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Title: Improve Local Government (like Police Reform)
Post by: Luck on December 25, 2015, 08:47:39 am
(The Last Post is the most recent comment. This Opening Post is the Main One, which I update after later ideas.)

Government is moral, if it is self-government and if it is not abusive.

Ideas to Improve Legitimate Local Government

If libertarians (or other antiauthoritarians) get elected to local office, here are some proposals I have for local "laws".

1a- Share Government Property. Make all local Residents co-owners of local government property, tax-free. Let residents organize businesses on this property tax-free with profits shared fairly among all residents, thus providing earned income for all.

1b- Buy in Bulk. Local government help local Residents buy goods wholesale to increase Residents' buying power.

2- Increase Proper Law Enforcement. Deputize all local residents without pay, who have committed no major crimes, because all residents have the right to enforce constitutional law.

3a- End Frivolous Prosecution. Do not prosecute "illegal" drug users; just prosecute violent people; and promote recovery programs for addicts (like WA's LEAD program).

3b- Protect Residents from corrupt government by preventing state or federal officers from prosecuting local residents for:
--- 1. tax "evasion";
--- 2. driving without license or insurance;
--- 3. "illegal" drug use;
--- 4. other victimless "crimes".

3c- Prevent Government Corruption. Put security cameras on all major public officials and on all prison guards and inmates, to be used against corruption and abuse. Use honest Scientific Method to perfect corruption prevention.

3d- Develop Proper Science. Develop proper scientific method to prevent corruption in science and use clean science findings to promote liberty for all and end government corruption.

3e- Reform the Ruling Class. Use progressive teaching & parenting methods to reform the ruling class to reduce their fears of poverty, reduce class pride and increase caring and cooperation.

3f- Mediation: Favor mediation over court.

4- Improve Public Health. Have a health department to promote good health to residents and to counter false health propaganda.

5a- End Taxes. Try etc to end taxation. See #5b also.

5b- Start Local Government Banks. End taxes by starting local government banks which charge interest on loans, which would be used by local governments instead of taxes. See my Feb 9 message below.

6- Improve Elections. Request candidates for public office take polygraph tests to confirm that they are not crooks and will not seek profit from office beyond what the average citizen receives.

7- Make Schooling Free, Not Compulsory. Allow students to learn what they want starting at an early age, without having to take tests and without being forced to get vaccinated.

8- Start a Town. Like-minded people can collaborate to start a town, then they can pass ordinances like the above. (See details at )
(PS, also use Consensus decision making as explained at )

9- Prevent Poverty. Try Michael Hudson's Economics, minimum wage job guarantee, etc. (I read in May 2018 that the job guarantee would not be useful.) Instead, try Roger Mitchell's Economics with local currency, no taxes, etc. See
10- Ecology; Antidesertification. Promote Savory's Anti-desertification, Organic Farming, permaculture, etc, to improve the land for present and future generations.

The Constitution is said to be the supreme law of the nation, but corporate governments seem to like to deny that.

Most governments in the U.S. have become incorporated, apparently. It would be good for some of us to learn the law and the history of corporate government.

Achieving Ideal Scientific Progressive Self-Government
1. Organize Community Rights Teams
2. Teams organize local communities & towns with bi-laws & ordinances as below
3. Encourage visiting to help populate sparsely populated areas: each community provide guest space for visitors
( can help with wording ordinances.)

Title: Re: Better Government (Screening Candidates)
Post by: Luck on December 25, 2015, 09:11:01 am
Helping Insure Good Candidates
My idea this morning to improve government is to request candidates for public office take polygraph tests to confirm that they are not crooks and will not seek profit from office beyond what the average citizen receives.

I've heard this year that polygraphs are about 98% accurate now at determining if the subject is telling the truth or not. They're said to have improved greatly since the old days.

And, since most people running for high office these days are crooks who only want to benefit themselves, thanks to bribery from wealthy campaign donors, we common people need to find ways to circumvent such corrupting influences. And polygraph tests seem to be a practical way to help do so.

If you study history behind the facade of statist propaganda, you find that corruption has increased exponentially since the murder of JFK. Centralized power has gotten increasingly strong. And our elected officials have become puppets of the "1%". At the state level the common people still have some influence on elected officials, but it's easy for the "1%" to manipulate almost anyone they want to. And greed is a strong motivator for people to run for office, when they think they can benefit financially. Besides that, we can imagine that organized criminals can easily make very effective anonymous threats to anyone in office or running for office.

We have to be realistic about such influences in order to have the possibility to attain the liberty that we all deserve. We have to devise ways to clean up the system and keep it clean. If we give office holders and other public employees voluntary polygraph tests once a year, we can help do that.
Title: Re: Better Government
Post by: Jerry B on December 26, 2015, 10:38:24 am
Polygraph tests are generally about 70% accurate. Results depend not only on the ability of the actual physical apparatus to detect physiological symptoms of anxiety or stress (which does not necessarily detect deception, however), but the results also depend on the subjective analysis of those administering the test, many of whom are biased to begin with.

That said, there is nothing wrong with requiring candidates for government power grabs to take such polygraph tests, and also to submit to as many invasive other tests as possible, such as drug tests and breathalyzer tests (which are also inaccurate and subject to false positives). i.e. make it as undesirable as possible for anyone to want to hold any government job with power over others.

"If we give office holders and other public employees voluntary polygraph tests once a year, we can help do that."

If we're talking about government employees, why not make it mandatory?

"We have to devise ways to clean up the system and keep it clean."

If the system involves some people having power and authority over other people, against their will and consent, then the only way to clean it up is to abolish it.
Title: Re: Better Government
Post by: Luck on December 26, 2015, 08:18:54 pm
Thanks for your info.

I don't know if your figures on polygraphs are more accurate than mine. I read in recent months that polygraphs have improved a lot since the 20th century, so that they're now 98% accurate, I think including detecting deception. There are always mediocre, careless people in most fields and there are always a few who are careful, thorough and sensible. It seems plausible that the diligent ones could achieve such high accuracy. Anyway, it's refreshing to hear that you like the idea of requesting candidates take polygraph tests while in office.

I don't see any sense in abolishing self-government. It's the only type of cooperation that seems likely to allow us to protect ourselves from tyrants and other real criminals. If we keep authoritarians out of office, we should have the kind of self-government that will not revert to crime and tyranny. I'm fine with mandating polygraph testing for government employees, but we need to get anti-authoritraians elected to office first, it seems.

Title: Re: Better Government
Post by: Luck on January 11, 2016, 11:08:30 am
Liberal Comments
Here are comments from a liberal friend and my replies.

1- Make all local Residents co-owners of local government property, tax-free.
b) Luck: In some areas, such as NH, local residents are probably ready to try this. How can I contact that economist? Oh, I see she died in 2012.

2- Deputize all local residents who have committed no major crimes.
b) Luck: Volunteer deputees would not have unusual responsibilities. They would not be required to arrest anyone. They would be told only to inform the Sheriff or PD of major crimes of theft, assault, murder etc in which someone harms someone. Theft of keepsakes and other hard-to-replace items should be considered as doing harm. Squatters don't have a right to other people's property, except for land not being used and not being readied for use. Right?

3- Do not prosecute "illegal" drug users; just prosecute violent people; and promote recovery programs for addicts.
b) Luck: Yes, theft is "violence" or "harm" especially when a stolen item is valued and hard or impossible to replace.

4- Protect Residents from corrupt government by not permitting state or federal officers from prosecuting local residents for:
--- 1. tax "evasion";
--- 2. driving without license or insurance;
--- 3. "illegal" drug use;
--- 4. other victimless "crimes".
b) Luck: #1 should be replaced with fees on FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) corporations. Taxes are theft, but fees for government services are appropriate. #2, Driver licenses are only appropriate when drivers use roads for profit, by transporting people or goods for fees. Insurance should be voluntary, as in NH. #3, Drug use by minors should be prohibited, but not by adults. #4, A victimless crime isn't vague. It means a crime that has no victims. If we don't harm anyone, there should be no crime. If we harm ourselves as adults, that's our right, but if we make ourselves unable to care for our dependents, then we should lose custody of them.

5- Local government help local Residents buy goods wholesale to increase their buying power.
b) Luck: You're free to call charity socialism, if you like, but this isn't outside the Constitution. The Preamble to the Constitution mentions promoting the General Welfare. Self-government means we can decide for ourselves what our Constitution says. The goods I'm thinking of here are organic foods, herbs, construction supplies, building maintenance supplies, gardening and farming supplies, educational and entertainment and hobby supplies etc.

6- Have a health department to promote good health to residents and to counter false health propaganda.
b) Luck: Currently, the main problem is that big corporations have gained control of drug and vaccine making and health science and advertising, and they profit when public health worsens. So the profit motive is all screwed up in this case.

7- Try etc to end taxation.
b) Luck: It's just for reference for finding local CAFR info and how to use it to end taxation.

8- Try Michael Hudson's Economics, minimum wage job guarantee, etc, to prevent poverty.
b) Luck: I don't know, but it should help prevent poverty.

9- Promote Savory's Anti-desertification, Organic Farming, permaculture, etc, to improve the land for present and future generations.
b) Luck: Probably.

