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Title: Radical "Tax Business": Speculation
Post by: JLTW on March 28, 2015, 04:27:31 pm
You might want to read this on Tor  ;)

I want to start a business but also have the lofty goal of being 100% tax free by my lifetime. So if taxes get in my way too much, this is the business I dream about. Dream with me friends.


Marketed to the public as a Turbo Tax or H&R Block kind of company, we take in ex-IRS agents with extensive tax knowledge and a patriot's hatred of the government. Combining the knowledge and skills of tax preparers and black market encryption, we hide in the shadows offering innocent people a full and just tax refund. All processing is encrypted, for the sake of privacy we only deal in Bitcoin. Payment for the service as part of the tax refund will be accepted- but immediately converted to Bitcoin. If a full refund cannot be achieved, the closest amount possible /will be/, with future opportunities to build for the better.

The future is one of 100% encrypted identities; fake SSN, Bitcoin IDs & fake government IDs, alternative credit building, and sworn secrecy.

We're not here to redesign the iron lung; we're here to cure polio.
We're not coming to build the bike; we're coming to invent flight.
It doesn't end at "impossible" - it begins.

See you in New Hampshire,
- Jack
Title: Re: Radical "Tax Business": Speculation
Post by: TJames on April 14, 2015, 12:47:35 pm
Haven't others here thought of this?
Title: Re: Radical "Tax Business": Speculation
Post by: JLTW on May 03, 2015, 12:41:17 pm
So far when I come up with anything like this, free staters and/or fellow anarchists seem to dislike it. I've gotten negative reactions for being successful at not paying taxes without having to evade them (so posting here would not even remotely criminalize me).
I wonder if people are just mad about being trapped by gov't taxation, and I bring that up or something?

Either way, it hasn't been very... welcomed by the few who have seen it. My hope is that I just talked to maybe 5% of the freestaters and it happened to be the wrong ones.

Also if you know of anyone who has thought of this or is already doing it that would be amazing and I'd definitely support it.
Title: Re: Radical "Tax Business": Speculation
Post by: Liberator37 on September 13, 2016, 09:10:57 am
JLTW, this is a very late reply (because I registered on this Forum only today) but I think your idea is brilliant. A business that legally helps people avoid taxes could be both lucrative and a splendid complement to FSP. I'm surprised that initially, last year, you got a cool reception.

I gave a deal of thought to the concept more than a decade ago, but stopped short of implementing it because I judged that it could not work. That decision has kept me out of the graybar motel ever since. But I never considered some of the ideas in your March 2015 post.

Would you be open to a proposal to meet and discuss this? When registering I checked the box to say it's okay to email me.