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Title: New Hampshire & FSP-Related News (See FSP/Libertarian News)
Post by: Luck on March 24, 2014, 10:26:52 am

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Some NH News Sources

Actions Toward Holistic Prosperity

FSP: Free State Project
1. Free Staters move to NH and elect Free Staters to public office
2. Promote FSP locally and worldwide
3. Meet with local Free Staters formally and informally
4. Start intentional communities or housing for Free Staters
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Title: Re: "Legal" Child Abuse in the Great Corrupt State of Massachusetts
Post by: Luck on June 18, 2014, 10:05:17 pm
My dinner with the family of Justina Pelletier, By Dr. Keith Ablow a psychiatrist

[Image] Before DCF kidnapped Justina skates
[Image] After months of DCF abuse Justina is in a wheelchair and still not home

Warning! Don't drive through Massachusetts if you think your children might need medical help. The truth is you may not be safe anywhere.

Judge Joseph Johnston Rules Justina Pelletier to Remain in State’s Custody. Why does the state think it has more rights to your children than you do?

"Judge Johnston is assuring that the mistreatment and abuse of Justina will continue,” said the family’s spokesman Rev. Patrick Mahoney.

Keith Mason, president of Personhood USA, which is also a part of the Free Justina coalition, said with each delay it seems like Justina is “being treated worse than a piece of property.”

"A child’s health and welfare are hanging in the balance. We cannot continue to withhold treatment from this young girl,” said Mat Staver, attorney and founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

What will you do if this happens to your family?

    The above is as of March 25, 2014
    If parents treated Justina like Massachusetts DCF [treats her] they would be put in jail. Instead of deciding custody last Monday Judge Joseph Johnston put his decision off until Friday, then put it off again until the following Monday, and now he will fax it to her lawyers before the end of Tuesday delaying his custody ruling of Justina until then. Note: no new evidence has come over the last 9 days. This Judge Joseph Johnston is just taking his own sweet time to make the ruling. “It is an outrage that Judge Johnston continues this nightmare for the Pelletier family and Justina. By delaying his decision, he disregards the emotional toll upon Justina and her family,” the family’s spokesman Rev. Patrick Mahoney.
"In all my years in practice, I have never seen a more outrageous overreach by a state agency. Judge Johnston should return Justina to her family that loves her. Prayer is urgently needed!" [Action is needed.]
    Misinformation and apathy seen in other news sources misreporting the Justina Pelletier story, like this one from Charlie Butts that is full of incorrect information; the comments show even more ignorance, demonstrating the very root of the problem which is the Modern American attitude. Read more at: Misinformation and apathy.
    Massachusetts lawmakers are getting involved in the Justina Pelletier case [  ] and have begun circulating a resolution asking the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to initiate the process of releasing the teenager to her parents. "Removing a child from her family is reserved for only the most egregious circumstances where evidence of malicious intent, negligence or the blatant inability to care for the child is present." - State Rep. Marc Lombard said in a press release. The truth is hundreds of families are torn apart on a regular bases by children services. They did not get national attention. They were financially destroyed and emotionally devastated often with no happy outcome...The truth is children services with the bias aid of children's or family courts, overzealous psych evaluations, the deft ears of the media have had far to much power for years and power corrupts. This has been going on for decades because of the apathy of the people and their churches who have failed to do what Christ said, attend to the "weightier matters". We should not think this is over, this is not an aberration but all to common.
    A judge ruled Monday that Lou Pelletier's daughter, 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, will be placed into foster care. “We’re fighting corruption. We’re fighting evil,” Lou Pelletier told Lis Klimas, adding that the case is a “national outrage.” 2014-2-24
    New website being constructed with Petition
    Justina's father could be held in contempt of court now that DCF has filed against him.

Story Exposed
Lou Pelletier talks to Glenn about the contempt of court charges and what comes next for his family Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 at 11:54 AM EST
"Despite the fact that the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) filed for Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who is being held against her parents’ will, to be held in contempt of court, Lou joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss what comes next in the fight to save his daughter’s life." Read more:

Justina's Medical Kidnapping ~ Part 1 - 13 min
Justina's Medical Kidnapping ~ Part 2 - 12 min
Free Justina Pelletier Program - 51 min

This story is really about the people in society that think they are good because they go to Church, synagogues and mosques etc.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on December 23, 2015, 03:58:58 pm
NH Corruption
The people who are selling heroin to your children are the same people building your treatment center with Alex Walker on board and all the hospitals that are controlled by these corrupt politicians and law firms. Why don't we investigate it? It seems that people have known the truth for 20 years! Many politicians know this truth. They are killing your children and profiting by the process from beginning to end. Mike Gill, let's make it clear who called you cowards!

Family Court Corruption
The family court is the heart of the beast. It's the cash cow. It's also where their the most at risk. Why because there's more of you. You just might find courage if it was to save your children. You see the truth, so I'm asking the question the corrupt are wondering. Do you have that courage?

Addressing Concerns About My "Shit Heads" Signs
I understand that some of you are upset at my using the word shit heads on my signs. I want you to know first, I am extraordinarily sensitive to your children, what I am doing is for them, not you.  From all I can see is you are all cowards.  You question the word shit head and not extortion by a senator of your state.  Shaheen and the criminal cover-up of your other senator Ayotte with a Ponzi scheme.  So I am telling you I can say this because it is true.  Yet your issue is with the word shit heads. Wake up, what kind of future do you want for your children.  The law firms in this state control the courts and the politicians. They are controlled by their own self interests.  Ayotte represents McLane law firm and Shaheen owns her own.  The Attorney General in this state has been run by McLane for 30 years.  I have proven the corruption with hard evidence. It is only through your own fear that you refuse to see it. I will continue to fight for all of those children that have been abused by the family court, that have been victimized by the family court. Lives forever altered, I will fight for you.

THE MOLE! State of Corruption NH
Watch the full deposition here:
I have attached a previous post within a brief video snippet of Neal Pike's deposition regarding Chris Driscoll. Don't miss this opportunity! We have caught a mole from Liberty Mutual who is incriminating cases and protecting the corrupt. I am going to ask the Justice Department for immunity for Driscoll, just as I have for Assistant Attorney General Head. Please watch the following snippet, and feel free to watch the entire deposition at the link provided below.

Mike Gill for Governor

New Hampshire Corruption
It's mandatory that you watch this series of videos, "The Trilogy", leading up to the latest release:
The Fix
The evidence, the facts and the knowledge of how it all works, that is what this video brings you today. What this video shows you is the inner workings of your state and that their interests are self-interests and the interests of law firms and insurers throughout this state.  Be clear about this, they do not work for you, they work for wealth and power. I believe this video will answer my question, and the questions of the corrupt and that question is…
     When the people know the truth will they stand up and say enough?
     How many of you will stand up?
     I am asking for your help to get this message out.  I am taking money from no one, but social media is expensive so I am asking you to share this message with your friends and your family.  Our way to victory is to inspire numbers, so I need your help.  SHARE THIS VIDEO!!

New Hampshire Activists (NH Rebellion & others) Lead "Money in Politics" Demonstration Outside Democratic Debate

Nashua, New Hampshire Public Schools Close Monday After Threat
Another great reason to homeschool.

Hilary Cyberstalking Us

NH Rebellion for Election Reform

NH Governor's Lawlessness & Corrupt Courts

New Hampshire Government bureaucrats have deteriorated into non-responsive corruption enablers.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News (NH Corruption)
Post by: Luck on January 01, 2016, 12:59:46 am
[Mike Gill info is in prior post]

Right-to-Know inquiries help uncover corruption in Windsor, NH

This claims that some people in Windsor were getting away with not paying property taxes etc.

I think main residences and about 5 acres per adult resident should be tax-free, but that there should be a fee on additional land and businesses. I make proposals along these lines in the Better Government thread. Libertarians and Agorists should run for office promising to make all unused public land the property of all local residents and made use of by mutual consent. Promise also to provide job guarantees for minimum wage for anyone who wants employment.

Residents of New Hampshire Town Submit Petition to Disband Police Department
After Police Chief John LaRoche was indicted on sexual assault charges, residents of Canterbury, N.H. have submitted a petition calling for the town's police department to be disbanded.
... “It’s probably not within the authority of the selectmen to dissolve the police department – that would be a town meeting thing,” said Board of Selectmen Chairman Bob Steenson, suggesting that the petition tactic may fail in its ultimate goal.

New Hampshire begins issuing medical marijuana cards
Dispensaries won't be open until spring
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News (Mike Gill vs NH Corruption)
Post by: Luck on January 03, 2016, 05:54:57 pm
VIDEO: Don’t Answer Police Questions
January 2, 2016

Merrimack County Sheriffs Visit The Rebel Love Studio: They had a warrant for the arrest of a Porcupine
December 25, 2015

Keene CopBlocker found NOT GUILTY of “Resisting”; Jury Deadlocked on “Disorderly” 6-6, Mistrial Declared
December 17, 2015

Man Receives $150K Bond, Faces 6 Years In Prison for Distributing Jury Nullification Fliers
December 2, 2015

Video of the Cop Block Panel @ Keenevention 2015
November 14, 2015

Law Enforcers CAUGHT Breaking Into a Car
November 13, 2015

Uber Driver Arrested for Felony “Wiretapping”
November 8, 2015

Live Free or Else: Enforcing Freedom In The “Live Free or Die” State
October 31, 2015

A Second New Hampshire Police Chief in Trouble – This Time For Rape
October 23, 2015
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on January 17, 2016, 04:38:09 pm
Corruption Runs in the Family at American Neurorehab Centers

Review of campus sexual misconduct policies in NH finds gaps [from last year]

Keene CopBlock

NH CopBlock


NH, See The Corruption Between Your Lawyer and Your Insurer!

Corrupt Treatment Centers
These monsters will be selling your children heroin, but then as long as your poor addicted child hasn't died from their poison, they will come along to save the day, by providing them treatment at the Treatments Centers THEY own!! ... We are organizing and putting pressure on feds.

Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News (NH Heroin Racket & Other News)
Post by: Luck on January 23, 2016, 11:57:46 am
NH: Worst Heroin Abuse; Auto Dealers Smuggling Heroin
New Hampshire State of Corruption – Radio Broadcast Recording With Host Mike Gill

Hassan Signs Fast-Tracked Opioid Bills Into Law
By Paige Sutherland • Jan 21, 2016
Just two weeks into the new legislative session, Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed into law two bills aimed at tackling the state’s opioid epidemic.
- The fast tracked bills came out of the state’s legislative drug task force that was crafted during last year’s special session. In 2015 more than 400 people died of a drug overdose.

House OKs First Round of Bills to Address N.H.'s Opioid Crisis
By Paige Sutherland • Jan 20, 2016
The bills considered high priority by New Hampshire's legislative drug task force, which is designed to address the state’s opioid crisis, passed the N.H. House with ease Wednesday afternoon. 
- After getting through the Senate last week, these bills will now head to Gov. Maggie Hassan, who will sign them into law Thursday.

Opioid Abuse Takes A Toll On Workers And Their Employers
By Yuki Noguchi • Jan 20, 2016
Three decades ago, the treatment Michele Zumwalt received for severe headaches involved a shot of the opioid Demerol. Very quickly, Zumwalt says, she would get headaches if she didn't get her shot. Then she began having seizures, and her doctor considered stopping the medication.
- "I didn't know I was addicted, but I just knew that it was like you were going to ask me to live in a world without oxygen," she says. "It was that scary."

For Teenagers, Adult-Sized Opioid Addiction Treatment Doesn't Fit
By Heidi Benson • Jan 15, 2016
Addicted to prescription painkillers after a high-school sports injury, Cameron Burke moved on to heroin, which was cheaper and more easily accessible. His parents tried everything, more than once sending him out of state for treatment.
- "It was never enough," Jennifer Weiss-Burke of Albuquerque, N.M., told a local TV reporter last year. "Thirty days here, 30 days there, maybe detox for five days. It was never long-term, and that's what he needed. Recovery from heroin addiction requires long-term treatment."
[So Treatment Center Owners Smuggle Heroin into NH via Car Dealership, Then get plenty customers for treatment. Right?]

N.H. Okays First Grow Site for Medical Marijuana
By Casey McDermott • Jan 14, 2016
One of the companies planning to dispense medical marijuana in New Hampshire is one step closer to offering the substance to patients.
- The Department of Health and Human Services issued a conditional registration certificate to Sanctuary ATC, which plans to open a dispensary in Plymouth, to start growing medical marijuana at a designated cultivation site in Rochester.

The New Hampshire Senate has once again passed a 30-day residency requirement for voting, a measure Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan is likely to veto.
Republican senators backing the bill say it will cut down on voter fraud and ensure people voting in New Hampshire actually live in the state. Democratic opponents, meanwhile, say it will disenfranchise voters [Do they mean voters from Mass.?].

SCOTUS Will Not Weigh In On N.H. Death Row Case
By Emily Corwin • Jan 19, 2016
The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to reconsider the case of New Hampshire’s only person on death row, Michael Addison.

Arrested For NO Reason While Delivering Pizza in Salem, NH

Merrimack County Sheriffs Visit The Rebel Love Studio (Spreading the love of a liberated world.)

A Man Who is The Pillar of [Civil Disobedience] Activism

Last SEC Hearing Scheduled for Northern Pass Plan in Lincoln
By Associated Press • Jan 21, 2016
The last of a group of state public hearings in five counties where the proposed Northern Pass electrical transmission line would cross is scheduled for Thursday night in Lincoln.
- Hartford, Connecticut-based Eversource wants to run a 192-mile transmission line from Pittsburg to Deerfield, carrying 1,090 megawatts of Canadian hydropower to New England. Backers say it will create jobs and lower costs in a region that pays the nation's highest average cost for electricity.
- Opponents have argued it will hurt property values, tourism and the environment.

Bill Would Increase N.H.'s Minimum Wage to $9.50 By 2019
By Michael Brindley • Jan 19, 2016
A proposal to increase New Hampshire’s minimum wage to $9.50 by 2019 goes before a House committee Tuesday.
- The bill would re-establish a state a minimum wage, setting it at $8.25 next year.
- New Hampshire lawmakers repealed the state’s minimum wage in 2011, and the state has since deferred to the federal minimum wage of $7.25.
- That’s the lowest minimum wage in New England.

Students Relive Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speech at Dartmouth
By Emily Corwin • Jan 18, 2016
On Monday, as for the last 16 years, an audio recording of Martin Luther King Jr.’s only speech made at Dartmouth College played in room 105, Dartmouth Hall in Hanover. In this same room, King lectured students and Upper Valley residents in 1962.

Bill Seeks Political Map That Reflects Voters' Wishes, Not 'Partisan Distortions'
By Natasha Haverty • Jan 16, 2016
Every ten years, with new census data, the New Hampshire legislature redraws the political map. It’s the party in power that gets to hold the pen. But Tuesday, a bill was introduced in the House proposing the state set up an independent redistricting commission.

In Hollis, Fiorina Slams Big Government
By Derek Edry • Jan 15, 2016
Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina criticized big government during a meet-and-greet Friday at Hollis Pharmacy.
- Calling out both parties, Fiorina says that while government keeps getting bigger, nothing really changes. 
- "And every election cycle, the people of New Hampshire have candidates come through and make promises about what’s going to be different, and the truth is nothing really is," Fiorina said.
- Fiorina also called Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton two sides of the same coin.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News (Join United We Stand?)
Post by: Luck on February 04, 2016, 07:13:24 pm
I just applied to join Mike Gill's United We Stand effort at

I don't see a website for United We Stand, but he says his people will get back to me by email in my case, apparently.

New Hampshire To Require Id For 1st Time In Primary To Fight Voter Fraud

Secret Government: On Tuesday the N.H. House Judiciary Committee began taking testimony on H.1611, a measure to charge residents an unspecified, up-front "labor fee" when they make public record requests.

Fill out DOJ Complaint Form: We will bring justice back to not only New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but potentially throughout the country.

BLACK GOLD - NH Family Court Corruption steals from parents

Needle Exchange Bill Gets Pushback from N.H. Law Enforcement

Judge Dismisses Case Against Women Who Went Topless at Beach

As income tax season begins, the state is warning residents about an increase in scammers claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service.

Dover May Ban Vaping in Non-Smoking Areas

A judge has denied a request from East Coast fishermen to stop the federal government's plan to hand them the cost of at-sea monitoring.

Foodstuffs: Manchester Food Co-op to Open... in Bedford

N.H.'s Medicaid Expansion: Where It Stands, and Where It Could Be Heading

Manchester Police Chief Brings N.H.'s Heroin Crisis to Washington

N.H. Bill Would Decriminalize Up to Half Ounce of Marijuana

Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News (Join United We Stand?)
Post by: Luck on February 18, 2016, 03:20:18 pm
Corruption in pipeline process

State House Committees Corruption (includes brief discussion with )

Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on March 10, 2016, 12:15:12 pm
Mike Gill says: The US Department of Justice acknowledges and is following up on 74 filed complaints. The corrupt in NH are on the run. See 2 minute video at

SOC Week 10 Video on NH State of Corruption

NH Corrupt Drug War (This is a Court Hearing that's hard to hear.)

NH State of Corruption Week 11

Geraldo Rivera: Heroin epidemic running its way between Sinaloa and New Hampshire

Man Wears “FUCK COPS” Shirt to Trial and is Threatened By Judge

FBI Rounds Up Bundy Family Members and Ranch Supporters from 2014 Standoff (Does that include Rhodes and Mack?)

Cop Block Panel at Keenevention: Teaser & Invite

Cell 411 Presentation: Emergency Response without the State

NH State Police Car Stop, Illegal Search etc

Secret Service & Police vs Keene Cop Blocker

Man Interrogated for Hours in Police Ambush Now Files Lawsuit

Lancaster Votes To Become First Town In The North Country To Go Solar

Facing Felony Charges, Rep. Tasker Resigns for Seeking Sex with Minor

This sounds like a huge joke: Once a Lobbyist, State Banking Nominee Says He's Now Ready to Be a Watchdog

N.H. Supreme Court: Grandparents Have Standing to Seek Visitation

Vermont Fentanyl Overdoses Surged In 2015, Report Shows

How N.H.'s Aging Population Could Force Towns to Explore Consolidating Services

New Hampshire Man Back in Court in 2014 Ranch Standoff Case (My bro found online that the government is said to be confiscating western land that may have valuable mineral rights.)

Rubens says he has never seen such dissatisfaction with the Republican establishment, including Ayotte

In Weekly Republican Address, Ayotte Highlights Opioid Legislation

UNH Will Use $5.3 Million Gift To Start Advanced Manufacturing Center

State Debuts Expanded 'NH Health Cost' Price Transparency Site

N.H. Senate Deadlocks On Repealing Death Penalty

N.H. Officials Monitoring Pediatric Cancer Cluster on Seacoast

Service to Notify Victims About Offenders Via Texts, Emails

Boston's Heroin Users Will Soon Get A Safer Place To Be High

Franklin Mayor: Solar Project Stalled Until Net Metering Cap Raised

New Hampshire National Guard Deploying 93 To Middle East (They hate us for our war crimes.)

AARP: FairPoint Proposal 'Beginning of the End' for Landlines

N.H. Medical Examiner: 420 Drug Deaths in 2015, 3 Confirmed So Far This Year (They ought to count deaths from medications too, which is many thousands.)

Mapping Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in N.H. and Northern New England

Former Deputy Faces Charges for Sexual Assault on Inmates

Supreme Court To Say Goodbye To One Of Its Own (I heard evidence Scalia was murdered for political reasons.)

Edward Snowden Set to Address N.H. Free State Convention

Where Chronic Pain Patients Fit Into The Opioid Crisis

N.H. House Okays Bill Making Federal Real ID Licenses Optional (I heard that Real ID is a major threat to privacy etc.)

If Nashua School's Mock Election Were Real, Trump, Sanders Would Have Won Big
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on March 25, 2016, 03:37:59 pm
New Hampshire House to Consider Codifying Jury Nullification

Could New Hampshire See Marijuana Decriminalized?

Seacoast Republican Women to host O'Keefe of Project Veritas
Project Veritas’ mission statement is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, waste, fraud and other misconduct in both public and private institutions

Tiger Joyce: Make the Granite State more transparent to reduce lawyer corruption

Voter fraud and Federal Election Commission violations
PS, NESARA is surely BS.

Can I get an expert's take on this NH drug conspiracy

Behind The Curtain – Drug-Dealing Pedophile New Hampshire State Representative Kyle Tasker Implicates NH Elected Officials

Manchester billboard now labels local business leaders as 'drug dealers'

My Letter to Deo Odolecki, Who’s Now Caged for Filming The Police

Deo Odolecki’s Unjust Caging: A Recap from Ademo Freeman

In Manchester, Fast Food Workers to Protest Colleague's Death at N.H. Jail

first public information meeting about a water contaminant found in private wells in Merrimack

Portsmouth Officials Say Police Cameras Could Cost $18,000 a Day

Bill to Regulate Drones Moves Forward

Innocence Project Calls for New Trial for 1973 N.H. Murder Conviction

Commuter Rail Advocates Rally in Nashua

DES Broadens Water Investigation After High Levels of PFOA Found in Three Wells

Conservative Activist Subpoenaed for Unedited Primary Voting Videos

Manchester Police Chief Named to National Drug Task Force (Payoff?)

Child Advocates' Group Wants Protection From Civil & Criminal Liability (so they can abuse kids freely)

N.H. Legal Explainer: What is Jury Nullification? (Juries can nullify bad laws!)

Getting the overdose reversal drug Narcan into Manchester’s public schools

New Hampshire To Receive More Federal Funds To Fight Opioid Abuse (to enrich public officials)

Littleton Program Aims To Unveil A Stealth Profession: Computer Controlled Machining
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: RidleyReport on April 02, 2016, 04:48:53 pm
Hey wow for the first time ever someone took my advice on something...
Thank you Luck!  I assume this is a reaction to my suggestion that the statist news blog be more laser like and focused on NH.  Or maybe great minds just think alike LOL.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: RidleyReport on April 02, 2016, 05:47:03 pm
I'm copying and pasting this whole thread into me "ideas" list.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on April 03, 2016, 11:57:53 pm
Our minds think alike after you gave me the advice. When you suggested that FSP folks (esp. those in NH and those considering moving to NH, I presume) would like to see more local statist/antistatist news on this forum, I decided to look around to find out if I could find such news. And I came across several sources that seem to fill the bill. It looks like members are reading it, even though almost no one comments, which is okay with me. I try to update this thread about twice a month.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on April 06, 2016, 06:15:41 pm
Follow Portugal's Successful Example: Decriminalize Drugs & Give Addicts Jobs etc (Video)

New Hampshire House seeks to improve civil forfeiture statutes, but Gov. Hassan upholds corruption

NH is Second Worst State for Transparency

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Trapped by Checkpoints

Manchester (NH) CopBlockers Prepare for Checkpoint Season!

FSP Stupidly Treats Free-Keene Activist, Ian Freeman, as Enemy

How New Hampshire can open up its government

Saint-Gobain Will Buy Bottled Water After PFOA Found in N.H. Wells

Lawyers for Family in Abuse Case Tell Supreme Court To Make Court Records Public

N.H. Lawmakers Consider Banning "Conversion Therapy" For LGBTQ Teens

To Avoid 'Perceived Conflict of Interest,' Sununu To Sit Out Vote on Sunapee Expansion

Saint-Gobain 'Potentially Responsible' in Water Cleanup

UNH President Mark Huddleston Defends Salary Rates, 'Performance-Based' Pay

N.H. Lawmakers Take Up Bills to Loosen Up Drug Laws

Pembroke Academy Silent on Dean's Heroin Arrest

N.H. Fishermen Say Burden of At-Sea Monitoring Fees Could Break Industry

N.H. Lawmakers Consider Repealing Some Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Legislature's Agenda Includes Medicaid, Drones and 'Revenge Porn'
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on April 06, 2016, 06:19:14 pm
(See previous post for other recent local statist news at .)

Mike Gill, Victim of Court Abuse, Tells of Other Abuses
Why Mike was Found In Contempt (Full Text)
Friday, April 1, 2016
Follows is the full text of the video "Why Mike Gill Was Found In Contempt." The evidence of corruption is clear.

A letter from Mike Gill Jr:

Today was the first day that I have been able to speak to my father, who has been in jail since last Wednesday.
He was able to tell me why he was held in contempt of court.
The morning of the family court hearing. He got into his car and someone had left him a letter on his front seat. Inside the car. In this letter someone threatens that if he does not take the deal (there have been many settlement offers) and stop creating problems that someone would "cut the heads off of his children and mail them to him one by one"...
He brought this letter into court with him and tried to give it to the judge for him to review and hopefully help get investigated. The letter was given to one of the bailiff, but the judge refused to look at it. Mike Senior was upset because family court is there to help protect children.He asked repeatedly to have this looked into. The judge became irate and ordered that our filming equipment be removed. Officers of the court proceeded to take our recording devices and left the courtroom with them. Sr, who was still vocal about the need to have this looked into, was then cuffed and taken out of the room.

This was not an incident of an irrational person mouthing off to a court official. This is a corrupt judge that knows exactly what he is doing. He is using his position of power to punish my father for his message of the corruption in our state.

I believe this explanation was needed and I am sure once he is out of jail he will be able to elaborate more.

Introduction: Mike was contacted via cell phone regarding proof regarding the corruption of his divorce hearing. This has been a long and complex situation and Mike has been unable to get the FBI, police, or the courts to even consider the information. You may appreciate better why Mike is concerned about the fairness of his hearings.

The Gates of Hell (Video)
Some of the highlights of the video are as follows.
In the video Mike Sr, who spent 9 days or so in jail (Rockingham County), supposedly for contempt of court, said regarding DCYF (NH Division of Children, Youth and Families), that one or more of the top people at DCYF are child molestors and most of them are involved in destroying families for profit. In court Mike tried to submit evidence of threats against the lives of his children, but the judge refused to accept the evidence and proclaimed Mike to be in contempt of court. While Mike was in jail, he fasted to prevent getting poisoned, but he gave in to trying to eat a potato. After eating only 2 bites he soon got a bad headache and fell to the floor for some time. He believes the potato was poisoned. He said his blood pressure went way down. But he recovered and ate nothing more. He was not allowed to make any phone calls during his unjust imprisonment, except after 8 days he had just one minute with his son. There were several teenagers who were in jail for using drugs and they were put in cells with predators. One boy was raped or beaten severely. The guards laughed about the abuse and they sold heroin to the inmates. Mike's former attorney, Walker, is trying to protect all of the corrupt officials and is trying to get Mike killed. There have been several attempts on his life, because he's trying to expose the corruption.
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on April 26, 2016, 12:17:51 am
Mike Gill Video: Corruption in the IRS Caught on Tape

Mike Gill Video: State of Corruption Week 19: Death, Taxes and a Cook

Mike Gill Video: State of Corruption Week 18: Search Warrant

Mike Gill Video: Discredit the Man, Destroy the Message

Public has Right to Electronic Records
In a unanimous decision, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled today that the public has a right under the Right-to-Know Law to records in electronic format. Donna Green had requested an electronic copy of budget data, a spreadsheet, but was only offered a paper copy. The Rockingham Superior Court had ruled that SAU 55 had the discretion to only provide paper copies. But, the Supreme Court reversed that Rockingham decision and ruled that even though the Right-to-Know Law is ambiguous, when read within the purpose of the statute, and the overwhelming usefulness of electronic records, the SAU must provide electronic copies.  The decision of the court is available here.

Officer McNutt and Cumlately Arrest Man for Riding Bike on Sidewalk; No Joke

Jails and the “Justice” System Punish the Poor For Being Poor

Why Private Policing Is Not Any Solution At All

Why I Hated Being A Cop

Must We Choose Between Mob Justice And The Police State?

Bottled Water May Be Needed in PFOA-Affected Areas All Summer

Federal Prosecutors to Help State Charge Drug Dealers With Homicide

Rubens Says "Harm Reduction" Best Way to Combat Drug Crisis

American Lung Association Gives Rockingham County Failing Ozone Grade

Advocates Call For More Resources To Help Kids With Incarcerated Parents

Courts and ACLU Propose End to 'Debtors’ Prison' in N.H.

Mapping an Epidemic: Where Did Overdose Deaths Happen in N.H. Last Year?

What The Data Tells Us About Opioid Use Right Now in N.H.

Jailed Homeless Activist Died Of Fentanyl Overdose, Says Medical Examiner [drug provided by guards?]

