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Title: Burt Cohen: Serious Spammer
Post by: alanrweiss78726 on May 12, 2004, 04:08:59 pm

Burt Cohen, a Democrat, is running for NH Senator.  He sends me spam at least once every few days.  I finally decided to answer him.    ;)

Feel free to nail Mr. Cohen's pompous patoot as you see fit!


Dear Mr. Cohen,
I am a Libertarian, a member of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, the Texas Libertarian Party, and the Free State Project.
I see very little in your positions or messages that suggests you support expanding liberty and freedom (along with personal responsibility), limiting government, and providing solutions to real-world problems that don't involve massive governmental intervention and new taxes.
Rather, I do see an endorsement by the biggest tax and spend pseudo-liberal in the US Senate, Mr. John Kerry of Mass.  I say "pseudo-liberal", because Mr. Kerry doesn't really support true classical liberal values - just restrictions.   Are these your positions?
Forgive me, but am I missing something?
May I suggest the following policies for the issues you deem important to New Hampsherites:
- Education:  as other states have shown, increasing public expenditures on education does not succeed in improving education, but does succeed in increasing bureaucracy, much higher taxes (driving out businesses and individuals not fond of high taxation rates), and increased centralization of control.  Instead, I suggest the separation of State and Education, hearty support of homeschooling and charter schools, and giving parents increased choices in educating their children.
- Big Corporation Accountability:  one of the biggest improvements you can make is to eliminate the ridiculous corporate shield on liability,and make corporate officers personally liable for the actions of their companies.  If a big company pollutes, the CEO and the Board of Directors should be made personally accountable (this would dramatically improve corporate governance, by the way).  If a company lies to its stockholders, the officers should be tried and, if found guilty, incarcerated.  If a company moves its operations off-shore, that should be publicized and boycotts encouraged as a free-market expression of consumer disgust.  Conversely, anyone who supports off-shore job exporting should be free to express that as well.
- Affordability of Senior Health Care:  Mr. Cohen, seniors are wealthier on average than the under-25 crowd, but you seem to be catering to senior citizens.  Rather than pitting one age group against another, the decriminalization of prescriptions (allowing persons to buy drugs in Canada, or off the internet), the decriminalization of marijuana (a proven medicine in a number of ailments), and encouragement for drug companies to expand research and development IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, and other such free market answers will work well.  Doctors must have affordable liability insurance, so improving competition in that area in New Hampshire is appropriate by fixing the bureaucracy.
- Preservation of Environment:  nothing works like making sure property owners have full property rights, because private property owners are the best stewards of their own land.  Big corporations that pollute should have their officers and Board members personally accountable for their aggression (pollution).   A private train line from Concord --> Manchester --> Nashua --> Boston should be encouraged (NOT a government/Amtrack boondoggle!) through market incentives and fast-track approvals, so that people sitting in cars in traffic can reduce their own pollution contribution.
Alan R. Weiss