10- Request candidates for public office take polygraph tests to confirm that they are not crooks and will not seek profit from office beyond what the average citizen receives.
b) Luck: Those may be worth doing, but they could be done along with polygraphs. There are probably ways with polygraphs etc to detect lies even by people who have little or no conscience, or who have great emotional control.
Title: Re: Better Government (Ending Taxation)
Post by: Luck on February 09, 2016, 01:25:50 am
End Taxation

What is proposed here ... is to totally eliminate all taxation at every level of government in the entire United States. That is correct - no city, county or state sales taxes, property taxes, fuel (gasoline) taxes - that is NO TAXES of any nature whatever!!

In order to have a free flowing economy, a readily accessible money system must be utilized, people who borrow money expect to pay interest. Interest is the only voluntary source of revenue that anyone has been able to devise. Is it not, therefore, most reasonable that the interest voluntarily paid on such borrowed money should go to the Federal Treasury, to fund the Peoples government?? And it is most imperative that we do not allow the U.S. Congress or the President to have control over, or access to, the People's central bank!!

Local Banks vs Taxes
Ellen Brown says any state or local government can create and own a bank:
See also
Then we can have our local governments get revenues for providing government services from interest on loans from the government bank, instead of from taxes. Same applies to states and ultimately to the federal government.
Title: Re: Better Government
Post by: Luck on March 18, 2016, 05:14:34 pm
Drug Abuse
Video on How to End Drug Abuse and Other Addictions, Like Portugal Is Doing
- The video explains that people turn to addictions only when they don't have satisfying relationships in their lives. So drugs need to be decriminalized and government money (not obtained by taxes) that is spent on treatment centers and jail should be spent on helping addicts get good jobs etc.
- Deaths from drug abuse and suicide have been going way up in the last 15 years or more years. Conventional treatments etc are obviously not working, except for profiting the drug and treatment industries.
Title: How Gen X,Y,Z Can Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on March 25, 2016, 04:42:08 pm
Student Strategy
Start with Gen Z, those still in school, i.e. grade school and high school.



[easier said than done]







[Yeah, but the authoritarians can give uncooperative students dangerous drugs to make them compliant.]





PS, Do First Amendment Rights Apply to Students in School?
In this interview, conducted by guest blogger Alex Walker, the founder of Free Student Press, David Krane, explains that student free speech is legally protected by the first amendment, but students must fight for that protection. School officials typically do everything they can to prevent students from knowing about and exercising their constitutional rights.

Video: Dr. Peter Gray Interview on Unschooling
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z, Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on April 07, 2016, 08:48:19 am
Government Crime Watch, Mediation, & End Compulsory Schooling
In the Opening Post, I added 3c, 3d and 7 to the list of ways to improve the system.

3c is Government Crime Watch, putting security cameras on all public officials, including judges, cops, prison guards, inmates etc. I heard Mike Gill's video yesterday in which he described some terrible abuses in the Rockingham County jail late last month of himself and several young inmates. The abuse included poisoning of himself and beating or raping of one or more teenage boys and abuse to some teenage girls as well and the guards just laughed about it all. They intentionally put teens in cells with brutal criminal prisoners. All that kind of crap needs to be videoed so it will end.

3d is Mediation. The courts need to be cleaned up and mediation should be used instead of court in most cases. I heard that Mike Gill uses the courts to sue his former employees, but he should use mediation instead of courts, especially when the courts are so corrupt, which he admits himself.

I'll post a directory of NH Mediators below, along with info on when and when not to use mediation.

7 is End Compulsory Schooling. I talked about that in my previous post above. Students need to be encouraged and assisted to resist coercion in school. They need the freedom to decide for themselves what they want to learn. Much of what is taught in school is false propaganda. See for example the book, written by a teacher, called Lies My Teacher Told Me. Compulsory schooling allows authoritarians to brainwash students to become part of the authoritarian system. We need to join and support the Unschooling Movement, which Dr. Peter Gray and many others are getting organized.

See and for Communities
U.S. Mediators Directory:

NH Area Mediators

Concord, NH 03301

Lauren Adams, Melinda Gehris or Carol Hess, Esq.
Concord, NH 03301
603 225-0477

Anthony F Matrumalo, C.F.M.
Derry, NH 03038

Lisa McNally (Corbin-Walker)
Dover, NH 03820

Roger Beaudoin
Goffstown, NH 03045

Tamblyn Fuller Gosling
Goffstown, NH 03045

Susan Schweizer
Grantham, NH 03753

(603) 772-4711

Xiorli Bernazzani
Nashua, NH 03060

Joseph M Annutto
Nashua, NH 03060

Robin K Dite
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Harriet Fishman
Portsmouth, NH 03824

Honey Hastings
Temple, NH 03084

Frank Fallon
local state-wide locations

Meredith Richardson, Esq.
Kittery, ME 03904

Laurie Levin
Norwich, VT 05055

American College of Civil Trial Mediators
Orlando, FL 32801

National Association for Community Mediation
Mesa, AZ 85206
(602) 633-4213

CADRE: National Ctr on Dispute Res. in Special Education
Eugene, OR 97405-0906
541 686 5060

Los Angeles, CA 90403

An article on Mediation says these are cases where Mediation works best.
- Parties have conflicting views of the facts or law;
- A party needs to express strong emotions;
- A party craves the opportunity to be heard directly by the opposing party;
- Parties are not skillful negotiators and need the process structure and negotiation expertise provided by a mediator;
- A conflict exists between a party and his or her attorney.
- The emotions of the parties are intense and are preventing a settlement;
- Communication between the parties is poor in either quantity or quality and they cannot change the situation on their own;
- Misperceptions or stereotypes are hindering productive exchanges;
- Repetitive negative behaviors are creating barriers to settlement;
- Disagreements over data hinder its collection and evaluation;
- Multiple issues in the dispute keep the parties from agreeing about the order and combination in which the issues should be resolved;
- The parties perceive their interests as incompatible;
- The parties have no negotiating procedure, they are using the wrong procedure, or they are not using a procedure skillfully;
- The parties have no acceptable forum for the negotiation;
- The parties are having difficulty starting the negotiations; or
- The parties have reached impasse in the unfacilitated negotiation process.
- There's need to protect in a confidential process reputations, good will, trade secrets, or a good name;
- Parties seek to avoid the emotionally and psychologically exhausting process of litigation;
- They seek to avoid the distraction – especially in a business setting – of ongoing litigation;
- They seek to avoid the expense of litigation;
- They need a much quicker resolution of the dispute;
- They cannot accurately predict the outcome at trial;
- They desire to maintain control over the dispute resolution process design or the outcome;
- They need more than an award of damages or an injunction;
- They seek some sort of compromise solution rather than a win-lose outcome;
- They desire to maintain control over the outcome;
- They seek to avoid the decisions of a biased adjudicative neutral [judge];
- They cannot afford the expense of skillful and higher-paid lawyers, expert witnesses, or other representatives in litigation.

For further info, such as when to use the courts instead, see
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z, Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on April 07, 2016, 11:06:45 am
(Cont. re Government Crime Watch, Mediation, & End Compulsory Schooling from previous post.)


Colin Rule, a mediator concerned about Peace and Justice, has a website, On the website his article ended with this interesting vision of the near future.

I can easily envision a world a decade out where we reserve face-to-face interaction only for our most intimate friends and family members. The bulk of our professional and public lives will take place online. The idea of driving down to the doctor’s office or to the courthouse will seem as antiquated as getting your water from a well. Along with electricity and water, access to the internet will be a new utility – a new human right, even. Our identities will be seamlessly online and offline, and navigating from one to the other will be entirely normal. Boring, even. The next generation will take HD videoconferencing for granted in much the way we take telephones for granted. I can also envision a world where our social technology is designed in a way that builds human empathy, identifies and resolves conflict early and effectively, and introduces an era of greater peace, justice, and happiness. It will take a lot of work to get there, and there will be a lot of bumps in the road, but I can see it plain as day. That’s my hope for the future of mediation.
Title: Change the Damn System - States Can End Homelessness
Post by: Luck on April 15, 2016, 06:38:20 pm
The Amazingly Simple and Cost-Effective Way to End Homelessness — for Good
Wake Up World 13th April 2016 By Carolanne Wright
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World
- Rene works for a program called Housing First. It has decreased the number of homeless by an extraordinary 72% — mainly by providing permanent free housing. Critics bemoan the expense, but once the numbers were thoroughly crunched, it was discovered the program actually costs the state far less than if people were left on the street.

See more at

Other interesting articles at Wakeup World:

Failing Economies Take Note: Iceland’s Silent Revolution May Hold the Solution to Financial Woes

Unconditional Basic Income – an Economic Model for a New Renaissance

Breaking the Spell of Our Cultural Imprisonment

First U.S. City Produces More Electricity Than It Uses — With 100% Renewable Technology

SABENE HUSSAIN on Don’t Trash That Plastic Bottle, Convert It Into Fuel Instead

Politicians in California May Soon be Forced to Wear Corporate Sponsor Patches Like Nascar Drivers

Top 10 Indications That ISIS is a US/Israeli Creation

The Real Terrorists: The 1%

Mind Control, Subliminal Messages and the Brainwashing of America
“Is the purpose of the TV ad to make you an informed consumer?” asks Noam Chomsky. “The purpose of the ad is to delude and deceive you with imagery so you’ll be uninformed and make an irrational choice.”
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z, Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on April 20, 2016, 12:08:23 pm
(NOTE: I just added interesting article links in the previous post that you may like to check out.)

