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Title: Bringing the Permaculture Revolution from MN to NH, & Aquaponics
Post by: JLTW on March 28, 2015, 04:38:59 pm
My goal for NH is to start an aquaponics greenhouse/business. My ability to compete is determined by the fact that aquaponics- the growth of fish and produce in harmony- is the most efficient model of farming in the world. It will save resources (thus being dirt cheap) and have a positive impact on environment. I want to show people by example that economy and environment are not opponents, but compliments.

I currently work for a non-profit aquaponics greenhouse in South Minneapolis, am fixing up a neighborhood farm and am in the process of starting a micro-side business in aquaponics ($200 startup, est. $300/mo profit within 6 months).

The early stages of my NH business will be rented from a building. Aquaponics is typically grown indoors year-round, having the competitive edge of fresh produce in winter. No GMOs needed, wherever you stand on that. It can be adapted to any building, but a clean water source without chemicals like fluoride and chlorine would be the only strong preference.

I will be moving as early as January 2016, but it could be pushed out 6 months to a year. The deciding factor is timing- if NH wants what I have to offer sooner, that would definitely pull me in around January.

I post this to gauge interest and see what barriers/opportunities lie in NH. I have skimmed the surface and found that aquaponics has a small presence in NH, but is far from an industry. I seek to be an innovator there.
Common questions might include: cost of rental spaces, government restrictions and property/rental/business taxes.

Porcs already in NH, how would the community react to me? Can I make a space there? Over time I would definitely find at least one business partner and eventually hire employees.