Portsmouth Mobile Home Residents Buy The Land They Live On, A Growing N.H. Trend

Connecticut to Receive Grants to Reduce Prison Inmate Population Statewide

ACLU Challenges Constitutionality Of Manchester Panhandling Ordinance

Demand Letter Seeks $21M in Damages From Portsmouth Police

For Inmates on Methadone, Forced Detox Can Be a Dangerous Cycle

Does Carrying A Pistol Make You Safer?

Nashua Police Offer Classes on How to Respond to Active Shooter Situations
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on May 06, 2016, 10:26:40 pm
SWAT JackAssery: Militarization of Police Leads to Tyranny: NH Debate

Mike Gill's

Federal Prosecutors to Help State Charge Drug Dealers With Homicide

Annual Survey Counts 1,300 Homeless N.H. Residents

Granite Geek: Why (Almost) No One's Using Tesla's Hooksett Charging Stations

Report Says State Police Commander in North Country Not at Fault in Fatal Crash

Stoddard Chief: New Policies Will Prevent Firefighters from Committing Arson

CVS Offering Overdose Reversal Drug Without a Prescription in N.H.

A clueless government seeks "treatment" for the opioid epidemic without addressing irresponsible prescribing and drug industry marketing, and high level financial conflicts of interest

New Super PAC Backs Guinta's Primary Opponent

N.H.'s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open This Weekend in Plymouth

Marijuana legalization could combat America's opioid epidemic

Study Links Arsenic in Northern New England Wells to Bladder Cancer

In Maine, Proposal To Fight Opioid Addiction with Marijuana Moves Forward

Allegations Of Substandard Care Span Decades At Valley Street Jail

Another N.H. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Is Ready to Open, This Time in Dover

Hassan Likely to Veto Senate-Backed Bill Repealing Concealed Carry Permits

Hassan has issued (a misguided) executive order updating New Hampshire's goals of reducing fossil fuel use at state-owned facilities by 50 percent by 2030

43 Companies In N.H. Have Used Perfluorinated Chemicals
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NH State of Corruption

Faced With a Fracking Giant, This Small Town Just Legalized Civil Disobedience

200 Bitcoin Meetups and Counting

Sweetest Bitcoin Machine I Ever Saw (Manchester, NH)

Keene Activism & State Reps Dominate NHPR Interview About Free State Project

Police State: Manchester & Nashua (Excessive Force)

Alleged Cop Shooter Believes He Has A GPS Computer Chip In Brain

RT’s Libertarian Presidential Debate Features Free Keene blogger Darryl W Perry

Concord's CORRUPT First Addiction Recovery Center Opens Its Doors

Former students at elite private schools all over New England are coming forward with allegations that teachers and school officials sexually abused them (Reasons to Unschool)

Real ID Compliant [PRIVACY INVADING] N.H. Drivers Licenses Are Coming

N.H. Launches Criminal Probe Into Police Use of Force Following High-Speed Chase [AND?]

N.H. Supreme Court: Bail Should Be Reconsidered for Owen Labrie, former St. Paul's school student convicted of having sex with an underage classmate

Dying From Overdose While Waiting For Treatment

N.H. State Trooper Relieved of Duty After Video Shows Officers Punching Driver

Campaign for N.H. Governor Slowly Gearing Up

Manchester Man Arrested, Accused of Shooting Two Police Officers

The Free State Project Makes Inroads in the Live Free or Die State

N.H.'s Third Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now Open in Lebanon

What Will April Jobs Numbers Reveal About New Hampshire's Economy?

Monadnock Region Businesses To Commit To 'Living Wage' Work Group

On The Political Front: Police Incidents Touch Debates on Body Cameras, Gun Access

Labrie's Bail Restored, Will Be Out of Jail Within the Week

In Opioid Crisis, Why It’s Important to Know Which Drugs Caused a Death

Potential Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Former Merrimack Landfill

UNH Expert Urges Caution as Tick Season Picks Up in New Hampshire [Map shows ticks increasing]

Supreme Court has rejected ExxonMobil’s appeal of a $236 million verdict in a case brought against the oil company by the state of New Hampshire

Bill to Install Body Scanners at N.H. Prisons and Jails

Consider Bill Giving Border Patrol Police Powers In Coos

'I Will Never Let You Down,' Trump Tells National Rifle Association

Corrections Dept. Reopening Retail Space For [Slave Labor?] Inmate-Made Products

Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on May 31, 2016, 03:27:42 pm
New Hampshire Community Rights Network
(Link below)
Since 2006, CELDF has been assisting the people of New Hampshire to build a grassroots movement advancing community rights and protecting themselves from corporate water withdrawals, unsustainable energy development, and gas pipelines. Through codifying community rights and banning harmful activities as violations of those rights, these Towns are elevating the rights of communities and nature above the claimed “rights” of corporations.

CELDF supported the founding of the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) by Granite Staters in 2013, to educate residents and elected officials in New Hampshire about the right of local community self-government. Residents gathered from across the state to seat the Board of Directors in Barnstead, NH – where the Community Rights people’s movement began. In 2006 at Town Meeting, Barnstead enacted a first-in-the-nation rights-based local law, prohibiting water extractions by asserting the rights of residents to water and to local self-government, and rejecting the corporate claimed right to take community water.

NHCRN Community Rights Awareness Workshop
Who Decides What Happens in Local Communities?
Can it be Changed, and How?
Yes! See
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on June 19, 2016, 08:32:25 am
SWAT JackAssery: Militarization of Police Leads to Tyranny: NH Debate

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live Running for Governor: His site says: Vote FREEMAN for Governor in the Democratic Primary on Sept 13th, 2016!: Legalize/Decriminalize Cannabis and End Enforcement of Victimless Crimes; Secede from the United States; Make Ballot Access Equal for All

Alstead Boy, 11, Shuts Down State Trooper’s Speed Trap

Three of Four Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Are Now Open in NH

Manchester Cop Blockers to Converge on City Hall Tonight

Free Keene‘s newest blogger, Ethan Glover is a longtime liberty blogger who last year jumped headfirst into Cop Blocking across New Hampshire

New blogger, Melanie Johnson, graduated law school and is already getting involved in courtroom activism here in New Hampshire

Free Keene's bloggers are listed here

The Manchester New Hampshire Police Department Condones Theft

Massachusetts State Police Beat Man On Live News

11 Year Old CopBlocker Saves Unsuspecting Motorists From Extortion Tickets (VIDEO)

A New Hampshire City is Placed on “Lockdown”

Laconia Shuts Down Bike Week Music Festival

NH State of Corruption

New Hampshire Economic News Roundup: Inflation, Consumer Debt & Rural Slowdown

Even With Bundy Behind Bars, 'Range War' Lives On For Some Ranchers (Feds stealing their land for mineral rights etc)

Before North Carolina, There Were Other Contentious 'Bathroom Bill' Fights

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan has vetoed a bill to remove the licensing requirement for carrying concealed guns as expected

New Hampshire officials unveiling a monument dedicated to those killed in the conflicts in Iraq to Afghanistan (probably ignores the foreign citizens slain by the U.S. invasions)

How Schools Are Becoming the New Safety Nets for New Hampshire's Neediest Students (UNSCHOOLING is Far Superior)

Former State Rep. from Rochester, Don Leeman, Arrested for voting in a district he no longer lived in and then trying to bribe a local employee to cover it up

Emergency Rule Means N.H. Can Regulate PFOA and PFOS

Seacoast Police Departments to Open Doors to Addicts Seeking Treatment (which doors?)

Parents of St. Paul's Sexual Assault Victim File Lawsuit Against Prep School

Police in Manchester were forced to deploy tear gas to resolve an hours-long standoff initiated by a man who threatened to shoot first responders

New Hampshire-Based Battalion Headed To Kuwait (to push U.S. weight around?)

New Hampshire Supreme Court could make it easier for out-of-state gun owners to obtain concealed-carry licenses

More and more parents accused of abuse or neglect are dealing with addiction issues

State Expands, Streamlines Background Checks For Child Care Providers

How to administer Narcan, the drug used by first responders to counteract opioid overdose

In Keene, Narcan Training Teaches Community Members to be First Responders

How New Hampshire's Local Food Economy is Evolving

How N.H. Went from Deep Red to Swing State Over the Course of a Few Elections (Did FSP help?)

N.H. Farmers Prepare for New Food Safety Law

At Concord Hospital, Therapies Help Soothe Opioid-Exposed Babies in Withdrawal

Elizabeth Warren Backs Hillary Clinton (Here I thought Warren was decent)

Meeting on blood test results from people who were exposed to dangerous chemicals at the former Pease Air Force Base

Dartmouth Grads Must Help Bring The World 'One Step Closer To Peace,' Nobel Laureate Says (any sensible suggestions?)

Students Chide Dartmouth for Lack of Faculty Diversity

The Exchange on the Road: A Conversation on Business & Sustainability

Accidental Research at Keene State Leads to New Way to Spot Human Disease

Lawmakers Approve 'Granite Hammer', a 1.5 million dollar statewide drug enforcement program to create a grant program to fund drug enforcement efforts at county and local police departments

As N.H. Scales Up Its Battle Against Drugs, Will History Repeat Itself? Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that the "War on Drugs" didn’t solve the problem

Semi-Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on July 11, 2016, 10:44:05 am
The List (corrupt NH people opposing Mike Gill)

Ridley to Hold Secession Protest at Manchester Federal Building

First Brexit, Now NHexit!

Defend Yourself Against the State
(If we can not win the daily battles against tyranny, the war is lost. 97% of the legal cases the state brings against people are never fought or argued. Police officers write small meaningless tickets with confidence that they won’t have to answer to any potential misconduct or ignorance of the law. The more people fight in court, the less incentive there will be for cities to use simple ordinances, that protect no one, as revenue collection. Turn that revenue collection into resources spent in court and you will show them reason for discretion. Reason to back away from the parking tickets on empty streets, jail time for rainwater collection, selling raw milk, selling lemonade, taking your shirt off, giving food to the homeless, singing, or dancing. You’ll show them reason to encourage the officers who proclaim to protect people to protect them from actual danger.) [See link for details.]

NHexit advocating NH declaring independence from the United States Protest Covered By Concord Monitor

Ridley Report’s Video of First NHexit Protest & Litter Pickup

NH1 Interviews Ridley for As-Yet Unaired News Package

NHexit Rally in Keene Covered on NH1

Video of Jim Babb’s Epic Rant on Porcfest’s Schism

Libertarian Johnson: Drug war ‘root cause’ of police shootings

N.H. Democrats Vote to Reform Superdelegate System In Time for 2020 Elections

Ayotte Supports 'No Fly, No Buy' Gun Bill

More Testing, Less Play: Study Finds Higher Expectations For Kindergartners
(Conventional testing is stupid, i.e. stressful and counterproductive, because it makes kids lose interest in normal learning.)

EPA Asks for Approval on Portsmouth's Wastewater Plant Upgrade Deal [We want more local control, not federal control, i.e. "the 1%"]

Officer-involved shooting that left a man dead in Peterborough following a brief pursuit

New England Methodist Conference Votes to Include LGBTQIA Community

At Democrats' Gun Sit-In, Kuster Draws Link to Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

Hassan signed into law new statewide regulations for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft

New Hampshire gun manufacturer Sig Sauer lost an appeal in a US Appeals Court

Nonprofit That Sold Raffle Tickets Wasn't Registered Charity [We don't need no stinkin registration]

Inspired By the Brexit, Granite State Group Pushes #NHExit

Mother of Man Killed By New Hampshire Police Wants Answers

New Group Aims to Modernize N.H. Fish and Game

Plan for Regional Ocean Use Gets Public Comment in Portsmouth

Hassan executive order barring discrimination in state government against transgender individuals

NH Woman Asks Trump About Replacing TSA's 'Heebeejabis' With Veterans

Granite Geek: Dartmouth Professor Develops Software to Spot Terrorist Videos

N.H. Experts: Low Unemployment Doesn't Tell The Full Story of State's Economic Challenges

A Look at Recent Police Shootings in New Hampshire

N.H. To Report People With Mental Illness To National Background Check System

Police, Black Lives Matter, and Violence: A New Hampshire Perspective
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on August 05, 2016, 12:08:58 pm
Underground drug marketplace Silk Road Founder’s Mother Interviewed at Porcfest

NH1 Reports on Liberty Candidates

LIVE Manchester Checkpoint Blocked

Why Isn’t It Gay to Be Armed?

Here’s What a NH Pink Pistols Shoot Looks Like

Concealed carry statute is written with a loophole they can drive a Mack truck through

On July 15th members of the Manchester PD and New Hampshire State gangs set up a roadblock on S Willow St

Is Bitcoin a Failure?

Candidate Profile: Ian Freeman, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Secession Protest on Unowned Land

Another Small Victory for NHexit

ACLU of NH Joins Case Against Manchester Police for Illegal Wiretapping Arrests

Dave Ridley Appears on Manchester Morning Show to Discuss NHexit

Portsmouth Bitcoin Yoga Business Frustration Solved

Candidate Spotlight: Conan Salada, State Rep, Keene – Ward 4

Victimless Crime Spree Celebrates Four Years on YouTube!

Secessionist Candidate for NH Governor Appears on Manch Morning Radio’s “Girard at Large”

State Troopers Charged In NH Assault Of Surrendering Motorist

Mike Gill
- Evidence Grab and Leverage
- Witness Protection
- Gill Attacks Judicial Corruption
- Political Corruption, The Source of New Hampshire's Drug Epidemic
- What's Going on in the Brentwood Courthouse
- Evidence in the Mail
- Corruption in the IRS

Manchester Chief says: 'Vitriol' From Obama & Media Led to Violence Against Officers

At Least 161 Drug Overdoses So Far in 2016

Many Unaware of Child Abuse Reporting Laws

Officers And Residents Talk Race And Policing In Nashua

In N.H. and Elsewhere, Slipping Enrollment Spells Steep Challenges for Small Colleges

In Laconia Fighting the Drug Epidemic is an All Hands on Deck Effort

Congress Approves Bill To Address Addiction As A Health Problem

Laconia's 'Drug Court' Focuses on Recovery, Not Punishment

Residents Can Get Blood Testing for PFCs in Drinking Water

New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development launched an initiative this week to help industries maintain their workforce

Black Lives Matter Protest Returns To Manchester

Jill Stein Brings Her Green Party Presidential Campaign To New Hampshire (co-opted of course by AGW alarmism)

Black Lives Matter Protesters Say 'We're Not Anti-Cops'

Manchester Police Use Pokemon Go to Lure Fugitives

Alcohol Summit Brings Industry, State, and Advocates Together

Like It or Not, Manchester Police Chief Says What He Thinks

Why New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana Law Shuts Out People With Chronic Pain

N.H., MA Troopers Charged with Assault for Use of Force Following High-Speed Chase

For This Group, All Politics is Local: Americans for Prosperity Grows N.H. Grassroots Footprint

What We Know About Americans for Prosperity's Operations in New Hampshire

N.H. Boosts Incentives For Wood Pellet Furnaces And Boilers

Keene State Turns to the Crowd for Document Transcription

Secret Service Investigating N.H. State Rep. Who Said Clinton Should Be Executed

N.H. AG: Police Shooting of Peterborough Man Was Justified (and we're justified in disbelieving that)

New Hampshire Joins Lawsuit Challenging Anthem-Cigna Merger, the state’s two largest health insurers

N.H.'s 2nd Largest Solar Array Goes Online in Lee

N.H. Democratic National Committeewoman 'Outraged' By Anti-Sanders DNC Emails

At DNC, Keene Woman Shares Story of Daughter's Substance Abuse

An N.H. Mom's Perspective on Gun Control in the 2016 Election

New Hampshire Backs Obama Administration in Transgender Rights Lawsuit

Minuteman Health Sues Feds Over Affordable Care Act 'Risk Adjustment' Formula

Veteran Homelessness Drops In New Hampshire

Where Homelessness in N.H. Stands Today

Are N.H. Cities Asking Homeless People to Disappear?

$1 Million in Grants Awarded for Restoration of N.H. Habitats

UNH on the Front Lines of 'Software-Defined' Networking

State Supreme Court Overturns N.H. Law That Cut Aid To Parents Of Kids With Disabilities

N.H. Hits Resistance in Investigation of Pharma's Opioid Marketing Practices (because of entrenched industry greed)

After Rejecting Ban, Lebanon Weighs Holistic Approach to Homeless Camps

Eight Years Waiting for a Home: Public Housing Assistance in NH

UPDATE: DEA, MA Police and National Guard Raided an 81Year-old Cancer Patient’s Organic Garden
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New Hampshire Political Corruption

Major Restaurant in Portsmouth Accepts Bitcoin

NH Pink Pistols Grow in Firepower

Keene’s New Vietnamese Food Truck Accepts Bitcoin!

Three NH Democratic Governor Candidates Refuse to Debate Dextraze & Freeman

New Hampshire Ranks Most Free State in 2016 Rankings by Cato Institute [Cato is biased; NH isn't free from heroin corruption etc]

Manchester TV: Candidate [Ian Freeman] Statement to Run Multiple Times Daily

Former NH Cop Becomes Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition! [That means against convicting drug users]

Homeless At The P.K. Motel

In Boston's 'Safe Space,' Surprising Insights Into Drug Highs

Predicting Dangerous E.coli Levels in N.H. Lakes

Data Shows Racial Disparities Increase at Each Step Of N.H.'s Criminal Justice System

Democratic Gubenatorial Candidates Take a Stance on Marijuana

Final Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Merrimack [NH Likes Monopolies?]

One-third of New Hampshire’s 24 senators are retiring this year

Advocates Call on Feds to Investigate Mental Health Policies at N.H. State Prison

Shaheen Calls On Congress to Fund Research for [FRAUDULENT] Zika Vaccine

Pittsburg Food Pantry Closes, As Organizers Struggle to Find New Home

Libertarian Gary Johnson to Hold Rally in New Hampshire Thursday

Mid-Century Dartmouth Hazardous Waste Site Contaminates Drinking Water
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on September 16, 2016, 09:24:28 pm
Reason’s Nick Gillespie said “Move to New Hampshire, you won’t be sorry!”

Andover Beacon Delivering NH Liberty Party Candidate Statement to All Households

Promising Tech Community Emerges in Freecoast

New Hampshire’s Amazing, Unmatched Bitcoin Community

Ian Freeman Rated as Top Democrat for Governor by NH Firearms Coalition & Granite State Taxpayers

Alleged Drunk Driving State Rep Runs for Re-Election, Pleads Not Guilty

How to Mail a 2-cent Letter

21st Century Security is Peer-to-Peer
"I keep one in my car and one on my keychain. In an emergency, like being pulled over or witnessing an arrest, I press it and dozens of first responders are alerted. They instantly know my emergency and location." ... "The buttons can be purchased for $25 each, and they come with accessories for easy every-day carry. Here is how the retailer describes the device: The Cell 411 Panic Button connects to your Cell 411 application running on Android or iOS smartphone wirelessly over Bluetooth, providing users with a quick and easy way to alert your friends, neighbors, caregivers and loved ones in the event of an emergency. It can be carried in your pocket or bag or worn on the wrist or around the neck with the available accessories. - After pressing the Cell 411 panic button, an emergency alert will be sent out to the chosen cell or group of friends you configured. Your GPS location will be sent to your Cell 411 friends in real time, so they can come and assist you with turn by turn direction."

“Flex Your Rights” Presentation at Keene State College – Full Video

“Windham Watch” with State Rep Mary Griffin Features Ian Freeman for Governor

4 Years of Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree

Keene Police Scanner: KPD Scanner Feed

Releasing Sealed Files in Mazzaglia Appeal Sets Bad Precedent For Rape Victims

Mid-Century Dartmouth Hazardous Waste Site Contaminates Drinking Water

Drug-Treatment Advocate Attacks Hassan for hundreds of drug-related overdose deaths in GOP-Funded Ad Campaign

Likely State Water Standards Not Safe Enough, Says Harvard Research Fellow

N.H. Schools Grapple With Concerns About Guns, Student Safety On Election Day

NH Resident DeLemus Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Nevada Standoff Case

Former N.H. Trooper Pleads Guilty in Taped Beating of Driver After Chase

Chessy Prout, Owen Labrie's Sex Assault Victim, Speaks Out Publicly

16 Percent of New Hampshire Dairy Farms Closed This Year

Insurer Pulling Out of Obamacare Market in New Hampshire

Manchester Schools Shut Off Drinking Fountains After High Lead Levels Found

Ponzi Scheme Fallout Motivates Connolly's Run For Governor

Near Saint-Gobain, Sick Residents Wonder Who Is To Blame for perfluorichemicals

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to Receive $33 Million for Repairs

For the First Time, Rochester Celebrates Gay Pride

As New Hampshire regulators consider adopting the EPA’s PFOA health advisory as the state’s enforceable standard, a New Jersey committee has recommended setting a much lower standard in that state

Spending By Outside Political Groups Pays Off (Mostly) in State Primary Races

Rejecting 'So-Called Binary Choice,' Union Leader Picks so-called Libertarians for President

Some Merrimack Public Water Customers To Receive PFOA Blood Tests

NH State of Corruption
- Stripping the Future Away (August 25, 2016)
- A Bugs Life: Starring Kelly Ayotte
- The Hit Judge (September 2, 2016)
- Justice Watchdog
- We Don't Quit! (September 12, 2016)
Title: Re: New Hampshire Statist News
Post by: Luck on September 30, 2016, 08:45:29 pm
FSP Health Thread page 2: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

NH State of Corruption
Recent titles on the site are:
Steve Gordon, Are You Paying Attention?
NH IRS Corruption Caught on Tape
Chain of Guilt
Police Protection
Protect the Witnesses, Not the Criminals

Phillips Exeter Kicks Off School Year Under Cloud of Sexual Assault Scandals

Silencing Scanners: Manchester Police Encrypt All Radio Communication

Apartment Fire Underscores Rising Unease Among Bhutanese Refugees in Manchester

Department of Corrections Creates Canine Unit to Search For Drugs in Prisons

N.H. Food Bank One Step Closer to Making its Own Food

Claremont Man Dies of Injuries After Shooting Involving Police

State Hands Out $1.5M in 'Granite Hammer' Grants for Anti-Drug Enforcement

Keene Activists Hold Beer Pong Eventto highlight oppressive open container ordinance in Keene; Cops Threaten Arrests

Series Finale of The Rebel Love Show

Major Shakeup at Libertarian Party of NH: Darryl W Perry Elected Chairman; favors independence from U.S.

Majority of Keene Exit Poll Participants Think Government is Too Big + Gubernatorial Election Recap

UBER Grandma Trial Date Moved Again, Facing $7,500 in Fines for Driving

Goodbye to RLS and announcing Spirit Love Productions

Attorney General Finds Ex-Rep. Kyle Tasker Sold Marijuana To Fellow Lawmakers
Title: Re: New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
Post by: Luck on October 18, 2016, 11:07:58 am
Libertarian Darryl W. Perry Announces Limited Presidential Write-In Campaign

National Libertarian Party Attacks “Rogue” New Hampshire Chairman in Press Release

Jury Nullification Cited as Reason Not to Charge State Rep for Buying Cannabis

NH State House Crypto Commission Member to File Bill Repealing Lone Regulation of Cryptocurrency

Historic Bitcoin Local Radio Ad Campaign Launches in Keene!

Keene-Focused Introduction to Bitcoin Video to Air on Cheshire TV

New Keene based news commentary program, Citizen Cain, streams live on Facebook

Cop Who Investigated Kyle Tasker Arrested for DUI

Final Keene Robin Hood NH Supreme Court Hearing Set For November 9th

Bitcoin Brunch in Portsmouth, NH

Trendy & stupid recommendation to paint blue line in street by Keene PD to show local support

Keene city council wanting to ban free speech, political signs on city property

Citizen Cain Keene News Comments

Court Case: Laconia ordinance prohibiting female toplessness is unconstitutional

NH Corruption

Death by Prescription; AG: American Gangster; Room Service;
50 Million Ways to Stop Mike Gill; Billy Bob; Let the Workers Hit the Floor; Stop Gill; Don't Eat the Food; Yogurt Boy, World Champion, Daddy's Boy; Dead Fish in the Milk; Red Handed; Steve Gordon, Are You Paying Attention?

$1 Million State House Dome Renovation Nears Completion

How Planned Parenthood Funding Became the Centerpiece of the N.H. Governor's Race

New Hampshire Drought Update: Struggling Dairy Farms and Municipal Mandates

Goffstown Police to Wear Body Cameras Full-Time

With Donations and State House Lobbying, Group Builds Case for Early Education [Brainwashing]

Trump's Comments on N.H. Drug Crisis; Pushback from State Advocates

Four Decades and Counting: Family of N.H. Man Convicted of Murder Still Has Hope

As N.H. Drug Deaths Climb, Fentanyl (Not Heroin) Plays A Role in Most Overdoses

N.H. Colleges Face Surge in Reports of Anxiety, Depression Among Students [so Drop Out already!]

N.H. Economic News Roundup: Household Income, Trade, and Urban Migration

High Social Worker Burnout Creating Unreliable Safety Net for N.H.'s Abused Kids

Seacoast Cancer Cluster Task Force Continues Search for Answers

Mass. Trooper's Use of Force After N.H. Chase Justified [I'm sure]

Former N.H. State Trooper Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Regulators to Look at Seabrook Nuclear Plant's Plan for Concrete Degradation

Trump Tries to Shift Focus to Opioid Crisis at Portsmouth Rally

In Nashua, Business Leaders Turn to Immigration for Economic Boost

5 Reasons (And Then Some) Not To Worry About A 'Rigged' Election [or other corruption?]

At $36K, N.H. College Grads Have Highest Average Student Debt in Nation
Title: Re: New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
Post by: Luck on November 04, 2016, 03:49:30 pm
VIDEO: “Bill Clinton is a Rapist!” Shouted During Clinton’s Speech in Keene

Open Debate Demonstrations Planned

Libertarian Party of NH Votes to Censure LP Vice Presidential Candidate Bill Weld

Hardcore NHExiters Face Rain, Cold at Masked Demonstration in Keene

App “Cell 411” Just Added Decentralized Ride Sharing, Beating Arcade City

Open Debate Demonstrations at NH1

Committee reverses its recommendation on political sign ban on public property

Libertarian Candidates Under Attack Statewide As Election Looms

NH State of Corruption
- Hampshire: Thirsty for Jobs
- Humped, Stumped and Trumped
- Political Corruption: The Source of NH's Drug Epidemic
- Family Court: Ball and Chain
- Shaheen Caught on Text
- The Witness

Amid Talk of 'Rigged' Votes, N.H. Election Officials Say State's Systems are Solid

Supreme Court: No End To 'Debtor's Prison' In N.H.

Officer Justified in Fatal Shooting of Claremont Man

Adoptive parents of two children who were sexually abused are suing the Division of Children, Youth, and Families

N.H.-Based Firm Gets Hit By Cyberattack

Minimum Wage Debate Continues But Some States Choose Compromise

20+ People Indicted on Heroin Trafficking Charges in N.H.

What Election Day Could Mean For Commuter Rail In Southern N.H.

Plans To Watch Polls For Fraud Raise make-believe Fears Of Intimidation

Sununu Accuses N.H. Democrats of Orchestrating Voter Fraud
Title: Re: New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
Post by: Luck on November 19, 2016, 08:53:25 pm
Why I Should Move to New Hampshire: 1 Year in the Shire

Persuasion Through Moral Arguments

Keene Activism Decentralizes: SLAP Shuts Down, While Real-Life Meetups Expand

Why would private police forces be better than government? [We are the real government, so private police would not be better - Luck]

NH Libertarians Officially Recognized as Party For First time in 20 Years + “Free Staters” Win 15+ State Rep Races [Doesn't sound like good progress - Luck]

Modernizing the Shire Society Forum for 2017

64% of General Election Voters in Keene’s Ward Four Think Government is “Too Big” [If we're the government, then government can't be too big - Luck]

Return of the Activist Left? or Secession?

WMUR-TV’s Amy Coveno Assaults Independent Reporter on Video

Fundraiser Launched for Manchester Shooting Victim, shot for FSP flag

Manchester Drivers Mobilize With Cell 411 (for Free Staters needing rides)

Documentary Focusing on NH’s Liberty Movement Celebrates Two Years & Over 115,000 Views!