Join together and Walk Out of the System: They're doing it in Boston
12 min. Video:

Most of our big systems—education, healthcare, government, business—are failing our communities. What if we stopped trying to fix them? Deborah Frieze says it’s not possible to change big systems—we can only abandon them and start over or offer hospice to what’s dying. This talk explores the underlying beliefs in our culture that continue to prop up the global mindset and shares a radical theory of change that reveals how localism is the hope of the future—and you have a critical role to play.

Deborah Frieze is an author, entrepreneur and activist committed to strengthening local economies. Her award-winning book, co-authored with Margaret Wheatley, ‘Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now,’ profiles pioneering leaders who walked out of organizations failing to contribute to the common good—and walked on to build resilient communities. She is a founding partner of the Boston Impact Initiative and founder of the Old Oak Dojo, an urban learning center in Jamaica Plain where neighbors gather to rediscover how to create healthy and resilient communities.
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z, Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on May 01, 2016, 01:34:34 pm
Marijuana legalization could combat America's opioid epidemic
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z, Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on May 08, 2016, 07:52:14 am
I'm adding two ideas to the Opening Post for reducing local government corruption.

3d- Develop Proper Science. Develop proper scientific method to prevent corruption in science and use clean science findings to promote liberty for all and end government corruption.

3e- Reform the Ruling Class. Use progressive teaching & parenting methods to reform the ruling class to reduce fears of poverty, reduce class pride and increase caring and cooperation.

Proper science is the best way known for determining truth; however, science has never been properly developed to free it from authoritarian and other irrational influences.

Supernanny-type parenting methods should be promoted to the ruling class, because that class is obviously the primary impediment to liberty, due to its ownership and control of the major media and the textbooks and manuals of the education system.
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z, Change the Damn System
Post by: Luck on May 26, 2016, 02:29:47 pm
FT: Ideal Principles:
- It's the responsibility of all morally mature people to collaborate to do all they can to make the world a better place for everyone and all living things.
- All people are created equal and are endowed by our creator with certain un/in-alienable rights.
- Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
- Parents and guardians are responsible for keeping their families healthy and teaching children language, writing, math, fun cooperation, survival and responsibility asap.
- Besides basic needs, children and adults need affection, freedom, excitement and cooperation.
- Health needs are: fresh air, pure water, sunshine, exercise, organic food, low carbs, high fats, moderate protein, organic supplements.
- Cooperation requires near unanimous rule.
- Abuse, whatever causes someone physical or emotional harm, must be minimized.
- Security personnel need polygraph and sound psychological testing and clique
prevention. Nearly unanimous consent and deputizing of volunteer, non-felon citizens are also important.
- Required town jobs are:
. town board, security, court, fire safety, emergency service, banking
. food production, health care, dependent care, parents, guardians
. blueprint making, construction, mechanics, computer work, textile work
. science, invention, philosophy

Town Legalized Civil Disobedience
Faced With a Fracking Giant, This Small Town Just Legalized Civil Disobedience: A new first-in-the-nation law will shield residents from arrest as they use direct action to stop fracking-wastewater injection wells.

A tiny community sitting on a 27-square-mile piece of Western Pennsylvania wanted to send a big message to the energy company planning to deposit toxic fracking wastewater under its neighborhoods. And its 700 residents wanted it to be perfectly legal for them to loudly object.
- Grant Township had seen what happens when people nationwide take to the streets to protest bullying corporations: Arrests. Lots of them.
... The town’s new law has yet to be tested in courts, but it’s just the latest legislative move in a three-year battle Grant Township has had with PGE since the energy company first announced its plans to convert a well for fracked wastewater disposal.
- The community enlisted the aid of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), , which helped it to pass an ordinance in 2014 that established a community bill of rights guaranteeing clean air and water and excluding injection wells. PGE sued, and in 2015 a judge ruled that the town couldn’t ban an injection well.
- Next, the community changed its municipality status from a second-class township to a home-rule municipality in the hopes that reinstating the ban against the injection well as a new type of municipality would give it more legal power. Long said home-rule municipalities have a greater say in decisions that are made about their community.
- “The existing system is not providing communities with the legal tools to protect themselves,” said Chad Nicholson, Pennsylvania community organizer with CELDF.
Title: Re: Gen X,Y,Z: 2 Urgent NH Events on Local Self Government Aug 19 & 25
Post by: Luck on June 06, 2016, 10:59:44 am


Government of, by and for all of the people
Mutual Self-Help of, by and for all of the people

We have freedom to define words for our convenience and to most people ideal government means mutual self-help.

Knowledge is consciousness1 and subconscious2 (1. perception, emotion, thought; 2. memory, will, reason)

Caring is the most important aspect of reality and the cause of reality.

Physical reality is virtual reality to our consciousness.
The physical is known only via consciousness. Outside of consciousness, nothing physical is known or knowable.
The spiritual is similar to the physical, but possibly more stable.
The physical is preparation for the spiritual.

As beings of limited consciousness, we do not have total control of ourselves.
We have partial control.

Malevolent or overly selfish beings seek to control others besides themselves. That is moral immaturity. All are morally immature and the nature of the immature is to mature.

Maturation increases caring and happiness.

Reaching our true goals brings us happiness.
Most people don't know their true goals. They're accustomed to letting others or events guide them through life. This leaves them more or less unhappy.

Immorality or moral immaturity means seeking to control others without helping them learn to control their own destinies. Immorality does not lead to true happiness.

Reaching our destination requires that we know what our desired destination is. Most people hop aboard any old vessel that looks good without knowing its destination, or if it has one.
It makes sense to choose a specific destination, which is our true goal, in order to have a realistic pursuit of happiness.

A writing exercise can help us know our true goals.
We write in detail what an ideal routine day, not a vacation day, would involve.
We select the essential elements of our ideal routine day writing and those become our true goals.
We make plans to reach each goal by starting with the goal and deciding what subgoal may be needed to reach the goal, and doing the same for each subgoal, until we come to a subgoal we can do immediately.
Then we start to accomplish each subgoal in reverse order.
When we come to obstacles, we ask others for help to overcome them, or we revise our chain of subgoals.

1. to have a compatible woman companion
2. and to play a major role in the most effective nonprofit organization/s etc for making the world an increasingly better place for all

Besides FSP, I'm looking into , which is Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, because it seems to help local communities defend themselves against big government and big corporations (which own most government).

What other idealistic orgs are there?
Title: Re: 2 Urgent NH Events on Local Self Government Aug 18 & 25 (Gen XYZ)
Post by: Luck on August 14, 2016, 01:42:56 pm
(1845/Aug 6, 9:47:59pm -1915-1992 views)

Two Important Liberty Events for Local Self-Government #1. Aug 18 Plymouth and #2. Aug 25 Concord.

#1. AUGUST 18) Pease Library in Plymouth, NH


    Thursday, August 18, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

    Pease Public Library – 1 Russell Street, Plymouth, NH 03264

Free parking available.

#2. AUGUST 25) Red River Theatres in Concord, NH


    Thursday, August 25 at 6:00 PM (EDT)

    Red River Theatres Inc – 11 S Main St # L1, Concord, NH 03301

Free parking at the Capitol Commons Parking Garage
Title: Re: Thursday Aug 18 Plymouth, NH on Local Self Government (Gen XYZ)
Post by: Luck on August 17, 2016, 09:24:45 pm
Please read the latter part of the previous post, which shows that liberals are already working effectively to draft legislation that forcefully acknowledges the right of all local communities to self-government, that outweighs other laws of states and national governments, except for civil rights.

If at all possible, attend the event tomorrow (Thursday 6pm) in Plymouth, or the one next week in Concord. Locations are shown above.

I will post further info here about what CELDF has been doing in NH and a few other states to promote meaningful local self-government. I'll post some ordinances and charters that they have helped communities draft and pass into law, which have been effective in ending abuses by large corporations. Some of the language is very libertarian and should serve as templates for Free Towns and for New Hampshire as a Free State. CELDF is already thinking ahead and thinking holistically. They have a feasible plan for changing the state constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution. They have also helped another country adopt similar language in their constitution, i.e. Ecuador.

CELDF seems a bit extremist about the "rights" of the ecosystem, although perhaps not too extremist, and they seem a little naive about "democracy" and majority rule. Republics are more viable than democracies. I would urge them to favor supermajority rule, rather than simple majority rule. I would say simple majority rule is 50+% rule, while supermajority rule would be at least 75+% rule, where there is a simple majority plus a majority of the remaining minority. This would help reduce hasty and unwise legislating and help prevent majorities from abusing minorities.

