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Title: Board announcement
Post by: JasonPSorens on March 02, 2004, 01:51:41 pm
We regret to announce the departure of Mary Lou Seymour and
Amanda Maxwell from the Board of Directors of the Free State Project.
Despite our philosophical differences about the direction this organization
should take, we valued their contributions to the organization. We wish them
nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

Mary Lou Seymour was involved with the Free State Project from the very
beginning first as an Organizer and then as a Board Member. She managed The
Quill, providing us with an invaluable tool for communication with the
membership. Mary Lou used her wide network of liberty contacts to help
promote and spread the word about the Free State Project. She has a fierce
commitment to liberty, and a strong grasp of just how grass-roots
organizations work.

Amanda Maxwell worked tirelessly as an Organizer, Director of Member
Services, Member of the Research Committee, and moderator of many member
communication channels. She also handled the Quill's Events Calendar.

But more than that, she provided a calming, mature voice and presence to the
Board of Directors, soothing tempers and solving problems with humor and
graciousness. She was an Organizer from the beginning, stepping onto the
Board when the organization needed her. She was principled and a true role
model for all the other Directors.