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Title: A school in Mancheter NH to check out!
Post by: RosietheRiveter on February 04, 2015, 07:29:02 pm
I visited MC2 Charter School tonight and was very pleased with what I saw. The kids are working at their own pace and on individual projects based on their own ideas and interests! When I asked the students what they loved about the school, one after the other, they said "well, I can do what I want and no one is forcing me to do this or that". Another went on to say "but then when I need a teacher they spend the time with me that I really need!" In addition, the students ages 14 and up are working and doing internships several days a week! For anyone looking for a relaxed Sudbury type model and/or a non-traditional school where your gifted kid can study like heck in-depth all day with no bells clanging anywhere .. this is it!