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Title: Direct Action Journal
Post by: vasily on November 10, 2002, 09:05:53 pm
Hello.  I'd like to introduce (
The most common, and valid, criticism of efforts to affect change is this: "Great criticism, what do I do about it?". Our response is that we must create an actionable, small-scale vision...a new vision to replace the present. Below we have outlined this vision as we see it, and hopefully a discussion will begin here and further define this vision into a realistic solution. This discussion is presently ongoing on the Forum at this Web site. Please take some time to DO SOMETHING and participate:  
Our criticism of all "Change the World" efforts is that there is no actionable vision. In order to affect change, to "enact a new vision", we must have some idea of what that new vision is. We would suggest that in order to spark a productive debate, someone must propose a vision of a new society that can be acted upon. With that in mind, we will attempt (and by our own admission fail, initially) to propose such a vision. What I hope is that criticism of these suggestions will lead to the foundation of a new vision that is concrete enough to be acted upon by those of us so inclined:  
In order for a new vision to succeed, it must achieve independence from the existing state of affairs. This is the basis of our new vision...  
We envision a new society begun by small groups that define themselves by their independence from the current vision. We are not suggesting isolation, merely independence. Independence for such a society means that it does not rely on others for its survival, and therefore is FREE to survive without conforming to the constraints of its life-support system. This breaks down to a few key areas in which independence must be achieved: Energy (both in the form of food and mechanical work), Habitat and Information.  
Any new vision not energy independent will achieve little more than continue to build someone else's pyramid. There are many very realistic ways to achieve energy independence without sacrificing quality of life, some of which are presented in the links below.  
Habitat is another key to a new vision. Our physical geography defines how we live, our values and our relationship with our planet. Below is a link to an article that approaches one solution to the habitat problem.  
Information is the key. This defines the groups ideology, both in terms of how it approaches Energy and Habitat (i.e. "there is no one right way"), how the groups inner dynamic works, and how it organizes itself within a global framework. We don't have all the answers here, but at least two suggestions: 1) Size matters. Humans are genetically designed to function well in a small, close-knit group. Such a group size should be the core organizing principle. 2) A Web-type structure rather than the currently prevalent Heirarchy (as presented in Manuel de Landa's book "1001 Years of Non-Linear History"). We need a framework that permits and ensures interaction between groups without domination over groups. Historically and evolutionarily this web, or "rhizome" structure is the solution.  
We have attempted to present this in a non-dogmatic, non-prideful manner. You are invited, requested, to tear it apart and improve (or scrap and start anew). All that we ask is that you do so in a constructive manner, and try to stick to this intial assertion: that we must come up with implementable alternatives.  
Thankyou for your participation-  
~Direct Action Journal  
Below are linked two articles from this journal that might help further define where we need to go and resources to do so:  
Energy: Energy, Society & Heirarchy (
Habitat: Rethinking Housing (