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Title: Question For Those Who Value Privacy and Digital Security
Post by: d.j.smith on August 22, 2015, 01:59:41 am
One of the many things I do to earn my daily bread is selling laptops. I'm looking for a way to make my services more valuable, and I'm wondering if my particular expertise in tech security could help me. So, I'm going to explain what I can do, briefly, and hopefully I'll hear some feedback. (This forum seems very inactive lately.)

Over 15 years or so, through a lot of research and a lot of trial-and-error tinkering, I've learned a lot about the internals of the Windows operating sytem, from Windows 98 up through Windows 7. My first efforts were to make Windows run faster and more efficiently; eventually I became very concerned about the security holes and privacy leaks in Windows, and started finding out how to plug those holes. Through a combination of removing unnecessary internal components and changing a lot of deeply-hidden and largely-unknown settings, I've developed my own "version" of Windows that is
1. Faster than normal
2. Less annoying than normal
3. 99.99% virus-proof by default (I haven't used virus protection, nor been infected by any kind of malware, in over 10 years)
4. As protective of my privacy as possible

So my question is, would anyone reading this be interested in such a system? Would you pay slightly more (say, a $20-30 difference) for a laptop with the above-listed benefits?