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Title: Looking for a licensed electrician to work under for an apprenticeship
Post by: Futurehold on July 15, 2014, 11:02:31 pm
I've come to find that in order to start an electrician apprenticeship program on time, I will have to move a lot sooner than I thought I would be. Is there anybody who is, works for, or knows of an licensed electrician I could speak to? I need to be working under a licensed electrician in order to enroll in an apprenticeship program so that I may take classes and progress in my education and training.

I want to move to New Hampshire, but I need to be able to start my life from the get-go as soon as I arrive. Otherwise, I might have to delay my move. I don't wish to be stuck here in Illinois any longer than I have to.

Thank you.

-Timothy Evans