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Title: Permagora: Sustainable, yet potentially illegal agriculture
Post by: SteveA on May 30, 2019, 02:06:12 pm
Here's a video (mostly audio) regarding combining ideas from permaculture (a preference toward allowing agriculture to be supported naturally instead of trying to force nature into boxes) with agorism (possibly technically illegal but generally useful, desirable and socially beneficial actions)

The term "Permagora" was coined for this (Caution: most anytime such subjects are considered limited to being iconizable, verbalized or believed to be entirely logically comprehended by such symbols, there's almost certainly at least a few, and likely many, nuances and subtleties lost in translation - in other words, trying to place them into boxes removes the magic.  Whatever value such magic might provide is yours to determine.  A related concept is that anything ultimately infinite will never fit within a finite box and occasionally "life happens" is unavoidable and sometimes even desirable)

I personally believe there are people who've become desparate enough that they simply can't survive or afford to follow whatever laws they may believe exist.  Any real laws that exists do not even need be discussed - they simply exist, (almost) irregardless of discussion.  Most conversions simply provide entertainment value and don't provide much of any enduring value or meaning beyond the moment.

Permaculture and Agorism ("Permagora") (

Ok, wait, I seriously don't want to present everything  in such a negative light.  Here' s something more positive and inspirational :)

Geoff Lawton - Greening the Desert (

There are a LOT of possibilities.  I'm beginning to think it's less a matter of IF these things can be fixed but more a matter of, assuming we DO have some large changes then WHAT should those be like ... that's an extremely interesting question.  I remember vaguely hearing someone say that it's easier to dream up 1000 hells than it is to dream up one heaven ... *** hmmmm ***