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Title: Tyranny & Terrorism: False Flags; Fake Events
Post by: Luck on March 11, 2014, 03:07:55 pm
[This was posted in Dec 2015, despite what the timestamp above indicates.]

We need to know the truth about our history. It's much worse than most people imagine. We need to know our mistakes so we can correct them. Up to Oct 1, 2016 I've posted info on some of our worst tyranny and terrorism from after the Civil War till recent events.

Following are highlights from this online article:

Rise of American Fascism

As America became more and more industrialized, laissez-faire practice presented more and more problems. Men like J.P. Morgan, John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie owned huge shares of America's economy. J.P. Morgan was arguably the most powerful man in the country during the height of his career, with far more influence than even the President of the United States. A small handful of men controlled virtually all of the financial capital in the country to the degree that people realized that in many ways the government was not in charge of the country, this small group of private citizens were.

H.J. Heinz's lobbying and support for the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, signed by Teddy Roosevelt, [was] not only out of a desire to promote healthy food, which his company already did, but also to legally eliminate competition. The Heinz food company had, at that time, one of the cleanest food product lines in the world, and Heinz helped to ensure that the legislation was written in such a way that the company would already meet the requirements of the act, while the majority of his competition's products would not meet the requirements. When the act passed, many of Heinz's competitors went out of business because they were unable to make the changes needed to meet the requirements in a cost competitive and timely manner.

Rise of American Eugenics
The ideology developed that the "socialists" were wrong, and that society's problems were not caused by oppressive economic conditions, but rather that social problems were caused by genetic inferiority. This is an ideology that was adopted by many wealthy and upper-class Americans and was related to the development of the ideology of "Social Darwinism," the idea that certain people were "genetically" more fit and that the more fit legitimately had  the right to rule the inferior. It is out of all of these ideas that the American eugenics programs began, funded by wealthy Americans such as Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller.

In the 1890s Indiana prisons were performing castrations on convicts, both to "cure" them of masturbation, and to prevent them from "breeding more criminals." Dr. Albert Ochsner advocated the sterilization of convicts "to eliminate all habitual criminals from the possibility of having children."

In 1907 Indiana became the first place in the world to legalize forced sterilization of the poor, prisoners, and mentally ill. Washington, Connecticut, California, Virginia, Nevada, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York all followed suit. In fact, New Jersey's eugenics bills  were signed into law by then governor, soon to be president, Woodrow Wilson.

In 1912 the Rockefeller Foundation was created, supported by oil billionaire John D. Rockefeller. The Rockefeller Foundation funded eugenics programs, endorsed  by John Rockefeller Jr. himself.

By 1914 eugenics had been adopted in America as a valid field of study and was even taught in high schools.

[Regarding the early 1900s movie:] Birth of a Nation
Near the final climax of the film, ... the Ku Klux Klan unites to save a town from "Negro anarchy"

When the United States entered World War I in 1917, three years after it had begun, it was partly because the war was being brought to America via the sinking of ships like the Lusitania and Germany's offer to help Mexico invade America to regain the territory that Mexico lost to the United States in the Mexican-American War. There were economic reasons as well.

Defense Contractors
Though the Allies were very happy that America did finally come in to help turn the tide, at war's end American industry had made enormous profits from the war.
Average annual profits before WW1; Average during WW1
U. S. Steel -- $105,331,000  -- $259,653,000
Du Pont -- $6,092,000 -- $58,076,000
Bethlehem Steel -- $6,840,000 -- $49,427,000
Anaconda Copper -- $10,649,000 -- $34,549,000
Utah Copper -- $5,776,000 -- $21,622,000
American Smelting -- $11,566,000 -- $18,602,000
Republic Iron and Steel -- $4,177,000 -- $17,548,000
International Mercantile -- $6,690,00 -- $14,229,000
Atlas Powder -- $485,000 -- $2,374,000
American and British Man. -- $172,000 -- $325,000
Canadian Car & Foundry -- $1,335,000 -- $2,201,000
Crocker Wheeler -- $206,000 -- $666,000
Hercules Powder -- $1,271,000 -- $7,430,000
Niles, Bement Pond -- $656,000 -- $6,146,000
Scovill Mfg. Co. -- $655,000 -- $7,678,000
General Motors -- $6,954,000 -- $21,700,000

1920s Prohibition & Organized Crime
[Since most of us probably know this part of our history, I'll only post the heading without any content.]
Title: Re: 20th Century U.S. History of Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on December 30, 2015, 09:39:10 pm
Part 2

Racism, KKK, Lynchings [1870s to 1960s]
It was common practice for photographs of lynchings to be sold to the pubic, and even postcards that could be sent through the mail, which is why so many photos of lynchings exist today. It was also common for lynchings to be large public events with hundreds or thousand of participants. This was not a backwoods occurrence of a few deranged men, this was a commonly accepted social practice in the regions where lynchings took place, primarily the South. Children were also commonly involved [as participants] and children observers can be seen in many lynching photographs.

Body mutilation was also common in lynchings, with one of the common practices being the live castration of the victim. Lynchings were most often directed against alleged criminals, however the first problem is that there was seldom any trail, and often allegations against blacks quickly sprang up as soon as any violent crime was committed with the result being that "some" black  man was going to get lynched. Often who got lynched was based on a "hunch" by the vigilantes, and blacks were often simply scapegoats for crimes committed by whites. Whites were occasionally lynched as well. Group lynchings and family lynchings were also not unheard of. Victims were also burned at the stake on occasion, or burned alive while they hung.

1930s KKK Offshoot: Black Legion
The Black Legion, was larger [than the KKK], more aggressive, and estimated to have as many as 7 million members nation wide.
The Black Legion was the most violent expression of organized opposition against FDR and his New Deal policies. The Black Legion openly acknowledged that they considered the president a threat and sought the overthrow of the government.

U.S. Relations with European Fascists
Ford and GM supplied European Fascists with trucks and equipment, as well as investing money in I.G. Farben plants. Standard Oil supplied the fascists with fuel. US Steel and Alcoa supplied them with critically needed metals. American banks gave them billion's of dollars worth of loans. American banks and businesses continued to support the Fascist regimes of Europe legally up until the day Germany declared war on America

Hearst's Ukraine famine stories have proven to have had a huge impact among Americans, and even today the majority of Americans believe that there actually was a "Ukraine Holocaust." Common figures are that 6 million people died in Ukraine under Stalin's rule in what was an intentional starving to death of these millions of people. This 6 million figure is in fact a pure fabrication of Nazi propaganda. The idea that Ukrainians were intentionally starved to death is likewise a product of Nazi propaganda, picked up by Hearst and spread to the United States, where it was accepted as truth, and for the most part still is today.

IBM knowingly helped to setup Nazi census databases through the use of data sorting machines that enabled the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust in a way that they would not have otherwise been able to. Point blank, IBM increased the size and scope of the Holocaust, and did it for profit.

Prior to World War II military contracts were made through sealed bids, but with the war the system changed to negotiated bids, which involved a more personal and subjective system for awarding bids, i.e. the start of the "good ole boy" system.

Even President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke about the significance of the Military-Industrial complex when he left office in 1961

World War II was largely a war against Communism. Both the fascists in Europe and the Japanese were fighting against Communist forces and arguably the fight against Communism was one of the primary objectives of the European fascists.

In 2000 the CIA was forced to begin releasing the names of Nazi and Japanese war criminals that it had employed or worked with under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act, signed into law by President Clinton. In accordance with the law the names of over 400 war criminals were identified as having worked with or for the Central Intelligence Agency.

After FDR died, and the American military machine had been established, many of FDR's opponents flooded the political scene.