NH State of Corruption

NH State of Corruption: The Swamp

NH State of Corruption: Who Said It?

Why Don't More People Vote In This One Manchester Neighborhood?

Feds Halt N.H.'s Plan to Make Medicaid Recipients Prove Employment

Massachusetts Voters Legalize Marijuana; Maine Too Close to Call

Maine Voters OK Minimum Wage Boost

Modnadnock Area Real Estate Agent Charged With Housing Discrimination

N.H. State Rep Arrested, Re-elected On The Same Day

New N.H. Lawmakers to Begin Filing Bills

Prep School Trial Set Over Boy's Dismissal for Having Sex

Court Again Upholds Decision in Mazzaglia Case, protecting the privacy of a 19-year-old murder victim

N.H. Dem Chair Stupidly 'Horrified' By Trump's Pick of Bannon for Chief Strategist

Will the National, Local Political Shift Impact Efforts to Address N.H.'s Drug Epidemic? [by decriminalizing drugs?]

UNH Research Shows Political Leanings Can Affect Perceptions of make-believe Climate Change

Granite Geek: 3-D Printing's Hype and Evolution

Conservation Law Foundation Sues Pease Over Water Contamination

DEA Slobs Partners With Manchester Law Enforcement, Schools

Manchester Drug Court Opening Delayed

Seacoast Towns Find Fiscal Reasons to Favor Conservation Over Development

N.H. Joins 40 States in Lawsuit Against Maker of Opioid-Addiction Treatment Suboxone
Title: Re: 21 New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
Post by: Luck on December 10, 2016, 11:29:53 am
The [FSP related] pro-Trump fake news website that’s finding an audience — with Trump’s help

Keene Area Speeding Ticket Trial Video [fine suspended +]

LPNH EC adopts resolution in support of peaceful secession

State Rep Amanda Bouldin Is Turncoat to Fellow Libertarians

Robin Hood of Keene’s Final NH Supreme Court Hearing

Become Familiar with Cell 411 Now, Handle Emergencies Tomorrow

Bitcoin Now Buys Auto Repair and Pizza in Keene + BBQ in Alstead!

A hero is unjustly behind bars and YOU can help set him free

Portsmouth Increasingly Becoming International Free Trade Zone

Judge Declines To Dimiss Charges In Weirs Beach Bare Boobs Case

NH Attorney General wants another medical examiner to help deal with the spike in drug-related deaths

UNH President Condemns Rise in On-Campus Hate Incidents

As Neighbors Legalize Marijuana, N.H. Advocates See Opening for Decriminalization

As Manchester's 'Safe Station' Program for Addicts Grows, Other Communities Encouraged to Follow Suit

Without A Syringe Exchange Program, New Hampshire Is At Risk Of An HIV Outbreak

N.H. Educators Navigate The Complexities of Free Speech

Portsmouth Residents File Suits Over Wastewater Plant

Laconia Fire Department Creates Liason for Drug Recovery

In One N.H. Jail, Inmates getting video visitation, instead of in person visits

Republicans Among Those Averse To Ending Same-Day Voter Registration

Women Sue Groom, Event Company After Being Hit By Drone at N.H. Wedding

N.H. Supreme Court Upholds Rye Beach Public Access

Shire Society Declaration
- Skip77 Sep 28, 2016
- Problem with this document is that it fails to recognize the origin of liberty and its precepts originate from God.  Individual liberty is the free gift of the Sovereign God to His creation and each person being created in God's image has inalienable rights from God and are free to exercise their God given liberty without any interference or molestation by government, groups or individuals.
- JasonKuzmak Nov 3, 2016
- @Skip77 It's probably because not everyone believes that, and to narrow the document down to that specific set of beliefs would invalidate the declaration's usefulness to whoever does not hold them. Insisting that everyone accept certain religious claims of the origin of liberty if they sign the document would be in exact defiance of what it stands for, whereas leaving mention of any gods out can potentially be all-inclusive, even allowing those gods to sign it if they wanted.
- [Luck Note: Anyone who does not accept the probable existence of a Supreme Caring Being cannot refute those who favor the Law of the Jungle.]
Title: Re: 21) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on December 31, 2016, 08:57:48 pm
New Mover David Jurist’s Arraignment for Driving on Suspended License

VIDEO: Intimidation FAIL at Portsmouth District Court

UBER Grandma Interviewed After Facing Down $6,500 in Fines for Civil Disobedience

Cop Blockers Scare Trooper Away From Pullover in Keene, NH’s “Free Streets Project”

VIDEO: State Representative Dick Marple OWNS District Court Judge

NH Supreme Court Rules Fully in Favor of Keene’s Robin Hooders!

Bill Designed to Expedite Cross-Border Travel with Canada Passes Congress

Lebanon Pastor Fears City's Camping Ban Will Drive Homeless 'Further Into the Woods'

Authorities Identify Father and Son in Dover Shooting [Caused by Stupid Meds]

Fentanyl, Not Heroin, Responsible for Majority of N.H. Drug Overdoses This Year

New Hampshire Unemployment Rate Falls in November

After a Seven-Year Fight, Antrim Wind Project Gets State Approval

Self-serving Senior Assistant AG Says N.H. Should Join States That Require Licenses for Home Contractors

Physician Assistant Who Over-Prescribed Opioids Loses License Permanently [Go after the damn drug compaines & the FDA too]

Recreational Marijuana Law Takes Effect in Massachusetts

Time For N.H. to Create Path to Marijuana Legalization

With Record Cold Weather Here, Concord is Still Without a Homeless Shelter

[Non-terrorist] Immigration Can Stem New England's Workforce Shortage

An outside review of New Hampshire’s child protective services agency

UNH Water-Powered Battery Project May Diversify Energy Opportunities

New Hampshire Woman [convicted of distributing heroin] Pardoned by Obama

Appointing Rep With Assault Conviction to Crime Committee Was Quid Pro Quo

Dept. Of Defense [Offense] Funds New Bio-Research, Manufacturing Institute In Manchester

Bill Proposes Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment for Severe Addiction

Institute to Grow Human Tissue and Organs May Bring Jobs to Manchester

About a dozen Syrians were resettled in New Hampshire last year

Help NHPR Report on Opioid Abuse, Treatment and Recovery

One Hiker Dies, Another Rescued In The White Mountains This Weekend

DHHS: Data Breach Compromises Up to 15,000 Client Records

Here Are Some New N.H. Laws Taking Effect On January 1st

Salem P.D. Reports Spike in Year-End Overdose Deaths

Check-In On N.H.'s 'Felonies First' Program

State lawmakers will consider next session a bill to impose an income tax Theft
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on January 16, 2017, 08:15:35 am
Last year William Saturno of UNH in Durham helped locate Mayan settlements in deep jungle, using satellite images

From civil disobedience to political action, Celebrating Ten Years as NH’s Liberty Activism Destination!

“Ransomware” Strikes Keene Man’s Computer for $2,000 in Bitcoin – How to Keep Safe

Introduction to Voluntaryism, Why in NH – Panel Discussion Video

NH’s Fifth Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in Concord!

Concord Monitor and NH1 Pick Up Bitcoin Vending Machine Story

Keene School District’s New Transgender Policy Unnecessary

NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 1 – State House Testimony Videos

Epidemic of Passable Arguments re Statism etc

State Rep Dick Marple Gives Evidence for Right to Travel without License

Man Accused of Setting Fire to Lebanon Church, Stabbing 2 People

N.H. DMV Now Offering Fiendish Real ID Compliant Drivers Licenses

Maine Governor Signs Off on Legal Pot, Calls For Moratorium

Commissioner Apologizes to Families Over DHHS Data Breach Notices

Teaching pretend Tolerance at Concord High

Greed-based Giant Massachusetts Healthcare Network Buys Its First N.H. Hospital

Shaheen, Hassan Push Back on Ryan Plan to Defund genocidal Planned Parenthood

Sununu described NH as "a regulatory police state"

Concealed Carry Repeal Heads to N.H. Senate After Clearing Committee

Drug overdoses — one of them fatal — at the state prison in Concord

Durham State Rep Seeks More Local Control for Towns in the Path of Energy Projects

Greedy Business Leaders & Advocates Unite Around Call for pretended Affordable Housing Investments

N.H. Lawmaker Apologizes For Dropping Loaded Gun at Hearing

N.H. Educators recklessly Navigate The Complexities of Free Speech
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on February 01, 2017, 07:31:02 pm
NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 2 – State House Testimony re Prostitution etc

School talk: warrants, budget, & labor contracts • Why do progressives hate the voucher system so much? [Do UNSCHOOLING!]

Video: Winchester Cops Abuse Citizen Without Cause

Liberty Party Endorses Libertarian Party of NH

New Mover Heather Mullins Makes Splash as New Hemp Lobbyist

Liberty Lobby Listens in on State House Hearings on Bitcoin etc

Video on Latest Keene Issues

More Than 2,000 N.H. Patients Getting Medical Marijuana Under New Law

More People Over 60 Are Struggling To Pay Off Student Loans

New Hampshire Ends 2016 With 2.6 Percent Unemployment Rate

11-Year-Old Somersworth Student Brought Loaded Gun to School

In 2016, State Saw Spike In Gonorrhea Cases

N.H. Senate Passes Concealed Carry Gun Bill

Most N.H. Public School Students Aren't Getting Enough Phys. Ed. [& too much brainwashing?]

Parenting from New Hampshire's Prisons

Thousands Rally in Concord for 'Women's Day of Action and Unity'

Manchester Vigil Planned, After [Fake News] Racially-Charged Signs Found Outside Two Schools

Trump Nominates Keene Woman to Head Air Force

Michael Sununu, Brother of Governor, Takes Aim at [Fake] Climate Science in State Report

Meds for Drug Addiction -- Backed by Federal Dollars & Doctors -- Raises [false] Hopes & Questions

N.H. Company Gets Clients Out Of Hot Water Abroad

Staffing Problems Could Further Delay New State Women's Prison

A Success in Manchester, Safe Station Drug Program Faces Bigger Hurdles Elsewhere

Lawmakers Who Want To Carry Guns On N.H. House Floor Won't Be Required to Take Safety Training

Authorities I.D. Likely Serial Killer Behind Two New Hampshire Cold Cases

N.H. House Lawmakers to Debate Concealed Carry, Marijuana Decriminalization
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on February 16, 2017, 10:16:52 pm
Fundamentals of Voluntaryism [video]

Reform the solitary confinement system

Keene political news

Free The Nipple Laconia Ladies Guilty; Appeal Vowed

NH State Representative Joins Libertarian Party

Cop Block Founder Ademo Freeman Arrested in Ohio for Drug Trafficking/Possession – VIDEO

Liberty Lobby News

More Keene Political News

Humped, Stumped and Trumped: NH Corruption

Local Solar Energy

Research From UNH Shows Death by Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Up Nationwide

Two of New Hampshire's Seacoast Towns Mull Sanctuary City Status

N.H.'s Same-Day Voter Registration Likely Here To Stay, For Now

Repeal of Concealed Carry Permit Requirment Passes N.H. House

Peterborough's 102-Year-Old Movie Theater For Sale

Family of Man Killed By Haverhill Police Officers Files Lawsuit

N.H. 'Right-to-Work' Bill's Fate Uncertain in GOP-Controlled House
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 01, 2017, 01:25:47 pm
Keene Govt News Video

State House on Cosmetology Licensing Scam

Another Keene Govt News Video

Bitcoin News, New Websites, Meetup, & Shire Bitcoin Forums

State House Hearing on Cannabis Legalization

Bad idea to dispose of your concealed carry license

Keene News Economic Development Action Plan cronyism

Family of Man Killed By Haverhill Police Officers Files Lawsuit

Refugee Resettlement Resumes in N.H., But Future of Program Uncertain

There's Strong Public Support for Environmental Protections in New Hampshire

WBIN-TV announced Friday it will cease operations in the coming months

N.H. Police Chief Scared Gun Bill Could Compromise Public Safety

Milford Castings Manufacturer Wants To Expand, Hire More Positions

Consumer Confidence in N.H. Hits 15-Year High (because Hillary lost)

A Florida-Based Think Tank Is Behind A Bill That Would Limit Food Stamp Eligibility In N.H.

Transgender Teen Speaks Out On Trump Rolling Back Protections, New Hampshire Bill

Police Reporting Of Unauthorized Immigrants Varies Dramatically Between N.H. Towns

Man Accused In Stepdaughter's Death Found Incompetent To Stand Trial

N.H. Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 2.7 Percent, Still Among Lowest in Nation

Brady Sullivan to Pay $90,000 for Exposing Tenants to Lead

Lawmakers Signal Support For Renewed Investigation Into Seacoast Cancer Cluster

Will Stricter Penalties for Dealers Help Stem N.H.'s Drug Epidemic? (NO, Decriminalize!)
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 15, 2017, 10:46:44 pm
Why Liberty Lovers Should Move to New Hampshire ASAP – Anarchapulco 2017

Keene set to force 6 year $86 million Capital Improvement Plan

From Skinhead to CopBlock: Ideas Have Consequences

NH House Passes Historic Bitcoin Protection Bill + Cannabis Decrim Passed by Record 89%!

HB 161 would close the loophole allowing untaxed beer sales at farmers’ markets

Cop Block Founder Speaks From Jail on National Radio

Welcome to Free Keene’s Newest Blogger: Caleb Dyer, Libertarian NH State Representative

Keene City leaders sign letter against intolerance and bigotry

North Country Veteran's Death Raises Questions About Hospital Oversight

Forbidding Forecast For Lyme Disease In The Northeast

Investigation Reveals More Sex Abuse Allegations at Phillips Exeter Academy

Despite Legal Questions, Portsmouth Council Looks To Move Ahead On Plastic Bag Ban

New Hampshire May Explore Forced Treatment For Opioid Addicts

A Question Of Justice In N.H.’s Biggest Jail

N.H. Police Departments Looking For More Diverse Applicants

New Energy Projects Not Needed for N.H.'s Economic Growth

Transgender Bill Is Right For N.H.

Keene Police Chief Found Dead At Home

Virtual Reality Filmmakers Tackle Smuttynose Island Murders

UNH Study Identifies Risk Factors in Teen Dating Violence
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 30, 2017, 01:21:31 pm

Local Sovereignty: We the People 2.0 Film Screening in Barnstead, NH April 2, 2017

(I expect to post the "usual" NH/FSP news in a day or two.)
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 31, 2017, 09:44:34 pm
Local Sovereignty: We the People 2.0 Film Screening in Barnstead, NH April 2, 2017

Keene Police Chief’s Shocking Death A Major Loss to Community

Liberty Lobby: expand access to the medical cannabis program in New Hampshire

Hypocritical Free State Project Invites John McAfee to Headline Porcfest 2017

New Jersey Libertarian Can’t Explain Why He Still Lives There

State Representative Caleb Dyer: “Reasons I Switched to the Libertarian Party”

Cop Block Founder & Cannabis user Ademo Freeman Is Out of Jail After Major Bail Reduction!

LPNH Convention 2017 Speech: Robert Lombardo

Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis Announces Campaign for NH Governor in 2018!

Free State Project President Matt Philips Speaks to Libertarian Party of NH Convention

Carla Howell’s Keynote from LPNH 2017 Convention

Liberty Lobby: Confusing bill purports to protect victims of sex trafficking

Juvenile Charged With Killing Man, Shooting Woman In Farmington

N.H. Inmates Build Bonds With Their Kids - Through Reading

Portsmouth City Officials Divided on Legality of Plastic Bag Ban

Who Gets to Claim a Stake in N.H. Elections?

New Hampshire State Senator Scott McGilvray Dies

Strafford County Corrections Officer Accused Of Smuggling Heroin Into Jail

Veteran Homelessness 'Effectively' Ended in Nashua Area

UNH Scientists Launch Project to Assess Invasive Plants

N.H. Opioid Prescriber Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges

Made in New Hampshire: Manufacturing's Rise and Fall in Manchester

Long-Time New Hampshire Rep. Steve Vaillancourt Dies

The Hard Economics of Making Plush Toys in New Hampshire

N.H. House Speaker: Sununu's Full-Day Kindergarten Plan 'Another Expansion Of Government'

Want to Make Science Interesting? Try YouTube!

Manchester's Childhood Trauma Response Program Attracts International Interest

Trump, Trade, and New Hampshire Manufacturing

UNH Poll: 43% of N.H. Residents Think Scientists Alter Findings to Suit Agenda

Survey: N.H. Top Place to Retire to in U.S.

Manchester Officers Credited With Saving Man's Life In Department Lobby

How An $821K Bequest Divided The Small Town Of Troy, N.H.
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on April 01, 2017, 10:06:03 pm
UPDATE: (I overlooked this yesterday when I posted the previous post)
New Hampshire Bill Would Defend Cryptocurrencies
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on April 15, 2017, 06:22:35 pm
Liberty Lobby: HB 614 would prevent seized assets under $100,000 from being transferred to the federal government

Manchester Marine Veteran Pays $75 Parking Fine in Pennies; Cop Lies to Cameraman

Marple charged for driving without license argued court has no jurisdiction over him

Liberty Lobby: Opposing HB 580 to regulate fantasy sports websites operating in New Hampshire

NH Bitcoiners Speak to Senate Committee About Bitcoin Protection Bill

Reasons Libertarians are Migrating to NH

Between VT And N.H., Police Reporting Of Unauthorized Immigrants Varies Dramatically

Bill Would 'Effectively Criminalize' Legitimate New Hampshire Voters

Hassan Bill Would Ease Student Debt Burden On Entrepreneurs

Lebanon Approves Policy Banning Discrimination Of Transgender Workers

Pope Dismisses New Hampshire Priest Who Embezzled Money

What Happens When New Hampshire's Lawmakers Are Too Busy For the Job?

Bill Would Let N.H. Parents Use State Funds For Private Or Home Schools

Despite Six-Figure Salaries, N.H. Struggles to Attract Enough Tech Workers

N.H. Senate Weighs Whether to Loosen State's Marijuana Laws

N.H. Businesses May Have More Tax Cuts To Look Forward To

School Voucher Opponent: N.H. Bill Is Unconstitutional, Bad For Public Schools
[Public Schools are bad for students]

In The Most Yankee of Traditions, A 'Repair Café' Launches in Peterborough

Ruling Could Allow More DCYF Lawsuits To Be Tried In Public
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on May 01, 2017, 10:23:19 pm
Liberty Lobby: Cannabis, Drones etc

Manchester Activists Protest US Syria Strikes

NH 420 Rally Broadcasts Civil Disobedience

4/20: State Representatives Smoke Cannabis at NH State House with Crowd of 100+

Business Owner Arrested for Crossing Street at DUI Checkpoint in Manchester

Liberty Lobby: Jury Nullification & Voting

Unemployment Stays Low, Giving Job Seekers More Leverage

N.H. Commissioner On DCYF Overhaul

GOP's 'House Freedom Caucus' To Create Political Action Committee

After Its Busiest Winter Yet, Keene Homeless Shelter Seeks Bigger Space

Money to Fight Opioid Epidemic Coming to N.H.

Keene Adds Transgender Protections to City Anti-Discrimination Policy

N.H. Continues To Make Millions Off Alcohol, But Spends Little To Curb Impact

Former N.H. State Rep. Suing Her Phillips Andover Teacher Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Keene Designers Imagine the Infrastructure Behind Electric Vehicles

Synthetic opioid carfentanil was found in the blood of three NH residents who died from overdoses

Documentary on N.H. Primary Takes on Media and Its Consumers

Officials Plan Dye Testing in Oyster River
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on May 15, 2017, 09:27:32 pm
Contrary 85 y.o. State Rep. Dick Marple Trial for “Driving After Suspension”

Liberty Lobby Videos: Hemp, E-Cigs etc

Keene Democrat State Rep. Joseph Stallcop Flips to Libertarian, Making History!

74% of NH Senate Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis & Governor Promises to Sign!

Portsmouth Launches New Bike Share Program

Cartels Getting Creative When It Comes To Getting Drugs Into N.H.

Instruments Designed By Dartmouth Engineering Students Debut New Composition

Operator Behind Fatal Tent Collapse In Lancaster To Pay $15K Fine

New Investment Fund to Put Money Behind N.H. Startups

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly On Russian Hacks, WikiLeaks, & The Rise of Weaponized Information (NPR helps do the weaponizing, i.e. propaganda)

Two N.H. Residents Charged In Human Trafficking Sting

State Survey Finds No Links Connecting String of Rare Cancer Cases on Seacoast

N.H. House Reps to Have Public Hearings on Members' Online Behaviors

Substance Misuse in N.H. Takes $2.3 Billion Toll on State's Economy

Hanover Voters To Decide Zoning Change Pushed By 2 Banned Fraternities

In Manchester, Combining Social Work and Police Work to Help Troubled Kids

A.G.'s Office Focused on getting the powerful synthetic opioid Carfentanil off the streets

ACLU: N.H. Violated Voters' Rights By Tossing Some Absentee Ballots

Democratic State Lawmaker Defends Tweets At Heated Hearing (Are lawmakers against free speech?)

Conservative LGBT Rights Group Gets Off The Ground In N.H.

How Healthy are New Hampshire's Lakes? Check the Data

N.H. Foster Care System Faces Surge In Children Needing Homes And Dearth Of Foster Families (Opportunity for pedophiles?)

State Rep Calls State Oversight of Hampton Beach 'Tyrannical'

Quebec Manufacturer Announces Plans to Expand to Berlin, N.H.

UNH Police Investigate Swastika Drawings Found On Campus (probably drawn by democrats as false flag)

N.H.’s Newest Arboretum
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 01, 2017, 10:01:11 pm
Forty Years of Sex Abuse Catalogued at Elite NH Prep School of Kerry, Mueller

The Shire Dude Show Is Back

Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day + Makerspace, Golf Course, Jiu Jitsu Businesses Now Accepting Bitcoin in Keene!

Artists And Activists Gather In Manchester’s Underground Club

Manchester Police Investigating Officer Charged In Hit And Run

New England Dragway to Pay At Least $100,000 for Wetland Protection Violations

Misogynistic [?] Reddit forum known as The Red Pill, has resigned from the New Hampshire house

Portsmouth's Pick to Lead Police Department is Accused of Assault in Civil Lawsuit

Hassan Steps Up Absurd Calls for Investigations Into Comey Dismissal, Russian Election Interference

Incidents at UNH Force Difficult Dialogue About Race and Diversity

Kellyanne Conway Tells Trump's Supporters To Ignore Ignorant Critics

N.H. Gun Maker Sued By State of New Jersey Over Defective Guns

Report Details Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct By St. Paul's School Faculty

Electric Gets More Affordable as Chevy Bolt Hits The Road

Labrie Asks N.H. Court To Review Law That Labels Him A Sex Offender

Carfentanil Confirmed as Cause of Six Overdose Deaths in N.H.

Spread of Liberal Conspiracy Theories a 'Worrisome' Trend

In Lisbon, NH, Outsiders have been run out of town, while the local government faced a small-scale coup

N.H. Fed., Local Authorities Weigh In On The Dumbass 'War On Drugs'

Grandparents To Get Priority In Custody Cases Involving Substance Abuse

Bill Ensures Integrity of N.H.'s Voting Process

Marijuana Decriminalization Set to Become Law in N.H.

New Hampshire Poised to Join States With Fetal Homicide Laws
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 16, 2017, 10:05:52 am
The Power of Cop Blocking With Large Numbers of People

NH Governor Signs Bill Protecting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency From Regulation!

Oppressive Regimes Threatened By Free Satellite Signals – Help LRN.FM Fund More Via Patreon!

Bicyclist Traveling From Florida to New Hampshire NOW!

New Hampshire’s First Vending Machine to Offer DASH

Former FSP President Performs Stand-up

Eat Dessert First! Fri, June 16, 12am – Sat, June 17, 12am (map)
My annual Eat Dessert First event in memory of Hardy. It's a public event. Feel free to invite anyone you wish.

PorcFest 2017, Wed, June 21, 9am – Sun, June 25, 12pm
Roger's Campground & Motel (map)
The 14th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival!
PorcFest is an annual liberty camping event organized by the Free State Project. We hope you will join us for the festivities in Northern New Hampshire at Roger’s Campground for the most exciting liberty event of the year! See you there!

NH Liberty Central Calendar

Marijuana Decriminalization Set to Become Law in N.H.

N.H. Lawmaker Charged With Tax Evasion, Theft From Businesses

What Happens When Dartmouth Students and Incarcerated Women Meet

Expensive Bike Sharing Program Launches in Manchester

State Supreme Court Sides with Towns in Dispute Over Utility Taxes

Regulators to Hold Public Meeting on Safety at Seabrook Nuclear Plant

Opponents of Antrim Wind Project Appeal to Supreme Court (They should contact )

Groundbreaking Held For Largest Development Project in N.H. History

Five Strafford County Jail Inmates Apparently Suffered Overdoses

Council Approves Contract to Review Rapidly-Closed DCYF Cases

Firecrackers Now Legal (And For Sale) In New Hampshire

Resurrected Derry Farmers Market Aims To Be An 'Event For Downtown'

Drinking Water in Windham Shows Elevated Levels of PFCs

Digging Up Evidence of New Hampshire's Earliest Inhabitants

Since their son died from an apparent fentanyl overdose in 2015, educating others about the importance of safely disposing of extra medication [poison]

The History of Conscription & The Current Debate Over Reviving The Draft

Seacoast 'Experiment' Combines Solar Electricity and Efficiency Efforts

Ballot Law Commission Grants Libertarian Candidate a Spot in N.H. House Special Election

One Dead After Police Shooting at State Liquor Store in Hampton

Organ Donation: New Developments, Common Misconceptions, And Ever-Present Need

VA to LGBTQ Veterans: You're Welcome Here
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 30, 2017, 03:35:50 pm
Free State Project EXPOSED! [Fake News] How Libertarians Took Over New Hampshire

Third Sitting New Hampshire State Rep Flips to Libertarian Party!

Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail

Bitcoin Hits Front Page of Monadnock Shopper News, Delivered to 40,000 Homes in Cheshire County!

PorcFest is Over, Wha, Whaa, Whaaaaa

Needle Exchanges Are Now Legal In New Hampshire

At Bike Week, Health Groups Reach Out to Aging Bikers

Overdose Victims Now An Increasing Source Of Organ Donations

N.H. Nonprofits To Receive More Than $5 Million in Tax Credits [Taxes are theft]

Man Beats Woman Outside Rochester Planet Fitness, Punches Her 39 Times

Authorities Hope Video Of Dead Inmate Provides ID Clues

Nashua Expands Full-Day Kindergarten [pre-brainwashing] to All Elementary Schools

NH ACLU: Freedom Of Speech At Stake In Farmington Lawsuit

Marijuana Advocates Optimistic in Northeast Despite Setbacks

N.H. Sees Spike in Cases of Syphilis

N.H. Lawmaker Indicted For Theft, Tax Evasion [Taxes are theft]

N.H. Hair Braiders Enjoy New Freedom from Licensing Rules [Licensing are jackass laws]

Despite Risks, High Rate of Opioid Prescriptions For People With Mental Health Conditions [Most meds are poison]

Antiques Dealer's Lawsuit Over Swastika Facebook Post Raises Questions About Free Speech Online

N.H. Utilities Commission Lifts Limits on Solar Net-Metering

Sig Sauer Shooting Ranges Shut Down For Now After Bullet In Windshield

How Gerrymandering Skewed the 2016 Elections

Carfentanil Arrests on the Rise in New Hampshire

As News of Rape in Manchester School Becomes Public, Officials Explore New Policies

Police Investigating Sexual Assault at St. Paul's School

N.H. Officials: Overdose Responses Hit New High In June

Map: Which New Hampshire Towns Allow Fireworks?
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on July 15, 2017, 02:53:42 pm
The New Secessionists Declare Independence!

Bitcoin fees are WAY down! What happened, and why is virtually no one talking about it?

Patriotism Displayed At Somaliafest

Area Police Chief (Gilsum and Marlow) Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Multiple Rapes

The Jail Paper Keene’s Video Interview of Free Keene Founder, Ian Freeman

Keene Commits Civil Disobedience Against Feds By Painting Blue Line Down Marlboro St.

Stories from New Hampshire's Small Towns and Growing Cities

Beware of New Law to Ward Off Invasive Aquatic Species

New Law Will Require History and Civics Education in Public High Schools (Unschool!)