Title: Re: URGENT: Aug 25 (Thur 6pm) Concord, NH on Local Self Government (Gen XYZ)
Post by: trevorparscal on August 20, 2016, 10:46:38 pm
FYI, there's a Garry Johnson rally  in Concord on the courthouse steps at 6:30 on August 25th

- Trevor
Title: Re: URGENT: Aug 25 (Thur 6pm) Concord, NH on Local Self Government (Gen XYZ)
Post by: Luck on August 21, 2016, 07:29:39 am

URGENT: Aug 25 (Thur 6pm) Concord, NH on Local Self Government [Free States, Free Towns, etc.]


    Thursday, August 25 at 6:00 PM (EDT)

    Red River Theatres Inc – 11 S Main St # L1, Concord, NH 03301

Free parking at the Capitol Commons Parking Garage


About the Events

New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) is hosting a sneak preview of We the People 2.0 – The Second American Revolution.

The documentary, presented by Tree Media and the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), tells the story of people across the U.S. who have faced decades of environmental assaults – such as fracking and sludging of farmland – and what they are doing about it. These communities, like a growing number of communities in New Hampshire, recognize ecosystems at home and around the globe are collapsing under inherently unsustainable laws and governing structures – what many have called a “corporate state”.

Projects such as Northern Pass, industrial wind projects, sludging, corporate water withdrawals, and fracked gas infrastructure threaten Granite State communities. The film shares how people here, and abroad, are working with CELDF and organizing to stop these assaults in their own communities through rights-based laws, which ban the harms as a violation of rights.

New Hampshire communities are joining together to lay the foundation for the sustainable future they envision. Through the power of the vote, we want to codify our right of local community self-government through a proposed Community Rights amendment to the state constitution. Further, we are joining together across states to advance democratic and environmental rights, building the next people’s movement through Community Rights.


About New Hampshire Community Rights Network

Since 2006, CELDF has been assisting the people of New Hampshire to build a grassroots movement advancing community rights and protecting themselves from corporate water withdrawals, unsustainable energy development, and gas pipelines. Through codifying community rights and banning harmful activities as violations of those rights, these Towns are elevating the rights of communities and nature above the claimed “rights” of corporations.

CELDF supported the founding of the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) by Granite Staters in 2013, to educate residents and elected officials in New Hampshire about the right of local community self-government. Residents gathered from across the state to seat the Board of Directors in Barnstead, NH – where the Community Rights people’s movement began. In 2006 at Town Meeting, Barnstead enacted a first-in-the-nation rights-based local law, prohibiting water extractions by asserting the rights of residents to water and to local self-government, and rejecting the corporate claimed right to take community water.

NHCRN has grown to include more than fifteen NH communities who understand that, as important as it is to change law locally, those changes must be driven to the state level. NHCRN members are calling for state level change, such that every community is freed from the oppression of assumed corporate “rights,” as well as from state, federal, or international preemptions carried out on behalf of corporations. Such preemptions unjustly override local authority and deny people’s fundamental rights.

The state is charged with protecting citizen’s rights – the most fundamental of all being a self-governing people, and the right to change government – particularly noted in the New Hampshire State Constitution, Part First, Bill of Rights, Article 10, the Right of Revolution –

Government being instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the private interest or emolument of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government. The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

To remedy the present illegitimate use of government to deny community rights, CELDF has partnered with NHCRN to draft the NH Community Rights Amendment HCACR 14, adding Article 40, Right of Local Community Self-Government to the New Hampshire State Constitution’s Bill of Rights. NHCRN proposed the amendment to legislators. Representative Susan Emerson of Rindge sponsored the amendment, which has gained bi-partisan support from both the House and Senate.

If the measure is approved by the legislature and adopted by New Hampshire voters, the New Hampshire state constitution will specifically recognize the right of communities to ban unsustainable development, and put in place stronger environmental protections than in state and federal law.
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Post by: Luck on September 18, 2016, 09:19:00 pm
Why we must amend the NH Constitution
(See whole article at:)

As we can see, there should be no shyness about the right and authority of the people of New Hampshire to change their constitution and style of government when the living generation finds that old ways and new wrongs have the effect of depriving them of their unalienable rights and their ability to govern their own communities.

Systemic errors in our current state and national governments result in violations of the right of local community self-government. It is beyond argument that these violations are real, constant, and have gone without remedy by elected representatives and the court system of the state. It has been left to the people to take corrective action, by demanding constitutional change that will guarantee in specific, unassailable terms that it is the people who govern, that they have the authority, power and right to enact and enforce laws in their own communities that prevent the state from empowering corporations to violate community rights under color of state law.

In the name of the people, the state creates corporations by issuing charters. Corporations are therefore creatures of the state, and governable in their existence and in their actions by the people. But a long train of abuses and usurpations, in which courts and legislatures have elevated corporate power over general community rights suggests an unspoken plan to reduce our democratic rights to proportions manageable by a corporate minority. It is, as our state constitution enumerates, "the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government. The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind."

The peaceful remedy for these wrongs is for our state legislature to support the New Hampshire Community Rights Amendment and allow the people of the state to decide whether or not to adopt it as part of our constitution. This amendment has been drafted and proposed by the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN). Contact NHCRN at

Michelle Sanborn is the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN)coordinator. She lives in Alexandria.
Title: Re: Prep to Amend NH Constitution (Gen XYZ)
Post by: Luck on September 24, 2016, 12:16:14 pm
(See Why We Must Change the NH Constitution in previous recent post)

Local Self-Government:
Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 1
Community Rights educator Paul Cienfuegos explains how "We The People" are exercising the authority to govern ourselves and dismantle corporate rule. When small farmers in rural Pennsylvania wanted to say "no" to a corporate factory farm coming into their community, they learned they couldn't, because it would violate the corporation's "rights" and state pre-emption laws. So they did something technically illegal - their town passed an innovative ordinance banning corporate factory farming. It worked! The corporation left town. Pittsburgh upshifted the approach: Rather than define what we don't want, define what we DO want. Their "Right to Water" stopped natural gas fracking in the city. Ordinances like this have been passed in over 150 communities in 9 states. Tune in to learn how this works. Episode 258. [,, YouTube channel "Community Rights TV" and ]

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 2
- "I'm not aware of any other social movement going on in the US today that has the power to challenge and win against corporate rule, push back and dismantle corporate rights, and enshrine rights for actual human beings," asserts Community Rights educator and organizer Paul Cienfuegos.
- Local Community Rights ordinances are not only stripping "rights" from corporations, but asserting that nature has rights. Two Oregon counties have submitted a "Right to Local Food Systems" ordinance which forbids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and protects heritage seeds. Even more, it asserts the right to fully-functioning natural communities, even requiring a corporation to restore whatever it has disrupted.
- Are these ordinances being challenged? Yes they are, but Paul explains how corporation leaders who want to sue are forced to do so on the community's terms - a brilliant strategy. Episode 259. [,, YouTube channel "Community Rights TV",]
- Peak Moment TV exists because of viewers like you. Subscribe to news and donate at , right side. Thanks for being in the Peak Moment community.

The Right of Local Self-Government: This is What Democracy (Actually) Looks Like
- The colonists struggle with British rule illustrates how community self- government took shape as the foundation of the American system of constitutional law.
- [Error:] We believe that if a local community majority cannot exercise its authority to protect its own health and welfare, then we cannot honestly claim that we live in a democratic society [Error: We live in a Republic, not a Democracy; majorities have no more right to rule than minorities; Supermajority Rule is best for all].

Home Rule Charters as Models of Enshrining Community Rights into Local Law-Making

The Cancer Industrial Complex & the Profitable Misery It Causes – Here’s What We Must Do (Part 6 of 6)

The Supreme Court: Acting as our King & Inventing corporate "rights" (Part 6)

Why do We the People allow corporate crime to be regulated instead of being outlawed?

'Demand Progress' falls short in its defense of Net Neutrality

Labor Must Challenge Corporate Rule

State Preemption vs the Right of Local Governments to Protect Our Health & Welfare: Colorado Makes History

Why is Corporate Destruction of Our Planet Fully Protected Under Law, While Our Opposition is Either Ineffective or Illegal?

Imagining a MASSIVE Shift of Activism from National to Local

Taking OUR Local Mass Media Back From Large Corporations
[M]ost Americans, regardless of their political party, age, gender, or location, are extremely concerned about the corporatization of our society and its media, and are capable of working together - across ideological boundaries - to insist that our local mainstream media in every American community become responsive to the people of that place, or be replaced by a locally controlled institution better suited to meet their needs.

Imagining a City Where Renters & Property Owners Enjoy Fully Equal Rights Under Law

Reclaiming Our Historic Authority: How "We the People" Once Defined and Controlled Corporations…

Paradigm Shift: Challenging Corporate Authority 2000

An Interview with Don Wedll about Native American Lawmaking

An Interview with Winona LaDuke about Real Native Sovereignty

Imagining What We Might Achieve if Conservation groups & Labor unions & ...

Let’s Start Thinking About "Law" in a Whole New Way in historical Indigenous societies, laws that were unjust or illegitimate were not even considered law at all

Tired of fake organic food and phony eco-forestry lumber? Get ready for marijuana – brought to you by Monsanto Corporation!

A Community Bill of Rights TEMPLATE for Portland, Oregon

The Community Rights Movement and the Arc of Nonviolent Social Change

Organizers Training for the Community Rights Movement

The Mondragon Cooperative Experience: A Model for Richmond, California?