Prescott Bush, who had been implicated in financial dealings with the Nazis became a Senator, Allen Dulles became head of the new CIA, and conservatives who had developed ties with the Republicans through the American Liberty League began their strong effort to promote a Republican based anti-communist and anti-liberal agenda, which resulted in an increase in Republican political power.

It's also understood that by the 1950s many members of HUAC, including men like Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon,  were using charges against government officials as a political tool to try and discredit the political establishment and many members of the Democratic Party who were politically connected to the Roosevelt and Truman administrations in order to make way for conservative Republican politicians.

FDR had created the economic tools of fascism. He organized capitalism under the influence of the State for the purpose of bettering society
... prior to that the idea that the State should "direct" anything was considered a "no no" among western democracies.

So, FDR created the economic tools of fascism, but it was not until the 1950s that America would actually become a truly fascist country in both the economic and social sense.
Title: Re: 20th Century U.S. History of Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on December 30, 2015, 09:51:05 pm
Part 3

Here are some highlights from:
The Threat of U.S. Fascism: An Historical Precedent
by Alan Nasser, professor emeritus of Political Economy at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington [who] has written [for] The Nation, Commonweal, Monthly Review, Common Dreams, Global Research [etc].

1930s U.S. Fascism
[Regarding The Plot to Sieze the White House by big business interests in 1934-5, FDR] had no interest in publicizing a plot that might constitute a public-relations victory for anti-capitalist politics. He therefore refused to out the plotters, and sought no punitive measures against them. In the end, class solidarity carried the day for Roosevelt. The Congressional committee cooperated by refusing to reveal the names of many of the key plotters.

(O)ne of the architects of the plot was one Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush. Bush, along with many other big businessmen, had maintained friendly relations in 1933 and 1934 with the new German government of Chancellor Adolph Hitler, and was designated to form for his class conspirators a working relationship with that government.

One Political Party, Two Names
Democrats ... sustain one of FDR's least seemly qualities, namely his refusal to encourage effective mass opposition to fascist and imperialist politics.

The truism that the Democratic Party has moved ever closer to the Republicans since the Carter administration must not be forgotten.

Clinton's Terror Campaign
Clinton bombed Iraq several times weekly for eight years. Defense Information Agency documents, now available through the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that the strategy of the bombing was to extensively bomb water purification facilities and power generating facilities with the explicit intention to spread diseases that would affect children. The idea was to pressure ordinary Iraqis to overthrow Saddam, with the knowledge that if they did so, the pedicide would cease. But Iraqis blamed Washington for this catastrophe, not Saddam. When Saddam offered to accede to Clinton's requirements for ending the bombing, Clinton abruptly replied that no possible concessions on Saddam's part would lead him to end the bombing/sanctions.

Extensive investigations by widely respected sources, including the distinguished British medical journal The Lancet, determined that the number of Iraqi children who died as a direct result of the pedicidal bombardment was 467,000. And it added a fact unreported in the U.S. media, that the U.S. use of depleted uranium in the attacks had resulted in the first known cases of breast cancer afflicting four-year-old girls. When Clinton's Secretary of state Madeline Albright was asked by Lesley Stahl in 1996 on 60 Minutes whether she thought that the removal of Saddam from power was worth killing a half million children, she replied that "Yes, it was worth it."

Is this qualitatively different from the death and destruction that Bush has wrought? Of course not.

The Republocrats are now all of them heir to the fascist instincts inherent in the ruling elite.
Title: Re: 20th Century U.S. History of Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on December 30, 2015, 11:19:54 pm
Part 4

Here are highlights from:
The Secret [Pro-Nazi] Treaty of Fort Hunt
[Originally published in Covert Action Information Bulletin, Fall, 1990]
by Carl Oglesby

[Starting in 1946] Through his close ties to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s chief minister, Hans Globke, Gehlen [former Nazi Intelligence chief and then U.S. sponsored German intelligence chief] was able to place his men in positions of control in West Germany’s military intelligence and the internal counterintelligence arm. When NATO was established he came to dominate it too.

Not even the establishment of the CIA in 1947 and the official transfer of the Pullach operation into the West German government in 1955 (when it was retitled the Federal Intelligence Service, BND) lessened the reliance of American intelligence on Gehlen’s product.64 From the beginning days of the Cold War through the 1970s and beyond, the United State’s, West Germany’s, and NATO’s most positive beliefs about the nature and intentions of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, and world communism would be supplied by an international network of utterly unreconstructed SS Nazis whose primary purposes were to cover the escape of the Odessa and make the world safe for Naziism.

64. E.H. Cookridge, Gehlen, Spy of the Century (New York: Random House, 1971), n. 14, p. 128.

U.S. did not pick up a Gift Horse in Gehlen at all; it picked up a Tro­jan Horse. The uncon­di­tional surren­[d]er the Ger­mans made to the Allied com­mand at the lit­tle red school­house in Reims was the sur­ren­der only of the Ger­man armed ser­vices. It was not the sur­ren­der of the hard SS core of the Nazi Party. The SS did not sur­ren­der, uncon­di­tion­ally or oth­er­wise, and thus Nazism itself did not sur­ren­der. The SS chose rather, to seek other means of con­tin­u­ing the war while the right wing of the United States mil­i­tary estab­lish­ment, through fears and secret pas­sions and a naivete of its own, chose to facil­i­tate that choice. The his­tory that we have lived through since then stands wit­ness to the consequences.

Here are highlights from:
Mind Control Summary: The Secrets of Mind Control
Based on Three Books by Top Mind Control Researchers

The Mind Control Doctors
In the second half of the 20th century, mind control projects resulted in extensive political abuse of psychiatry in North America. Many thousands of prisoners and mental patients were subjected to unethical mind control experiments by leading psychiatrists and medical schools. Organized academic psychiatry has never acknowledged this history. The network of mind control doctors involved has done a great deal of harm to the field of psychiatry and to psychiatric patients. BB, pg. K

The work of the mind control doctors did not occur in a vacuum. The importation of Nazi doctors to the US through secret programs like PAPERCLIP is part of the context. Mind control experimentation was not only tolerated by medical professionals, but published in psychiatric and medical journals. [24] The climate was permissive, supportive, and approving of mind control experimentation. BB 1

Army doctors were actively involved in LSD testing at least until the late 1970's. Subjects of LSD experiments included children as young as five years old, and brain electrodes were implanted in children as young as 11 years of age. Four of the CIA's MKULTRA Subprojects were on children. The mind control doctors included presidents of the American Psychiatric Association and psychiatrists who received full-page obituaries in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Responsibility for the unethical experimentation lies first with the individual doctors, but also collectively with the medical profession, and with academia as a whole. BB 21

Linda MacDonald was a victim of Dr. Ewen Cameron's unethical, destructive mind control experiments in 1963. Dr. Cameron used a "treatment" which involved intensive application of three brainwashing techniques; drug disinhibition, prolonged sleep, and prolonged psychological isolation. These were combined with ECT [Electro Convulsive Therapy] treatments. [39][40][41] The amount of electricity introduced into Linda's brain exceeded by 76.5 times the maximum amount recommended in the ECT Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association [Even the recommended doses cause brain damage]. Dr. Cameron's "depatterning" technique resulted in permanent and complete amnesia. Dr. Cameron proved that doctors skilled in the right procedures can erase a subject's memory. To this day, Linda MacDonald is unable to remember anything from her birth to 1963. As recorded by nurses in her chart, Linda was completely disoriented. She didn't know her name, age or where she was. She didn't recognize her children. She couldn't read, drive, cook, or use a toilet. Not only did she not know her husband, she didn't even know what a husband was. BB 181-183
Title: Re: 20th Century U.S. History of Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on March 05, 2016, 12:39:04 pm
IMF Threat to World Peace Unites Eurasia in Self-Defense - Part 1

Asian Alternative to IMF
Bonnie Faulkner: We now have the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the SCO as an alternative military alliance to NATO and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the AIIB, which threatens to replace the IMF and World Bank. How successful do you think these new alternatives to the Western banking system will be?