Political Parties and Data Firms Already Get N.H. Voters' Data

Theories Aplenty On Why Mental Health Patients Receive Greater Share of Opioid Prescriptions

Keene City Leaders Move to Sign on to [B.S.] Paris Climate Goals

Manchester Sees Drop In Violent Crimes

Laconia Sees Spike In Overdoses, Use Of Narcan

Jackass Shaheen says Report Of Trump Jr.'s Meeting With Russian Attorney 'Very Troubling' [or DNC Scam]

With Few Vacancies, Rental Prices Jump in New Hampshire

Sununu Signs Bill That Tightens Voter Identification Requirements

State Officials Investigating Use of Force in Keene Shooting

N.H. Law Enforcement Will Get More Money for Drug Interdiction

Gov. Sununu To Sign Full-Day Kindergarten Funding Bill [Suckers!]

Rochester Investigates Illegal Oil Dumping Into Sewer System

Is N.H.'s Craft Beer Hype Actually Brewing Big Business?

N.H. State Rep. Charged With Sexual Assault Of 16 Year-Old
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on August 02, 2017, 05:04:10 pm
NH Governor Signs Cannabis Decriminalization!

Manchester Bitcoin Vending Machine Adds DASH, Making NH #1 For DASH Vending

Raising Voluntary Children in Community

Poker Legalized In-Home in New Hampshire!

“Dash Force News” Covers New Hampshire’s Bitcoin, DASH Outreach

Libertarian [?] Activists Enforce Headlight Law

2017 Legislative Session Recap

When Crimes Happen at School, N.H. Law Doesn't Require Parental Notification

At Hampton Beach, a Long History of Disputes Between Town and State

N.H. Lawmaker Wants To Create Bill Of Rights For Foster Parents [SCAM for human trafficking]

Sununu Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

State Senate Special Election Candidates Weigh In On Opioid Crisis, Sanctuary Cities, & More

Transportation Officials Weighing Repairs for Bridge Connecting N.H. and Vermont

Facing Obamacare Scam Rate Hikes, Insurance Department Wants To Create A Scam 'Reinsurance Program'

Decriminalization Bill Includes Strong Teen Use Prevention

Gatsas Sues Detractors Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault Cover-Up

Give Election Commission a Chance Before Passing Judgment

Indigenous Community Airs Long-Standing Grievances at Northern Pass Hearing

Sununu: Over 1,600 State Regulations Are 'Unnecessary' - Need To Go

AG Says Police Justified in Use of Deadly Force in Hampton Shooting

Nine New Hampshire Towns Ban Smoking In Recreation Areas

Attorney General's Office Clarifies Voter ID Law Ahead Of Special Election

Fantasy Sports Are Now Officially Legal in N.H.

Anti-Panhandling Signs Go Up In Manchester

Attorney General Issues Reminders Ahead of State Senate Special Election

Mixed Feelings from Voters in Bow About Private Info Being Released to Washington

New Hampshire Ranks 27th In The Country For Bike-Friendliness; Cyclists Think We Can Do Better

N.H.'s Water Quality Activists Hail Vermont Settlement

Eversource and National Grid, Among Others, Competing for Mass. Energy Contracts

Giving Food Stamp Recipients a Place at Farmers Markets

Why Does N.H. Still Require Annual Car Inspections?

With New Biotech Institute, Manchester Aims to Be Hub for Regenerative Medicine
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on August 15, 2017, 11:43:57 pm
Bitcoin Breaks Record High, Now Over $3,200 After Risky “Fork” into Competing “Bitcoin Cash”

NH Hempfest Documentary Released Free Online!

Robin Hood of Keene

N.H. Job Market Expected to Grow for Everyone but Teachers

N.H. Vehicle Inspection Stickers About to Get a Makeover

191 Year-Old Building to Be Torn Down in New Hampton

Hanover Seizes Land From Longtime Resident

Recreational Fishing Companies Say New Restrictions are Blow to Business

In Battle to Fix Vilas Bridge, History and Passion Can't Compete with Bottom Line

After Promising to Solve Opioid Crisis, N.H. Advocates Waiting for Trump to Reach Out

Investment Banker Pleads Guilty To Defrauding Man Of $2M

Antrim Wind Farm Proposal Headed to State Supreme Court

Border Commission Awards More Than $2.2M For New Hampshire Projects

Nashua Aldermen To Discuss Keno, Could Be Before Voters As Early As November

N.H. Files Suit Against Purdue Pharma for Alleged Role in Opioid Crisis

N.H. AG: Keene Police Shooting Justified

Judge says Mike Gill's Controversial Signs In Manchester Must Go

Trump Says He Intends To Declare Opioid Crisis National Emergency

Manchester Weighs Smoking Ban in Parks

U.S. Dept. of Energy Recommends Permit Approval for Northern Pass

N.H. Campaign Finance Activists to March for 'Granny D' in Dublin

Trump Now Says Counterprotesters Also [ENTIRELY] To Blame For Charlottesville [Yes, the Media Totally Lied]

White Nationalist Who Participated In Charlottesville Clashes Lives In Keene
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on September 01, 2017, 11:01:09 pm
The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell

Decentralized Freedom Festivals Rise in Friendly Competition to Porcfest 2017

Recent NH Cannabis Freedom Festival 2017!

State Rep from Keene, NH Promises Full Body Wax if $50,000 Raised for Hurricane Victims (What will be proof that the victims receive it?)

67% of NH Cannabis Freedom Festival Attendees Score Libertarian on Quiz

NH Blogger Rails Against Border Patrol Checkpoints, Calls Out Libertarians

Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth is screening Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 7pm

Manchester Likely to File Its Own Lawsuit Against Opioid Companies

N.H.'s Medical Marijuana Sellers Are Preparing For A Major Uptick In Customers

N.H. GOP Headquarters Vandalized With 'Nazis' Graffiti

City Officials Say Portsmouth's New Bike Sharing Program Is A Success

In Keene, Charlottesville Connection Greeted with Discomfort and Dismay

N.H. State Rep. Charged with Assaulting Local Gun Activist

Merrimack County to Soon Launch a Drug Court Program

Construction to Begin on New Drug Treatment Facility in the North Country [for profit, not health]

Indonesian Christians Face Trump's Deportation Crackdown

Transgender Military Ban Raises Concern at VA

Are Roundabouts Becoming More Common in N.H.?

'Be the Light' Vigil Draws Crowd in Keene After Charlottesville Unrest

N.H. Attorney General Warns Of Harvey Assistance Scams

Manchester, Laconia See Spike In Overdoses

N.H. Fish & Game Back In Spotlight For 'North Woods Law' Season 2

Communities Hold Vigils For Those Lost To State's Drug Epidemic
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on September 15, 2017, 08:40:14 pm
Victimless Crime Spree Comes to the Big Screen… Again!

Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell: Exclusive Interview From Jail Cell

Free NH Documentary Screening on 9/17 in Portsmouth to Feature Q&A, Poster Raffle

Dartmouth Seeks to Clarify Stance on Free Speech, Antifa Connection

ICE Orders Deportation for Indonesian Immigrants in N.H.

As The Northeast Gets Wetter, N.H. Faces Critical Need To Fix Aging Infrastructure

Epsom School Board Votes Down Removal Of Mural Showing Confederate Flag

Data on Out-of-State IDs Fuels Cries of 'Fraud' in 2016 Election

You Asked, We Answered: Can You Get Away with Murder in N.H.'s Unincorporated Towns [or get away with no zoning fees etc]?

You Asked, We Answered: Why Are So Many N.H. Towns Split Up Into Villages?

New Hampshire Observes 9/11 Anniversary [See 9/11 Simplified: Israel carried out the attacks: ]

Court Strikes Down Manchester's Anti-Panhandling Law

Outside Groups Target N.H. As Key Battleground In Fight Over Voting Rights

UNH Report Outlines Efforts to Address Incidents of 'Hate and Racism'
[The Politically Crackt are Haters of Free Speech]

SNHU Invests in New Center for Refugees, Immigrants [& Politicians]

Judge Allows N.H. Voting Law To Take Effect, But Blocks Penalties

Republican State Rep.: Out-of-State Students Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote In N.H.

After Viral Facebook Post, Keene Officials to Address Public Substance Abuse at Forum

N.H. Unemployment Remains Low as Businesses Struggle To Fill Jobs

Just How Well Is New Hampshire's Economy Doing? [Too Many Regulations on Small Business]

State Commission Considers Right-to-Know Law Reform

New Hampshire Has The Highest Median Income in the U.S.

Even New Hampshire is Considering a Pitch for Amazon's Second HQ

Makeup of N.H. VA Task Force Announced, Some Whistleblowers Say They Were Shut Out of Process

Childhood Poverty is Down in New Hampshire, But Pockets of Poverty Persist

N.H. Students [prisoners] Will Face New Standardized [brainwashing] Test Next Spring

Electric Car Event Taking Place In Durham

Local Police to Get Funds to Target Opioid Drug Dealers [politicians & med co's?]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on October 01, 2017, 02:04:05 pm
Keene Mayoral Debate set for Sept 27 [Sorry, you missed it, maybe]

Grand Opening & Free Talk Live Broadcast from Shoppe

Portsmouth Smoke and Vape | Bitcoin Preferred!

Keene Mayoral Debate – 2017

Ridley Sics Garret Ean on NH State House

Why Does Portsmouth Shut Down at 9 p.m.?

N.H.'s Marijuana Decriminalization Law Now In Effect, But Do People Know Pot's Still Illegal?

Brentwood Moves From Fossil Fuels Toward Solar Energy

Some N.H. Schools Are Not Up To Speed for Online Learning

Durham Establishes 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'

Hassan Introduces $1,000 Tax Credit Bill

N.H. Gets Creative to Curb Ongoing Opioid Crisis

Portsmouth Bans 'Synthetic Toxic Pesticides' in Public Spaces

As Drug Death Tally Rises, Fentanyl (And Other Dangerous Analogues) Play A Leading Role

Lacking A Voice in the Legislature, N.H. Millennials Get An Official 'Advisory Council'

At N.H. Statehouse, New Citizens Welcomed to the 'Great Melting Pot of America'

Mayor Presents Plan to Bring Commuter Rail Service to N.H.

UNH App Designed To Prevent Sexual Assault Goes National

Metal Company Expanding in Former Paper Mill Plant

Amid Amazon Bid Talk: Amazon's PAC Donations to New Hampshire Politicians

State Sends Mixed Signals to N.H. Towns on Rules for Removing Voters from Checklists

Nashua Granted Another $260K for Anti-Drug Enforcement

Sununu Says Trump's Tax Plan Would Help State Residents

At the Peterborough Library, A Celebration of Banned Books

Medical and Biotech Industries Grow in N.H. Despite Workforce Challenges

DUPED Jury Awards Record-Breaking $274 Million in Manchester Billboard Defamation Case [Gill is likely correct about the corruption; this is likely a coverup]

Belmont Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Wanted On Warrant Outside Gas Station
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on October 15, 2017, 08:21:06 pm
NH Documentary “Victimless Crime Spree” Celebrates Five Years – Q&A With Director & Producer

Shielded ZCash Transaction at NH Retail Store

NHHRC Takes to the Streets for Drug-Related Harm Reduction

Keene “Sanctuary City” Resolution Hearing – Full Video

Belmont Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Wanted On Warrant Outside Gas Station

1,200 [uselessly?] Walk For Mental Health Awareness As Record Numbers Wait in N.H. ERs

To One N.H. Fiscal Hawk, Cameras in Committee Rooms Would Be Money Well Spent

Eight Arrested During Latest Immigration Checkpoint in White Mountains

Medical Examiner Says Man Fatally Shot Himself During Officer-Involved Shooting

Plan For New [corrupt] Drug Rehab Center in Keene Draws Opposition

Manchester VA Whistleblower Announces Bid for Congress

Council Focuses on Concerns of Millennials in N.H.

One Woman's Quest To Help With Food And Family In Puerto Rico

Top Democrat in N.H. House Wants to Ban 'Bump Stocks' for Guns

N.H. Gun Shop Owner: 'We Need to Self-Regulate As A Gun Industry, As A Gun Culture'

Broad Jurisdiction Of U.S. Border Patrol Raises Concerns About Racial Profiling

UNH Team to Develop Training for Students in Responding to Sexual Violence

Millennial in a Tipi – One PSU Senior’s Experiment in Sustainability

State, EPA Differ on Public Health Risk from Seacoast Superfund Site

Watchdog Group Allowed to Weigh In on Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Review

PFC Blood Tests in Merrimack Find Levels Higher than General Population

Massachusetts Trooper Accused of Beating Man Says He Was Trying to Cuff Suspect

Pair of Lawsuits Challenging N.H. Voter Law are Merged

As Rural Doctor Surrenders License, Patients Wonder: "Where Am I Supposed to Go?" [Try a chiropractor or other alternative doctor, much healthier & cheaper]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on October 31, 2017, 08:50:14 pm
Keene State College Cracks Down on Students During Pumpkin Fest, Banning Visitors

Bitcoin Surpasses $100 BILLION Total Value, Despite Looming Schisms

What Happened to

Police say they've arrested seven people in an ongoing effort to break up the drug trade in Nashua

Marijuana Study Group Holds First N.H. Meeting

Report Claims New England Electricity Consumers Overpaid By Billions

UNH's 'Social Innovation Challenge' is Looking for Applicants

New Hampshire May Get a Free Commuter Rail Line

House Committee Rejects Late Filing of Anti-Bump Stocks Bill

Outcry From Child Care Community Sinks State's Attempt to Overhaul Licensing Rules

N.H. Marijuana Legalization Study

N.H. Lifts Ban on Medicaid Coverage for Sex Reassignment Surgery

2017 Black New England Conference Focuses on Science and Race

How Millions Of Opioid Doses Ended Up In American Hands

In Merrimack, Homework No Longer Counts as a Graded Assignment [for young slaves]

Help NHPR Report on the Cost of Living in New Hampshire

N.H. Officials to Discuss Trade Relations with Canada at Forum

Defense in Flour Sack Swastika Defamation Case Seeks State Supreme Court Review

After 15 Years in US, Man from Brazil Fighting Deportation

Trump Singles Out Manchester Program In Opioid Crisis Speech

10 Tips For Surviving An Extended Power Outage

West High School [day prison] in Manchester To Be Reimagined Thanks to $300k Grant
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on November 15, 2017, 11:23:20 am
New Bitcoin Vending Competitor Installs Machines in Keene, Manchester!

NH Committee to Study Cryptocurrency – 2017 Meeting Video

Bitcoin Not Forking Again After All?

N.H. Residents Support Increased Gas Tax for Infrastructure Needs

Opioids & Motherhood: A Sadly Familiar Addiction Story

Judge Orders Release of Seacoast Indonesian Immigrant Detained by ICE

What's Up With That 'Chicken Farmer I Still Love You' Rock?

Commission Recommends Changes to New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Appeal Process

As N.H. Voters Head to Polls, Proof of Residence Voting Law Remains In Limbo

Kentucky Group Gives Western Mass. A Lesson On Coal Country

State Elections Website Riddled With Errors As Voters Head to the Polls

How Trump’s ‘America First’ Trade Policy Is Reshaping N.H.’s Lumber Industry

Steve Bannon Claims N.H. Voter Fraud and Pitches Party Unity

Number of B.S. Reported Hate Crimes Surges in New Hampshire

N.H. FAKE White Nationalist Stays Active With Podcast Recorded From Jail

Shaheen, Hassan Introduce Bill to Change Opioid Grant Funding [Aren't they big profiteers from the epidemic?]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2017, 02:34:22 pm


NH Rep Ellen Read recently sponsored CACR19, a state constitutional amendment that would guarantee local community rights


Barrington NH Declaration of "Independence"

Free Town Requirements

New Hampshire Community Rights Network

Why we must amend the NH Constitution

Ohio Community Rights Action Example

Pennsylvania Community Rights Action Example
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on November 30, 2017, 02:21:58 pm

[I'm repeating this important recent news item]
NH Rep Ellen Read recently sponsored CACR19, a state constitutional amendment that would guarantee local community rights (Free Towns!)

Libertarian Elected in Manchester: Voting is Palliative

The Schmidts, Prominent Libertarianism Haters, Foreclosed On, Leave Trashed House
[Personally, I think Haters is a fad word that has little meaning. It's an exaggeration, similar to the way some women accuse men of abuse. Certainly, plenty of men are truly abusive, but many are also wrongly accused, due to exaggeration or misinterpretation of their words or actions. A much more accurate word than Haters is probably Opponents. If someone hates you, you imagine they want to harm or kill you. If they oppose you, you just imagine they have different ideas than you and there's no suggestion that they want to harm you. Maybe the Schmidts really are haters, but it's still better to call them opponents, because you may otherwise be perceived as exaggerating.]

Note: I don't post news in favor of cults, like Muslims, Mormons, & other brainwashing groups.

Two Newspaper Appearances in One Day! [re libertarian activist]

Brandon Pinney Victorious in Court in Free Speech Case vs NH State Police

Dash Contractor Points Remittance Users to Crypto ATMs

Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine Becomes Cryptocurrency Vending Machine, Adds DASH!

DUI Checkpoint Activism + College Know-Your-Rights Outreach

NH Family Buys Luxury SUV with Digital Cash, Bitcoin

Job Fair in Portsmouth Centered Around Drug Recovery Community

State Police Report Says Phillips Exeter Deans Failed to Report Sexual Assault Case

Local Zoning Rules Tied To Affordable Housing Shortage In Rural N.H.

Debate Continues Over Marijuana Legalization In New Hampshire

N.H. Voters More Concerned About Fraud Around The U.S. Than At Home [slanted poll or legit?]

Amtrak Train Crashes Into GPS-using Car on Tracks in East Kingston

Corporate-controlled FDA to Block Shipments of Kratom, a Dietary Supplement Popular in N.H.

N.H. Officials Likely to Opt Out of National First Responder Network

Belmont Officer Was Justified In Using Deadly Force In Gas Station Incident [I'm sure they're always so justified]

Haitians Living In N.H. Don't Have Homes To Return To

Hunter Shoots Mountain Biker In Hopkinton Park

N.H. Firefighter Behind ‘Safe Station’ Also Combats Drug Stigma

Main Streets around New Hampshire Gearing Up for Small Business Saturday [slightly outdated news, I guess, but maybe a good idea]

Marijuana Legalization: N.H. Banks Weigh 'Reputation Risk'

Cog Railway's New Mt. Washington Trail Is Illegal

How Guns from N.H. Ended Up in the Hands of the Indonesian Secret Service

Manchester to Pay $275,000 to Settle Civil Rights Case [Jackasses arrested a person for filming them]

GOP Tax Bill Would Hurt N.H. Homeowners By Eliminating Property Tax Deduction

In SCOTUS Cell Phone Data Case, New Hampshire AG Sides With Warrant-Free Searches [AG is anti-constitutional]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on December 16, 2017, 12:12:50 am
Vermin Supreme Sues City of Concord over Free Speech Denial

VIDEO: Vermin Supreme’s Pony Protest Outside Hillary’s Book Signing in Concord

Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference a Huge Success

All Cryptocurrencies Set Record $420 Billion Market Cap as NH Retailers Launch DASH Acceptance

Concord Monitor Runs Another Story on Bitcoin

Full Video of First-Ever Free State Blockchain Conference

NHCLU Files Motion Challenging Border Patrol Checkpoints!

Small Argument at VA Meeting Highlights Big Rift Between Whistleblowers, Leadership

Construction Co. Fined For Portsmouth Workers' Mercury Exposure

Small New Hampshire Towns Struggle to Keep Police Chiefs

Manchester Settles Panhandling Lawsuit for $89K

Proposes Gas Pipeline To Run From N.H. Seacoast To Manchester

Vermin Supreme Hosts 'Pony Parade' Protest Outside Clinton Event In Concord

N.H. Churches to Participate in Active Shooter Training

Analysis Points to 2 Conflicts of Interest in N.H.

Homelessness Among Families On The Rise In N.H.

Manchester's Safe Station Inspires Program in Providence, R.I.

Border Patrol Checkpoints On I-93 Violated N.H. Constitution

Jury Finds Man Not Guilty in Plainfield Murder-For-Hire Case

Convicted Murderer at 17, Fights to Get Out 26 Years Later

N.H. Creates Civil Rights Unit to Combat Discrimination

New Civil Rights Unit Shows 'Value of Inclusion, Safety, Equity'

N.H.'s Prescription Drug Monitoring Is a Mess
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on December 31, 2017, 10:16:38 pm
An Open Letter to Crypto-Wealthy Libertarians, Voluntarists, and Anarchists

Ron Paul Signs the Shire Society Declaration

Democrat-turned-Libertarian State Rep Speaks at Keene State College

Keene Recognized as Top Bitcoin City by

Feature Article on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Runs in NH’s Largest Newspaper

The Rundown: Civil Rights, N.H. Jobs

Former Colorado Marijuana 'Czar' To Address N.H. Panel

Hundreds of Books From Upper Valley Headed to Library in Liberia [Africa]

The Debate Over N.H. Toll Hikes

N.H.'s Largest Solar Array Near Completion In Moultonborough

To Understand Great Bay’s Decline (and How to Stop It), Start on the Water

UNH Report Raises Alarm Over Rise in Opioid Dependency Among Newborns

Don't Worry, But a Giant Blob of Hot Rock is Forming Under New England [causing global warming]

Portsmouth Settles Lawsuit With Former 'Whistleblower' Police Officer

New Tech Helps Guide People With Vision Loss [Portsmouth]

Sununu Puts the Brakes on Potential Toll Increases in N.H.

N.H. Has Third Highest Drug Overdose Death Rate in the U.S.

In Manchester, More Than 70 Homeless Families Report Living In Cars and Tents

Nashua Becomes Second N.H. City to Take Opioid Companies to Court

What's Going On With The Farm-To-Table Movement In N.H.?

State Trooper Involved in Fatal Shooting in Canaan

Suspected Meteor Blazes Across New England

Renewed Push To Raise New Hampshire's Marriage Age
[Marriage Licenses are Stupid, are for Suckers]

Bedbugs Found at Manchester VA

Marijuana Policy To Be Debated At N.H. Statehouse

Domestic Migration Fuels N.H. Population Growth

N.H. Lawmakers To Weigh Future Of "Current Use" Property Tax

Officials Check On N.H. Elderly During Severe Cold

'Agritourism' Bill Would Make It Easier For N.H. Farms To Host Events

Why Do All New Hampshire Bars Have To Sell Food?

Prepaying Taxes May Not Help New Hampshire Residents [Most Taxes Are Theft]

Why Are Liquor Laws In New Hampshire So Weird?
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on January 15, 2018, 02:57:01 pm

(I won't report on any Muslim, or Mormon, or other religious or cult BS anti-liberty news here, except to report threats. So there's nothing from FreeKeene this time.)

Community Calendar

NH Liberty Forum 2018 coming Feb 8-10
Welcome speakers Veronique de Rugy, Will Wilkinson, Gilles Bissonnette, Brett Veinotte, Carla Gericke, and Lyn Ulbricht!

Free State Project January 1 at 11:01am ·
Happy New Year to all of you! As a special gift, we have a sale for you! Save $20.18 on your Liberty Forum 2018 tickets with coupon code 'newyear18'! Check it out here

Séamas Ó Scalaidhe: After I bought our house (Team Porcupine Real Estate was our agent) for about $45K less than its assessed value I filed an application for a property tax abatement and knocked about $500 off our taxes. Market value is a good argument but backing it up with comparative property values is a good idea. If you apply for a mortgage you will have the comps from the assessor.

- Free State Project January 2 at 8:43am - Learn about property tax abatement in New Hampshire.
- January 3 at 7:57am - Matt Philips stepped down as FSP President; Rachel Goldsmith Interim Executive Director
- January 3 at 8:12am - Carla Gericke - Exciting news! Matt Philips contributions and remaining on board; Rachel Goldsmith new role
- January 4 at 6:05am - When you join New Hampshire's liberty community, you gain a ton of inspiring friends.
- January 7 - Bill Walker - Marijuana legalization vote is tomorrow
- January 7 at 10:27am - John Stark - Battle of Bennington - Our ‘astonishing success’ taught the enemies of liberty that undisciplined freemen are superior to veteran slaves”
- January 9 at 6:55am - Rhonda Lambert, uber volunteer, FSP volunteer coordinator, information booth at PorcFest: meet at Liberty Forum 2018
- January 9 at 9:58am - IS WELFARE STATE GOOD OR BAD FOR LIBERTY? Will Wilkinson vs Veronique de Rugy:
- January 12 at 3:30pm - New Hampshire #1 in 'Freedom in the 50 States' Index; liberty advocates in business, government and charity
- January 14 at 10:00am - Free Ross​ to Liberty Forum for recent developments in Ross's case

N.H. Business Tax Rates Will Decrease In 2018

24-Hour Warming Centers Open in Rochester, Londonderry

New Bill Would Add More Oversight for Homeschool Students In N.H. [Damn states, leave people alone!]

N.H. Funeral Director Committed to Ending Distracted Driving

Cold Weather Has New Hampshire Plumbers In High Demand

Broadcast Journalism Too Often 'A Little Scrap Of Something That Might Be News'

Sure You've Seen A UFO? Think Again

Cold Drives Demand For N.H. Programs That Help With Heating Bills

Keene White Nationalist Christopher Cantwell Sues Witnesses Who Testified Against Him

N.H. Senate Passes Bill to Redefine 'Residency' for Voting

Trump Grants Disaster Aid To New Hampshire For Fall Storms

N.H. Lawmaker Resigns Amidst Theft, Tax Evasion Charges

N.H. House Approves Controversial School Choice Bill

Those In Urgent Need During Cold Snap Can Call 2-1-1

N.H. Corrections Chief Focused on Staffing, a New Women's Prison, Inmate Services

DCYF Had Backlog of More Than 2,000 Cases

Bookstore in Downtown Manchester to Serve as Community Gathering Place
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on January 31, 2018, 02:46:58 pm

Liberty Lobby 2018: Keene’s worst state rep proposed a bill to restrict open carry in multiple places statewide

The Unhidden Front Door to State Overreach: School Vouchers

Liberty Lobby 2018: Proposals for drug defelonization, and abolishing DUI checkpoints

Free Keene YouTube channel
Week 3 - Approval Voting
Week 3 - Ranked Choice Voting System
Week 3 - Partially Undoing Cannabis Decrim
Week 3 - Stopping Police Militarization
Week 2 - Wider Drug Defelonization
Week 2 - Annulment of Cannabis Convictions
Week 2 - Drug Defelonization
Week 2 - Abolishing DUI Checkpoints
Week 1 - Adding Civil Liberties to Human Rights Commission
Week 1 - Prostitution Penalties
Week 1 - Revenge Porn Sex Offender List
Week 1 - Constitutional Amendment For Privacy
Week 1 - Proposed Open Carry Restrictions
Week 1 - Legalizing Concealed Carry on College Campuses
Week 1 - Abolishing Personal Driver Licensing

Testimony on Homeschool Regulation Bill

Bill to prevent police from acquiring any equipment not available on the open market

What Can N.H. Expect Once Vermont Legalizes Marijuana?

University Brainwashing System Expands Free Tuition Program for Qualifying In-State Students

Gov. Sununu Changes Position On Bringing Commuter Rail To N.H.

N.H.'s Unemployment Down, But So Is Number Of Workers

Rivals For Mass. Clean-Energy Contracts Await Decision Day

Globalist Amazon Says 'Nope' To New Hampshire Luckily

N.H. House and Senate Need to Approve Study for Commuter Rail to Move Forward

Cancer Cluster Commission Homes In On Coakley Landfill Cleanup

Solar Array at Phillips Exeter Academy Among N.H.’s Largest

Vermont Governor Signs Recreational Marijuana Law

Dover, Rochester, Somersworth Mayors Team Up to Address Homelessness

N.H. Lawmakers Consider Lowering Drinking Age to 20 [better to have no age limit]

Sununu Backs Bill Aimed At State Government Reform

Can You Build A Downtown From Scratch? Londonderry, N.H. Is Going To Find Out

N.H. Debates: How Young Is Too Young To Get Married?

Some N.H. Solar Installers Say Trump's New Tariff Is Bad For Business

After Surge In Meth Arrests, Merrimack Officials To Vote On Creating Police Drug Unit

N.H.'s Plan for 'Every Student Succeeds Act' Gets Fed Stamp Of Approval [probably the usual authoritarian BS]

N.H. Projects In The Running for Major Clean Energy Contracts in Mass.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Conducts Security Training against terrorism

New Hampshire Population Boomlet: What's It Mean? [How much is due to FSP? They don't say]

What role will smaller projects will play in the future of the grid?