Monroe, Maine rejects corporate personhood on June 14th at its annual Town Meeting

(Model) Resolution to Free Democracy from Corporate Control

A Core List of Books for Dismantling Corporate Rule

The day some Seattle teachers said "NO" to standardized tests
The teachers at Garfield High School in Seattle continue to refuse to administer an absolutely ridiculous test to their students. The story about the teachers' unanimous decision has spread like wildfire to other schools across the country. In New York, 150 school principals co-signed a letter saying they are in full agreement. The Student Union's of many cities are organizing walk-outs on tests. The Garfield teachers cannot afford to lose this high-stakes battle for the future of public education. Shall we have corporate-run charter schools? Or can we somehow manage to reverse this ugly trend? Here's a very impressive 21-minute documentary to watch and share widely: And then ask yourself: can we afford to continue to resist one corporate/state assault on our public education system after another, or is it perhaps time for us to draft, city by town, a legally-binding locally-enforceable Community Bill of Rights that frees our public schools from ALL corporate influence, and puts ALL key decision-making back in the hands of the parents, teachers, students, and local government? No, this is not a pipe dream. The Community Rights PDX group has drafted just such a plank as part of our Community Bill of Rights template.
These Seattle Teachers Boycotted Standardized Testing—and Sparked a Nationwide Movement

Earth At Risk part 4 - Thomas Linzey of the CELDF Explains why the constitution is for Rich People

CELDF Community Rights Primer

Legal Community Rights To Stop Corporate Exploitation
1:04:xx States can expand on the Bill of Rights. CELDF promotes similar local expansion and drafts wording of ordinances to prevent challenges from corporations, the state and the federal government. CELDF countersues corporations for seeking to deny a community self-government. Communities are forming Community Rights Networks. A 7 State network is seeking just change at the federal level.
Title: Re: Change the Damn System (Gen XYZ)
Post by: Luck on November 14, 2016, 11:45:43 am
(Previous post explains that NH should change its constitution. Support Community Rights.)

Waterville Residents Ban Pipelines and Compressor Stations through Adopting Community Bill of Rights

November 8, 2016

Tish O’Dell, Ohio Community Organizer

WATERVILLE, OH: Today the voters in Waterville overwhelmingly approved the Waterville Community Bill of Rights Charter Amendment by a vote of 60% to 40%. Waterville joins a growing number of communities throughout Ohio and the U.S. that are codifying their right to clean air, water, local democratic decision-making, and sustainability. The City’s Charter Amendment prohibits the Nexus pipeline and a proposed compressor station as violations of these rights.

Both projects threaten residents and local ecosystems. The pipeline risks leaks and explosions, and the compressor station would cause harm through polluting emissions and noise.

Residents sought a remedy to stop these threats through their local elected officials, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Ohio EPA. Finding none, they requested the support of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) to help protect themselves.

As residents came together to safeguard their own health, safety, and welfare, opposition from the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development groups came out in force. Some were from outside the City. Residents were undaunted and understood no one else was going to protect them.

According to Cheryl Bourland, a member of the community group Protecting Air Waterville (PAW), “Once we heard the facts at an Ohio EPA Air Permit hearing about the chemicals that would be released annually into the air we breathe, we knew we had to stop this. What we were shocked to learn was that all levels of government told us we didn’t have the right to stop the pipeline. We disagree. That is why we advanced our Community Bill of Rights. A pipeline company’s profits should never be considered above the health and safety of the people in a community.”

Kelly Jacobs, a mother and member of PAW, stated, “I was astounded when I heard our Community Bill of Rights referred to as ‘unconstitutional.’  I was taught that in a democracy the power came from the people and that we do have the right to pass laws.  Complacency will not facilitate change. I wanted to show my children that we have a voice.  Sometimes you have to be the match that starts fire – perhaps Standing Rock is just the beginning.”

Ohio Communities Not Alone

Ohio residents are advancing Community Rights as part of the broader Community Rights Movement building across the United States. Local communities and state Community Rights Networks are partnering with CELDF to advance fundamental democratic and environmental rights. They are working with CELDF to establish Community Rights and the Rights of Nature in law, and prohibit extraction, fracking, factory farming, water privatization, and other industrial activities as violations of those rights. Communities are joining together within and across states, working with CELDF to advance systemic change – recognizing our existing system of law and governance as inherently undemocratic and unsustainable.

Additional Information

For additional information on Waterville, contact CELDF at To learn about the Ohio Community Rights Network, visit To learn about the Community Rights Movement, visit

About CELDF — Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit, public interest law firm providing free and affordable legal services to communities facing threats to their local environment, local agriculture, local economy, and quality of life. Its mission is to build sustainable communities by assisting people to assert their right to local self-government and the rights of nature.

© 2016
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Post by: Luck on November 14, 2016, 11:56:23 am
(See Ohio town Community Rights success in previous post.)

Highland Township PA Bans Injection Wells, Rebukes Corporate Rule

Nov 8, 2016
Voters make history, adopting Home Rule Charter despite industry allies’ threats and intimidation

Chad Nicholson

Highland Township, Elk County, PA:  Tonight, voters in Highland Township (pop. 500) approved a historic measure, adopting a rights-based Home Rule Charter by a vote of 55% to 45%. The Charter – akin to a local constitution – prohibits frack wastewater injection wells, ensures fair taxation, and allows Township residents to democratically enact laws through an initiative process if the Township Supervisors fail to adequately represent the people.

Residents have been fighting to protect themselves from a frack wastewater injection well proposed by Seneca Resources since 2012. Seneca has a long history of permit violations, and injection wells have been linked to earthquakes and water contamination. Residents requested help from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). In 2013, the Township adopted a Community Bill of Rights ordinance banning injections wells.

The battle since then has been complex. Earlier this year, under pressure from Seneca, Township Supervisors repealed the Community Bill of Rights ordinance. Anticipating that their Supervisors would cave, residents sought other ways to expand local control, resulting in their adoption of the Home Rule Charter tonight. The Charter was written by the elected Government Study Commission (GSC), with CELDF’s assistance, over the summer. The people’s decisive vote to adopt their Charter is the latest volley in this epic fight between a community and a massive gas corporation, and is a direct rebuke to local elected officials who have refused to serve and protect the community.

GSC Chairman John Guras said, “The Government Study Commission has worked tirelessly to draft a new Charter that would serve our residents. We attempted to include as many voices as possible in the Charter’s drafting, and with tonight’s vote, our work has paid off.”

Township resident Marsha Buhl stated, “It’s been a difficult few years for our Township, as we’ve been fighting to keep our water safe and to have our rights protected. Tonight’s vote represents a great new chapter for our community, and will ensure that it’s the people who live here, not a gas corporation, who make the decisions for our community’s future.”

Pennsylvania Communities Part of Growing Movement
For additional information, contact at To learn about the Pennsylvania  Community Rights Network, visit . To learn about the Community Rights Movement, visit .

About CELDF — Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit, public interest law firm providing free and affordable legal services to communities facing threats to their local environment, local agriculture, local economy, and quality of life. Its mission is to build sustainable communities by assisting people to assert their right to local self-government and the rights of nature.
Title: Somaliland a Great Role Model (Gen XYZ)
Post by: Luck on November 24, 2016, 01:15:08 pm
(See also previous two posts on Local Governments Rejecting Corporate Rule)

In Somaliland, less money has brought more democracy: Unable to access foreign aid, Somaliland's government has had to negotiate with citizens and business leaders for financial support – and provide stability and democracy in return
Title: Message to Trump & America (Gen XYZ: Change System)
Post by: Luck on December 25, 2016, 03:52:02 pm
Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump
Title: Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
Post by: Luck on January 12, 2017, 10:08:35 pm
(UPDATE: See last link below for more good info.)

« Reply #27 on: January 08, 2017, 10:44:25 pm »


This next video interview is from April 2015 and seems to have good ideas on how to end corruption.

Interview 1024 – Tjeerd Andringa Exposes the Kakistocracy

The Permission Society: How the Ruling Class Turns Our Freedoms into Privileges and What We Can Do About It

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Post by: Luck on January 16, 2017, 07:34:10 pm
(Something to add to the above intelligence report)

Utilizing The Blockchain & Smart Contract Technologies To Create a Decentralized Government

Blockchain Voting & The Future Of Democracy

Cryptocurrencies – Financial Systems With The Highest Cybersecurity Standards On The Planet

Ecosystem and Residents File Motion to Intervene In Federal Lawsuit Claiming a Corporate “Right” to Inject Frack Wastewater in PA Township

Matters of State Concern: The Tyranny of Preemption

From Standing Rock to Million Women March and Beyond…if There is One

How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System. Awesome plan circumvents dirty politicians using bi-partisan, citizen-driven ballot initiatives
Title: Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
Post by: Luck on January 25, 2017, 08:08:51 pm


(See also the previous recent posts with important links.)

[Very Important] Beyond Banksters is an eye-opening exposé of a ravenous financial system

[Ditto Important] Infrastructure Build-Up Using Sovereign Money

Here are the last 3 paragraphs of the review. The whole review is well worth reading. We need inspiration like this to help us put an end to globalist greed and genocide.