IMF Junk Economics: Austerity on Common People, Not on Bankers
Michael Hudson: The big point is that the Western banking system, the World Bank and the IMF are unsuccessful. The IMF follows a junk economics that says if you owe money to foreign bondholders or banks, you have to impose austerity on the country to pay whatever is owed. The junk economics at work claims that austerity will enable debtors to squeeze enough tax money out of their economy to pay foreign bankers and bondholders. This is the same disastrous theory that the British and the Americans and the French used in the 1920s to insist that Germany could pay any amount of reparations if it only would tax the economy enough.

This theory was shown to be false by John Maynard Keynes and also by the American, Harold Moulton, at the Brookings Institution. But the lessons of the 1920s were rejected by the IMF, because they know very well – and the staff has made it very clear – that austerity doesn’t enable a country to pay its foreign debts. Austerity makes countries less able to pay. That means they will need to borrow even more.

Then the IMF comes in with its number-two punch: the number one punch is austerity. The number two punch is to say: ‘Well, I guess our program didn’t work. What a disappointment. [But it shouldn’t really be a surprise, happening again and again.] You now have to begin privatizing your industry and natural resources. Sell off your land.’ They tell other debtor countries essentially what they told Greece over the last year.

Bankers Promote Debt to Steal Assets
When the austerity plan demanded by the IMF since 2010 didn’t help Greece, they joined with the rest of the Troika (the European Central Bank and European Union) in 2015 to demand that Greece agree to sell off its islands, sell off its ports, sell its water systems, sell everything in the public domain. After that demand had been made on Greece in the summer of 2015, it was Ukraine’s turn.

The number one punch against the Ukraine by the IMF was to impose austerity on the pretense (its junk economics) that Ukraine could pay its foreign bondholders with income taxed out of its domestic economy. When this made things worse, the World Bank and USAID came in. The U.S.-appointed finance minister fingered the agricultural land, gas rights and other natural resources that Ukraine could sell off to American and European investors – but not to Russians.

Ruling Class Seeks to Eliminate Competition from Asia
The idea is that if American investors can buy the key infrastructure and commanding heights of the Ukrainian economy, it can pry Ukraine apart from Russia. Ukraine played a key role in the Russian economy. Much Russian military and space industrial output was produced in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

So the idea was that separating Ukraine from Russia is the first step in trying to carve up Russia, and then to carve up China, breaking them into little pieces. The aim is to treat China and Russia like the Mideast, like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria – as smash-and-grab exercises to take their natural resources and enterprises.

TPP Aim Is Eliminate Regulatory Impediments to the Ruling Class
Bonnie Faulkner: What is the aim of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty and how is it at odds with the Asian Infrastructure Bank, the AIIB?

Michael Hudson: I could give a glib answer and say the aim is to reduce the population by 50%, to starve people, abolish pensions and spread poverty. That actually is the effect.

The cover story pretends to be about trade, but the real agenda is to force privatization and disable government regulation. This reverses what was central to the whole Progressive Era. For the last 300 years, the assumption of Europe and North America was that you were going to have a mixed economy, with governments investing in infrastructure, roads and other transportation, communications, water and sewer systems, gas and electricity. The role of government infrastructure was to provide these basic needs at minimum cost in order to promote a low-cost, competitive economy. That’s how America got rich. That’s how Germany industrialized and how the rest of Europe did. But the aim of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is to reverse and privatize public investment. Its ideology is that the economy should be owned and operated by private owners, private enterprise, whose aim is short-term profit.
Title: Re: 20th Century U.S. History of Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on March 05, 2016, 12:40:44 pm

IMF Threat Unites Eurasia - Part 2

There are a number of related aims: to nullify environmental protection regulations that cost money, to nullify protection of labor, and to nullify attempts to tax natural resources or economic rent. The idea is to turn roads and the transport system into toll roads, which will be owned by foreigners and run at a high charge. The Internet and the water system will be sold off and made into toll systems, to charge for their services and for other basic needs. This will impose a neo-feudal rentier economy throughout the world as the finance, industrial and real estate (FIRE) sector takes over the government sector.

Ruling Class Seeks Return to Feudalism, i.e. Absolute Despotism
I think you could say that at the broadest level, the idea is to roll back the Enlightenment and restore feudalism. That may sound like an extreme statement, but people don’t realize how radical the TPP’s investment agreements are. For instance, when Australia raised the charges on cigarettes and included health warnings on the packs, Philip Morris sued, insisting that Australia pay it what Philip Morris would have made if people would have continued to smoke and get cancer at the existing rate.

When Ecuador tried to sue oil companies for pollution, the oil companies sued, and now the country has to pay the oil company the amount of profit it would make if it continued to produce oil by polluting the land – to an infinite degree. No government anywhere in the world that signs this will be free to regulate the environment or even to enact new taxes on rent-seeking or other private enterprise.

Free Lunch for the Ruling Class
Essentially, the new buyers of the roads, the water systems, the sewer systems, can use these as rent extraction opportunities without anti-monopoly regulations. That means they can charge whatever the market will bear, and treat foreign countries sort of like New York City cable customers are treated. I live in Forest Hills in Queens. We have one supplier, Time Warner. If I want cable, I have to pay what they charge, and it has nothing to do at all with their cost of production. I have to rent their cable box, not buy one of my own.

That’s what economic rent is. It’s a revenue above the cost of production. For hundreds of years the economics of Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill and Thorstein Veblen wrote about how to create an economy that would produce everything at its actual, technologically and socially necessary cost, without any free lunch, that is, without any kind of unearned income (“economic rent”).

The aim of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its European version is to promote unearned rent extraction. Rentier interests have backed a body the kind of junk economics to replace classical economics, against the Progressive Era and social democracy, to create a right-wing ideology that they call free trade. The term is Orwellian doublethink.

TPP Is a Rigged System
Bonnie Faulkner: Have these rulings by the World Trade Organization been enforced against these countries you mentioned, such as Australia?

Michael Hudson: I think Philip Morris failed, but it forced the government to spend tens of millions of dollars in legal fees. It’s almost impossible for a poor government like Ecuador or even Australia, to spend the legal fees that it costs to defend themselves against a battery of corporate lawyers. Under the TPP, the referees would be drawn from the corporate sector and its law firms.

The judgments and rules are made outside of government and outside of laws that voters enact. So corporate oligarchy replaces democracy. Decisions as to how much governments will have to pay corporations in compensatory damages are made by a small group of referees in a revolving door with the corporate sector. In effect, they will work as lobbyists for these corporations.

U.S. Financial War against Asia
Bonnie Faulkner: China accelerated its creation of the alternative China International Payments System, CIPS, and its own credit card system. What is the SWIFT Interbank Clearing System, and is the new Chinese payment system a threat to it?

Michael Hudson: All banks have a clearing system when you write checks on a bank account. The SWIFT system is a huge computer software program that enables people to write checks to send money to others who use other banks.

About a year ago U.S. strategists thought about going to a new Cold War with Russia. It might quickly become military. But the U.S. saw that it could hurt the Russian economy without having to send troops in. We don’t have to invade. That’s old-style warfare. No country can invade another with troops these days. But the U.S. can hold Russia or any other economy hostage by suddenly excluding it from the SWIFT payments clearing system. Their banks, individuals and corporations can’t clear any money. So they’re paralyzed. The U.S. will have smashed their economic linkages and communications.
Title: Re: 20th Century U.S. History of Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on March 05, 2016, 12:42:52 pm

IMF Threat Unites Eurasia - Part 3

Asian Finance System of Self-Defense
As soon as the Americans talked about this, China and Russia responded. They naturally don’t want a nation that says it may want to go to war with them to have such disruptive power. Obama and Hillary Clinton have already made such threats. So Russian leaders have said that they would like to be part of a global unit, but as long as the United States is running SWIFT for its own interests and is acting in a hostile way, they need to protect their own bank clearing systems.