Unlikely Foes Of State House Gun Bill: N.H. Gun Rights Groups

Statehouse Rally, Public Hearing Set for Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill

New Business Coalition To Push For Commuter Rail In New Hampshire

N.H. Judge Reduces Sentence of Juvenile Lifer

New Industrial Uses For New Hampshire Trees?

Governor's Millennial Council May Take a Stand on Voting Rights, Transgender Issues and More
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on February 01, 2018, 04:18:12 pm
(Previous message was posted yesterday: Click here: .)

- February 1 at 1:45PM? - Liberty Forum is next week! Although the hotel is sold out, we have a block at a nearby hotel where last minute bookers can book. Go to for more information, and get your tickets to see an awesome selection of speakers, including Liberty Ladies like Lyn Ulbricht (Free Ross), Carla Gericke, Veronique de Rugy, and Stephanie Murphy. There’s going to be a bunch of brilliant guys there too ;)
- January 16 at 11:24am - "A monumental battle over federal power, state sovereignty, and individual liberty played out on Thursday in a small courtroom filled with law enforcement officers and casual marijuana users." Gilles Bissonnette, the ACLU of New Hampshire's Legal Director, "delivered a rousing defense of New Hampshire’s right to protect individuals within its borders. 'What this case is about,' he told the judge, 'is the integrity of the New Hampshire Constitution.'" Read more here:
- Join Gilles at Liberty Forum 2018 for a discussion of his work to protect and expand liberties in NH. Register here:
- Scott Lancaster I've been through that very checkpoint years ago, it went like this: "Hi, I'm officer so-and-so, are you a US Citizen?"...See More
- January 17 at 4:15pm Mike Green - I support border patrol and their federal function 100 %
- January 18 at 5:17pm - She starts about about 5:10 or so here:
- January 19 at 6:02am - What happens when a parent wants to try unschooling but their loved ones object? James Davis, an unschooling father from New Hampshire's seacoast, offers ideas on navigating this challenging situation. Unschooling – Convincing Your Partner and Family to Buy In - How do you talk about unschooling with concerned friends and family? James Davis shares his approach.
- January 19 at 6:45am - Joseph Brown - I just tell them to quiz the kids. ...See More
- January 19 at 7:48am - ... it wasn't until I begged them to STOP quizzing my kids that they realized how much they really knew ...See More
- January 22 at 5:31am - Liberty Forum 2018​ is proud to present a Free Screening of The Heroin Effect​, an award-winning documentary on the opioid crisis, featuring a discussion with Director Michael Venn, who received the Filmmaker of the Year Award at the 2017 New Hampshire Film Festival. Please consider bringing a warm coat to donate. Saturday, February 10, at 9:15pm, The Radisson Downtown Manchester, Pemigewasset Room
- January 25 at 5:15am - In 2016, New Hampshire passed some of the best asset forfeiture protections in the land. Now, government officials are being held to task. Does this happen where you are? #BetheChange #MakeYourMove - The New Hampshire Attorney General's office announced Wednesday it has returned $2,361 in cash seized from a Rochester man during a traffic stop last fall -
- January 25 at 2:26pm - Mega shout out to #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek! Come on out to Liberty Forum 2018 and hear Kate Baker from Children's Scholarship Fund, Lindsay Burke from The Heritage Foundation and Erica Smith from the Institute for Justice talk about how alternative education will affect real change for the next generation of free thinkers!
- Get your tickets at!!
- January 29 at 6:41am - Here in New Hampshire, we're swimming in jobs, education, family, happiness...and FREEDOM! We're #1 in "Freedom in the 50 States," and thousands of people are moving here for liberty. Learn more at
- January 29 at 9:10pm - JP Somersworth - Also the top opiate abuse state (after West Virginia), not to mention ludicrously expensive, with most rents comparable to Boston or New York City. So a much higher homeless rate than there should be, and a crime rate that's rising all the time
- January 30 at 10:11am - Sarah Chamberlain - Like we can really trust people who'd rank New Jersey #21. Pffft. New Hampshire is the best place on Earth. I know it. You know it.
- January 31 at 5:00am - How does your state rank in Politico's 'State of the States'? New Hampshire leads the nation for the fourth time "with its low poverty rate and infant mortality rate, as well as its high reading test scores and percentage of its population employed in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields, while also cracking the top five in lowest levels of crime, income inequality and unemployment. - The States of Our Union … Are Still Not All Strong - Our fourth quasi-annual ranking.
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on February 16, 2018, 04:40:32 pm
- February 2 at 3:59am · Christine Butler
Happy Porcupine Day! Our FSP flag flying at Nashua City Hall! #itslikethistoo
- February 2 at 7:30am · Andy recommends you check out PorcFest XV 2018! Come and you may never want to leave. Cryptocurrency Fan Finds the Best State for a Free Life
Andy left high-tax California for liberty in New Hampshire. He aims to get involved with the liberty movement, cut his debt, and live well.
Learn More
- February 2 at 11:00am · "Heard in New Hampshire" Homeschool Edition! "Thursday homeschool snowboarding day!" ~ Paige Eden Savell "An estimated 600 homeschool supporters turned out yesterday afternoon to oppose House Bill 1263 (HB 1263), a bill that would roll back the annual reporting requirement. Nearly every seat in Representatives' Hall was taken, the anteroom and...
- February 2 at 4:00pm · 1,000th Free-Stater moves to N.H. - It's been six years since we welcomed our 1,000th mover. And they keep coming! Come live free with us. PORTSMOUTH — Nearly a decade after establishing roots in New Hampshire, members of the Free State Project are welcoming their 1,000th member to the
- February 3 at 5:00am · HAPPY PORCUPINE DAY! It's been two years since we triggered the great migration for liberty. What does this movement mean to you? What would you tell someone who is considering signing up or moving? More here:
- February 5 at 8:29am · #ThrowBackThursday to a big question: Is ideological purity a good or bad thing? Can you keep the fires of liberty burning even with muddied fuel? "But the “liberty movement” had never fallen for a candidate like it fell for Ron Paul. On Wednesday night, at a celebration held at a speakeasy – complete with a false door and a password – members of the Free State Project credited the elder Paul with building the movement while explaining that no who lacked his purity could lead it." - Courted by Cruz, New Hampshire’s libertarians ask if they need politics at all - In Iowa, Cruz succeeded beyond expectation in poaching evangelical Iowa leaders and voters who’d once backed Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Bringing home libertarian voters in New Hampshire is trickier, less akin to herding cats than to herding gas molecules.
- February 7 at 7:00am · Take a chance on a freer life - you won't regret it! Robert and Carol Choose New Hampshire over Wisconsin - Robert and his family dropped everything to move to New Hampshire, where they are enjoying the beauty, the people, and the feeling of freedom. Learn More
- February 8 at 8:24am · Here's an aptly timed piece about Ross Ulbricht from John Stossel in the New Hampshire Union Leader. You'll hear about his case from his mother, Lyn Ulbricht, tomorrow afternoon at Liberty Forum 2018. - John Stossel: Traveling down the Silk Road | New Hampshire - Give me a break. Locking some people up forever will not stop sales of drugs. But law enforcement still brags about brief successes. -
- February 8 at 2:38pm · PorcFest - Are you coming to Liberty Forum this weekend? Ticket sales start tomorrow, so stop by the PorcFest vendor table and snag your Early Bird tickets, along with a complimentary #PorcFestXV tumbler! We can’t wait to see you in June! #NHLF18 #PorcFest #PorcFest2018
- February 8 at 2:39pm · Live from NH Liberty Forum 2018! Day passes still available at come on out!!
- February 8 at 5:07pm · Thanks to Jessica and Rodger, the PorcFest XV 2018 producers, for volunteering at Liberty Forum 2018 this weekend - selling tickets and giving out these awesome, limited edition mugs! Come get yours at the #NHLF18 exhibitor area!
- February 12 at 9:47am · What a Liberty Forum! If you missed it, rest assured we will be posting videos and pictures in the coming weeks. Thanks to all our volunteers, speakers, exhibitors, and most of all, our attendees who make this event magical. - Liberty Forum 2018 Was Spectacular | What an amazing Liberty Forum! It was motivating, educational, and exciting to engage with so many liberty lovers from all over the country...
- February 13 at 6:52am · Come to PorcFest XV 2018 for a concert featuring BackWordz, led by Eric July of Being Libertarian. You don't want to miss this! Get your Early Bird tickets now to save $30 at
- February 13 at 9:31am · It's time once again to #ThankAFreeStater! This month we want to give a grateful shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Leane for their hard work and dedication. Your help organizing past Liberty Forum's and PorcFest have brought us much success. We hope you had a chance to meet them at the registration table at Liberty Forum last weekend and say hello. #NHItsLikeThisToo #ThankAFreeStater with Liam and Samantha - Here's a shout-out to Liam and Samantha, who have dedicated countless hours to volunteering and promoting the Free State Project since they moved to New Hampshire.
- February 15 at 11:06am · "I’ve always had libertarian leanings, but never saw much hope for any major changes, even in Arizona." So Ken and his family decided to move to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. "I feel so lucky for the opportunity to live in such beautiful, interesting surroundings while participating in this amazing FSP experiment." Ken's Family Leaves the Arizona Desert for New Hampshire - Ken writes about his family's move to New Hampshire for liberty and recommends it to any freedom-lover who’s considering taking the plunge. Learn More
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on February 16, 2018, 05:40:28 pm

(See FSP Facebook News in previous post.)

Hundred Nights Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin & Ether!

Vid: Free the Nipple Appeal at NH Supreme Court

Open Letter to Libertarians

Child Advocate to Oversee N.H's Child Protection System

New Hampshire's Highest Court Will Hear Topless Case

Police Department Forms Response Unit for Gang Activity

'Bump Stock' Gun Ban Fails Along Party Lines in N.H. Senate

How Greedy Meds' 'Balance Billing' Can Blindside Patients With Unexpected Medical Debt

Greedy Company Known For Surprise E.R. Bills

Plymouth Is Latest To Try Blocking Big Energy Projects With Local Ordinance

Poor People’s Campaign in N.H. Protests Economic Inequality

A Check-Up On Medical Marijuana In New Hampshire

Local Governance Advocates Try Again To Amend State Constitution

Council on Diversity and Inclusion Wants to Create Dialogue in N.H.

Black Theater in N.H.'s (Very White) Upper Valley? Why Not?

Family and Medical Leave Bill Advances Once More in N.H.

You Asked, We Answered: Why is New Hampshire SO Against Having an Income Tax?

Big Brother and the Tax Man

Bill to Annul Convictions for Small Amounts of Pot Passes N.H. Committee

3 N.H. Mayors Announce Homelessness Coalition

After Anti-Harassment Training Draws Poor Turnout, Some N.H. Reps Want to Make It Mandatory

Upper Valley Compost Business Finding 'Pay Dirt' in Food Scraps

'Deep Fake' Videos Latest Tech Scare

What's Next for N.H. Bill to Legalize Marijuana?

EPA Chief Signals Push To Declare Wood Energy Carbon-Neutral On N.H. Visit

Councilor Says N.H. Liquor Commission Aiding Cross-Border 'Money Laundering' Scheme

Sununu Questions 'Sting Operation' Into Alleged Money Laundering at Liquor Stores
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 02, 2018, 02:16:07 pm

NH Measure would secure the right of local community self-government

Plymouth, NH, Voters Adopt Community Rights Sustainable Energy Future Ordinance

Anarchapulco Displaces Porcfest as the Must-Attend Annual Liberty Event

Massachusetts Talk Host Chuck Morse Interviews Free Keene Blogger

Sununu Questions 'Sting Operation' Into Alleged Money Laundering at Liquor Stores

Opioid Drug Sweep Nets 151 Arrests Across N.H.

Exeter Police Arrest Teen in Technical School Threat [Try homeshooling/unschooling & avoid brainwashing to boot]

N.H. GOP Pushes Back on "Misguided Sting Operation" at Liquor Commission

Weare, Henniker Schools Close As Police Investigate Threat [School = Prison]

Surprise Medical Bills: Balance-Billing & Other Charges Leave Patients With Big Debts [End Medical Monopoly]

'Hunker Down' and Get the Facts [This is MSM BS; Alt Media has more real facts than MSM]

N.H. Superior Court Judge Hears Arguments in SB3 Voting Law Case

California Billionaire Behind N.H. Debate Over Victims' Rights

Critics of Proposed Offshore Drilling Hold Forum in Rye

In Wake of Parkland Shooting [deep state false flag shooting designed to bury 2nd Amendment etc], Sununu Says Congress is Right Place to Tackle Gun Reform [No reform is needed]

How Local Communities in N.H. are Responding to School Threats [proper response is to admit false flags and end compulsory school prisons]

N.H. House Says "No" to Bill That Would Allow Guns on State College Campuses [Guns allowed in state house, but not at colleges?]

N.H. Lawmakers Decry Hampton Beach Lawsuit Against State [Is it about city overspending?]

How School Shootings [by drugged students & deep state fakers] Are Changing Education [Authoritarian schooling is outdated]

Life Lessons From New Hampshire's All-Female Winter Wilderness Training

N.H. Universities Tell Potential Students Peaceful Protest OK [How do they define peaceful? Anything that agrees with their political views?]

After Florida Shooting, N.H. [duped] Teachers' Union Forms Coalition on Gun Violence

[Duped] New England Prep Schools Call for [feel-good] 'Meaningful Action' After School Shooting in Florida

N.H. Not Among States Seeking Cybersecurity Help Ahead of 2018 Elections

N.H. Unemployment Rate Holds Steady at 2.6 %

In Gilmanton, Lawn Sign Scuffle Turns Into Debate Over the First Amendment

New England Grid Operator Wants More Flexibility To Deal With Retiring Fossil Fuel Plants

Marchand Gun Platform Stokes Debate on 2nd Amendment

Sununu Vows Veto of Death Penalty Repeal [Murder by the state is still Murder]

FSP on Facebook
- February 17 at 7:00am - He quit his job to travel the country and had an otherworldly experience in New Hampshire. Check it out for a smile, because #ItsLikeThisToo!
My Life in New Hampshire - State #30 (not 29) What's going down homie. Take a look and see what happen in New Hampshire!
- February 19 at 6:28am - To workers on the Federal and State payroll... enjoy your President's Day. Come to New Hampshire for year-round sales-tax-free freedom!
- February 20 at 10:44am - If you've thought about unschooling but are worried about results, this is the article for you. In it, we also link to an episode of One Free Family - A new take on peaceful parenting where James Davis and Taylor Davis discuss the issue further - because #LibertyInOurLifetime can start with the kids!
- Comments: Jody Underwood - Just to throw in my 2 cents, I did NOT learn to write in school, neither k-12 nor college.
- February 22 at 6:30am - "Governor Sununu and New Hampshire policymakers have the opportunity to make their state a national leader in education choice. It’s time to live free and lead." [Get the damn state out of it. Do homeschooling/unschooling!!]
- February 23 at 6:20am - "People convicted for possessing small amounts of marijuana will be able to have their criminal records annulled if a bill passed by the House on Thursday clears the Senate and is signed into law by the governor... the House voted 314-24 to pass HB 1477, which allows for the annulment of charges related to possession of three-quarters of an ounce or less."
- February 23 at 9:00am - We are so happy to introduce your PorcFest XV 2018 Producers, Jessica Bearden Paxton and Rodger Paxton.
- February 24 at 8:00am - Free Staters have been holding "Suspicionless Checkpoint Parties" for years to warn motorists about unconstitutional DUI checkpoints. Now progress is being made at the State House. "A bill to ban police sobriety checkpoints in New Hampshire earned the recommendation of a House committee Tuesday, advancing a dispute over whether the stops are an intrusive overreach by law enforcement or a necessary practice to deter drunken driving." Is this happening in YOUR home state? Come to PorcFest to learn more about the advances in liberty happening in New Hampshire. Get your tix today:
- Comments: John L. Plough I bet there are bigger issues to be involved with. This is why libertarians seem so ridiculous.
- February 25 at 8:00am - Buy a beer with Dash? In the Free State, of course! And there will be plenty of ways to use your crypto at PorcFest XV 2018, the freedom event of the summer. - What do Crypto, Beer and Portsmouth, New Hampshire Have in Common? - So glad you asked! We have been mining cryptocurrencies with varying degrees of success.
- February 26 at 6:26pm - If it's good enough for John Stossel's crew, it's good enough for you! We'll be rockin' to BackWordz, gathering around the burning porcupine, and living the Free State Life this June. Get your tickets to join us at!
- February 26 at 8:34am - Time Lapse from Liberty Forum ... Stay tuned in this week for more extensive video!
Want a more interactive experience with actual human libertarians? Come to PorcFest ( where you can (with consent) touch, laugh with, and converse with these incredibly rare creatures!
- February 28 at 5:00am - Hurry over to to get your ticket
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 16, 2018, 02:59:44 pm

Dave Ridley's FSP-related Videos (I never thought to post them here previously) backs bill to address excessive govt. "information fees"

By the *dates* of their grievances shall ye know them

Did Keene State College delay permissions for libertarian table? [Schools are Prisons]

NH: Educrat vs. camera

Charming Keene official invites me to public meeting, right before I get ejected

Keene: College security says I'm required to answer questions

Cops called to govt. meeting because camera, Fifth Amendment
Dave asks why are universities so authoritarian (like not allowing open-carry etc). The answer is: How else can they do effective brainwashing of students?

My Pullover, Trial, and Sentencing for “Misuse of [license] Plates”

Keene School Deliberative Session to determine budget

Free State Project
- March 2 at 6:01am ·
"New Hampshire has long embraced Bitcoin — even before it became mainstream. The state is home to the oldest bitcoin meetup and a number of cryptofriendly businesses. This is largely due to the active and growing Libertarian migration to New Hampshire. The 'Free State Project,' founded in 2001, aims to draw 20,000 libertarians to the state. Many of these members tend to favor nongovernmental forms of [everything :)] currency like digital currencies and tend to be early bitcoin adopters." Politicians are getting in on the cryptocurrency craze to fund campaigns. The Federal Election Commission in 2014 made it legal for campaigns to accept bitcoin as political contributions.
- March 3 at 7:00am - Don't be the only one at PorcFest without this awesome t-shirt - reserve yours at
- March 5 at 11:33am - Congratulations to the Granite State! According to U.S. News and World Report’s “2018 Best States Ranking,” New Hampshire scores:
• #1 – Economic Opportunity See More:
- March 5 at 4:02pm - #LiveFreeNH is right! This is why the Free State Project chose New Hampshire - and why thousands of people are moving here to protect and advance liberty. Check us out at, and come visit for PorcFest this summer!
- March 6 at 10:05am - Ben Swann of Truth In Media is CONFIRMED as a keynote at PorcFest 2018! Here's what Ben had to say about the Free State Project back in 2014:
"There's a lot of philosophy that surrounds liberty, there's a lot of pontificating, there's a lot of people thinking about it and talking about it. But here in New Hampshire, people are DOING it, and that's why it's so exciting." Head to to buy your tickets today so you won't miss the opportunity to hear from Ben Swann: Truth In Media! (CBS News Ben Swann does a "Reality Check" on Pizzagate )
- March 9 at 9:38am ·
Team Porcupine Real Estate completes first bitcoin-only transaction in New Hampshire! "Bitcoin is gaining popularity in New Hampshire, and we need to embrace the innovation. The Granite State is experiencing a real-life experiment in how an economy can adapt to this fast-changing environment." Join us in New Hampshire and buy your home in bitcoin! Manchester, NH, March 6, 2018 - New Hampshire real estate broker Mark Warden of Porcupine Real Estate recently completed the state's first-ever ...
- March 9 at 10:12am - We are proud to announce Dash as PorcFest 2018's Diamond Sponsor! Not only is Dash fiscally supporting our festival, but they are also responsible for snagging Ben Swann of Truth In Media as a keynote. Wow! Thank you, Dash! Dash is digital cash that you can use to purchase festival tickets, buy food or goods on-site, pay for add-on workshops, and more. Rumor is, there will be a giveaway for new users at Dash's site in Agora Valley. Dash Sponsors Porcupine Freedom Festival, Ben Swann to Keynote - Dash has funded the top-level sponsorship of PorcFest, including a keynote speech by Ben Swann. So don't wait! Buy your tickets today at
- March 14 at 11:30am - Reminder: New Hampshire is the BEST and ONLY place where liberty lovers can make real traction in activism. So, since you're a real liberty lover, you must be interested in financing a home here. Learn more about how! - Two of the most common questions Porcupine Real Estate receives from new and potential movers looking to buy a home are, "How much home can I afford?" and "Do you know a good lender?"
- Rodger's Birthday Fundraiser for Free State Project, Fundraiser for Free State Project by Rodger Paxton - 2 weeks left
- March 15 at 7:55am - Check out our new website at CCW!! If you're waiting on a sign to buy your PorcFest tickets, wait no longer! With Dash - Digital Cash sponsoring and Ben Swann as our keynote, the time is now :) Free State Project Early Movers: Founder Jason Sorens
- March 15 at 11:14am Remote Boring North? Not So Much!

Dr. Funk, VA Whistleblower, Says Task Force Producing Detailed Review of Care

SNHU Teams Up With Program Offering $20 million in Scholarships to ILLEGAL DAMN Immigrants [who receive welfare or compete for jobs or promote abusive religion; otherwise, if they start businesses & provide jobs, & don't promote abusive religion etc, they're okay]

Boston-based 'New Politics' Helps Veterans Break Into Politics

School Administrators in Concord Working with Students to Plan stupidass Walkout [Walkout & stayout: School = Brainwashing Prison]

Merrimack To Vote On Putting Public Water Utility In Town's Control

'Loophole' Helps N.H. Law Enforcement Net Millions Through Civil Asset Forfeiture [i.e. theft?]

With N.H. Lawmakers Focused Elsewhere, Another School Choice Bill Flies Under The Radar [a choice of prisons?]

N.H. House Kills Bill to Add Oversight for Homeschool Students [Some sane politicians there]

New Hampshire GOP Playing Defense Over Gun Debate

Supporters Optimistic As Transgender Rights Bill Passes N.H. House

N.H. Manufacturer Says Trump's New Tariff Could Negatively Affect Business

Facing Deportation Threat, This New Hampshire Family Is Looking For Answers

Who Should Have the Power to Reschedule Town Meetings?

Hundreds of jackasses Join Hanover High Walkout, Urging State Action On Gun Laws

Clean Energy Is On the Warrant at N.H. Town Meetings

Jackass N.H. House Panel Wants Pot Legalization Bill Shelved

Stark Weighs Banning ATVs From Local Roads

AG Investigates N.H. Judge for Alleged Misconduct

Despite Storm, Gun Free School Zone Debate Rolls On At N.H. State House

AG: Police Shooting in Canaan a Justified Use of Deadly Force [I'm sher]

Newport One Step Closer to Making All Town, School Buildings Net Zero [solar]

While Students Protest Gun Violence, Sununu Convenes School Safety Task Force [the only safe school is non-compulsory school]

Senate Votes to Repeal N.H.'s Death Penalty, As jackass Sununu Vows Veto

Liquor Commission Says It Could Regulate Recreational Pot If N.H. Makes It Legal [more monopolistic regulation?]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News FUNDRAISER 3/26 7PM NEW MARKET
Post by: Luck on March 17, 2018, 03:07:30 pm
(See the latest NH & FSP news above.)

Stonechurch, 5 Granite St, New Market, NH
Suggested Donation $5
( )

See how to contact public officials & others to acknowledge & enforce local sovereignty. Join NH Community Rights Network!!

Supporters Undeterred As N.H. House Votes Down Local Rights Constitutional Amendment



Earlier NHCRN News from this month & earlier
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 31, 2018, 01:53:40 pm

Dave Ridley's Channel

"Just here to do my job," says First Amendment foe

Cops eject me from "public" govt. event (Keene State College, NH)

Free staters turned me from secession skeptic to guy

Govt. official doesn't want to be filmed (Keene, NH)

Prison guard forbids me from demonstrating on public right-of-way (Concord, NH)

Cop meeting faces Ridley Raid! (Concord, NH)

Cop training official: "We're not killers"

Free State Project:
- March 16 at 12:01pm - Lane's Family Leaves Texas for Freedom in New Hampshire - Their plan was to move, get settled, and live calmly for a year. HA! That's not Lane and Kendall Strahan's style! These rockstars became PorcFest producers, are opening and running their own business, and are on the City Planning Board in Berlin. Their only regret? Not. Moving. Sooner. - Eli Madden: Great article. I've been eying Berlin for a while and need to check it out. Property prices are so low I could likely maintain a residence there while still renting in Vermont to be close to my daughter's Mom and school. The nearby Off-Road park in Berlin is very interesting too.
- March 20 at 10:08am - Never a Better Time to Move to New Hampshire - Things sure have changed since the early days of the Free State Project. Now a solid foundation is in place, and we're ready to welcome you to the greatest migration movement of our time! What would you DO for liberty? Come meet us and you'll know. - When Tony moved to New Hampshire in 2009, there were no Free Staters in his area. Now there are active groups in every region of the state. - Anna Mlk - Is NH one of the 38 states that allow geoengineering aerial spraying?
- March 21 at 7:55am - My First Winter in the Great North Woods - Happy Spring! Today Tiffany reflects on her first winter in northern New Hampshire and shares what she's learned. - It's been a little over six months since I moved to Northern New Hampshire. As a native of Michigan, winter is certainly nothing new to me
- March 22 at 6:00am - Are you a fan of Penn's Sunday School podcast? Or maybe Penn & Teller: Fool Us? Then you're going to love this PorcFest XV 2018 speaker announcement! Matt Donnelly, writer, actor, co-host, and do'er of all the things, will be joining us for a performance of "Hill Bill: The Psychic Hillbilly," and will also take time to answer your questions on his life as sidekick to one of our favorite larger-than-life libertarians, Penn Jillette. Matt is hilarious and incredibly talented, and we are so excited to have him join us! Head to to buy your festival tickets today!
- March 22 at 10:17am - This week is all about PorcFest! We announced that Matt Donnelly of Penn & Teller will be joining us :D Agora Valley is quickly filling up with exhibitors & sponsors, and we have plenty of room for volunteers! Check out to reserve your Agora space or become a volunteer! And ofc, buy ur tix!
Plus, we're looking to learn more about what YOU think success means for the FSP. Jobs created? Liberty legislation? Podcasts downloaded? Tell us what metrics give you that WOW factor
- March 23 at 6:10am - Matt Leaves California for the Liberty Community in New Hampshire - What will you find if you pick up and move to New Hampshire for liberty? Matt found beautiful beaches, lower taxes, and a lot more. When he lived in California, it was rare that Matt came across anyone interested in the cause of liberty. Now he writes about how lucky he is to live in a community
- March 24 at 11:17am - According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, New Hampshire posted the region's highest gains in personal income last year. Combine that with low unemployment and a low tax burden, and you've got a great place to be!
- March 27 at 6:03am - The PorcFest XV 2018 schedule is live! We've got Ben Swann, Jeffrey A. Tucker, BackWordz, Beergasm, Soapbox Idol, workshops, discussion panels, glow frisbee, two raves, and so much more! And we've only posted a selection of the kids' activities that will run from 9-8 daily - they won't be bored! Stay tuned as we add events:
- March 28 at 6:00am - Welcome to Free State Family | A Column about Life in New Hampshire - In this column, Molly will showcase some of her favorite New Hampshire experiences
- March 29 at 6:00am - Has the Free State Project ever been portrayed on TV as an alien invasion..with creepy music? Why yes it has! It's time for some FSP #TBT! We're taking you back to 2004, as the project was just getting off the ground. It was a big deal to be covered so widely on television in New England. This piece gives you a sense of the excitement in those early days. See anyone you know? - The half-hour show aired on 2/26/04 at 7:30 pm on ABC throughout most of New England.
- March 30 at 5:00am - Hey neighbor, feeling overtaxed? Come home to New Hampshire, where you'll keep more of your own money! Learn more at or come to the Porcupine Freedom Festival and see what you're missing! - Map Data Source: 2017 Tax Burden by State. Comparing the 50 states across the three tax types that make up state tax burden — property taxes, individual income taxes, and sales and excise taxes — as a percentage of total personal income in the state. - Kris Roadruck Wut? NH has the highest property tax in the nation... - Michelle Longley It's just made up in other ways... We've been homeowners in VT & NH, I have family in MA. NH is not any cheaper to live in. New England in general is expensive. Find a decent paying job first, them move to that area, no matter what state it is. NH lacks a lot of decent paying jobs (way too many entry level positions).
_A Brief History of NH Marijuana Legislation - Free State Project Zachary Souza Decrim is a start, and the tide is finally turning on this issue. It's only a matter of time. :)

Massive Bitcoin Vending Machine Expansion Hits NH: Manchester, Nashua, Salem

Libertarians Counterprotest Anti-Gun Event in Keene

Indie Journalist Dave Ridley Gets Booted From KSC Campus by Keene Police

Sexual Assault Survivor Chessy Prout Talks Activism and New Memoir

Liquor Commission Says It Could Regulate Recreational Pot If N.H. Makes It Legal

Supporters Undeterred As N.H. House Votes Down Local Rights Constitutional Amendment

N.H. House Passes $4 million Commuter Rail Study [we could do it for under 10k]

Jackass Trump Opioid Plan Includes Death Penalty for Traffickers [including those framed?]