When the banks in Iceland collapsed and its economy went belly up in October 2008, “the Icelanders were in no mood to take a post-meltdown prescription from the same sources that had sickened them in the first place,” Geoff Olson of Common Grounds reported. “They nationalized one bank, put three others into receivership, and instituted capital controls.” Over the next seven years, they put 26 banksters behind bars, serving terms of two to five years, for crimes including market manipulation, embezzlement, and breach of fiduciary duties.”

Icelanders took to the streets in 2008, banging pots and pans, chanting “Bailouts no! Jail-ins yes!” They refused to pay for the crimes and corruption of the bankers through tax increases and social program cuts. Instead, they insisted on the arrest and prosecution of dozens of bankers responsible for the financial collapse, forced their entire government to resign, and created a citizens’ committee tasked with writing a new constitution protecting the country from corporate greed — all the while actually expanding their social safety services.

This is what should have happened in Canada and every other country devastated by voracious and irresponsible international banks and investment companies. One of the reasons it didn’t, apart from civil passivity, is that the story of the Icelanders’ revolt against their financial overlords went virtually unreported in the mainstream media. Most people outside Iceland didn’t get to learn about it, except through the social media.
Title: Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
Post by: Luck on January 28, 2017, 10:30:18 pm


A brief excerpt:
The Electoral Reform Act of 2017 is a must:
“My personal feeling is that if Trump does not pass an Electoral Reform Act in the next 90 days, he will not finish his term. He will leave. The Electoral Reform Act does a number of things but one of the most important things is that it free the members from the bribery and blackmail that is pervasive in U.S. politics. I think Trump has the capacity to free the members from their dependency on foreign money, particularly Saudi Arabian, Israeli and Wall Street money. It destroy’s the 2-party tyranny. I have tried for over 3 years to get the mainstream media to cover Electoral Reform. They won’t touch it.”

A Top Thinker Says: All Anti-globalist Ideologies Should Unite in a De Facto Sense
Title: Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
Post by: Luck on February 09, 2017, 10:20:55 pm


Reform the Money System
The super-rich are able to obtain vast assets from nothing.
Nationalizing the Federal Reserve: All of the people should be owners of it and should receive equal shares of the interest from loans. Anyone can start a bank, so I think local towns and counties should start their own banks, making all of the local citizens owners to share in the earnings.
Title: Re: Intelligence Report on Ending Corruption (Gen XYZ: Change System)
Post by: Luck on March 05, 2017, 08:31:21 pm


How America Was Being SYSTEMATICALLY Overthrown In 12 Steps
Title: Re: Gen XYZ: Change the System with COMMUNITY RIGHTS
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Recently, New Hampshire Representative Ellen Read sponsored CACR19, a state constitutional amendment that guarantees local communities the right to make the decisions affecting the places where they live – including recognizing Community Rights over corporate claimed “rights.” The New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) and local residents drafted the measure with support from CELDF. Several co-sponsors have signed on, creating a bi-partisan coalition.

It sounds simple enough: the right to local community self-government. But it has many New Hampshire legislators in a tizzy. One of them says that the people do not, and should not, govern themselves. Check out one resident’s powerful exchange with a legislator here, in response to a Letter-to-the-Editor supporting the amendment.

A New Hampshire Resident & a Legislator Exchange Words on Community Rights
Nov 20, 2017

(Does it sound like freedom when we can’t say no to corporate projects depleting our aquifers, drilling through our estuaries, poisoning our water?)

NOV 14, Representative Brian Stone opposed the amendment with obfuscation about home rule.

NOV 16, Monica Christofili replied as follows.

Representative Stone, your comments show thoughtful mindfulness of our NH Constitution and your constituents’ freedoms. However, the proposed State Amendment is not about home rule. (The editors used “home rule” in the title, not the letter writers.) Instead, the amendment is about recognizing, securing, & protecting NH citizens’ right to self-government. In other words, it’s about community rights affirmed in our Declaration of Independence & NH’s Constitution. Namely, Part 1, Art. 1 of NH’s Constitution declares that government of right originates from the people and is founded in consent. Art. 2 declares we have natural, essential, and inherent rights.

This said, you’re correct. NH state law determines what happens in our communities. Yet this often means the state denies communities the authority to protect themselves. Therein, Art. 10 of NH’s Constitution declares that when government no longer protects its people, the people have a right and a duty to reform the old or establish new government: “The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.”

In other words, the amendment is about inalienable rights, about town residents determining whether projects benefiting the state “over-all” will affect the health, safety, & welfare of themselves and nature. How do we figure this “over-all” sum to begin with? Consider an energy project that brings jobs but also threatens residents and ecosystem. The project is no longer benefiting the state over-all because it creates a sacrifice zone of a town’s residents and ecosystems. Is this town worth less than the state as a whole? How do we justify that viewpoint to town inhabitants when they cannot say no to a project hurting them? You mention that community rights supporters who want to say no to such projects are usually from liberal towns that want to limit rights of citizens. You might be interested in this study about the community rights movement transcending political party, age, and gender:

You also state, “More laws, regulations, ordinances. Does this sound like freedom to anyone?” But does it sound like freedom when we can’t say no to corporate projects depleting our aquifers, drilling through our estuaries, poisoning our water? It doesn’t to me, my husband, or to our 5 year old son, who asks us if his friends who were poisoned with contaminated water at Pease AFB are going to die and if the contamination is in our water supply. We don’t know how to answer him since Pease contamination has reached the Great Bay Estuary, right next to our water supply. We’d like to be able to say to our son that if a project ever comes near us that the state is allowing, even though it is going to poison our water, we’ll be able to exercise our freedom to say no to the project and yes to his inalienable right to clean water.

[ is assisting communities in states like New Hampshire to protect themselves from unwanted corporate projects. From fracking and pipelines to corporate water withdrawals and sewage sludging, we’re grassroots organizing, educating, and providing legal support to advance and protect rights.]
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Highest Priority Research Project on THREATS TO CIVILIZATION

I'm looking into starting a CNPS special project on LTG/AGW to help determine what truly are the main threats to civilization and what promising solutions there may be (like FSP/FTP?).

I've almost always been antiwar. I voted for Buchanan in 2000, Kerry in 2004 (but preferred Kucinich), Obama in 2008, Ron Paul in 2012 and Trump in 2016. Trump seems like a relief so far, but I'm afraid he's really a Zionist and is just playing us. He seems to be itching to destroy Syria and maybe Yemen and Iran. I've had suspicions about Q-anon, but the claims of being ready to drain the swamp have been encouraging, but Trump's pretense now that Assad may have actually stupidly gassed his own people, makes me more certain than ever that he's truly a jackass Zionist traitor. I don't think I'll pay any attention to Q any more. I want to spend my time usefully. The following seem to be accurate helpful political info.


Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Robert David Steele: New Age Scam Artists | Lift the Veil #QAnon

Kushner Foundation Gives $342K to Chabad sect — Still Surprised About Jared and Ivanka’s Synagogue?

Chabad sect advises mind above heart: "understanding is the mother of fear and love for God". [Fear likely meant awe.]

Chabad is the largest and most widespread Jewish movement in the world today. The goal of the Chabad movement is to raise awareness that the coming of the Messiah is imminent.

18 December 2017. Rabbi Lazar was Putin's handler since Putin's initial swift rise to power. Chabad-Lubavitch put the globalist End Times Script right on their website. Putin will play Moshiach ben Yosef, who will be killed in this battle of Gog and Magog [& resurrected?]. Under The Cabalist plan to fulfill the messianic prophecies, ordinary Jews will be slaughtered when Putin turns the UN against Israel in 2025, leaving it “desolate.” They’ll get a preview of what’s coming when Gog/Magog leads them to the precipice of destruction and Putin temporarily saves them. They have just a little over 7 years to live [or move?].

Jared Kushner Belongs To Rothschild’s Doomsday Cult

The Jewish Cult Behind Illuminati/NWO

Not your average Q Anon thread: Psy-ops, Zionists, Aliens

Q Anon may be run by artificial intelligence, like Cambridge Analytica
Title: Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): RELIGION: Chabad Globalism
Post by: Luck on June 03, 2018, 12:06:03 pm

Dominant Jewish Globalist Religion

(Also see previous post above.)

_Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times
_Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch
_End Times Show
_COMMENTARY: Trump and Putin – Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch
_Vladimir Putin: The Chabad Lubavitch mobster who would be the globalist Messiah
_Israel First! Trump is a Zionist Puppet (self.conspiracy)
With all the nonsense about Russian hacking and Trump being a Russian spy everyone overlooked who is really pulling this guy's strings. Some people assumed his Israeli ass kissing was a campaign ploy but the news is now in.
_Trump May Cut Funding to UN If It Recognizes Palestinian State
_Trump's Embassy Move to Jerusalem 'Self-destructive'
_Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. ‘Black Site’ Prisons
_This clown [Trump] is Israel's bitch. We may as well have Netanyahu in the oval office. God help us all. -EricCarver
_The lifting the ban on black site prisons was debunked. I have no idea why he is moving the embassy. - DrDuplicitous
_Trump controlled by Israel's Mossad - DrDuplicitous
_Gay pedophile Roy Cohn, as it turns out, Cohn was a close friend, advisor, and mentor to Donald Trump. Well documented.
_Why Donald Trump Is a Zionist Chump
_Donald Trump is the frontman for the Israeli Michael Dezertzov (left) and his son Gil (right). Why is Trump working with Israelis and what does that say about his ability to speak freely about what happened on 9-11?
_How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes


_Critique Islam - Love Muslims
_Islam, the Quran and Muhammad were made up over a 200 year period.
_Christianity is more credible, but the Trinity is misunderstood and Hell is not eternal etc. It boils down to the NAP, or non-aggression principle, plus love and help everyone. Jesus is our example. (See )
Title: Re: Future School (Gen XYZ): HEALTH: Herbs vs Meds
Post by: Luck on June 16, 2018, 11:12:41 pm


Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs
_Myth: Many of those who precribe herbs are not medical doctors and do not know how the herbs can affect the body.
_JS: ROTFLMAO!!!! [That's a Big Joke.] Most doctors don't have a clue how the drugs they prescribe affect the body!!!! I could give you all sorts of examples such as the ER doctor that ordered a potassium IV on a patient with hyperkalemia (excessive potassium). Or the idiot doctor that prescribed a sleeping pill for a friend of mine. He hallucinated on the pill, a well known side effect of these drugs. So he was given a different type of sleeping pill and again he hallucinated. Yet the doctor did not know that one these drugs cause hallucinations, and tow that even the drug companies admit these drugs do not work. Since the fool did not know that a common side effect of these drugs was hallucinations the doctor instead determined that my friend had developed Alzheimer's over night, which by the way anyone knowing medicine would know is impossible. Now that he is off the drugs he is fine. My grandfather was killed by the repetitive use of the blood thinner heparin because the moronic doctors did not know that repetitive heparin therapy causes blood clots (white thrombus syndrome). They also don't seem to be aware of the facts that the osteoporosis bisphonate drugs actually increase the risk of fractures and can also cause a permanent burning pain. Or that the statin drugs used to treat high cholesterol actually cause heart failure. Or that antidepressants can cause suicidal depression, which I have also seen cases of personally in several adults. They only admit to this side effect in children and adolescents. Or that Coumadin (Warfarin) frequently prescribed to prevent strokes actually causes strokes. … I can go on all day long with examples of this. Doctors learn how to cover up symptoms by prescribing drugs. Most of their knowledge of these drugs comes from the sales reps who are not going to emphasize the failures or dangers of these drugs.

_Myth: One major problem is that herbs have not been studied properly and have been tested to assess the effects and/or problems they may cause. unfortunately we are the guinea pigs.
_JS: This is another very persistent MYTH I frequently hear. If we change the word "herbs" to "pharmaceutical drugs" then you will be spot on. Do you know how badly manipulated the studies of pharmaceutical drugs are? As an example it was reported in JAMA by several doctors that the drug companies were testing chemotherapy drugs for effectiveness. If a person died or did not respond though the person was dropped from the final results so the drug would appear to be effective. This is actually a common practice for all drugs. As an example of this though NOVA did a program on the development of the angiogenesis inhibitor Endostatin. They followed two men undergoing the drug trial for their cancers. The first man died during the trial so you know he was dropped from the study results. And this is evidenced by the second man who at the end of the program we were told was dropped from the study because "his tumor grew beyond the parameters of the study". In other words the drug failed to even slow the growth so they dropped him from the study before he died from the tumor. Again this kind of manipulation is VERY COMMON in drug testing. Misinterpretation of finding is another common manipulation tactic to make dangerous and worthless drugs appear safe and effective. Again the bisphonate drugs are a great example. To make the drugs appear effective the drug companies only tested bone density in on one part of the body. Anyone knowing how bones develop would know exactly why this is manipulative. But the bottom line is that th drug companies told the public that the drugs worked because of increased bone hardness. Problem is that hardness and strength are two separate issues, which is why the bisphonate drugs have been found to increase the risk of bone fracturing. To make matters worse they don't tell the public that it can take up to 10 years to get these drugs back out of the body. This is why they now have the monthly pill or the yearly shot. They did not tweak the drug to make its effects last longer, it has always been the same dangerous drug.
_Another big problem with drug studies is that the drug companies test the drugs on animals other than humans. You will notice that sometimes they use a particular species or sex of rat, or a pig, monkey, dog......... What they are doing it choosing the animal that is most likely to respond positively to their drug. This is because different animals will respond differently to drugs. Humans can eat chocolate and grapes, but these can kill a dog. Sheep can tolerate arsenic levels that would kill a human. Humans take aspirin all the time, but it can kill a cat..............
_Most of our knowledge of herbs though has come from non-manipulated human use. For example Chinese medicine is the oldest medical system in the world. All herbs were tested on thousands of prisoners prior to giving anything to the Emperor. Since there was no financial incentive behind the testing as there is with pharmaceuticals the testing was not manipulated or misinterpreted to make the drugs appear effective. The same applies to the use of herbs by the Native Americans, South American tribes, in Ayurvedic medicine, etc. So our knowledge of herbs comes from real life HUMAN experience, not manipulated and misinterpreted animal testing commonly used to make pharmaceutical drugs appear safe and effective.

_AA: Most natural specialists are doubting that the ashwagandha caused my thyrotoxicosis. Hell, it says that it caused thyrotoxicosis in lab rats.
_JS: We are not rats. See above.

_AA: And the report of it happening with a Dutch woman is all over the internet.
_JS: One case? And it is assumed that the ashwagandha was responsible? Do you even have a clue how often herbs are blamed for things that they are not really to blame for? Ephedra was blamed for over 40 deaths when there was really only one and that was an overdose. All the other deaths were from PHARMACEUTICAL ephedrine HCl. Chaparral was blamed for 13 isolated cases of hepatitis. But the public was not told that out of those 13 cases that most had pre-existing liver failure and the others were on pharmaceutical drugs known to cause liver damage. Then there is the case of the lady named Rosemary who they claim developed argyria from using colloidal silver. The fact is that she was using a pharmaceutical silver salt nose spray, which is way different than colloidal silver. This is a great example of how the Internet can be a great research tool but it is also full of misinformation, especially when it comes to herbs and supplements.

_Myth: No one really knows how many herbs work in the first place, so to say that ashwagandha does not cause thyrotoxicosis is contradicting empirical evidence.
_JS: Again so much more is known about the chemistry and effects of herbs than pharmaceutical drugs. And to make matters worse, even drugs known not to work are still left on the market. As an example in 1969 the FDA was Court ordered to remove 710 drugs from the market that were found to be too dangerous for human use or that just did not work. The FDA found a loophole and left all 710 drugs on the market. One of those drugs was dextromethorphan (DM) used in many cough medicines, which was found to be no more effective than placebo. About 10 years ago another study was reported in the J. of Pediatrics, which also found the drug to be worthless. Yet the drug still remains on the market with full FDA approval despite the fact that it does not work, but it does have adverse effects. And as I pointed out earlier, the pharmaceutical companies claims that their sleep aids Ambien and Lunesta do not work. Yet they still remain on the market causing dangerous side effects. Again when money is behind the findings manipulation and misinterpretation will abound to try and make pharmaceutical drugs appear safe and effective and herbs and supplements dangerous.
_As another example there was a pharmaceutical company here in the US that use a advertise heavily that their drug was found to reduce the risk of a second heart attack by 50%. The commercials were finally pulled, likely because the claims were fraudulent. It was exposed that what the pharmaceutical company had tested the drug on 100 people. Then they took 6 of the 100 and found that 3 of these 6 had not had a second heart attack within that short time frame and thus claimed a reduction of second heart attacks by 50%. Again fraud is massively rampant in the pharmaceutical industry because money and greed lead to manipulation and misinterpretation for the purpose of misleading the public.
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Public-Private Partnerships & Local Sovereignty

These partnerships tend to be bad for the people. Likewise for corporations. They benefit special interests, but not the general public. On Feb 15, 2018 it occurred to me that public-private partnerships could be used by local governments to benefit the local people, instead of special interests. Nearly all governments in the U.S. are corporations in the first place. And these partnerships can make it possible for local governments to pass ordinances that benefit the public by doing the kinds of things suggested in the OP, i.e. opening post. More is described in the following links.

Links to FSP Forum posts on Local Sovereignty

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Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule ETC

Local Self-Government Success in Ohio

Success in Pennsylvania

Success in Barrington, NH

Declarations of Independence and Community Rights


Historic Vote on Community Rights State Constitutional Amendment in NH

Local Sovereignty Efforts

CELDF Democracy School Curriculum for Local Sovereignty

Floating Islands
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Local sovereignty: how to get it back (Restoring America One County at a Time)

American Vision
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Mathis found that Lincoln's assassination was faked in order to get sympathy for a new president, as Lincoln was on his deathbed anyway and likely died naturally a few weeks to months later. See

At the end of that paper Mathis added the following comments about how such fraud, as well as vote fraud etc, could have been prevented by better wording in the Constitution. Following are Mathis' comments.