So China took the lead in creating its own bank clearing system. People and companies and government organizations in China and the other BRICS countries won’t have to be hostage to the United States doing with a computer malware program what it did to Iranian centrifuges. Just like we blew up the Iranian centrifuges by installing a virus to speed them up. It could do that with SWIFT. Now, China and the BRICs are moving to defend themselves against this prospect.

Bonnie Faulkner: Well, now, has China’s international Payment System been implemented yet or is it still being planned?

Michael Hudson: I think they’re still in the process of developing it, because it’s hard to develop a system as complex as this. There’s an inertia for these things, making it easier to build on the existing clearing systems. It takes a lot of time to develop a replacement. The situation is like Microsoft’s Office program. That’s why Mac computers use Word and Excel. It takes billions of dollars to write a program that doesn’t have glitches in it. I think the Chinese are still trying to work out the glitches because they don’t expect overt warfare quite yet.

Bonnie Faulkner: Russian Prime Minister Putin proposed a partnership, or at least cooperation, between the West and the emerging military and economic partnerships in the East. Putin’s overture to the West seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Why do you think?

Michael Hudson: This is the same hope that has existed since the 1990s, even before Putin came into power. The idea was that Russia is willing to join NATO, seeing that atomic war between the industrial nations of the world is now out of the question.

Hilary Turned over Libya's Arms to ISIS Terrorists
They do face a common threat from Wahhabi Islam, funded by Saudi Arabia – Wahhabi Sharia Law terrorism. Russia is concerned about Saudi-backed terrorists on its southern front, from Georgia, Azerbaijan, all the way through central Asia. The Chinese also are concerned about Wahhabi terrorism through the Uyghurs. ISIS and Al Nusra are acting as America’s Foreign Legion. When Hillary Clinton overthrew the Libyan government, the arms and military stockpiles were turned over to ISIS. Libya’s central bank resources were robbed and also turned over to ISIS. When America marched into Iraq, it turned the Sunni army and all those billions of dollars of shrink-wrapped hundred-dollar bills over ultimately to ISIS. So although America opposes ISIS when they kill Americans, ISIS is basically America’s way of breaking up countries that may threaten not to be part of the global dollar standard.

Asia Wants Prosperity for All; U.S. Wants Prosperity Only for Ruling Class
Russia hoped that the United States would see that this is a crazy system. America, Russia and Europe can get rich in mutual trade. If Europe pursues its economic interests, it would see itself as a natural trading partner of Russia. Europeans and probably Americans could go to Russia and try to build up the economy, because it needs entrepreneurs.

But instead of pursuing a mutual prosperity sphere between Europe, Russia and the United States, the United States has pressed Europe into a dead zone of neoliberal austerity. That is shrinking Europe’s economy and carving it off from Russia. This prevents prosperity for Europe, on the ground that it would also benefit Russia or China.

The idea from the Americans’ side is to treat Russia like it treated Cuba, Iran and Libya – to isolate it, expecting Russia to knuckle under. But instead, Russia’s much bigger than Cuba or North Korea, and China is even bigger. So instead of just surrendering to the American neoliberal economic plan, they’ve decided that America has driven them together in a mutually defensive alignment. U.S. diplomacy has brought about precisely the Eurasian unity that it set out to try to prevent.
Title: Fascist Bush Family
Post by: Luck on March 10, 2016, 12:16:16 am
FSP Terrorists [from older thread]
« on: August 14, 2013, 04:29:32 pm »
OWS & FSP Are Not Domestic Terrorists

Fascist Bush Family
I was pleased to see the following from Rockwell's site lately.

Why Jeb Bush Suspended His Presidential Campaign
Charles Burris

New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone’s powerful new book, Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family, was released this week on Amazon and hit bookstore shelves all across the nation. It is a devastating, thoroughly documented, no-holds-barred indictment of the true history and gross hypocrisy of Jeb Bush and his family dynasty of evil, detailing their treasonous support of the rise of Hitler and the German arms industry, eugenics and genocide, complicity in wars and assassinations, the international narcotics trade, Wall Street financial thievery and the gutting of America’s savings and loans, and generations of Bush greed, lies, elite deviance, arrogant special privilege, and crony capitalist corruption.

After his poor showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, Bush knew his days were numbered until the release of this searing volume, destined to shoot up the NYT and Amazon bestsellers lists. South Carolina was the final handwriting on the wall. We can hope that wall will be his prison cell, where he can join his compatriot in crime Hillary Clinton, the despicable subject of Stone’s earlier book released this year, The Clinton’s War on Women.

With his distinguished body of work, Roger Stone joins the premier pantheon of power elite analysts Richard F. Pettigrew, John McConaughy, Ferdinand Lundberg, C. Wright Mills, Carroll Quigley, Murray N. Rothbard, Peter Dale Scott, Jim Hougan, David Talbot, and Russ Baker.
Title: Re: 20th Century History of U.S. Tyranny & Terror
Post by: Luck on August 09, 2016, 01:18:55 pm
Making the world safe for psychopaths: America, Britain and Australia were complicit in Indonesian genocide in which over 500,000 were killed during 1960s purge

Of course, the U.S. has continued its terrorism into the 21st century. One example follows. (The U.S. isn't the only terrorist state, but it's presently about the worst.)

'Worse than Hiroshima' - the toxic legacy of US' murderous assault on Fallujah, Iraq

Interviews and documents show...
US orchestrated Suharto's 1965-66 slaughter in Indonesia
Part 1: New evidence on how the October 1 coup was triggered
By Mike Head 19 July 1999

[In 1999] Damning ... evidence [came] to light pointing to the extent of the involvement of the United States government, closely supported by the Australian and British administrations, in the military coup staged in Indonesia by General Suharto on October 1, 1965 and the subsequent massacre of up to one million workers, peasants, students and political activists.

[T]he Sydney Morning Herald published a three-part series that included interviews with former Indonesian political prisoners and extracts from documents obtained from US and Australian archives. The material shows that the Western powers urged the Indonesian military commanders to seize upon false claims of a coup attempt instigated by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), in order to carry out one of the greatest civilian massacres of the 20th century and establish a military dictatorship.

By most estimates, between 500,000 and a million PKI members and supporters, as well as people of ethnic Chinese origin, were murdered, and tens of thousands were detained in prisons and concentration camps, without any visible resistance. The documents show that throughout late 1965 and early 1966 US and Australian officials approvingly reported to their respective governments that army units and Muslim groups were working hand-in-hand to shoot, hack or club to death at least 1,500 suspected PKI sympathisers per day, sometimes parading their heads on sticks.

This enthusiasm in the Western embassies for the bloodbath reflected deep strategic and political interests. In the decade before the coup, the major powers had come into increasing conflict with the unstable nationalist regime of Indonesian President Sukarno. In late 1957 and again in 1964-65 he had barely contained mass movements of workers and peasants, whose strikes and occupations threatened first Dutch and then US and British banks, companies and plantations. By 1965 Sukarno was precariously balancing between the military commanders, the Muslim organisations and the PKI, which had some three million members and supporters, making it the third largest Communist Party in the world, after China and the Soviet Union.

The US had cut off foreign aid to Sukarno while building up relations with sections of the military. From the mid-1950s it began training and equipping Indonesian officers and troops, in preparation for a move to topple or sideline Sukarno. The first coup attempt came in November 1956 when Indonesian army Deputy Chief of Staff Colonel Zulkifli Lubis sought to take control of Jakarta and overthrow the government. Regional military takeovers followed the next month in Central and North Sumatra. Throughout 1957 and 1958 the CIA inspired a series of secessionist and right-wing revolts in the oil-rich regions of Sumatra and Sulawesi, where Caltex and other US oil firms had large investments. Then between 1959 and 1965, the US supplied $64 million in military aid to the Indonesian generals.

