it isn't hard on the adults!  I was thinking it'd be cool if incoming kids were presented with hand drawn cards from their NH counterparts welcoming them to the state, or little things like that.  At the meet and greets, we (meaning my daughter Kira, who is being shanghai'd into doing this) could set up special kid activities.   Jean Alexander suggested that we could set up a kid's penpal network, so the kids would at least know someone in NH before they get here.  Fred Mitchell's daughter will likely be available to create a webpage for this purpose.  Please send us your ideas on what incoming kids would like to feel welcome, and what kinds of activities they might enjoy, and let me know if your kids would like to be involved.

Title: Re:Free Kid Project
Post by: RidleyReport on October 11, 2004, 07:44:04 pm
Great idea Kat!  Kira is a proven champ at making games happen with groups of we are closer to being a Fun State Project!
Title: Re: Free Kid Project
Post by: ravelkinbow on February 28, 2005, 07:17:09 am
I just came across this post and think this is great!  We plan to move this summer and our 11yr old son is nervous about making friends.  Can you give me any info?  Thanks Jenn Coffey