For some this essay has likely been overly long already, but for those whose eyes are still in their
heads, I have a few more comments. I will remove the investigator's cap and change my tone a bit for
this. I still won't act the historian, since I was never interested in straight reportage. I will put on the
cap of the philosopher or legislator. After discovering what I have discovered, it occurred to me that I
wasn't feeling the disgust I might be expected to feel from this whole charade. In fact, I found I was
more offended by the vote stealing in the election of 1864—what with the requirement of oaths and so
on—than I was by the faked assassination. With the faked murder, I felt I could understand the need
for it, due to circumstances. It was a magnificent fraud assuredly, and I would never defend fraud.
And yet, I could see so clearly why and how it happened, that I was tempted to pass part of the blame
to the framers of the Constitution, who—through sheer negligence, one supposes—allowed it to occur.
It was a disaster waiting to happen, and in fact this wasn't the only time it happened. As we have seen
above, the vague wording of Article 1 set this whole thing up. So let us study the problem and the
It appears the authors of the Constitution didn't wish to allow a President to resign due to ill health or
other reasons. They appeared to have assumed—for reasons that aren't really clear—that no President
would simply wish to quit. They wrote Article 1 assuming ill health would either lead to a cure or to
death, and they included language to cover both possibilities. But they didn't foresee a third possibility:
lingering ill health that would not lead to death, but that would lead to the permanent inability to
govern. They also didn't foresee that even ill health lingering for a short time could cause a crisis in
times of emergency, since an Acting President would not have the authority of a full President.
And they clearly didn't foresee how loopholes in the rules of Article 1 would lead to exploitation of
those loopholes, which is precisely what happened in 1865. It appears they didn't want a President just
passing the ball to the Vice-President for no reason, since that would have allowed a candidate to get
into office on false pretenses, by a sort of Cyrano gambit. But the only thing they did to prevent that
was make it impossible for a President to just retire (without scandal). Under the current language and
customs, any retirement not due to ill health would be seen as scandalous, and would negatively affect
the Vice-President as he became the President. We saw that with Ford, as he succeeded Nixon.
Therefore, to successfully run a Cyrano gambit (pretending you are running one candidate while really
running the other), they have to fake the death of the President. That allows the new President to
govern with augmented authority, rather than diminished authority. That is what we just saw in the
above analysis.
Now, the Constitution is a wonderful document in many ways, but in other ways it is a terrible
document. Its vagueness on many issues is sold to us as a strength, but in most cases it is nothing but a
weakness. The Constitution is mainly a piece of legislation, and vagueness in legislation is never a
plus. The brevity of the Constitution is admirable, but it could be almost as brief and ten times as
powerful, with the right wording.
The authors of the Constitution did not take full account of human nature, by which any loophole is
sure to be exploited. Admitting that, vague language should be avoided at all cost, and any loophole
discovered later should be immediately filled. This has simply not happened. The loopholes have been
exploited with ever more fantastic gambits.
To prevent this Cyrano gambit, you could do one of two things. Most instances would be stopped by
adding a clause to the effect that any President who dies or quits for any reason not due to scandal in
the first year of office will NOT be succeeded by the Vice-President. The Vice-President will become
Acting President only while a special election is called. This special election must be called
immediately, and in fact no one has to call it. As soon as the President dies or resigns, the election is
understood to be called already, by the Constitution itself. The actual voting should take place within
six weeks; in times of war, three weeks. All instances of the gambit could be prevented by extending
the clause over all four years, instead of just the first year.
If I have still missed something, what I missed should also be filled with precise language.
I will be told that these quick special elections don't allow time for the public to learn about candidates,
but that argument is mostly a diversion. The public now has two years of campaigning to endure, and
at the end learns almost nothing of value. If campaigns were honest, you could learn everything you
needed to know about candidates in a matter of weeks. In dishonest campaigns, you will be prevented
from learning anything to the point regardless. Short campaigns therefore limit the amount of possible
propaganda, and are to be preferred for that alone.
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(Continued from previous post)

Amendment XXV was added to the Constitution in 1967 to clarify Article 1, but it fails to do so. It
clarifies a couple of minor issues, but does nothing to close the big loopholes. There are easy solutions
to most Constitutional problems, but no one seems interesting in discovering them and implementing
them. The Constitution is normally seen as either sacrosanct or as just “a goddamn piece of paper.” It
is neither. Any loopholes discovered should be immediately and completely filled, lest fraud ultimately
run rampant—as it has.
Another problem is that the Constitution rarely sets penalties. This again encourages fraud. To see
what I mean, let us look at the problem of vote fraud, of which we saw such heinous examples in the
1864 election. The only penalty for stealing the states of Tennessee and Louisiana was forfeiture of
those States in the Congressional vote count. That penalty is not commensurate with the crime. Notice
that Congress didn't even award the votes from those States to McClellan, which was a logical first
step. But the penalties should have been far steeper than that. Fraud on that scale undercuts the entire
democratic process, and completely short-circuits the representative government. Therefore it might be
argued it is a form of treason. If the Constitution defined vote fraud as treason, the seriousness of the
crime would be set, and all penalties up to and including death would be in play.4
 If that sounds harsh
to you, there are other solutions, just as logical, that do not include death or even jail terms. In my
opinion, the best solution in that case would have been to specify forfeiture of the entire election, and a
permanent ban from seeking public office at any level. This severe penalty would be reserved, of
course, for only the most serious and widespread vote fraud.
In the most serious cases like this, not only should the candidate be punished, his entire staff should be
as well. All the top positions in the campaign staff should also be banned from ever taking part in an
election, down to the local level. As I said, if we want to address fraud, there are ways to do it, but the
crime has to be taken seriously. If it isn't, we just encourage ever increasing amounts of fraud.
The companies that bankroll elections should also be brought into the penalties, and those penalties
should be specified in writing and updated to address current needs. For example, in the recent
Propositions concerning genetically modified foods, several indications of vote manipulation were
found, as well as campaign fraud. Monsanto and many other major companies were implicated. None
of those indications of fraud were properly investigated, but even if they had been, the current penalties
are only fines, which these companies simply write off as a business expense. We don't need bigger
fines, we need to include any company guilty of vote fraud in the penalty box. Any company involved
in vote or campaign fraud should be permanently banned from lobbying, campaign financing, or
campaign advertising. Any effort to undermine that ban—by channeling money through dummy
companies, for instance—should be met with even stiffer penalties, up to and including liquidation of
the company and seizing of all assets. I think you will admit that would put an end to the corruption we
now see.
If these sorts of penalties and methods were specified in the Constitution or adjoining documents,
Congress could be immediately re-empowered. For example, rather than giving the Justice Department
the option of investigating vote and campaign fraud, the Constitution could require it to do so, with
specified penalties for not doing so. In that case, both Congress and the Supreme Court could be
empowered to step in, applying these penalties against the Justice Department on a Constitutional basis.
Failure to investigate could be defined as obstruction of justice, and officials could be removed and
permanently banned from public office on that basis.
In the current system, not only is the regulation woefully inadequate, but the penalties—even when
specified—are not commensurate to the crimes. This is because the criminals are the ones writing the
legislation and doing the regulating. You will say that is just the way things are, but a more precise and
extended Constitution could have prevented the growth of fraud from the beginning. We have seen
that in this case, and it can be discovered in many other major cases throughout American history, all
the way back to the founding.
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The City that Really Did Abolish the Police

That headline refers to Camden, NJ. It sounds promising, but the fact that Obama and the ACLU endorse the changes that Camden made to its police makes me suspicious. (This is a paper that makes me suspicious of the ACLU: ... I'm also suspicious of any big names.) Maybe I'd be suspicious regardless. The city abolished its own police, but then it accepted a county model for its new police dept. This may be a gimmick to get cities to accept county police forces, thus losing authority over their own police. I don't see why the city could not have adopted better policing policies of its own, instead of having to abolish its police dept and accept the county's. Supposedly the police union was preventing that, but I don't know why that would be.

Maybe some of the following articles have better info. I posted them in the FSP Libertarian News thread over the past few weeks, but haven't read most of them yet myself. (I'm a "Progressive or Liberal Libertarian").

Police Unions and the Problem of Police Misconduct

How Adversarial is the Relationship Between African Americans and the Police?

If We Want Better Policing, We Need to Curtail Police Unions

Cops Across US Hiding Badges & Covering IDs — Shielding Them from Accountability for Violence

Should communities defund the police?

What Is The Real Agenda Behind Defunding & Dismantling The Police?

Bill Maher Says Leftists’ ‘Defund The Police’ Movement Will Make Americans Vote For Trump

The Same Dept Who Beat Peaceful Protesters in DC, Executed an Unarmed Accountant on Video

How disbanding police can lead to less crime and less conflict

Your barber has more training than your police force

Police In 20 Largest US Cities Fail To Meet Basic Human Rights Guidelines

In a Major Move, City ENDS Police Traffic Stops, Will Cut the Police Budget in Half

How the U.S. Supreme Court helped create police abuse

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I've already stated what I think would be ideals for local government, but I'll add a few more now, which may include some I stated in the OP.

All local citizens would be unpaid police or deputies.

There would be no jail, except maybe for dangerous persons, as long as they're dangerous.

There would be no court, just arbitration or mediation, which might be free.

There would be no taxation.

All local citizens would share ownership of local government real estate.