[See second link above for more.]
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Gaddafi was not a Tyrant: Hillary Emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention & its Libyan genocide

While researching bringing water to desert regions, like how Israel is helping California build one of the  Biggest plants in Western Hemisphere, I found out that as Libyan President Gaddafi was very forward thinking on this subject as well. It was Muammar Gaddafi`s dream to provide fresh water for all Libyans and to make Libya self-sufficient in food production. I have always heard that Gaddafi was a tyrant. ... But something else was going on. Gaddafi was trying to transform Africa, and as appointed leader of the African Union, he had bold plans. One of these plans cost him his life, and the life of many others.

Gaddafi was planning the launch of a Pan-African currency called the Dinar made out of gold, which would replace Western Currency for trade in Africa, especially concerning Oil. The United States, Britain and France, all had an interest in stopping this. These countries used the freedom movements of the Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia to also appear to be happening in Libya. But, if you research the backstory, Gaddafi was not being protested in the streets by his people, nor were there any killings.

What was the real reason to overthrow Gaddafi? This: Hillary Emails ... show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention. ... But historians of the 2011 NATO war in Libya will be sure to notice a few of the truly explosive confirmations contained in the new emails: admissions of rebel war crimes, [U.S.] special ops trainers inside Libya from nearly the start of protests, Al Qaeda embedded in the U.S. backed opposition, Western nations jockeying for access to Libyan oil, the nefarious origins of the absurd Viagra mass rape claim, and concern over Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves threatening European currency. It turns out our State department sent in Special Ops to train and arm rebels that were only successful because ‘NATO bombed Libya back to the Stone Age’.

... Libyans [were until then] the envy of many citizens of other African countries. ... [Unlike in] other Arab countries, women could travel without an escort, get an education and participate in their government. More importantly, Gaddafi embraced Black Libyans living in his country, and visiting Black African workers in his country. There was no Arab/African divide....

So, now after Gaddafi is finally tracked down after relentless bombing, after the Rebels are propped up by our forces, he is caught and killed. ... There is ... ample documentation by journalists, academics, and human rights groups demonstrating that black Libyan civilians and sub-Saharan contract workers ... were targets of “racial cleansing” by rebels who saw black Libyans as tied closely with the regime. ... [T]heir perceived general loyalty to Gaddafi as a community [led to their] torture, executions, and their towns “liberated” by ethnic cleansing.

This is demonstrated in the most well-documented example of Tawergha, an entire town of 30,000 black and “dark-skinned” Libyans which vanished by August 2011 after its takeover by NATO-backed NTC Misratan brigades....

And the email? A March 27, 2011, intelligence brief ... on Libya, sent by long time close adviser to the Clintons and Hillary’s unofficial intelligence gatherer, Sidney Blumenthal, contains clear evidence of war crimes on the  part of NATO-backed rebels. ... (Source Comment: Speaking in strict confidence, one rebel commander stated that his troops continue to summarily execute all foreign mercenaries captured in the fighting). The [NATO] mercenaries were identifying Black Libyans as ‘foreign mercenaries’ and [the former were] committing Genocide.

Genocide was occurring. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State received emails about it. We did nothing to stop it, and we helped to start it. And there were calls for peace from Gaddafi and his son before his killing.... A Pentagon intelligence official told Seif Qaddafi that his messages were falling on deaf ears. ... “Secretary Clinton does not want to negotiate at all,” the U.S. intelligence official added.

Now ISIS is moving from Syria to Libya and we have lost control of the region. But hey, France, the US and other Western allies don’t have to worry about Pan-African Currency or a rival to the International Monetary Fund. And no longer does Libya have a sustainable agricultural base from Gaddafi’s Water in the desert plan.

n all of the searching by the Republicans, their attempt to make Benghazi a scandal, it is not the scandal. That was less than 10 Americans. I have just given you the documented evidence of at least 30,000 Black Libyans ethnically cleansed by Rebels [whom] the United States illegally armed and helped through a NATO bombing campaign.

... One of the actions of the Special Ops was to release prisoners in Libya. Some 600 Al Qaeda radicals had been kept in prison by the Libyan government. They were freed to join in the Rebel uprising. Now, Al Qaeda and even worse, ISIS, has been unleashed in the area. [T]he evidence to overthrow [Gaddafi] was made on false charges, just like the WMD’s with Hussein.

This is not about a Presidential campaign; ... it is about the United States’ role in helping foster the Genocide of Black Libyans and Africans just to stop a new form of African currency.
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(I'm posting a series of article excerpts to show the development of Middle East terrorism, committed by western governments as much as local ones. There are 9 posts in this series.)

1. Life Under The Shah: What Iran Looked Like Before The Islamic Revolution

When trying to understand why the world looks the way it does today, it's often helpful to start with the Cold War. The case of Iran is no exception. Beginning in the 20th century, Iran had been ruled by the Shah monarchy, which funded its decadent lifestyle through oil--mainly through concessions to Great Britain, which relied heavily upon the oil during both World Wars--while allowing the majority of Iranians to live a life defined by poverty. Over time, Iranians grew tired of working to see wealth literally extracted from beneath their feet, and a man named Mohammad Mossadegh rose to power.

Mossadegh was elected as Prime Minister in 1951 and, like so many in the Middle East who were voted into power at the time, engaged in a sweeping number of "pro-poor" democratic reforms, which included the nationalization of Iranian oil.

Great Britain, which depended on cheap and easy access to these oil reserves and was fearful of what the Soviet Union might do if they got their hands on them, would not have any of it....
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2. CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup

Declassified documents describe in detail how US – with British help – engineered coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq

The CIA has publicly admitted for the first time that it was behind the notorious 1953 coup against Iran's democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, in documents that also show how the British government tried to block the release of information about its own involvement in his overthrow.

... "The military coup that overthrew Mosaddeq and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of US foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government," reads a previously excised section of an internal CIA history titled The Battle for Iran.

... Britain, and in particular Sir Anthony Eden, the foreign secretary, regarded Mosaddeq as a serious threat to its strategic and economic interests after the Iranian leader nationalised the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, latterly known as BP. But the UK needed US support. The Eisenhower administration in Washington was easily persuaded.

... The previously classified US documents include telegrams from Kermit Roosevelt, the senior CIA officer on the ground in Iran during the coup. Others ... say that ... Britain needed US support for a coup. Eden agreed. ...

Mosaddeq's overthrow, still given as a reason for the Iranian mistrust of British and American politicians, consolidated the Shah's rule for the next 26 years until the 1979 Islamic revolution. It was aimed at making sure the Iranian monarchy would safeguard the west's oil interests in the country.
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3. Bush’s War of Terror, Prelude, Part One

To ensure our Iranian oil supply we provided a vast amount of economic aid. For Iran, western aid was not without the accompanying western influence. ... The popular Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa (religious edict) against these social changes. ... There was rioting by some theology students who opposed the opening of liquor stores. Hundreds were killed by the Shah’s paratroopers. Again, the clerics were understandably outraged. The Shah forcefully suppressed all opposition which included the 5 June 1963 arrest of Khomeini, the people’s fearless hero, who opposed the student killings. Demonstrations against the government became rampant. The Shah imposed martial law with orders to shoot and kill the rioters. After two days of rioting, thousands were dead, including twenty-eight clerics.

