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Title: WOOFING As Option for Poor Porcs/Integration & Community?
Post by: JLTW on February 20, 2016, 10:51:35 pm
"poor" porcs, take it lightly. I include myself in this group statistically but I feel rich!

WOOFING stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Farms:
Volunteers travel to live on a farm, and get free housing/food in exchange for weekly labor. Many of these places only require 20 hours a week so it's not grueling.

After looking through older posts on this forum I came across a permaculture farm in NH called The Bardo Project:

Experiences like this would be so awesome and enriching; we could build important skills. Housing and living styles need to be expanded upon for the FSP. Not just because of the high demand for housing, but to live "off-grid" and escape government control. Our fellow Free Staters not only need places to live independent of gov't, they need office spaces and business store fronts!

To really be independent, I want to see communities grow with permaculture-minded skills in architecture, craftsmanship, and farming (etc.). It looks like permaculture is alive and well in NH and the FSP, particularly in Franklin:

I just know that this is important for economic accessibility, not just sustainability. I share this with my fellow poor porcs. There is hope for us.

PS. message or email me if you are looking for a roommate around Sept. 2016

- Jack
Title: Re: WOOFING As Option for Poor Porcs/Integration & Community?
Post by: sukiyaki on April 10, 2016, 01:29:14 am
Sorry to piggy-back on this post.

But, my wife, to daughters, and I are planning to move in late summer to Littleton and we are wandering if anyone knows the state/county/city laws and ordinances when it comes to off-grid living.

Some detailed responses would be greatly appreaciated, but even a "1-10" dificulty scale would be worth something!

Thank you!
Title: Re: WOOFING As Option for Poor Porcs/Integration & Community?
Post by: JLTW on April 12, 2016, 05:12:17 pm
You're piggybacking on nothing, people haven't replied to this or cared too much. You'd get way more attention starting a new post. I've seen your type of question again and again get immediate responses because of how much free staters care about helping others make the move- and the people already living there have answers.

If you're curious about permaculture/off grid minded living, take a look at PermaCityLife in Franklin and The Bardo Project near Croydon. I prefer the latter way more even if it is in the middle of nowhere- Franklin is undergoing a major permaculture revolution of the entire town (8,000 people) and is the most intensive perma-oriented area of NH. BUT, as far as I've seen, the initiator of this whole project- Todd Workman- is working WITH the town's government and not outside of it. In fact, looking on the PCL website, it looks very state involved to a point where they might even get state funding. All in all, in my research I've found a variety of farms and off-grid opportunities due to New Hampshire's wide open, unclaimed land and decided that the intense on-grid statist focus in Franklin was a huge turn off. A contradictory combination of the skills to be off-grid built into the on-grid status quo.

You should be able to contact The Bardo Project for advice on zoning and regulations.