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Title: NH CCW Requires Fingerprints After all!!!!!!
Post by: Blain on September 26, 2003, 11:36:30 am

NH Permit

OK, gentlemen, I'm up for my four year renewall, from the local PC.

I don't expect problems, since the PC "knows" me, but there's a possible problem...

According to his handout, which is very good, giving the law regarding the use of deadly force, there's the following:

Prior to receiving a pistol permit, this department conducts a criminal record check with the New Hampshire State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You are requested to furnish a personal identification fingerprint card prior to the the issuance of your pistol permit. These prints may be forwarded to the FBI and may delay the issuance of your permit.


Now, while I don't expect a problem here, isn't this illegal???

I'm sending this to GONH, but since when does this comply with the state law?

As far as the prints go, it doesn't much matter to me, since I did my green
machine time and, after that, had a TS clearance, so it's not like the feds don't already have them on file.

But I see no reason for the locals, or the state to be allowed to collect them.

So, how do I rid myself of this (possible) crap?
Title: NH CCW Requires Fingerprints After all - NOT
Post by: Karl on September 26, 2003, 11:42:01 am
Note, it only "requests" fingerprints.  It does not require them.

Even so, given that the law was enacted only this summer, they may not have had time to update the handout.
Title: Re:NH CCW Requires Fingerprints After all!!!!!!
Post by: Rearden on September 26, 2003, 12:15:27 pm
Call up the cops, quote them HB 415, and ask them if the form is just outdated.

Fingerprints are obviously not required.  NH HB 415 made it illegal to require them for issuance of a CCW.