Khomeini was banished from the country on 4 Nov 1964 and went to Turkey – thereafter he lived in Najaf, Iraq for thirteen years until Saddam exiled him in October 1978. He then went to Paris. Though absent, he continued to exert great influence in Iran and persisted in building a political and religious power base. With compelling charisma he recorded messages which were smuggled into Iran. The cassettes were repeatedly reproduced and distributed throughout the country. His persuasive rhetoric urged people toward disobedience. ... The Shah’s repression of political freedom created the perfect environment for a religious, political revolution. Losing control, the Shah fled on 16 January 1979 and never returned.

Enter ... anti-American Ayatollah Khomeini on 1 February 1979. ... He quickly manipulated popular civilian discontent into hatred for anything America and smoothly seized power on 11 February 1979. All signs of western influence were immediately removed. ... Khomeini incited his fervent followers to storm the United States Embassy in Tehran on 4 November 1979 where they captured fifty-two American hostages. This was Iran’s response to the United States refusal to return the Shah to Iran for trial. ... After grabbing power, Khomeini promoted similar Islamic revolutions throughout the Middle East.
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4. Saddam's Wars: The Iran-Iraq War

Saddam, believing Iran was still weak, isolated, and disorganized from the coup, launched a large-scale invasion of Iran. Saddam predicted a quick victory in which the land formerly ceded and more territory could be seized.

Saddam Hussein felt that a successful invasion of Iran would leave Iraq as the sole dominate power in the Middle East with Iraq gaining large Iranian oil reserves and complete control of the Shatt al-Arab waterway. Saddam also believed that the newly empowered Shia government of Iran would pose a serious threat to Saddam's Sunni government, especially since Saddam had been brutal in suppressing the Shia majority of Iraq and fearing that Iran would instigate a similar overthrow of Saddam's regime as happened in Iran. Saddam falsely believed that the Iranian Sunnis would join the Iraqis in the war; Iranian nationalism ran deep resulting in very few Iranians helping the Iraqis during the war.

The full-scale invasion of Iran began on September 22nd, 1980. Iraq used for justification the assassination attempt on Tariq Aziz, the foreign minister, which was blamed on Iran. On this date Iraqi planes struck Iranian targets as Iraqi troops advanced well into Iran on three separate fronts. Iraqi troops launched a full-scale invasion along a front stretching 500km (300 miles). The Iraqi forces were well equipped and organized, quickly overwhelming the small, disorganized border forces. After Iraq seized the oil-rich province of Khuzestan the Iranian resistance began to stiffen. Iran began blockading Iraq with its superior naval force and by January 1981 the war was entering a stalemate phase.

... Throughout the Iran-Iraq War merchant and civilian ships were targeted by both sides in an economic war. Both sides were financing their war in large part by the sale of oil, by attempting to prevent the other other side from exporting oil each nation was attempting to remove the war funding of their enemy. Therefor the predominate target of each side was oil tankers; the tankers were not just owned by Iraqi and Iranians but tankers of neutral countries were targeted as well. The tanker war served another purpose for Iraq other than economic, by bringing attention to the world stage of the conflict Iraq was hoping the Iranians would be pressured into accepting a peace settlement. Iraq used extensive numbers of underwater mines to blockade Iranian ports. ... Some estimates put the number of killed by the war up to 1.5 [or 2] million people.

Iraq was forced to borrow large sums of money to finance the war, this debt would encourage Saddam to eventually invade Kuwait. The conflict contributed to, if not directly causing, the Gulf War in 1991, which in turn caused the Gulf War in 2003. Since Kuwait had loaned a large amount of money to Iraq and then refused to forgive those loans Iraq was in deep economic disarray. As Kuwait refused to forgive those loans and also roadblocked Iraqi efforts to raise oil prices to generate revenue Iraq was in a more desperate situation.
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5. How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf

The Mother of All Clients
On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops led by dictator Saddam Hussein invaded the oil-producing nation of Kuwait. Like Noriega in Panama, Hussein had been a US ally for nearly a decade. From 1980 to 1988, he had killed about 150,000 Iranians, in addition to at least 13,000 of his own citizens. Despite complaints from international human rights groups, however, the Reagan and Bush administrations had treated Hussein as a valuable ally in the US confrontation with Iran. As late as July 25 -- a week before the invasion of Kuwait -- US Ambassador April Glaspie commiserated with Hussein over a "cheap and unjust" profile by ABC's Diane Sawyer, and wished for an "appearance in the media, even for five minutes," by Hussein that "would help explain Iraq to the American people."

Glaspie's ill-chosen comments may have helped convince the dictator that Washington would look the other way if he "annexed" a neighboring kingdom. The invasion of Kuwait, however, crossed a line that the Bush [Sr.] Administration could not tolerate. This time Hussein's crime was far more serious than simply gassing to death another brood of Kurdish refugees. This time, oil was at stake.

Viewed in strictly moral terms, Kuwait hardly looked like the sort of country that deserved defending, even from a monster like Hussein. The tiny but super-rich state had been an independent nation for just a quarter century when in 1986 the ruling al-Sabah family tightened its dictatorial grip over the "black gold" fiefdom by disbanding the token National Assembly and firmly establishing all power in the be-jeweled hands of the ruling Emir. Then, as now, Kuwait's ruling oligarchy brutally suppressed the country's small democracy movement, intimidated and censored journalists, and hired desperate foreigners to supply most of the nation's physical labor under conditions of indentured servitude and near-slavery. The wealthy young men of Kuwait's ruling class were known as spoiled party boys in university cities and national capitals from Cairo to Washington.

Unlike Grenada and Panama, Iraq had a substantial army that could not be subdued in a mere weekend of fighting. Unlike the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, Hussein was too far away from US soil, too rich with oil money, and too experienced in ruling through propaganda and terror to be dislodged through the psychological-warfare techniques of low-intensity conflict. Waging a war to push Iraq's invading army from Kuwait would cost billions of dollars and require an unprecedented, massive US military mobilization. The American public was notoriously reluctant to send its young into foreign battles on behalf of any cause. Selling war in the Middle East to the American people would not be easy. Bush would need to convince Americans that former ally Saddam Hussein now embodied evil, and that the oil fiefdom of Kuwait was a struggling young democracy. How could the Bush Administration build US support for "liberating" a country so fundamentally opposed to democratic values? How could the war appear noble and necessary rather than a crass grab to save cheap oil?

[Needless to explain, the PR and media succeeded.]
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6. When Iraq Was Clinton’s War

Following Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Iraq in an attempt to force a withdrawal. Even after Hussein pulled out, however, the US, which had a veto on the Security Council, refused to allow the sanctions to be lifted.

Their new rationale was that the restrictions were needed to  disarm Iraq. Yet as early as 1992 the US knew Iraq had given up its weapons of mass destruction, and the sanctions remained. And that’s how Clinton wanted it to stay. In 1997 he declared, “the sanctions will be there until the end of time or as long as he [Hussein] lasts.”

The embargo was war by other means. It not only banned weapons of battle, but technologies that ostensibly had military and civilian uses — like pencils, which the sanctions regime said could be fashioned into bullets.

The effects of the sanctions were catastrophic. Iraq experienced shortages of food, medicine, and clean drinking water. And a 1995 Lancet study sponsored by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization concluded that 576,000 children under the age of five perished because of the policy, while a “conservative” estimate put the death toll for the same age group at 350,000.

Dennis Halliday, a thirty-four-year UN veteran, resigned from the organization in protest after spending a little over a year as the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq. He said the sanctions constituted genocide.

... [W]hile Bush [Sr.] set the sanctions in motion, Clinton not only embraced them but used them as a tool of regime change. It is he who bears the lion’s share of responsibility for the death and suffering of countless Iraqis.
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7. Bush’s War of Terror, 9/11, Part 7

... There were business ties between the bin Laden and the Bush families as recent as 1995 when the bin Ladens invested $2 million dollars into the Carlyle Group of which George H. W. Bush is a board member. The bin Laden and the Bush families apparently severed their relationship in October 2001. This was at the same time that the Carlyle Group went public with their privately held United Defense Industries, a defense contractor that produces missile launch systems – the ones that are on U.S. war ships in the Arabian Sea. [xi] This was also a month after several members of the bin Laden family left the United States, without being questioned about their relative – the prime suspect in the 9/11 attack. They left on a private jet before any one else was allowed to travel by air after 9/11.