Opioid Crisis is Taking A Toll on Those On the Frontlines

N.H. Crime Lab Reduces Backlog After Marijuana Decriminalization Put In Effect

Concord Becomes Last N.H. City to Adopt Full Day Kindergarten [prison acclimation]

A constitutional amendment designed to give crime victims more rights

N.H. Gets $300K Grant to Fight Opioid Crisis

ACLU says N.H.'s Signature-Matching Ballot Law Is Unconstitutional

N.H. House Votes to Let People Carry Loaded Guns on ATVs and Snowmobiles

What Drives N.H. Commuters To Take The Bus To Boston?

Co-ops in an Age of Inequality

At Ignorant Concord 'March for Our Lives,' Students, Grown-Ups, and Counter Protest

N.H. Joins 37 States Demanding Facebook Answers on Data Privacy

Voter Fraud in New Hampshire: Rhetoric Versus Reality

Flooding of Coastal Roads On the Rise

State Launches Criminal Investigation Into Two Claremont Police Officers

Plan to Incentivize More Solar Projects in Nashua
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on April 09, 2018, 01:49:04 pm


The chart below is from a video called Which Way, Westerners? at:

It looks like where there is most racial and ethnic diversity, there is least trust of neighbors. I think 41 locations in the U.S. were studied and New Hampshire rates among the highest in trust, a little below 60 on the scale, versus 50 for Lewiston, ME and below 30 for Boston. NH is a large area compared to individual cities, so the cities in NH would undoubtedly rate lower than the towns on average. But the ranking could be an additional selling point for the FSP.


Federal Judge Exerts Personal Judicial Tyranny in MA Semi-auto Ban Lawsuit Dismissal
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News: Styx for VT Gov
Post by: Luck on April 12, 2018, 02:21:38 pm

Real Libertarian Announces Run for Governor in Vermont; What's stopping libertarians in NH from running?
Published on Apr 12, 2018

I, Tarl Warwick, throw my hat in the ring.

My platform has these planks:
1. I will accept no pay as governor, and no pension. I have my own income.
2. I will, if elected, refuse to enforce gun control as recently passed in hopes the legislature will help to reverse it. Vermont has no crime problem.
3. I will, if elected, fight the opiate crisis by instructing the legislature to consider decriminalizing all drugs within the state for minor possession so that addicts can seek treatment without stigma.
4. I will never join a political party while serving in office and will remain an independent. If elected I will not stop doing my normal gubernatorial work to campaign for re-election and will simply tell people whether or not I am running (I would attend scheduled debates however.)
5. I will veto any tax hikes and any opaque legislation that is overly long or convoluted.
6. I will use my online presence and presence as governor to argue in favor of the debate commission opening up to minor party candidates, and encourage the abolition of super PACs and corporate campaign donations to try and save our Republic.
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News: Styx for VT Gov
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2018, 11:18:17 pm

Ridley Reports

Cop supports right to record (New Hampshire)

NH: Sheriff acknowledges his right to stop Feds

Follow-up: Manchester cops and the right to record

Ed & Elaine Brown could be freed soon [falsely accused of tax evasion?]

Cops and state house lobbying (New Hampshire)

MADD vs Libertarians at NH Senate Hearing on Prohibiting DUI Checkpoints

CNN Covers Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, DASH in Portsmouth New Hampshire aka Bitcoin Village

Full Video of the Suppressed “Liberty in Action Awards” Leaks Out

Announcing Forkfest 2018 – The Decentralized Liberty Camping Festival [FREE], Jun 14-18th

NHPR’s Feature Piece on Free State Project (& Free Keene) + Full Interview Audio

Sununu Vetoes Controversial Change To Parole Rules

20 Arrested for Illegally Entering U.S. Along Canada Border

N.H. Pot Legalization Commission Gets Primer on Vaping, 'Juuling'

Tech Idea is to Harness 'Waste Heat' to Create Electricity

Renewable Energy Advocates To Unveil New Campaign In Portsmouth

Utility Looking to Batteries to Power Homes in Upper Valley

As SCOTUS Considers Online Sales Tax, N.H. Weighs In

Coakley Landfill Neighbors Vent Frustrations With EPA, State Officials

IRS Withdraws Request For Information On Alleged Bootleggers From N.H. Liquor Commission

New Food Bank Open on Keene State Campus

Concord Zoning Board Rejects Solar Farm

NH medical marijuana program more than doubled in size last year, it's a better alternative to using opioids for pain management

Rye Officials Begin Spraying for Mosquito Season

Investigators Looking into Death of Young Woman in Custody in Carroll County jail on drug charges

If Elected Governor, Kelly's Priority: Reinstate 'Concealed Carry' Gun Permits

House Approves Letting Farmers Carry Loaded Rifles in Fields [They don't need permission; it's their right]

AG Says It's Investigating N.H. State Liquor Commission's Handling of Large Cash Sales

Jackass New Hampshire Senators Support Syria Strikes

N.H. Municipalities Struggle to Keep Up With Rising Costs of Recycling

2nd Amendment Advocates Rally Outside N.H. State House

Free State Project:
- April 2 at 6:00am - Want to be in the middle of the action at PorcFest XV 2018? Join the volunteer pack! You'll work side by side with incredible people, use your skills to create an unforgettable experience for hundreds, and earn your PorcFest ticket!
- Jody Underwood Volunteering is also a good way to meet people!
- April 2 at 11:00am - You don't have to dream of joining New Hampshire's liberty community! Employers here are hiring - and boosting salaries to attract talent. Check out our blog for tips on landing a great job from out of state.
- April 3 at 6:00am - Did you know you can buy your New Hampshire dream home with #Bitcoin? Read all about it from Team Porcupine Real Estate!
- April 4 at 7:02am - What are you most looking forward to at PorcFest XV 2018? Comment on this post and let us know!
- Jenn Kaleta Hewson I’m looking forward to having fun with all the kids who frequent Porcupints
- Mary Sorens I'm hoping to share a cider with Hershel, hang out with a dear friend from Chicago, roast marshmallows with my 7-year-old
- April 5 at 9:00am - Back in 2006, a simple act of civil disobedience performed by Michael Fisher, a Free Stater, was in the news. What do you think about this kind of activism? Is there a law you would love to see challenged this way? Would you ever do something like this?
- Outlaw Manicurist. A Free State Project member intentionally performs a manicure without a license to demonstrate that licence laws are unjust.
- April 5 at 12:55pm - Last month I attended meetups all over the state! What a great reminder that Free Staters getting together in the dozens is a NORMAL experience here in NH. I'll talk about that in more detail in this month's newsletter, so keep your eyes on your inbox
- Thanks to Joël Valenzuela and our event partner Dash - Digital Cash for putting New Hampshire on the international state today with CNN International! That interview is on youtube 'Joel Valenzuela on using Dash for everyday purchases'.
- April 6 at 6:19am - Catharine & Robert Leave Rhode Island for New Hampshire
They struggled to see a future for their family in Rhode Island, with its heavy burden of taxes and regulation, so they chose liberty and moved to New Hampshire!
- April 10 at 6:00am - This month in #ThankAFreeStater: It's a shout-out to early mover and long-time volunteer Margot Keyes! She and Bradley created the PorcOlympics at PorcFest and have hosted it every year since 2009!
- April 11 at 6:03am - It's been almost five years since Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby moved to New Hampshire. In the coming months, she'll be sharing strategies for successfully making the move and adjusting to the ups and downs of life in a new place. But first - how did she end up here?
- When Jennifer and Dave realized they lived in the least free state in the USA, they decided to get out of New York City and made their way to New Hampshire.
- April 12 at 1:18pm - We are featured on NHPR this week, in a story about new movers and what it's like to be a Free Stater, we've got a great line-up coming to PorcFest featuring Scott Horton and David Friedman, and we'll be at Libertopia [ ] and the Startup Societies Foundation Summit [ ]. See you there??
- April 13 at 5:08am - “It kind of reminds me of back in the Revolutionary War days, when they would meet secretly and talk about how they were gonna fight the British,” he said. “We talk about liberty, how we can be active, how you can get elected to be a representative, things like that. I’ve never felt like this until now.” Great piece on New Hampshire Public Radio, Cynthia and Mark!
- Free State Project Come visit the Porcupine Freedom Festival this summer and experience the great liberty migration for yourself!
- April 14 at 7:03am - If you're not buying guns with that refund, we hope you're saving up for the move to New Hampshire! The Granite State ranks #1 for freedom and #5 for lowest tax burden in the country. And we've got a whole community of liberty-minded people waiting to welcome you!
- Stephen E. Forster - NH is NOT the panacea you make it out to be??.... Yes, no income tax, yes, no sales tax.. We do have a room and meals tax... We do have a dividend tax, many hidden fees when you look for them. What we do have is a real-estate tax that is going out of sight and killing us! Its killing the elderly, the farmers and anyone that thinks he lives free in the "Live Free or Die" State... We are not living free! Check it out before you buy, try to start a business or even register your vehicles.
- April 15 at 7:59am - Doing taxes in New Hampshire is like living in Isengard... no state taxes means you're starting at the half way point in your journey. Learn more!
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2018, 10:38:51 am

FSP on Facebook

- April 16 at 6:00am - In this memorable mover story, Winter describes life on the streets in Harrisburg - and the hope that brought her to New Hampshire.
- Winter's Journey from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire: While struggling with homelessness in Harrisburg, Winter found inspiration in a bookmark that came in the mail from the Free State Project. The envelope was like a strange beacon of positivity in an otherwise dreary existence...

- April 17 at 6:00am - For those who are frantically filling in numbers to pay for ALL THE FREE THINGS (not to mention bombings, imprisonment, and spying on citizens), it's our traditional Tax Day post. What are you waiting for? Move to NH and help us turn the tide.
- Carla Gericke - Your tax dollars at work:

- April 17 at 9:00am - Happy tax day from the PorcFest team :/ :) Enjoy a $17 discount on VIP and General Admission tickets today only using code 'Rebate17' at checkout

- April 17 at 1:20pm - What do you mean, there aren't tax day protests in your state? #OnlyInNewHampshire #NHItsLikeThisToo #WhatAreYouWaitingFor
- Libertarians hold annual tax protest: PORTSMOUTH - It was a small but dedicated group of members of the Libertarian Party that stood in Market Square on Sunday afternoon, on what is usually -

- April 18 at 6:17am - Liberty-minded parents often consider homeschooling and self-directed learning. But what if you free your child from school and he stares at a screen all day? James says - he might!
- The Role of Deschooling in Self-Directed Education | Free State Project: If a 10-year-old is removed from school to direct his own education, will he just play video games all day? James Davis addresses this fear with a surprising answer.
- Bianca Rose Neill - As someone who was Unschooled k-12 (whatever that means when you're unschooled) and then attended university with honors, I didn't deal with deschooling but I'm familiar with the importance of it. We hated video games in our house, we had them, but ...

- April 19 at 6:38am - Free Staters like Tiffany are moving up north because of low housing costs, remote living and beautiful views. It turns out that there's more to the north than the mountains and moose!
- 7 Hidden Treasures of Northern New Hampshire: In the North Country of New Hampshire, you'll find beautiful views, country living, and so much more. Check out these sweet finds in Littleton, Lancaster, Berlin, and Gorham!

- April 19 at 10:05am - New Hampshire ranked first in "WalletLiteracy" – the collective average of all of the sectors studied – and also placed fourth in both financial planning & habits and financial knowledge & education. What else is great about the Granite State? Find out at
- Graphic Source:

- April 19 at 1:07pm - So much going on at FSP Inc! To my east coast peeps, get your tickets to Startup Societies Summit at George Mason University, get discounted tix with code 'freestatessf'
- For my west coasters, come out to Libertopia Festival 2018 and get 10% off tix through
- Check out our full video catalogue on LBRY... or wait to see Liberty Forum videos on YouTube with the rest of the pleebs :/
- Welcome to New Hampshire, Vin Armani, who moved TODAY and will be speaking at PorcFest... get your tix at http://www.PorcFest.Com/tickets

- April 20 at 8:07am - We can't wait to hear Scott Horton speak at PorcFest! You may know Scott from The Scott Horton Show or The Libertarian Institute or
All ticket-holders will have the opportunity to hear him speak, but if you have a VIP ticket, you'll have the chance to hang out with Scott and other headliners in the VIP tent! Buy your tickets and find more info at .

- April 21 at 8:00am - It's nice to see some of our first 1,000 movers sharing their stories! Andrew managed to escape both New York (#50 for freedom) and Massachusetts (#33) to settle in New Hampshire (#1) - smart move. :)
- Andrew's Christian Libertarian Family Chooses New Hampshire: Andrew and his wife left Massachusetts, with its restrictions on freedom, and headed to New Hampshire to build their family.
- Anne Mae Joyce: Just please, you moved from another state like MA so that you wouldn't have to live with those restrictions and taxes. Please, stop trying to make our NH like the state you left.

- April 22 at 7:02am - Here's a shout-out to all the liberty activists who rocked it this week at the State House! #endthefed #legalizeeverything #stopbombingpeople
And if you're a fan of liberty, you should be in New Hampshire with us!

- April 23 at 7:00am - Long before Facebook, a small group of liberty activists read the same article online and became convinced that a migration movement was worth a try. Soon there were 5,000 of them, and their project was featured on "This American Life" and their destination announced on C-SPAN. Check out this page on the history of the FSP - the audio and video segments are a treat!
- The Early Years of the Free State Project: From an Idea to a Movement: Learn about the early years of the Free State Project, how it grew from an idea to a movement of 5,000…
- Sarah Chamberlain Ahhh!! I heard that episode of This American Life when it aired. I kept driving around the same few blocks in S. Philly in order to listen to the whole segment. I was very taken with the idea of the FSP, but then I thought,'ll never happen. 🤣 Took me over a decade to finally get here. Better late than never though!

- April 23 at 11:00am - Come join us for Freecoast Festival 2018, where the local liberty community comes together and prospective movers can see what life is really like on New Hampshire's Seacoast. Early Bird discounts are available here:
- FF18 will include a Friday evening casual gathering, Saturday speaker series, and Sunday entrepreneurship competition. All-inclusive ticket holders will also enjoy the Saturday evening catered cruise with keynote speaker! Specific event details will be released soon.
- Full price FF18 All-Inclusive tickets are $150 per adult, but a limited supply of discounted tickets are available for early purchasers. The discount is automatically applied by choosing the All-Inclusive ticket.

- April 24 at 6:44am - Hello liberty fans in California - we've got a deal for you! Come join the thriving liberty community in New Hampshire - we've got lower taxes, fewer regulations, lower housing cost, and gorgeous seasons too!
- Why I'm Leaving California and Moving to New Hampshire: With high taxes, frustrating traffic, and crumbling infrastructure, California is not the paradise it once was. Konnor is looking forward to experiencing more freedom…

- April 25 at 8:00am - Free Staters are often attracted to life in Keene and the surrounding area, which is surprisingly rural and quiet. "There are porcupines scattered around the Monadnock Region, but they can be hard to find, and they tend to be just fine with that."
- Free State Family: A Visit to the Monadnock Region: This month, Molly and her family take us to New Hampshire's Monadnock region, where they talk with Free Staters about peaceful living among liberty-minded locals.

- April 26 at 1:06pm - While spring has sprung in New Hamphire, I have to say how excited I am about next week, where I will be doing my live video from Libertopia in San Diego... Any Cali folks want to meet up, HMU in the comments :)
- Find our new public board email forum at!forum/fsp-board-open

- April 27 at 5:30am - "If you believe in personal responsibility and freedom, limited government, and the Constitution of the United States, join the Free State Project and come to New Hampshire." In the Granite State, you'll find a thriving liberty community, lower taxes, fewer regulations, lower housing cost, and gorgeous seasons too!
- I Left Illinois for Liberty in New Hampshire
Doug writes about leaving the corrupt state of Illinois, with its high taxes and strict gun laws, for the freest state in the country.
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2018, 10:40:13 am

(See latest FSP Facebook news above.)

Browns [wrongly imprisoned for tax evasion] "definitely coming home," says supporter

Dear Jane: An open letter to the first A.I. (Superintelligence, Orson Scott Card)

Should humans avoid colonizing planets that have conscious life?

Keene’s Original Cryptocurrency Vending Machine Gets Major Upgrade

“Fuck You, Feds!” – Pro Independence Manchester NH Senate Candidate at 420 Rally

Keene Gets Third Cryptocurrency Vending Machine!

Rich Paul’s Triumphant Return to the 420 Rally He Created

Speaking to the Concord 4/20 About Refusing Plea Deals and Jury Nullification

Libertarian Party State Reps Caleb Dyer, Joseph Stallcop Speak and Toke at Concord 4/20

Rick Naya’s Speeches at Concord 4/20 Rally, 2018 & 2017

Garret Ean Speaks to Concord 4/20 Rally About Arrests and Decriminalization

Ginger Rogers Speaks About Peace at Concord 4/20 Rally

An 'Internet Sales Tax?' N.H. Businesses Brace for SCOTUS Case

Utility Offering Discounted Rates for Electric Vehicles

N.H. Municipalities Struggle to Keep Up With Rising Costs of Recycling

Is N.H. a New Destination for Creatives? Why Some Cultivate the ‘Creative Economy'

N.H. Child Advocate Asks for Greater Authority to Protect [= Abuse?] Kids

New State Energy Policy Aims to Lower Rates, Let Nuclear & Gas Compete With Renewables

Middle School In Concord Opens Food Pantry For Students Struggling With Food Insecurity

Senate Backs Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy in N.H.

In Lengthy Memo to AG, N.H. Liquor Commission Rejects ‘Bootlegging’ Allegations

Despite Initial Projections, N.H. Overdose Deaths Didn't Decline in 2017

Officials Setting Fires In White Mountain National Forest

Solar Project Proposed for Superfund Site in Londonderry

Nashua Needle Exchange Program Aims To Make A Difference In Southern N.H.

Volunteers Sift for Data on Seacoast's Tiny Plastic Debris

Opioid Prescriptions Declined By 15 Percent in N.H. Last Year

Shots Fired at Police, Pursuit Ends in Windham Car Crash

Archaeologists to Study N.H.’s Native American and Industrial Past at Livermore Falls

Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang: Americans Need $1K-a-Month, Starting With N.H. [That's much better than wasting it on the military & wars]

Largest Fentanyl Bust in N.H. Traced to Lawrence Drug Ring

N.H. Towns Getting $700K in EPA Grants to Clean Up Sites

AG Probe Leads to Arrest of Former Claremont Police Officer

N.H House Approves Tax Breaks for Human Organ Generation Businesses

N.H. House Votes to Abolish Death Penalty, Satanic Sununu Vows Veto

Enfield Police Chief Steps Down Following Assault Allegations

AG Files Felony Complaint for N.H. Judge Who Submitted Fake Online Evaluations

Sen. Hassan Touts Net Metering Study At Nashua Hydropower Plant

Bill for N.H. Patients to Grow Own Marijuana Faces Defeat

Fugitive Suspect in Killing of Maine Deputy Captured

Petition Asks Chemical Company to Pay for Water Filters
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on May 15, 2018, 02:07:27 pm

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook (I don't have time to display it this time)

Dave Ridley's Reports (Looks like he's on a brief vacation)

State Trooper Fails to Intimidate 4/20 in Concord

From China to New Hampshire: Lily Tang Williams’ Keynote Speech at LPNH 2018 Convention

Libertarian State Reps Dyer and Phinney Speak at LPNH 2018 Convention

Decentralized LBRY Protecting Free Keene Videos From YouTube Censorship

Insane Militarized Police State Response to Alleged Armed Man in Keene Home

GOP Lawmakers Argue Death Penalty Repeal Makes Fiscal Sense [Not to mention Killing Humans is Evil]

Indonesian Somersworth Resident Facing Deportation After 18 Years In U.S.

Campaign Cash Snapshot: N.H.'s 2nd Congressional District

N.H. House Votes to Let Local Officials Have Final Say on Rescheduling Local Elections

Sununu Nominates 27 N.H. ‘Opportunity Zones’ for Federal Tax Incentives

Side Effect of Opioid Crisis: Grandparents Are Raising Kids

Union Workers Begin Strike At N.H. Electric Cooperative

Shaheen Bill Would Allow 4,000 Visas for Afghan Refugees [We don't need more abusive religions]

Marchand Rolls Out Plan To Diminish Role Of Big Donors In Race For N.H. Governor

Sununu Youth Center Used 'Unlawful Restraint," Excessive Force on Disabled Boy

Londonderry Police Officer on the Value of 'Emotional Intelligence' on Duty

Former Law Enforcement to Voice Opposition to Death Penalty [because killing people is evil?]

Merrimack Residents Frustrated After Two Years Dealing With Water Contamination

Former N.H. Law Enforcement Make Case for Sununu To Sign Death Penalty Repeal

Portsmouth Regional Hospital Opens New Breast Milk Depot

Housing Crunch a Challenge For Upper Valley Businesses

Wolfeboro Dog Breeder Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty Sentenced to Serve Jail Time [Just make her pay a fine, idiots]

AG Says Man Died from Gunshots at Imperial Buffet Restaurant in Claremont

Liquor Commission Denies Permits as it Plans Launch of Wine Shipping Business

N.H. Senators Want EPA to Allow Release of PFC Health Risk Data
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 02, 2018, 10:45:24 am

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

NH: Anti-poverty group blocks street (Cops, Poor People's Campaign, MLK)

NH: Street-blocking organizer considers my criticisms

NH: My demonstration against educrat association

Air Force Academy graduation + RidleyCam = First Amendment Audit

Air Force Academy graduation tolerant of libertarian questions, initially

Air Force major questions reporter

Air Force guy steps in front of camera while I'm asking questions (First Amendment Audit)

Air Force contractor no like First Amendment audit

Vin Armani, Showtime’s “Gigolos” Star, Moves from Vegas to New Hampshire!

NH-Based Libertarian Talk Radio Show Moves Up to #27 on National “Heavy Hundred”

Dash Steals the Show on Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 in Portsmouth

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 Celebrated in Keene at Little Zoe’s Pizza

Forkfest Update: New Restaurant in Lancaster Announces Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Local Business Owner Challenges Parking Tickets & Wins Thanks to New Keene Judge

State vs Federal Citizenship and Changing Parties to Libertarian

N.H. DMV Debuts Online Wait Times for 5 Busiest Locations

Drinking Water Conference Tackles Risks to N.H. Groundwater, Wells

‘One-Pot’ Labs On The Rise in N.H. As Meth Cases Double Annually

Tactical Gear Maker Revision Military Expanding In To Pease

Examining N.H.'s Mental Health System [Corruption/Abuse?]

Needle-Sharer Thought to be Behind HIV Spread

Londonderry Joins Other Municipalities in Suing Opioid Makers

Survey of Young N.H. Residents Tries to Find Why They Stay ... And Why They Don’t [FSP needs to reach them; get with it, FSP!]

Recycling Industry Grapples With Export Pressures, Near-Full Landfills

EPA: Don’t Eat Fish Caught Near Cleaned-Up Milford Superfund Site

EPA Will Develop Formal Limits On PFAS Chemical Contamination

Amid Debate Over Gun Policy, An Unlikely Team Finds Some Consensus in N.H.

N.H. Schools, Mental Health Centers Working Together To Help Kids [to be mind-numbed robots]

Crowd Protests N.H. Man Being Held In Psychiatric Unit at State Prison

Border Patrol Immigration Checkpoint Nets 17 Arrests over Memorial Day Weekend in N.H.

'Poor People's Campaign' Holds Third Rally At N.H. State House

Student Activism Will Push Congress To Act On Guns [or something]

N.H. Officials Find No Widespread Fraud in Recent Elections

Big Tax Break To Biomanufacturing Companies

Task Force Tackles N.H. School Safety, Avoids Discussing Guns [The safest schools are homeschooling]

N.H. Lawsuits Are Piling Up Against Opioid Manufacturers

Laconia Manufacturer Could Be Key Player In Getting People To Mars [Pipe dream]

Marijuana Legalization Backed by N.H. Democrats Chair
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 03, 2018, 11:03:34 pm
Oops, I forgot to include the following item yesterday above.

Give Me Liberty or Something Else: The prickly problem of a New England secessionist utopia
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 15, 2018, 12:56:58 pm

This says NH has the fewest crimes per capita in the U.S.; VT is in 2nd place:
Maps That Will CHANGE The Way You See The US!

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

I question Air Force general about civilian deaths (First Amendment Audit)

Air Force Academy has good PR guy

First Amendment Audit @ Air Force Academy

I refuse to open bag for Air Force; they react politely (First Amendment audit, fourth amendment)

NH: Solo protest against immigration checkpoint collusion

U.S. Marshal investigates NHexit protest @ Concord (Morpheus, Thomas Costanzo)

U.S. Marshal: "I didn't do anything" to the Browns (Ed Brown; Thomas Costanzo, Morpheus)

NH: Fed ducks behind bushes rather than walk past my camera (First Amendment Audit, Morpheus)

I’m the First Candidate to File for NH Senate District 10!

Dash Force News’ Podcast Interviews Me About DASH Acceptance in New Hampshire

NH Libertarian Camping Event “Forkfest” Launches Into Second Year, Runs Through Monday!

Marijuana Legalization Backed by N.H. Democrats Chair

Rally Held In Concord To Protest Trump's Family Separation Policy

N.H. Lawsuits Are Piling Up Against Opioid Manufacturers

Nashua Begins Push For Clean Energy Upgrades, With Discounts

Biomass Plant Faces Federal Fines For Worker's Death

Federal Anti-Drug Office Says Mass. Pot Shops Will Pose Challenges - Even in N.H.

2 More Federal Prosecutors in N.H. to Focus on Opioid Crisis

Drug Crisis: UNH Study Finds More Children Removed From Parental Care

Laconia To Discuss Reuse Options For Former Prison, State School

N.H. Prison Inmates Have Access to Counseling Services With Their Children

AG Investigating Homicide After Woman Dies from Shooting in Rochester

Strafford County Prepares New Drone Program

Bridge Hailed as N.H.-Maine Economic Link

As Trump Signals Support for Marijuana Legalization, N.H. Democrat Plans New Pot Bill

Sununu Signs Transgender Rights, Anti-Discrimination Bill into Law

Plaistow 5th Grader Tells School Board of Bullying, Gun Threat

N.H. Prison Chief: Sending Violent Patients to Secure Psych Unit Rare But Necessary

Jobs Report Shows Growth in N.H., Uptick in Unemployment Rate

Franklin Eyes Federal Programs to Help Economic Revitalization
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 30, 2018, 10:20:28 am

I don't see any new Ridley Reports on Dave's Youtube channel this time. Maybe he's on vacation.

Border Patrol Internal Checkpoint VS Camera-Toting Forkfest 2018 Attendees

NH Libertarian Camping Festival “Forkfest 2018”: Recap, Photos

Though Physically Caged, Ademo Freeman Remains Mentally Free

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

N.H. Lawmakers: Explore The Data and See Where Your State Rep Stands

Sanborn did use "inappropriate language" toward a legislative intern in 2013 [Aw, that's terrible]

Manchester Police Say 2 Former Officers Under Criminal Investigation

Sununu Signs Bill Raising Marriage Age to 16 in N.H.

