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Title: Self Employed Inventor in the Redemption Slot Industry looking for guidance
Post by: IamJohnGalt on January 28, 2015, 08:23:27 pm
I have been self employed and an inventor for 20 years at the ripe old age of 39.  Over the last 5 years, I invested every penny I saved to create the most advanced slot machine gaming platform in the world which failed not because I couldn't do it but instead because of governmental intervention and bureaucracy.  I currently manage some of what has become the top 5% income generating State of Wisconsin locations running what NH apparently refers to as Redemption Slot or Redemption Poker Machines.  From what I have found, is that NH allows them in Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) where a location can have like 15 of them with a minimum of 50 other arcade machines and all awards are awarded as gift cards or merchandise with very minimum wagers.  

First, how prevalent are these machines in NH, and is their a sustainable industry in NH for me there?

Second, where in the state are the predominance of these FECs located?

Lastly, I am a new found Ayn Rand "Radical Objectivist", that was looking to create my own Galt's Gultch somewhere in the US where there is just 1 law, "No person can do physical harm to another person", and when I say "create my own Galt's Gultch", I mean I was looking to start a $150m kickstarter campaign to develop a minimum 10,000 acre alternative energy self sufficient private city to escape the corruption of government and it's citizens can be left alone to live in harmony with one another.  In my search for a cooperative state government I found you guys here with the Free State Project...Did I find the right location for people of like mind sets that are "doers" and not just "thinkers"?

If my FSP perceptions are correct and if any of the Founding Members / Advocate Leaders of the FSP wants to contact me by phone to discuss the project I would greatly appreciate it.  A Galt's Gultch can't be created by one man alone but if the FSP has the same intentions then I would rather help improve the wheel instead of starting at square one and trying to invent it alone.

PS - If and when I can make the move, where is the best place to live where the is no such thing as "victimless" crime enforcement that is not as rural as Grafton  :-\ 
      What is it like in a place like Sunapee, NH...saw a nice size condo w/ private golf course and beach on the lake extremely cheap in comparison to Wisconsin!!!
Title: Re: Self Employed Inventor in the Redemption Slot Industry looking for guidance
Post by: IamJohnGalt on January 30, 2015, 02:41:21 pm
No Responses???  So am I to interpret the lack of any replies that the Free State Project is just a pipe dream of thinkers?
Title: Re: Self Employed Inventor in the Redemption Slot Industry looking for guidance
Post by: LakesRegion on January 31, 2015, 01:51:37 am
This forum can be kind of slow at times. My understanding is that most FSP participants have migrated over to the facebook.

I'm not big on NH gambling, so I can only tell you what I know. There is a casino in my area, Belmont specifically. I believe they still have slot machines, but I'm not positive. I think they’ve gotten shut down a couple of times over the years for various reasons. I'd have to say that NH law is generally unfriendly towards gambling, but that does seem to be changing somewhat.

I wish I could tell you more, but I've never paid much attention to NH slots. I'm hoping someone else with more knowledge on the subject chimes in.

Sounds like you've found the right place if you're into Ayn Rand. There are so many Objectivists around here that the Atlas Society moved it's Atlas Summit to NH last year. I guess it did well, because they are going to hold it in NH again this year.

There are a lot of FSP participants that are “doers”, and they've accomplished a lot considering only about 10% of the signers have moved.

I believe there have already been a number of individuals that have made similar proposals of a Galt's Gultch, but I've never seen anything materialize.

It's a great goal, but where is that 150m going to come from? If Galt's Gultch is possible there's no better place than NH. I doubt it could happen anywhere else.
Title: Re: Self Employed Inventor in the Redemption Slot Industry looking for guidance
Post by: IamJohnGalt on January 31, 2015, 11:21:57 am
From the starting research that I have done if you would create a "Objectivist-based Religious" Society and can prove that you can be 100% independent in regards to energy, food, shelter, protection, schooling, etc. and you live on private property without anything but an entrance/exit to state/federal owned land then you annex that property as independent from state and federal government.  Now, those conditions change from state to state, but I guess the easiest way to explain it is it would be like creating a technologically advanced Amish community.  The humor of all my research is that the funding of the society (for protection services only) could be done by leasing the land to the member that builds their houses on as condos...wait, that's right, NH is already doing close to that by only charging persons property taxes (Corporate tax is another story).  In regards, to raising the 150m capital, believe it or not, many people would fund say $1000 to be fed day to day updates on a peaceful withdraw from the United States, and there are also some very brilliant and extremely wealthy people that have only fled the United States and spent millions of dollars to do so to escape the taxation and tyranny of our communistic government.  The ability to come back and live free is worth millions to them to reserve the plot of land.  For instance, there is a flood gate opening for the 1%-ers from all over the world over the age of 45 to retire in belize due to a tax free import exemption.  My only concern with NH as that Galt's Gultch location is the same as Wisconsin...the growing season!!!  That is were states like Texas or Oklahoma works a little better.  In regards, to existing laws to accomplish the task, you NH'ites are definitely the closest to doing it with ease! 

BTW - Thank you for the response LakesRegion...I was starting to wonder if anyone was active on here. 
Title: Re: Self Employed Inventor in the Redemption Slot Industry looking for guidance
Post by: TJames on February 07, 2015, 02:09:07 pm
A few people are collecting land and giving other free staters room to stay. This is giving us a better ability to get things done and make connections.