So, it is no surprise that [FBI agent] John O’Neill was severely hampered in his attempts to investigate the bin Ladens. ... He felt that there were some treasonous activities in the highest levels of government and was threatening to go public. ... O’Neill resigned from the FBI on 22 August 2001 and began his new job in the private sector as the head of Security at the World Trade Center where he would make twice what he made at the FBI. Wonder who made him that lucrative offer? [Bush's brother owned the company that hired him.] John O’Neill was not the only FBI investigator who could have provided or tried to provide information that could have prevented the 9/11 attack. There were many forewarnings. Some of the warnings were legitimate and others were questionable....

Bush’s War of Terror, Mass Murder, Part 8

There was a horrific crime committed on 9/11 – the mass murder of nearly three thousand people and thousands more injured. This catastrophic crime impacted every U.S. citizen on that day and in numerous ways in the months and years that followed. Our fears enabled an ever encroaching government to pass legislation designed to suspend many of our personal freedoms as well as create additional bureaucracy to further regulate our existence.

... The government would have us believe that a group of angry Arabs with superior crash course flying skills and some sort of clever manipulation (long distance hypnotism, a demon’s spell?) of emergency procedures of the CIA, FBI, the U.S. government and the U.S. military breached our advanced security. Yet, they were clumsy enough to leave personal items where they were sure to be found. What about that amazing indestructible passport? In 2001 thirty billion dollars was spent on gathering intelligence but it apparently was simply no match for this group, so we are told. And we were told over and over!

... Prior to 1967, Islamic fundamentalism was a relatively small movement. How did things get so out of control? There is a genuine reason why the Afghans and other Muslim fundamentalists hate us. It is a learned behavior – and the younger the student, the better. In the early 1980’s, the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID) gave a taxpayer funded grant to the University of Nebraska-Omaha and it’s Center for Afghanistan Studies to develop specialized textbooks. For more than twenty years the U.S. has spent millions of dollars producing fanatical Islamic schoolbooks for distribution in Afghanistan, a country known for its terrorist training camps.

“The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since the violent destruction of the Afghan secular government in the early 1990’s as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books.” [More recently] new textbooks substituted pomegranates and oranges for the violent illustrations. However, there is “no indication that the text has been changed.”
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8. U.S. Officials Created a False Link Between Iraq and 9/11

[See also Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq: Recalling how Americans were sold a bogus case for invasion ]

Journalist Ron Suskind reports that the White House ordered the CIA to forge and backdate a document falsely linking Iraq with Muslim terrorists and 9/11 and that the CIA complied with those instructions and in fact created the forgery, which was then used to justify war against Iraq. ... Suskind also revealed that u201CBush administration had information from a top Iraqi intelligence official u2018that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — intelligence they received in plenty of time to stop an invasion. ... Bush administration officials apparently swore in a lawsuit that Saddam was behind 9/11. ... On December 16, 2005, Bush admitted “There was no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the attack of 9/11".

... [F]alse claims about Iraqi WMDs probably would not have gained traction if it wasn’t for the anti-Arab hysteria after September 11th. And the government policy of torture would not have been tolerated if we weren’t misled into thinking that Saddam and Al-Qaeda had formed an unholy, all-powerful alliance on 9/11, and had to be stopped at any cost.

See also The Imperial Presidency

Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990

The war on Iraq did not begin in 2003, but in 1991 with the first Gulf War, which was followed by the UN sanctions regime. An early PSR study by Beth Daponte, then a US government Census Bureau demographer, found that Iraq deaths caused by the direct and indirect impact of the first Gulf War amounted to around 200,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians. Meanwhile, her internal government study was suppressed.

After US-led forces pulled out, the war on Iraq continued in economic form through the US-UK imposed UN sanctions regime, on the pretext of denying Saddam Hussein the materials necessary to make weapons of mass destruction. Items banned from Iraq under this rationale included a vast number of items needed for everyday life. Undisputed UN figures show that 1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were children.

The mass death was seemingly intended. Among items banned by the UN sanctions were chemicals and equipment essential for Iraq’s national water treatment system. A secret US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) document discovered by Professor Thomas Nagy of the School of Business at George Washington University amounted, he said, to “an early blueprint for genocide against the people of Iraq”.

... This means that in Iraq alone, the US-led war from 1991 to 2003 killed 1.9 million Iraqis; then from 2003 onwards around 1 million: totalling just under 3 million Iraqis dead over two decades.

... A retired biochemist at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Polya concludes that total avoidable Afghan deaths since 2001 under ongoing war and occupation-imposed deprivation amount to around 3 million people, about 900,000 of whom are infants under five. ... As with Iraq, US intervention in Afghanistan began long before 9/11 in the form of covert military, logistical and financial aid to the Taliban from around 1992 onwards. This US assistance propelled the Taliban’s violent conquest of nearly 90 percent of Afghan territory. ... The Soviet Union, of course, also bore responsibility for its role in devastating civilian infrastructure, thus paving the way for these deaths. Altogether, this suggests that the total Afghan death toll due to the direct and indirect impacts of US-led intervention since the early nineties until now could be as high 3-5 million.
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(Please read first the Gadaffi article excerpts at and the series of article excerpts after that about the development of terrorism in the Middle East. This is probably the last in that series.)

9. US fired depleted uranium at civilian areas in 2003 Iraq war, report finds

Coordinates revealing where US jets and tanks fired nearly 10,000 DU rounds in Iraq during the war in 2003 have been obtained by the Dutch peace group Pax. ... According to PAX's report ... the data shows that many of the DU rounds were fired in or near populated areas of Iraq, including As Samawah, Nasiriyah and Basrah.

Depleted Uranium Dust - Public Health Disaster For The People Of Iraq and Afghanistan (and our own military)

Doctors in ... Iraq ... have numerous photos of infants born without brains, with their internal organs outside their bodies, without sexual organs, without spines, and the list of deformities goes on an on.  Such birth defects were extremely rare in Iraq prior to the large scale use of DU Weapons. Now they are commonplace. ... The photos are horrendous, they can be viewed on the following website:

Torturing the Rule of Law

(I)nformation obtained under duress is incredibly unreliable, which is why it is not admissible in a court of law. Legally valid information is freely given by someone of sound mind and body. Someone in excruciating pain, or brought close to death by some horrific procedure is not in any state of mind to give reliable information, and certainly no actions should be taken solely based upon it.

For these reasons, it is illegal in the United States and illegal under Geneva Conventions. Simulated drowning, or water boarding, was not considered an exception to these laws when it was used by the Japanese against US soldiers in World War II. In fact, we hanged Japanese officers for war crimes in 1945 for water boarding. Its status as torture has already been decided by our own courts under this precedent. To look the other way now, when Americans do it, is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Matthew Alexander, author of How to Break a Terrorist used non-torture methods of interrogation in Iraq with much success. In fact, one cooperative jihadist told him, "I thought you would torture me, and when you didn’t, I decided that everything I was told about Americans was wrong. That’s why I decided to cooperate." Alexander also found that in Iraq “the No. 1 reason foreign fighters flocked there to fight were the abuses carried out at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Our policy of torture was directly and swiftly recruiting fighters for al-Qaeda in Iraq.” Alexander’s experiences unequivocally demonstrate that losing our humanity is not beneficial or necessary in fighting terror.