Rural New England Counties See Big Increase in Overdose Rates

N.H. Seeking $3.1 Million in Election Security Funding

Border Patrol Checkpoint Set Up Once Again On I-93 In N.H., 5 Arrests Made

'Tender Age' Shelters Set Up to Hold Youngest Migrants

CDC Study Shows PFAS Chemicals May Be Risky At Lower Levels Than N.H. Regulates

Online Sales Tax Ruling Called 'Disastrous' for N.H. Economy

Jackass Sununu Vetoes Death Penalty Repeal

N.H. Will Soon Have Millions More to Fight the Opioid Crisis. But Where Will it Go? [probably to those who profit from it]

Who Got Paid To Push Marsy's Law In New Hampshire?

Marijuana Legalization Added to N.H. Democrats' Platform

The Bountiful Benefits Of Bringing Back The Beavers

N.H. Officials Respond to SCOTUS Decision on Internet Sales Tax

N.H. 'Drug Czar' Eyes Expansion Of Chiropractic Care To Cut Down On Opioid Prescriptions

Teens Can Work Out For Free This Summer At N.H. Gym Chain

Campaign Cash Snapshot: N.H. Governor's Race

Person Hospitalized After Police Shooting In Nashua

Supreme Court Deals Blow To Government Unions [might be a good thing]

Concord Youth Group, Police Meet Up To Bridge Trust Divide [Did it work?]

SCOTUS Ruling On Unions Hailed By N.H. Right To Work Supporters

Neighboring States Have Loosened Their Pot Laws, But Marijuana Is Still Illegal In N.H.

Sununu Will Call On Lawmakers To Block Internet Sales Tax Collection In N.H.

Wealthy Mormon Abondons Plans for Utopian [Cult] Community in Vermont
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on July 15, 2018, 08:03:51 am

NH: Concord politician is sharp, except...

NH: Politician blows off my question (Concord, First Amendment audit)

NH: Politician pretends I'm not asking her questions (First Amendment Audit)

City of Dover law threatens anyone under 21 who possesses tobacco products

Ian Freeman, NH Libertarian Senate Candidate’s Response to NEA Questionnaire on Education

Keene Selected As Test Market for “DASH-Back” – Instant Cryptocurrency Rebates at Local Merchants

Another Anarchist Website [Anarchist is a stupid label to use]

NH Libertarian Senate Candidate Answers Questionnaire on Gun Freedoms

Video: Conan on Trial for Uninspected Vehicle

America: 10th Most Dangerous Country on Earth for Women?

The Bitcoin Scam

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

New Federal Stormwater Permit Kicks In For 60 N.H. Towns

How a Blind Spot in N.H.'s Juvenile Justice System Keeps Some Kids From Getting Help

Vermont Senator Leahy Offers Bill to Limit Border Patrol Checkpoints

Harassment Probe Reveals Long-Standing Concerns in Dartmouth’s Psychology Department

Online Sales Tax Ruling Focus of New N.H. Task Force

Many N.H. Towns Struggle With Recycling Costs, But Not Derry

Sununu Signs Bill For Year Supply of Birth Control Pills

Former N.H. Judge Disbarred from Practicing Law

Family Vacationing In N.H. Reeling After Arrest At Checkpoint 90 Miles From The Border

How Trade Tariffs Impact New Hampshire’s Export Economy

Concord City Council Expected To Pass Renewable Energy Goal

PSU Teams Up With Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network of N.H. to Address Bullying in Schools [School is for fish]

Big Crowd for MakerSpace Opening in Claremont

Curbside Compost Business Launches in Keene

Keene Woman Seeks Help For Relatives Separated At Border

Former Exeter High School Counselor Sentenced For Sexual Assault

Rochester Drug Recovery Center Faces Pushback From Neighbors

Split Supreme Court Says N.H. Residency Voting Bill is Constitutional

When It Comes to Cross-Border Sales Tax Fight, N.H.'s Been Here Before
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on July 31, 2018, 06:13:18 pm

Ridley Reports: Gun ban sign sparks First Amendment audit (Colorado Springs)

Nice bureaucrat vs. rude Ridley

I question random CS cop about CS right-to-record incident. (Colorado Springs)

Colorado Springs parks manager is super helpful, but anti-gun sign remains

Bureaucrat: "I can't answer any questions"

NH Libertarian Senate Candidate Answers Questionnaires from Union & Families Groups

Immigration Checkpoint Know-Your-Rights Presentation by ACLU-NH

Keene Dentist, Vape Shop, Indian Restaurant, & Hair Salon Now Accepting Bitcoin & DASH

Candidates Debate in NH’s First-Ever Contested Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary

Sex, Drugs, and Freedom – Libertarian Party of NH Special Convention recap

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

Delegation Seeks Answers About N.H's High Childhood Cancer Rates

Third Dartmouth Professor Ousted After Harassment Investigation

New Drug Enforcement Surge to Focus on Hillsborough County

Rural N.H. Residents Spend High Percentage Of Their Income On Energy

Department of Environmental Services Hosts Public Tours of Air Monitoring Stations

Campaign Cash Snapshot: N.H.'s 1st Congressional District

The Furniture Masters of New Hampshire State Prison

As Road Salt Ends Up in N.H. Rivers, Scientists Worry About Fish and Plant Habitat

Keene Mulls Historic Dam's Future After Hydropower Demo Plan Falls Through

Patrol Sees Spike in Illegal Crossings at Canadian Border

Group Says N.H. Renewable Energy Mandates Use Too Much ‘Dirty’ Fuel

State lawmakers failed to pass a bill would have protected New Hampshire businesses from having to collect sales taxes for other states

Nashua Residents Want More Cleanup At Toxic Waste Site Tapped For Redevelopment

State Gets $11.1M From EPA For Water Infrastructure Upgrades

NHPR’s daily call-in show The Exchange will be in the Monadnock Region for live broadcast from Keene State College August 16

New Pease Water Plant Removing PFAS Contamination From Groundwater

N.H. PUC Warns of Phone Scam for Unpaid Balances

Body Scanners Being Installed at N.H. State Prisons

N.H. Will Get EPA Money To Address Asbestos In Schools

A Conversation with Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidates Aaron Day and Jilletta Jarvis

Marchand Says N.H. Needs More Renewable Energy And A Smarter Grid

Kelly Reiterates Support For Net Metering Expansion
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on August 15, 2018, 02:28:10 pm

No Ridley Reports yet

Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate Responses to Surveys from Cannabis & Anti-Abortion Groups

Senate District 10 Libertarian Candidate Endorsed By NH Liberty Alliance!

2018 Candidate Spotlight: Ian Freeman, Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate District 10

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

Libertarian Gubernatorial Hopefuls say N.H. Should Reject Millions for Opioid Crisis

With Hate Crime Assault Case, AG’s New Civil Rights Unit Takes Center Stage [Actually, hate crimes and love crimes have equal rights]

Fearing 'Bad Blood' in Primary, N.H. Democratic Leaders Tell Candidates to Play Nice

Fish & Game May Face Lawsuit Over Water Pollution From Largest State Hatchery

The ACLU Launches A New Immigration Project In N.H. [Include emigration too please]

Building Girls Up With Power Tools

Trump Commission Did Not Find Widespread Voter Fraud [probably didn't check hackability of voting machines]

N.H. State Prison for Men Meets Federal Audit Standards [What about outdated abuse standards?]

Forum On Diversity In New Hampshire Sparks Angry Response, Threats To Attendees

Dartmouth Grads Hope Startup Will Help Bridge Political Divide

For an Authentic American Experience, Chinese Kids Spend Summer in a Small N.H. Town

State Environmental Officials to Discuss Air Monitoring Efforts in Keene

After Years of Debate, Construction to Begin on Antrim Wind Project

If You’re Lost In The Mountains, Your Cell Phone Could Help Save You

Woman in Wheelchair Crossing Street Killed in Lancaster

Radio Field Trip: Ziplining in the Lakes Region

N.H.’s First Net-Zero Multi-Family Housing Project Also Aims for Affordability

State, Feds At Odds Over Prescription Drug Data Request

Manchester Police Officers Sue State, Gun Shop Over Shooting

Why Two Manchester Police Officers Are Suing A Derry Gun Shop

5 Things (Plus) To Do This Weekend in New Hampshire

Amid Trade Dispute, New England And Canadian Leaders to Meet in Vermont

UNH Study Highlights Colleges' Understanding Of Sexual Assault Reporting Rules

Father of Toddler Killed in 2015 Sues N.H. DCYF

Seeking Energy Savings, New England Governors Call for Mix of Fuel Options, Efficiency

At Coakley Landfill Superfund Site, Government Assurances Meet Public Fear

Why Doesn't New Hampshire Have a Bottle Deposit Law?

Federal Judge Strikes Down N.H.'s 'Signature Mismatch' Absentee Voting Law

'North Woods Law: New Hampshire' TV Show Returns

Remembering CopBlock
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on August 31, 2018, 08:25:36 pm

Ridley Reports

The answer to cruel A.I. is kind A.I.

NH: Jarvis to rally for reform of child protective bureaucracy

NH liberty news

NH "workforce housing" proposal sparks backlash

NH: State rep says he got recording when he called 911

Is tech progress slowing down?

Court doc shows angst over jailed Bitcoiner's support

NH: Day questions level of pro-freedom progress

How to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH in under two minutes in Keene, NH

Paying with Cryptocurrency in Keene is Easy

Demonstrating Real-Life Cryptocurrency Purchase and Use in Keene, NH

Announcing – Printable Bitcoin Cash & DASH Tips

Liberty Activists Migrating from Twitter to Censorship-Proof “Mastodon” Decentralized Platform

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

What to Expect When Registering to Vote Between Now and the N.H. State Primary

N.H. Voting Law SB3 is Back in Court This Week — Here's What You Need to Know

Citing Federal Judge's Ruling, N.H. Tells Towns Not to Compare Absentee Voters' Signatures

Inside The Hearing On Controversial N.H. Voting Law SB3

ACLU: names on a state-wide list of police officers with credibility issues should be released to the public

Berlin Joins Other N.H. Communities In Suit Against Opioid Makers

Another Border Checkpoint Set Up On I-93 In New Hampshire

Congressional Candidate Levenson: Gun-Free Schools Mean 'Homicidal Maniac Hunting Preserve'

UNH and City of Dover Test Tech That Could Pave the Way for Safer Self-Driving Cars

N.H. Businesses Asked to Call AG If They Get Sales Tax Bill

AG Finds Nashua Police Officer Justified in Shooting

Manchester Poll Workers Learn How to Respond to Active Shooter on Election Day

Cites Self-Defense Against "Arabian Terrorists"

N.H. Will Spend Federal Money To Assess Hackability Of Voting Systems

New Hampshire Ramps Up Cybersecurity for Midterm Elections
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on September 15, 2018, 11:25:15 am

Ridley: State rep candidate does community service for freedom oriented charity

Ridley: NH govt. can't even win drug war in its PRISON

Ridley: NH: More (suprising) coolness from local Libertarian Party

Ridley: NH: Little Free Surplus needs 10 square meters of outdoor space Founder Arrested For “Disorderly Conduct” of Trying to Leave Home

LBRY Version:

Libertarian Primary voting recommendations

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

The Libertarian Angle: The Free State Project

N.H. Gets $14 Million in HUD Funds for Affordable Housing

Portsmouth Extends Home Solar Tax Exemption To Older Arrays

At N.H. Border Checkpoints, Immigration, Drug Policy and Politics Collide

Facing Deportation, Dozens of Christian Indonesians in N.H. to Have Asylum Cases Heard

Plymouth State University to Hold Conference on Human Trafficking in N.H.

N.H. Kidnapping Survivor Shares Story on '20/20'

First Trainings to be Held For 'Recovery Friendly' N.H. Businesses

Some Franklin Residents, Businesses Looking for Solution to Homeless Encampment

Manchester Agrees to Pay Over $6 Million in EPA Settlement

Frontier Airlines To Begin Flights Out of Portsmouth

After Entire Board of Selectmen Resigns, Uncertainty in Small Town of Kensington

Deportation Halted for 53-Year-Old Indonesian Woman Jailed Since Border Patrol Checkpoint in May

N.H. Senate Fails To Override Sununu's Death Penalty Repeal Veto

Legislators Narrowly Override Sununu's Biomass Veto, But Fall Short On Net Metering

New Census Data Show Continued Domestic Migration To N.H.

Under Looming EPA Deadline, Nashua Debates Toxic Waste Cleanup

With Judge's Approval, Kensington Has a Town Government Again

How Seniors Are Losing Billions to Fraud & What To Do About It

Success through Free State Project in Wyoming

How Free State Project Participants Impact NH Politics

PorcFest 2018

The Libertarian Angle: The Free State Project
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on September 30, 2018, 12:25:13 pm

Ridley: Jarvis reports threat to speaker at DCYF reform rally

Ridley: New crypto assets we still need to see invented

Ridley: Did MPD arrest a bystander for leaving his house?

Ridley: Official tells sign holders not to answer cameraman's questions

Bring about an improved quality of life

Hypocritical “Free State Project” Quietly Dumps Cody Wilson from Upcoming Convention

Libertarian NH Senate Candidate’s Letter to “School Choice for NH”

After Public Hearing, Keene Councilors Vote 3-1 For Nicotine Prohibition for Under 21s

A+ Liberty Rated NH State Rep Sued by Town Gang Over “Zoning” Violations

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

New Hampshire Gets Grant to Help Homeless Veterans

N.H.'s New Addiction Plan

'Manchester Proud' Launches useless School Improvement Plan [Homeschool instead]

Opioid Epidemic's Impact on N.H.'s Child Welfare System

AG Alleges Former St. Paul's Student Lied About Contact With Teacher

Department Of Education Offers Cultural Competency Training [BS] For N.H. Schools [Homeschool instead]

Watchdog Group Says N.H. Lacks Safeguards for Foster Kids on harmful Psych Drugs [See and ]

N.H. Judge Refuses Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against parasite OxyContin Manufacturer

Tariffs Add New Pain For Dairy Farms As Low Milk Prices Persist

N.H. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Defendants Who Can't Repay Legal Fees

New Hampshire Agencies Concerned With New Cap On Refugees

Are Manufactured Kidneys Really the Future of Manchester's Economy?

State Notifies Neighbors Of PFOA Contamination At Merrimack Park

Nearly All Whistleblower Complaints About Manchester VA Were Unfounded

With So Much Cash Flowing Through N.H. Liquor Stores, State Looks To Hire Armored Cars

New Bail Reform Law Leaves More Behind Bars in Rockingham County

N.H. Lawmakers Approve $20 Million Of [useless?] Federal Opioid Funding

City of Rochester Quickly Revokes Cease and Desist Against Local Recovery Center

Study of Marijuana Legalization in N.H. Nears Completion

ACLU Files Federal Suit Against Exeter Police, Claims Man Unlawfully Held Before Transferred to ICE

Judge Says Coakley Landfill Group Must Follow State Public Meeting Law

N.H. One Of Nation's Safest States, With A Caveat [on opioids?]

Liberty Utilities Proposes Turning Bethlehem Landfill Methane Into Natural Gas

State Drops 16 Cases Related to 2017 Border Patrol Checkpoint in New Hampshire

'Suitcase Stories' Puts Resettled Refugees On Manchester Stage

Man Killed in N.H. Police Shooting in Epping
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on October 14, 2018, 11:36:23 pm

NH: Is LP running more candidates than GOP in Keene?

Free stater business burglarized

NH: Gericke ejected from political event

NH: Does media focus too much on little people crime?

NH: Bedford govt. coming after good business?

Open letter RE: Libertarian Party debate ban

NH liberty news

NH Senate race fake Facebook account?

Cheshire TV Hosts Debate for NH Senate District 10 Candidates

Libertarian Transgender Sheriff Candidate Featured in Union Leader Article

Only Two City Councilors Voted Against Expanding Nicotine Prohibition in Keene

NH Libertarian Party Candidates Excluded from WMUR’s Debates via Insurmountable Rules?

NH’s Top Police Chief Resigns After Attacking Own Son

My Appearance on RT America Friday to Comment on Facebook’s Takedown of Hundreds of Pages

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

AG Investigating Police-Involved Death of Epping Man

Former St. Paul’s Student Accused of Lying to Grand Jury Sentenced to Community Service

Manchester Library Eliminates Fines for Kids

State Orders Saint Gobain to Install Air Pollution Controls at Merrimack Plant

N.H. Man Accused of Securities Fraud Over 'Tiny Homes' Investments

State Finalizing Contracts With Seven Hospitals to Build New Addiction Hubs [I guess addiction is great for business; better make more addicts]

AG: Police Use of Deadly Force Justified in Rochester Shooting [as always]

ACLU and Newspapers File Suit Over State's 'Laurie List' police officers with credibility issues

N.H. Lawsuit Highlights Prison Inmate 'Pay to Stay' Law (former inmate being retaliated against)

Portraits of Overdose Victims on Display in Washington

AG: Woman Died of Gunshot at Rochester Storage Unit

Hassan On Sweeping [self-serving?] Opioid Legislation: 'This is Just the Beginning'

Marijuana in Canada Becomes Legal Oct. 17

UNH Law to Launch Program Focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

ACLU Sues ICE, Says Man Was Detained In Dover Jail Unlawfully

From Fixing Roads To Collecting Rent: Why N.H.’s DOT Is Also A Landlord

Video Games Can Help Students Understand Bystander Intervention

Great Bay Towns Turn Out Against Transmission Line

13 Dartmouth College Groups Face Hazing Allegations
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on October 31, 2018, 10:56:12 pm

Ridley Report: NH Senate race fake Facebook account?

Keene Sentinel Reports on Libertarian Candidates: Freeman, Jarvis, DiMezzo

Helping the Developmentally Disabled: Why Libertarian Solutions are the Most Compassionate

NH is Cryptocurrency Mecca : Panel Discussion

2018 General Election voting recommendations

New “Bitcoin Embassy NH” Featured on Front Page of Monadnock Shopper News

Libertarians Protest Unfair “Granite State Debates”: Last Night & Thursday Night

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

UNH Finishes Aquaponic Research Facility For Farming Fish and Produce Under One Roof

Manchester Police Ordered to Review 'Chief Days' Practice

Portsmouth Police To Study Use Of Body Cameras

Jarvis Says N.H. Businesses Need State Tax Incentives

Libertarian Jarvis Opposes Medicaid Expansion, FMLA Legislation

Climate Change Skeptics Will Debate Policy in Portsmouth

Judge Hears Arguments Over Secret List of Police With Potential Credibility Issues

Laconia Police Stages Active Shooter Training at Middle School

'It's Surreal' - At Laconia Middle School, Training for the Worst Case Scenario

N.H. Police Chiefs Oppose Marijuana Legalization (Again)

N.H. Looks to Take 'Aggressive' Position Following SCOTUS Wayfair Sales Tax Ruling

UNH Expands Free Tuition Program

How to Get a Seat at the Table in Local Government

N.H. Supreme Court Says SB3 Can Stay In Place, Reversing Lower Court Order

What Questions Do You Have About Prisons in NH?

Second Bitcoin Embassy In US Opens in New Hampshire

N.H. Voter Resources: What You Need To Know Before Heading To The Polls

EPA Awards Health Community Grants to Projects in Keene and Nashua

How Should You Vote on Constitutional Amendment Ballot Questions?
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on November 15, 2018, 10:34:55 pm

6 RidleyReports

Cop @ polls: "Wondering why you feel the need to take pictures" (Winchester, NH)

Is this voter intimidation? (Winchester, NH)

Helpful, patient poll official @ Winchester, NH

NH: Official orders me not to film while I'm voting (Winchester)

NH official expresses his contempt for NH Constitution (Winchester)

Some thoughts on the Winchester, NH filming restrictions

2018 Cheshire County Candidate Forum Speech : Ian Freeman

Taxpayer Standing On The Ballot Tomorrow [last week]

Only the Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate District 10 Answers the League of Women Voters Questionnaire

Libertarian Ian Freeman: Top Rated Candidate by Marijuana Policy Project and NH Firearms Coalition

Democracy The God That Fumbled

NH Libertarians Lose Ballot Access – Is taking over the old two parties a viable alternative?

Bitcoin Embassy NH Opens Doors, Offers Free “Bitcoin 101” Classes – Covered by Sentinel, NHPR, and Shopper News

FSP news on Facebook (Maybe they say how Free Staters did in the NH elections)

Free State Project on Twitter

Final Marijuana Legalization Report is Blueprint for Potential N.H. Legislation

New Hampshire holds to the federal minimum wage at $7.25 an hour, the lowest in New England

N.H. Election Officials Say State's Voting System Can Be Trusted [What do geeks say?]

Ballot Question 2: Should 'Right to Live Free' Language Be Added to the N.H. Constitution?

Can Minimum Wage Workers Afford Rent In New Hampshire?

UNH to Complete National Study on Hate Crimes [but not love crimes?]

Renewable Portfolio Standard Is Cutting Emissions, Fueling Solar Growth

N.H. Voters OK Two Constitutional Amendments

N.H. Libertarians Fail to Meet Threshold to earn enough votes to stay on the ballot in 2020

Online Threat Closes ConVal Schools For a Day [Wise up, do homeschool!]

Judge Rules Man Detained by ICE in Dover for More Than Eight Months Will Get Hearing

Efforts to Rally Young Voters Appear to be Successful Across N.H. College Campuses

'Stork Club' Dispatchers Help Moms Deliver Babies By Phone

Epsom Puts Full Day Kindergarten Up For Town Vote [Get em used to prison early]

UNH Researchers to Embark on 'Self-Driving Office' Study

ACLU Sues N.H. Over Emergency Room Boarding Of Mental Health Patients

Commission To Issue Recommendations On Bail And Pretrial Detention

Manchester Continues Year-Long School Improvement Plan [Teacher, leave those kids alone!]

Manchester Police Investigate Apparent Suicide in Manchester Jail

ACLU-NH Sues Northwood Police Department Over Immigration-Related Stop
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on November 30, 2018, 09:13:05 pm

2 Ridley Reports

1. More NH liberty news

2. NH liberty news continues

Anonymous Cryptocurrency User Moves to Keene, NH: Area Crypto-Fans Help Unload Eight Moving Pods!

FSP news on Facebook (Maybe they say how Free Staters did in the NH elections)

Free State Project on Twitter

Why Won't New Hampshire Admit There Are Mountain Lions Here?

Police Host Event for Youth and New Americans in Manchester

N.H. Businesses React to FDA Crackdown on Vape Sales

Conval Student Charged With School Shooting Threat In Jail Without Bail

Manchester Police Say Suspect in Spray-Painted Swastikas Case Turned Self In

Regulators Close Gulf of Maine Shrimp Fishery for Next 3 Years

Judge in Dover Frees Somali Immigrant Who Was Detained 9 Months

Criminal Justice Experts Lay Out Roadmap for Bail Reform

6 Years Later, Dispute Over Breastfeeding Accommodations Grinds On

As Pot Shops Open in Mass., N.H. Police Warn of Marijuana-Impaired Driving

N.H. AG to Review Manchester Police Use of Force

Former Portsmouth Police Commissioner Faces Charges For August Shooting

Project for Women-Created Crossword Puzzles Finds All The Right Clues

Conway Looks to Arm Police with Taser Guns

Revolutionary War-era Tavern in Exeter Added to Historic Register

HUD Funding Helps Foster Children Reunite With Families

Responders Work To Protect Goffstown's Reservoir After Nearby Oil Truck Crash

Lebanon Mobile Home Community Celebrates Launch of New Solar Array

Jury In Art Forgery Case: Mother and Son Committed Fraud, Ordered to Repay $500K

N.H.'s First Donor Breast Milk Dispensary to Open in Belmont

AG Clears N.H. Liquor Commission of Wrongdoing After Months-Long Investigation [coverup?]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on December 15, 2018, 08:38:20 am

No Ridley Reports this time

New Affiliate in NM :: Major Talk Shows Ending Nationwide :: More Twitch-ONLY Aftershows

Mark to Emcee Cryptopulco @ Anarchapulco 2019

Vape Shop Owner Announces Run for Keene Council After Vote to Expand Nicotine Prohibition

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

With 2020 In Mind, Gabbard Swings Through Exeter

Former Claremont Officer Enters Plea Deal for illegally searching a property

Dover School District Investigating Video of Students Singing KKK Jingle

With Deadline Looming, Few N.H. Residents Have Obtained Jackass REAL-ID Licenses

New Medicaid Expansion Work Requirement Could Apply to As Many As 15,000 People

N.H. Sees Substantial Increase in Young Adults Moving In

Nashua School District Studying Replacing Subs With Online Learning

In New England Sweep, ICE Arrests Nearly 60 People Living in Country Illegally

Milford Eyeing Plans for 120-Acre Solar Farm

Salem Police Chief Resigns Amid Controversy

N.H. Follows National Trend in Police Officer Shortages

Many Questions Remain as Officials Hustle to Launch New probably corrupt Addiction Care System

Fireball Seen Blazing Across New England Sky

Police Recruit Accused of Criminal Threatening

New Research From UNH & Zillow Highlights the Connection Between Rent Affordability and Homelessness

Sandy Hook School Receives Threat on Shooting Anniversary

Concord Couple Accused of Running an Interstate Sex Trafficking Enterprise
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on December 31, 2018, 04:14:10 pm

"Winston Ridley's" Christmas appeal-for-peace (Churchill impersonation)

More NH news

Keene Police Send SWAT Team to Apprehend Non-Violent Man Having Mental Breakdown in Own Home

Humorless City of Keene Targets New Vietnamese Restaurant Over “Offensive” Name & Sign

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Eversource Plans Residential, Commercial Rate Hikes For 2019

ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit Claiming N.H.’s Criminal Defamation Statute Unconstitutional

Now In Control, Dems Move To Bring Back Ban On Guns In N.H. House Chamber

Prolific N.H. Opioid Prescriber Found Guilty in Kickback Scheme

Who Shipped $61 Million Worth of Weapons From N.H. to Saudi Arabia?

Higher Rates for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers Approved by N.H. Executive Council

A Fight for Transparency At New England's Powerful Energy Industry Group

Fake News: DCYF: More Staff Needed to Handle Increase in Child Abuse and Foster Care Cases [Less staff needed, or NO staff needed, as they kidnap kids]

N.H. Homelessness Rises, But Some See Hope

N.H. ACLU Wins Release of Detained Congolese Man Seeking Asylum

Hiker Killed By Falling Piece of Ice in Hart's Location

Proposed N.H. Bill Would Clarify Regulation of Tiny Houses [More crap, excessive regulation]

Manchester Program for Children In Trauma Expands to Laconia [probably more scheming to kidnap kids]

N.H. DOE Report: Science Scores On the Rise, But Some Districts Flagging [probably more fake testing & brainwashing]

Where New Hampshire Is Seeing Effects Of The Government Shutdown

Marijuana Bill Preview: Cannabis Legalization Proposal Estimates A $33 Million Windfall For N.H. [probably only for the establishment]

Driver Behavior To Blame For Uptick In N.H. Deaths [due to cell phones & poor education?]

New Year Brings New Alimony Law In New Hampshire [probably a boon for lawyers as usual]

ACLU-NH and Union Leader Sue Salem For Full Police Report

N.H. Democrats Seek to Reverse Voting Restrictions [so out-of-staters and foreigners can vote Democratic?]

Laconia Sun Editor's Personal Journey Through N.H. Mental Health System

Marriage Age Increase Among New Laws Taking Effect Jan. 1 [Marriage licenses imply that newlyweds are incompetent]

Bill Would Prohibit 'Sanctuary Cities' in N.H.

City of Keene Nazis in Dispute with Local Restaurant Owner Over 'Pho Keene Great' Name
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on January 15, 2019, 10:48:55 pm

Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin! Satoshi’s Successor Gavin Andresen Visited Keene on the Eve of BTC’s Tenth B-day!
The Bitcoin Scam to or already in New Hampshire? Learn how to connect with the liberty community OFF of Facebook.

Keene’s “Anarchist Shemale” Banned from Facebook for “Hate Speech” Gamestop Parody Video

Full Video of “Science on Tap” Cryptocurrency Panel in Manchester, ft. Vin Armani & Chris Rietmann
The Bitcoin Scam

Free Talk Live Host Gets Hair Dyed for Charity!

Multiple stations expand FTL to weeknights! :: Mark's Dye Job

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Pro-Canadian Tourism Group Offers to Help N.H. Businesses Become More Francophone-Friendly

Democratic Majority Reinstates Gun Ban In New Hampshire House Chamber

N.H. House Makes Anti-Harassment Training Mandatory

AG: Officer's Use Of Deadly Force Was Justified In Epping Shooting ?

