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Title: I'm doing a paper on the FSP
Post by: thinkdifferent13 on February 03, 2004, 06:31:12 pm
Hey there porcupines,
 I'm new to the message board here but have been following the FSP for a while now. I'm a college student in St Louis, Mo, at Webster University. Currently I am taking an "Intro to Media Writing" course, in which we have to write a short (100 word) feature story. I got the assignment today and its due thursday, and I think I would like to do it on the FSP. So the reason for my post is, I was hoping I could interview via email someone who has already moved to NH because of the project. I would just ask about 20 or so questions about how you heard about it, what your hopes are for it, etc. Anyway, if anyone could help me with this, that would be great, my email address is

Thanks a lot,

~Will Novak
Title: Re:I'm doing a paper on the FSP
Post by: FreeBoB on February 03, 2004, 08:05:37 pm
That's great Will.  I'm still here in the beautiful Finger Lakes of Central NY, so I can't help you, but I've got a question for you...

Are you going to join us and move to NH to help make this happen?   ;)
Title: Re:I'm doing a paper on the FSP
Post by: thinkdifferent13 on February 03, 2004, 08:37:27 pm
 I have and am considering it. I am a registered libertarian and fully believe in the cause. But there are  a few problems, I'm still in the middle of college and wouldn't be able to move until after I finished school. Also, I am a film major, which kind of means after school I will be heading out to statist LA. But I do my best to spread the word and help out in other ways for now.
Title: Re:I'm doing a paper on the FSP
Post by: Mike Lorrey on February 04, 2004, 08:07:59 pm
There are a number of indie film makers here. There is typically a major movie filmed here every year or two, and it would be helpful to the propaganda effort to have some pros working here producing quality stuff.

Going to Hollywood is following the herd. Be a libertarian.

NH gets lots of Hollywood people here, partly because it is scenic, and partly because it is political. The democrats get 98% of their campaign financing from film and media people in New York and Hollywood, and many come here.

I used to see Michael J Fox visiting the TCBY my little sister worked in during high school. Merideth Baxter Birney I ran into several times at the Dartmouth Bookstore. I've run into Charles Bronson at the Lebanon Airport, picking up his daughter on vacation from school. Steve Tyler lives in Sunapee and gets occasional visits from daughter Liv, who I've spotted a couple times. Steve likes to grocery shop at 11:30 pm, when the stores are empty...