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Title: At School
Post by: snoogs on February 24, 2004, 09:33:49 pm
I'd like to make a call to all people still in school to let FSP be known.  Many high school students are 18 or nearly so and are eligible to be a part of the Free State Project.  Sew or otherwise attach the porcupine logo to your book bag, tell people verbally, and, if your school doesn't have uniforms and you can manage it, make a t-shirt that might induce the curious to check out the FSP or Libertarianism in general.

I plan on doing the same.
Title: Re:At School
Post by: otaku on June 19, 2004, 02:08:58 pm
I've spoke of it with friends who are also in highschool. I homeschool so these are online friends and a few that I know from around town I could do more if I were allowed  and went to the local highschools but I don't go so its a no go
Title: Re:At School
Post by: Kid A on August 23, 2004, 02:41:39 pm
I'm going to print off several LP/FSP logos later today to tape to all of my folders.  I have a Badnarik 2004 bumper sticker coming in the mail, and I plan on ordering a few more bumper stickers and two tshirts (one FSP, one LP).

Just as important as logos and shirts and whatnot is actually talking to people about it.  Hear some people you know discussing politics?  Get involved.  Every chance you get.  (As long as you aren't outright annoying about it.)
Title: Re:At School
Post by: Matthewislee on October 26, 2004, 10:04:05 pm
excellent idea. i'm the only FSP in my school and essentially the only Libertarian. the word needs to be spread!