Dartmouth Unveils New Plan to Strengthen Harassment Prevention, Response

When Low Taxes Aren't Enough: How State-Backed Incentives Help Lure Businesses to N.H.

N.H. Lawmakers to Consider Statewide Bans on Plastic Bags, Straws

Proposed Bills Aim to Curb School Suspensions in New Hampshire [Homeschool instead please]

Former Claremont Police Officer Gets Jail Sentence in Illegal Search Case

Jackass Hospitals Move To Intervene In ACLU Suit Against N.H. Over ER Boarding

Dartmouth Student Sues College, Claims he was illegally expelled over a sexual assault allegation

N.H. Economic Chief: Education [Homeschooling I say], Energy, Housing Are Key to A Thriving Economy

'Laurie's List' Bills: N.H. Rep. Says Public Has Right to Know If Police Officers were Disciplined

Amid Complaints, Manchester Moves to Improve Services for Homeless

CEO of N.H. Gun Maker Facing Five Years in German Prison for Alleged Arms Deal

N.H. Awards $4.4 Million Contract for New Behavioral Health Crisis Center [Pharmaceutical Greed]

Jackasses James Foley's Mother Joins Shaheen to Oppose U.S. Withdrawal From Syria

Portsmouth Woman Detained By ICE For More Than Six Months Petitions For Release

Can Medical Marijuana Help N.H. Fight the Opioid Crisis?

Barrington, N.H. Resident Held by ICE Days After Deportation Case Dropped

Regulators To Allow Seabrook Nuclear Plant To Run Through 2050
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on January 31, 2019, 10:29:46 pm

Chris Cantwell has become what he once hated – a total statist

City Approves Pho Keene Great Sign

Full Video of Committee Hearing on HB 470 to Legalize Bitcoin for Paying Taxes in New Hampshire

HB 567 Would Move New Hampshire into Atlantic Standard Time, Year-Round

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

*N.H. Company Offers New App To Price That Picasso

The State Of Homelessness In N.H.

N.H. Legislative Leaders Call for Strengthening Child Advocate's [State Kidnappers'] Role

Major Solar Array Could Soon Sprout At Concord Produce Farm

N.H. Lawmakers (Again) Trying To Tackle Online [Clepto] Sales Tax Issue

New Investment in Affordable Housing Will Help End Homelessness in N.H.

Keene Joins N.H. Towns Working Toward All-Renewable Energy Goals

Towns Plead With State For Education Aid [Let parents teach their own kids, you statists]

N.H. Child Advocate Backs Bill to Hire 57 Child Protective Workers [to Kidnap more Kids at taxpayer expense]

Concord To Begin Planning Process For Renewable Energy Goals

Constitutional Amendment Would Create An Independent Redistricting Panel in N.H.

Students of Color and Students with Disabilities Twice as Likely to Face Suspension [Homeschooling is better anyway]

More Public Input Before Relicensing Seabrook Nuclear Plant

State's New 10-Year Mental Health Plan Calls for Additional Investments [to benefit "Special" Corporate Interests]

ConVal High Student Charged With School Shooting Threat Released from Jail Pending Trial [they jail kids?]

N.H. Providers Look to Vermont For Advice on Rolling Out New Addiction Treatment System [to benefit greedy corporate intersts as usual at public expense]

What Does The Rise In Hospital Mergers Mean For N.H.? [It means high-priced monopolies, you fools]

Jackass Sununu Applauds Anti-Drug Commission Opposition to Marijuana Legalization

Jackass N.H. Child Advocate says: Not All Realize They're Required To Report Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect [which is pure BS violation of 1st Amendment etc]

Services [Disservices] for N.H. Kids 'Tremendously Variable'

Portsmouth Woman Released After Spending Nearly Eight Months Awaiting Deportation

Families of Murder Victims Ask Lawmakers to Strengthen Cold Case Unit

New Hampshire Considers Ranked Choice Voting for Primary

More Than Half Of N.H. Women Have Been Victims Of Sexual Harassment At Work [Asking for a date is probably harrassment]
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on February 16, 2019, 11:40:44 pm

Bitcoin-for-Taxes Bill in NH Unanimously Approved by House Subcommittee

NH State House Examines New Voting System Proposals

Vin Armani’s Epic 15+ Hour Broadcast from Liberty Forum 2019

Forbes: Keene is “Crypto Mecca”

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

ACLU: U.S. Reneged on Promise of Citizenship for Littleton Resident Who Served in Army

Hundreds Seek Addiction Help in First Month of New State 'Doorway' Program

Pappas Invites Transgender Man to State of the Union Speech

Former Dartmouth Undergrad Sues College Over 2017 Expulsion

N.H. Liquor Stores, Swimming in Cash, Sign Long-Term Contract With Armored Car Company

Dover Defends Plan To Retain 'KKK Jingle' Teacher Amid New Criticism From NAACP

Sununu Heading to Middle East for Robotics, FIRST Program

Eight Organizations Apply For First Round of Recovery Friendly Workforce Grants

UNH Study: Rural America is Depopulating, But N.H. Is An Exception

Lawmakers Hear Testimony on Bill That Would Raise the Smoking Age to 21 in N.H.

Lone Soldier From N.H. Among National Guard Troops Ordered To Withdraw from New Mexico

N.H. High Court Upholds Convictions in 'Free The Nipple' Topless Case

The Rules Are Different Here: A Series on New Hampshire's Jails and Prisons

New Hampshire Approves Sci-Fi and Fantasy Online College

Church and SOS Recovery Center Sue City of Rochester

N.H. Lawmakers Hear Proposal to Transfer Control of Secure Psychiatric Unit to Health Dept.

Sprague Energy Looks To Grow Past Fossil Fuels With Flexible Solar Panels On Oil Tanks

Seabrook Nuclear Plant’s Relicensing Looks Likely Despite Extra Hearing Tonight

ACLU Sues to Block New Hampshire Voter Residency Requirements

With High Rate of Vaccination, N.H. Also Sees Growing Number of Parents Opting Out [Smart move]

Manchester Mayor to Focus on Education, Homelessness, and Redevelopment

Bills That Would Restrict Guns in N.H. Schools Draw Hours of Public Testimony

N.H. Senate Passes Bills to Boost Mental Health, Child Protective Services [B.S.]

EPA Settles With GE To Cover Cost Of Clean-Up At Milford Superfund

Aerial Cell Tower Successfully Tested in Southern N.H.
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 01, 2019, 08:36:44 pm

NH: Prepper project seeks outdoor space, usable items otherwise bound for trash - Ridley Report

Ron Paul’s No Chicken – Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Recent Murder

Penn Jillette Models Pho Keene Great Shirt, Promises to Visit

Derrick J of Interviewed at Liberty Forum 2019

“Bitcoin Cast” Interview on Crypto Mecca of New Hampshire

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Special Education Funding In The Granite State

Report: $100 Billion Would Put Northern New England On 80% Clean Energy

Confronting Domestic Violence In New Hampshire

N.H. Death Penalty Repeal Advocates Aim To Overcome Sununu’s Promised Veto

N.H. Lawmakers Begin Debate on Minimum Wage Increase

Proposal To Link N.H. Voter Registration With Driver's License Renewal Spurs Debate

In Close Vote, House Committee Backs Marijuana Legalization in N.H.

Crime Victims Survey Available in New Hampshire

For the ACLU of New Hampshire, Growth in Membership Comes With Growth in Ambitions

N.H. Firearms CEO Goes on Trial In Germany

N.H. House Committee Moves Forward Bill That Would Allow Medical Marijuana Patients To Grow At Home

N.H. House Passes Bill That Would Allow For Gun-Free School Zones

N.H. House Clears Bill That Would Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Organic N.H. Farmers, Frustrated by Recent USDA Labeling Decisions, to Gather in Hanover

To Help With Addiction, N.H. Drug Courts Offer Reoffenders A Second Chance

Lobbying All The Way
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 15, 2019, 02:33:13 pm

New Hampshire Home to “Special Concentration” of Dash-Accepting Merchants

Victorious “Pho Keene Great” Restaurant to Open @ 3pm Tomorrow, March 8th

“Pho Keene Great” Grand Opening: Photos & Review

Detained at US Customs for Three Hours, Devices Unconstitutionally Searched

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Lobbying All The Way

In Exeter, A Proposed Tax Cap Turns Into High Drama

N.H. AG Says Investigation Ongoing Into Alleged Voter 'Coercion and Intimidation'

N.H. Lawmakers Look To Ramp Up Student Suicide Prevention

NPR Analysis Finds Federal Disaster Aid In N.H., Nationwide Favors White Families [Jews?]

Regulators Renew Relicensing Promise For Seabrook Nuclear Plant

Faulty pistols that could fire without pulling the trigger

N.H. Supreme Court Rules Board Wrong to Deny Workers' Comp for Medical Pot

In N.H., Pete Buttigieg Questions the Electoral College and Future for Millennials

Bill to Allow Home-grown Medical Marijuana Passes N.H. House

North Country Towns Will Vote On Banning ATVs on Local Roads

At Hopkinton Budget Vote, It's Property Taxes v. Education

New Hampshire Exports Surpass $5.2B for 2018

Statistics Show Illegal Northern Border Crossings Climbing

Rye Voters Approve Controversial New Cell Tower

N.H. House Committee Retains 'Red Flag' Gun Bill

Two Election Legislation Issues To Watch In 2019: Redistricting And Voting Technology

Second Former Claremont Cop Pleads Guilty to Faking Documents
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on March 30, 2019, 11:00:33 pm

Chris Cantwell Storms Out of Studio During “Shemale vs NAZI” Event

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

N.H. House OKs Birth Certificate Changes in Transgender Cases

Pulling Back the Curtain on College Admissions

Alton Juvenile Charged in Relation to Shooting

N.H. House Votes For Waiting Periods, Background Checks on Guns

Low-Income N.H. Residents Sue Over Medicaid Work Requirements

N.H. House Passes Bill To Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Get a Driver’s License

Additional $12 M Headed to N.H. to Pretend to Fight Opioid Crisis

Is Your Child Using? Traveling Exhibit Offers Tips to Find Out

The Single Greatest Way To Impact NH Politics

Dozens Gather at Concord terrorist Mosque to Remember People supposedly Lost in FAKE New Zealand Shooting
- See also:

N.H. Senate Passes Bill to Raise Minimum Wage

Delegation Urges Trump To Spare Portsmouth Shipyard Projects From Border Wall Funding Pool

Manchester Man Convicted of Running Prostitution, Drug Operation

N.H.'s Child Advocate Reviewing How DCYF Handles Cases of Infants Born Exposed to Drugs

After Clearing The N.H. House, Fight To Abolish Death Penalty Reaches State Senate

N.H. House Panel Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill, Reworks Tax Structure

3 Dead After Standoff at Manchester Hotel

N.H. Executive Council Oks $900 Million Medicaid Contract

Judge Strikes Down Medicaid Work Requirements in 2 States

N.H. Senate Votes to Ban Businesses From Asking Applicants About Criminal Records
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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Bicyclist Who Rode to New Hampshire Launches Video Series

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

New Hampshire Gets $3.8 Million For Early Education

New Report Offers Detailed Stats on the Health of Aging Adults in N.H.

Lebanon Encourages Residents to Kick Their Plastic Habit

SIG Sauer CEO Avoids Jail Time For Role in Illegal Arms Shipment

On Low-Income Solar Projects, Advocates Say Gov. Sununu Is More Talk Than Action

N.H. House Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

House Votes To Tighten Gun Restrictions in Schools

Lawmakers Want VA To Cover PFAS Exposures, As CDC Report Details Risks From Past Pease Contamination

Plastic Parties

Conservation Conference Looks To Bring New Faces To N.H.’s ‘Special Places’

Keene Judge Denies Districts' Requests for Immediate Bump in School Aid

In Votes At N.H. State House, Lawmakers' Personal and Public Interests Often Overlap

Even When N.H. Lawmakers File Financial Disclosures, Details Are Spotty

Housing, Transportation Emerge as Key Priorities as State's New Addiction-Treatment Program Grows

Southern New Hampshire University Expands to Arizona

Democrats' Proposed Tax to Boost School Aid Draws Applause and Apprehension

Facing Deportation, Manchester Man Makes His Case for a Pardon

Senate Bill to Roll Back Parts of Medicaid Work Requirement Goes Before N.H. House

N.H. Poised To Abolish Death Penalty After Senate Vote

Feds Reject Bid For Public Access To Regional Meetings On Energy Grid Reforms

Send Us Your Questions and Stories for an Upcoming Series On Workforce Shortages In N.H.

Man Charged in Double Murder in Hinsdale Found Dead in Vermont

Growing Number of States Move to Shield Lottery Winners
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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"Winston Ridley" Eulogy for free stater Bob Hull (Churchill impersonation)

Artificial Intelligence: Open "letter" to Max Tegmark from "Winston" Ridley

Keene City Gang Retaliates Against Downtown Business Owner for Speaking Against Parking Kiosks

Forkfest Sponsors Porcupine Freedom Festival

Cannabis Civil Disobedience Hits NH State House for 9th Year of 420 at 4:20 on 4/20

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Labor Union Says Workplace Violations Widespread in N.H.

Waste Managers Warn of Fire Risk With Lithium Ion Batteries

N.H. Launches Online Database for More Than 16,000 Historical Records

Gardner Warns Lawmakers Against Changing N.H. Voting Laws

SIG Sauer Asks Judge to Dismiss Suit Over 'Drop Fire' Issue with Pistol

N.H. Council Rejects Pardon for Man Facing Deportation

Strafford County Leaders Propose Strategies To Address Homelessness

Epping Hopes 'Respectful' Forum On Trump T-Shirt Issue Can Set Example

Talking N.H. Commuter Rail, Klobuchar Makes Case for More Infrastructure Spending

Man Accused of Voting in Florida, Then New Hampshire

Behind The Scenes At Made-For-TV Take On N.H. Tradition

Marijuana Critics Seek to Derail Legalization Bill As N.H. Senate Takes It Up

Judge Rules Secret List of Police Officers With Credibility Issues Must Be Made Public

Senate Committee Supports 'Home Grow' Option for N.H.'s Medical Marijuana Program

N.H. Intervenes in Federal Lawsuit Over Medicaid Work Requirement

(Fat) Man Accused of Marrying Four Women Avoids Jail Time

After Losing Job For Testifying In Sexual Assault Case, Former Bedford Dean Files Lawsuit

N.H. Senate Hears Three Gun Control Bills

Former Prison Chaplain Enters Guilty Plea in Drug Smuggling Case
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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NH’s “Free Talk Live” Reaches 200 Radio Affiliate Milestone!

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Bill to Create Independent Redistricting Commission in N.H. Gets Bipartisan Boost

ACLU of N.H. Sues for Release of Somali Asylum Seeker Detained for More Than Two Years

'Grow Your Own' Medical Marijuana Bill Clears N.H. Senate

At New Home In Portsmouth, Black Heritage Trail Reflects On N.H.’s Slave Trade History

DHHS Worker Becomes Advocate For DCYF Reform

Jackass Sununu Vetoes Bill to Repeal N.H.'s Death Penalty

Keene State Leaders to Students: Protect Your Voting Rights

Senators Renew Push to Ban Offshore Drilling Off New England

N.H. Law Enforcement Officials Frustrated With Bail Reform

UNH Pilot Program Won't Require SAT Scores From Applicants

Portsmouth Athenaeum Exhibit Showcases LGBT History On The Seacoast

In Nashua, Klobuchar Says Stronger National Effort Needed on Opioid Epidemic

UNH Joins Major NOAA Project to Map the Ocean

Sununu Backs Amended Bill To Spur Low-Income Solar Development [Do his friends have solar investments?]

New Plan To Add Biomass Power Subsidies To Electric Rates Draws A Crowd

Manchester To Consider Adding Students to School Board

At Sturm Ruger Annual Meeting, Activist Investors Push For 'Smart Gun' Products

The state Senate hopes to collect millions more in business taxes by bringing New Hampshire into conformity with federal tax changes enacted in 2017

N.H. Lawmakers Pass Bill to Provide Menstrual Products in All Middle and High Schools

Man Who Avoided Jail for Bigamy Has Disappeared

Coastal Waters Close In New Hampshire Due To High Toxin Levels

Dartmouth Engineering Students Win NASA Competition To Design Greenhouse For Mars

State Could Do More to Help Children with Incarcerated Parents

Nashua School Board Head Calls on Board Member to Resign Over Social Media Clash

N.H. Still Weighing Whether to Join Generic Drug Lawsuit Filed by 44 Other States

With Construction Underway, Opponents Appeal Seacoast Power Line To N.H. Supreme Court

A Conversation With Transgender Granite Staters: Submit Your Questions And Stories
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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See Dave Ridley's latest libertarian videos, including Manchester cop standoff left 3 civilians dead (9 videos this week)

Successful “Bitcoin Pizza Day” in Crypto Mecca – 2019

If Trump freed Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, would you vote Trump in 2020?

Death Penalty to End in NH as House & Senate Override Governor’s Veto! HALLEDAMLUJAH!

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Dartmouth Challenging Use of Pseudonyms in Class-Action Sexual Abuse Case

Hassan Co-Sponsors Legislation To Stop Surprise Medical Bills

As Student Enrollment Shrinks, DOE Commissioner Urges Realism and School Choice [school = prison]

Child Advocate Says State Needs to Communicate Better With Incarcerated Parents

Senate Committee Backs Independent Redistricting Commission in N.H.

Waste Heat From Berlin Biomass Plant Will Help Grow Hydroponic Greens

Nashua Court Drug Rehab Program

N.H. Small Businesses Join Network To Tout Proximity To Electric Vehicle Chargers

Vermont, N.H. Both Could Delay Marijuana Bills

Tired of Campaign 'Manipulation' N.H. Voters Get Trained in the Art of the Bird Dog

Hampton Schools To Hold Another Forum After Racial Bullying Complaints [Do Unschooling instead]

Somali Asylum-seeker Detained for Over 2 Years Released

Some Water Bills in Southern N.H. Could Rise Under New Tax Code

Boy Scouts And Its N.H. Division Accused of Failing to Stop Sex Abuse

Eversource Plans $7M Battery Storage Demonstration Project In Westmoreland

Who Are New Hampshire's Untapped Workers?

Facing Population Decline, ConVal's Small Town Schools At Center Of Education Debate [Internet School is Best]

Some Say Untapped Workers Are Plentiful, Could Help Ease N.H.'s Labor Shortage

N.H. Senate Passes Three Gun-Related Bills

Legislature Approves Low-Income Solar Bill, With Governor’s Backing

12 Accused of Trying to Sexually Exploit Children Online

Setbacks, And Perseverance, On TED Radio Hour

Buttigieg Says Democrats Need to Focus on Policy, Not Simply Counterpunch With Trump

N.H. Rolls Out New Firewood Rules To Control Spread Of Invasive Beetle

N.H. Sues Makers of PFAS Chemicals for Drinking Water Contamination

ACLU, N.H. Medical Society File Briefs to Block DEA Access to Rx Drug Records

Senate Passes Bill to Rollback Controversial Election Law SB 3

In Another ‘Clean Innovation’ Proposal, Eversource Looks To Low-Income Solar Projects
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on June 16, 2019, 11:13:23 am

See Dave Ridley's recent videos titled:
Virginia Beach mass shooting;
Recent New Hampshire headlines tell the tale of relative freedom;
Ron Paul: Please move to New Hampshire;
Belmont, NH: Town comes for free stater legislator;
Ridley podcast (Churchill impersonator);

Forkfest 2019 – Update from the Campground

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Exploring N.H.'s Refugee Program In Manchester

Rochester Tells Stores to Stop Selling Edible CBD, a Cannabis Extract

Agriculture Census Says N.H. Farms Are Smaller, More Profitable

Refugee Resettlement In N.H. Plummets Under Trump Administration

The Role of Nonprofits In Addressing N.H.'s Affordable Housing Needs

State, EPA Say Drinking Water In Nashua Is Safe After PFAS Found At 2 Superfund Sites

N.H. DHHS Confirms Edible CBD is Not Approved for Sale in N.H.

Housing Advocates Say More To Do at the Local Level To Encourage Affordable Housing

Superior Court Judge Rules N.H.'s School Funding System is Unconstitutional

Calls For More Regulation After Federal Data Shows PFAS In Food System

With Democrats Now In Charge, N.H. Senate Votes To Rollback New Voter Residency Law

Alton Man Charged With Voting in Two States in Same Election

Border Patrol Checkpoint in Woodstock Yields Alleged Immigration Violations

Legalizing Cannabis For Adults Can Hurt Medical Marijuana Industry

ACLU Sues Manchester Over Surveillance Cameras

Lawsuit Claims Amazon's Alexa Devices Record Without Consent, Against N.H. Law

N.H.'s State Board of Education Approves Expansion of Out-of-School Credits

Claremont School District Fighting IRS Fines

Lawsuit Alleges Federal Government, Local Jails Denying Due Process For Undocumented Immigrants

Free Summer Meals Program Kicks Off in Manchester

Community Members Appeal Demolition of St. Joseph's Church in Laconia
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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Latest Ridley Videos
"Winston" Ridley vs. Armed Forces Recruiting Office (Keene, NH)
Tim Draper: Please move to NH!
David Koch: Please move to New Hampshire!
Hotties want my hat! (Keene, New Hampshire)
"Winston" Ridley vs. fire department. Is he angry at whole world!!??
"Winston" Ridley vs. Bank of America building
"Winston" vs. Social Security office...Keene, New Hampshire
NH: Court goons banned singers...outside!

I Attended the Historic 2019 Porcupine Freedom Festival + Forkfest

The Next Ten Years of Bitcoin Panel – Porcfest 2019

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Queen City Pride Block Party Draws a Crowd in Manchester

Seth Moulton Talks PFAS Contamination in Merrimack

Lawmakers Back Online Energy Data in N.H.; Kuster Wants Federal Energy Advocate

N.H. Economic News Roundup: Tariffs, Trade & The Summer Tourism Economy

Confusing Letters, Frustrated Members: N.H.'s Medicaid Work Requirement Takes Effect

Portsmouth Mulls Banning Distribution Of Single-Use Styrofoam Containers

N.H. Prisons Expand Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders

N.H. DOJ Retains Private Law Firm To Assist in ‘Bootlegging’ Inquiry

After the Crash: Route 2 Becomes Memorial in Wake of Motorcycle Deaths

Sununu Signs Bill Allowing Physician Assistants To Prescribe Medical Marijuana

Portsmouth Pride Celebration Focuses on Youth

Ethics Committee To Continue Investigation Into Top N.H. House Democrat's Role With Teachers Union

Laconia Approves Rules To Regulate AirBnB Rentals

Equity Team to Manchester School District: Hire More People of Color - NO, promote home schooling

Employees Laid Off At Oracle + Dyn In Manchester

N.H. Yet To Join Drug Price-Fixing Lawsuit

MA Officials Blame Bureaucratic Mistake For Driver In N.H. Crash That Killed 7 Having A License

How Often Are N.H. Lawmakers Missing Votes?

As Commercial Wells Expand, Hampstead Residents Warn of 'Profits Over People'

Contracts Reveal What N.H.'s Paying For Consultants' Help With IRS Bootlegging Inquiry

NH Fish and Game told Deerfield Republican Lawmaker Jim Spillane he did not have the legal right to kill the squirrel outside the hunting season
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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Latest Ridley Videos
David Koch: Please move here, to New Hampshire
Abortion: NH law restricts speech on public sidewalks
"Winston" vs. World podcast version (Churchill impersonation, New Hampshire commentary)
Anthro-global-warming claims must pass many tests to justify tax-funded regulation
"Winston" vs. government schools

Social Media Panel @ Porcfest 2019

Libertarian National Chair Nicholas Sarwark Announces Move to New Hampshire

Vin Armani’s “Pilgrimage to Porcfest” 2019 Speech

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Massachusetts Failing to Suspend Drivers Licenses

Only Those Who 'Choose Not to Comply' Will Lose Coverage Under New Medicaid Rule

Strafford County Quickly Recuperates From Cyberattack

New State Law Requiring More Lead Testing, Remediation Takes Effect

Lawyers Ask Judge to Order White Nationalist From Keene To Stop Alleged Threats

Survivor of Randolph Crash That Killed 7 Motorcyclists Sues Pickup Driver, Company

New Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Conway

With 17,000 Facing Penalty, N.H. Delays Medicaid Work Requirement

Parents Meet With Concord School Board Following Teacher's Sexual Assault Arrest

Gillibrand Touts Plan For Publicly Funded Elections At N.H. Politics & Eggs

FAA Doles Out Infrastructure Improvement Grants To N.H. Airports

Dover Youth Work to Bust Myths about Teen Substance Use

Sullivan County To Start Selling Thermal Energy Credits

Body found in Grafton, N.H., Identified; AG Says Woman Was Victim of Homicide

N.H. Becomes 13th State To Add Non-Binary Gender Option On Drivers Licenses

New N.H. Law Aims to Better Inform People With Criminal Records of Their Right to Vote

How New Hampshire Got Its Shape

Shaheen Unveils $63 Billion Plan to Combat Drug Addiction (for profit?)

Sununu Signs Law to Help People Void Some Marijuana Possession Convictions

Probe Launched After N.H. Deadly Crash Prompts 1,600 License Suspensions in Mass.

N.H. Becomes Second State To Sharply Lower Arsenic Limit In Drinking Water

N.H. To End 'Pay to Stay' For Inmates

Kuster Calls Conditions at Border Facilities 'Inhumane'
Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on July 31, 2019, 07:12:39 pm

Latest from Dave Ridley
NH: Free stater & former candidate Julia Miranda dead at 34
Ridley vs. immigration enforcers! (Former enforcers, technically)
Bear raids Winchester, NH!
"Winston" vs. World podcast version, Ep. 4 (Churchill impersonation, New Hampshire commentary)
Court adopts TSA-style security (Colorado Springs, El Paso County)

Rest in Peace, Julia Miranda

Annulling the Victimless Crime Spree Charges (16 Total!)

The Owner Decides, Not the Neighbors

YouTube Censors “Hippie vs NAZI” Debate; Watch it Now Thanks to LBRY!

Should Callers Pay for Expensive Police Service?

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

N.H. To End 'Pay to Stay' For Inmates

Kuster Calls Conditions at Border Facilities 'Inhumane'

N.H. ACLU: Newington Rule That Prompted Removal Of Pride Signs Is Unconstitutional

N.H.'s Pending PFAS Rules Spark Budget Fears For Local Water Systems

Sununu Signs Bill To Provide Free Menstrual Products In N.H. Schools

New Transitional Home for Mothers Opens in Rochester

NextEra Energy Hosts Public Information Session On Large Solar Project

New Law Offers Anti-Discrimination Protection For N.H. Public School Students

Explore New Hampshire's Lobbying Financial Disclosures

Rental Survey: N.H.'s Affordable Housing Market Is Tighter Than Ever

Bipartisan Bill Against 'Internet Sales Tax' Is Now N.H. Law

Zoning Plan From Dalton Landfill Opponents Gets First Public Hearing

Massachusetts Investigates Company Tied to Motorcycle Deaths in Randolph, N.H.

Manchester City Planners Kick off Community Input Process

Lead Manchester V.A. Whistleblower Ed Kois Dies in Car Accident

Jackson Inn Worker Fined in Conflict With Couple Perceived as Muslim

Child Welfare Advocates March For Reforms At N.H. DCYF

After 30 Years, Contaminated Wells in Southern N.H. to Get Permanent Fix

Federal Judge Blocks N.H.'s Medicaid Work Requirement

Mass. RMV Knew of Backlog Years Before Deadly Crash in Randolph, N.H.

Majority of People in Nashua Drug Court Have Suffered Childhood Trauma

Title: Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
Post by: Luck on August 16, 2019, 07:38:31 pm
Reply if you want to say if there's any topics I've been posting on that you'd like to see continued besides Tech and Sci News, Biz-Economics-Politics-Statist News and FSP-related News. I'm thinking of posting article links on all those each weekend, but not sure about Self-Directed Learning and Health News etc.
Title: Re: New Hampshire & FSP-Related News (See FSP/Libertarian News)
Post by: Luck on August 17, 2019, 10:33:04 pm
I plan to move this to FSP/Libertarian News.