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Title: Relocating to NH form Italy
Post by: Rick2001 on January 07, 2019, 03:49:47 pm
Hi All, I am moving to USA permanently on March the 1st 2019, ad I would be really interested in know more about this Project.... I have read something and looks great!
 To introduce myself to you,  I am cutting and paste the presentation I made of myself on survivalist board forum some months ago.... at that time I didn't receive yet the new job offer here in US, so I was describing my life in Italy at that time....  now I have to start all over again  in NH, and I hope to  meet some other like minded people.

Sorry if the intro is more "prepping" oriented but it describes fairly who I am none the less....  you can guess from it that I value autonomy,  self reliance , hard work and that I don't trust any government to help me in an emergency situation so I have to provide for myself, my loved ones and help friends/community.


Hi all, my name is Riccardo and I am from Italy, Rome.

As you may guess, to live in Europe, and in particular Italy in theese times of economic and social crisis I am an hardcore survivalist.... LOL just joking.

Trying to be serious , in the last few years, the concerns about what is happening worldwide and that sooner or later may affect also my country, has led me to approach the prepper/survivalist phyosophy and bit by bit I started to prepare myself, focusing in particular on self-sufficiency for food/water, renewable energy and self defence just to mention the main themes;
I live just outside Rome by the sea, in a home surrounded by 1000 Sq/m worth of garden that I organized the best I could to provide the basic food necessities; so I have planted 40 different fruit trees (almost any kind of fruit you can imagine and different cultivar of the same to have them ripe at different times) and a green garden... started 3 composters and have drilled two wells for water (currently with electro pumps but I bought also a hand pump, just in case).
Since I work in a very big renewables energies company , PV panels were among the first thing I bought... still connected to the grid but I have plans to buy all the necessary to turn the roof-plant to standalone mode if necessary.

As for self defence (but also for passion... I have to admit ) I own a H&K VP9 9mm , an AR15, an AK47, a 12ga Shotgun and an M1A1 in 308... I also reaload.

Concerning the more important things to have in a SHTF situation , SKILLS, I try constantly to learn new things or improve what I already know in first aid, DIY projects, craftmanship, cook from raw ingredients , can and preservation of food, everything about self sufficiency , prepping and survivalism, gunsmithing (very basic level in order to care , maintain and repair my weapons) and so on.

I try also to stay fit, going at least three times to the Gym , starting with 45min of threadmill (7 miles/h) followed by crossift, light weight lifting and so on... I try also to swim once a week to develop stamina.

I served in the Italian Navy during conscription time and while there I developed some useful skills, including land navigation, climbing and so on that I try to refresh from time to time...

Title: Re: Relocating to NH form Italy
Post by: JasonPSorens on January 08, 2019, 10:12:23 am
Hi Riccardo - Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, this place gets a lot less traffic than the Free State Project Facebook groups the last few years. I don't use Facebook unless absolutely necessary, but most people do.

We have a lot of preppers of various sorts who've moved here. Certainly a lot of gun folks, plenty of permaculturists, some who live off the grid with solar panels and batteries, and quite a few who are interested in precious metals, cryptocurrency, and other investments that diversify away from sensitive U.S. industries.

The most important feature of Free Staters, of course, is their commitment to nonaggression and keeping their word - libertarianism. We may disagree about religion and private morality, but we share at least that moral basis: it's never OK to attack someone, take his stuff, or defraud him. And we apply that philosophy to the government as well. Most of us are interested in politics of some kind and trying to shrink government to its smallest feasible level. New Hampshire is very open to direct citizen involvement in politics.

If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know! Beyond our website (, the best way to see what's happening here for yourself is to come and visit. The NH Liberty Forum ( is coming up early next month.
Title: Re: Relocating to NH form Italy
Post by: Rick2001 on January 08, 2019, 11:04:13 am
Hi jason ,thanks for the reply it is much appreciated.
I completely agree and share the Libertarian philosophy and values.

More than being involved in politics, as soon as I will settle in Salem, I would like to be involved in volunteering for the community... I 've been in red cross, civil protection , volunteer firefighters  so I have some skills on first aid, emergency management , fire prevention and so on but I can also cook quite well , and  build/fix a loto of stuff (I consider myself a sort of handyman) so I think I can do something good for the community to repay for its hospitality.
Just don't know where to look to be involved....

If you have any suggestion it will be more than welcome.
Title: Re: Relocating to NH form Italy
Post by: JasonPSorens on January 09, 2019, 10:08:07 pm
That's great. Salem might be a large enough town to have professional firefighters, but many smaller towns rely on volunteers. A good friend of ours and "Pre-Stater" (NH libertarian from times before the FSP) is the volunteer fire chief in this area. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the community here. I have done work for a local land conservancy, for instance.