[But the psychopaths in power want people of different countries to fight and kill each other, with our help.]
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Additional History of U.S. Sponsorship of Middle East Terrorism

Al Qaeda: The [CIA] Data Base [of arms smugglers etc]
This article originally published by Global Research in 2005 sheds light on the nature of Al Qaeda, an intelligence construct used by Washington to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries, while sustaining the illusion of  an outside enemy, which threatens the security of the Western World.

The CIA’s “Founding” of Al Qaeda Documented
President Carter's National Security Advisor Brzezinski explained that the CIA trained Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan starting in July 1979 in order to provoke the USSR to invade it, which they did in December 1979, to seek to protect the Afghan government which was pro-USSR.

9/11: Top FBI Al Qaeda Investigator, John O'Neill, Quits, Dies in WTC
This is one of many documents on the 9/11 summary to have disappeared since the site was established. The link to this article on the New Yorker website became inactive sometime between Februay and April 2007.

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad
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(See Middle East History of U.S. terrorism above)

Colonial Slow Genocide: Palestinian Leader Abbas asks Britain for “Balfour” Apology


Irish: The forgotten white slaves

The hidden origins of the wars in Korea and Vietnam [shows U.S.'s duplicity]

America's long history of support for Ukrainian fascists

Over and over again, the military has conducted dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans, without their knowledge
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1987 (views)
(Reposting this from the Statist News thread.)

Soon the world will discover HRC & Obama are at the center of the Syrian conflict, profited from the Clinton foundation, & ignored ISIS.

Hector Morenco @hectormorenco
USAF Veteran, former Boy Scout, ... Conservative Independent, Political Essayist, & Policy Analyst.
Palo Alto, California

Soon the world will discover HRC & Obama are at the center of the Syrian conflict, profited from the Clinton foundation, & ignored ISIS.

Quatar & Saudis donated to the Clinton foundation while HRC was Sec. State. In exchange for the donations, the CIA was sent to Syria (2011).

CIA was behind a staged Arab spring uprising to attempt to topple Assad, because he was blocking the Quatar/Turkey pipeline plan.

ISIS formed by accident, and spiraled out of control but also provided cover for the Obama/HRC agenda of laudering bribes for the pipeline.

Emails on HRC's private server confirm these tragic events, and Obama & HRC thought they could pardon each other after the election.

Little did Obama/HRC realize that an auto-sync feature between Huma & Weiner inadvertently saved the deleted emails on Weiner's machine.

Trump in many ways is a sideshow to the brazen criminality & size & scope of the Obama admin & Clinton's corruption enterprise.

Russia also cut a deal with Assad to allow an alternative Iran pipeline to go through Syria in exchange for favorable OPEC votes & cash.

The cash payments from Iran were actually wealth transfers from Obama to Iran to Russia. Obama got pissed that the Iranian money went to Russia.

The Democrats were so irritated for being played by the Iranians and Russians that they now want to reignite the cold war against Russia.

These bombshells will be confirmed by Wikileaks/Dikileaks soon, but maybe not before the election. The volume of hacked material is massive.

If HRC wins then Obama & the Clinton's will pull off the largest heist in the history of the world. That's how important this election is.

This high level heist leaving millions dead is also why HRC wants to assasinate Assange & why Obama sent Kerry to Ecuador. Now its too late.

The larger story is how many insiders fighting for insiders there are. All of the MSM is getting a piece of the action from Obama/HRC.

When Trump talks about "Draining the Swamp" he is right, & has risked his life going against the entire world's corrupt power structure.
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Help Muslims Reform

The best translation of the Quran may be this one:

The author says Sharia law is not in the Quran, but is phoney, like much of Islam. The author wrote the article called "Muslims either Reform or become Extinct" at . Below is the final part of that article.

Muslims either Reform or become Extinct
Edip Yuksel*

I have written more than 30 books in Turkish and English on religion, philosophy, politics and law. But the most important ones are the two translations: I have translated the Quran into both Turkish and English languages. As I have demonstrated in my books, especially in the introduction and endnotes of Quran: a Reformist Translation, if Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were back today, Jews would condemn the first as Anti-Semite, Christians would denounce the second as Anti-Christ, and Muslims would revile the third as the Dajjal, the imposter. Most of what you know about “Islam” (Peacemaking) has nothing to do with the rational, liberating, progressive and peaceful system delivered by Muhammad, which is no different than the original message delivered by all messengers. They all delivered the message of peacefully surrendering to the Truth, to the Just, to the Loving, to the Peaceful, to Compassionate God to establish peace among humans.

In short, the so-called two billion muslim ummah [community] is sick, very sick. We are intoxicated with religious and historic lies, which are 175° proof. We are terribly afflicted with endemic polytheism, ignorance, violence, oppression, pseudoscience, superstitions, misogyny, intolerance, racism, jingoism, economic inequality, poverty, nepotism, corruption, tyranny, delusion, logical fallacies, hypocrisy…. Find all the bad words from a dictionary and we have plenty of all those in our homes, mosques, streets, and governments… Mosques, madrasas, schools, streets and homes continuously produce sick people. Individualism, critical and creative thinking and self-confidence is killed in early age by fathers, teachers, and religious leaders whose role models are authoritative [authoritarian], cruel, bigoted and psychopathic historic characters.

The end is near; either we will become extinct like Neanderthals or we reform ourselves. How? By becoming critical thinkers and questioning the dogmas that have turned us into zombies, barbarians, and the clowns of the world. We can no more afford of doing nothing but blaming the Western world, which might be foolishly enjoying our demise.

*Edip Yüksel, J.D. is a Kurdish/Turkish/American author residing in Arizona. He teaches philosophy and promotes Islamic reform.
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Why Arabs Lose Wars (1 of 4 posts)

by Norvell B. De Atkine
Middle East Quarterly December 1999

U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf (left) and Iraqi Lt-General Sultan Hashim Ahmed salute each other following the formal surrender of Iraq to U.S.-led coalition forces in 1991.

Arabic-speaking armies have been generally ineffective in the modern era. Egyptian regular forces did poorly against Yemeni irregulars in the 1960s.1 Syrians could only impose their will in Lebanon during the mid-1970s by the use of overwhelming weaponry and numbers.2 Iraqis showed ineptness against an Iranian military ripped apart by revolutionary turmoil in the 1980s and could not win a three-decades-long war against the Kurds.3 The Arab military performance on both sides of the 1990 Kuwait war was mediocre.4 And the Arabs have done poorly in nearly all the military confrontations with Israel. Why this unimpressive record? There are many factors—economic, ideological, technical—but perhaps the most important has to do with culture and certain societal attributes which inhibit Arabs from producing an effective military force.

It is a truism of military life that an army fights as it trains, and so I draw on my many years of firsthand observation of Arabs in training to draw conclusions about the ways in which they go into combat. The following impressions derive from personal experience with Arab military establishments in the capacity of U.S. military attaché and security assistance officer, observer officer with the British-officer Trucial Oman Scouts (the security force in the emirates prior to the establishment of the United Arab Emirates), as well as some thirty year's study of the Middle East.
False Starts

Including culture in strategic assessments has a poor legacy, for it has often been spun from an ugly brew of ignorance, wishful thinking, and mythology. Thus, the U.S. army in the 1930s evaluated the Japanese national character as lacking originality and drew the unwarranted conclusion that the country would be permanently disadvantaged in technology.5 Hitler dismissed the United States as a mongrel society6 and consequently underestimated the impact of America's entry into the war. As these examples suggest, when culture is considered in calculating the relative strengths and weaknesses of opposing forces, it tends to lead to wild distortions, especially when it is a matter of understanding why states unprepared for war enter into combat flushed with confidence. The temptation is to impute cultural attributes to the enemy state that negate its superior numbers or weaponry. Or the opposite: to view the potential enemy through the prism of one's own cultural norms. American strategists assumed that the pain threshold of the North Vietnamese approximated their own and that the air bombardment of the North would bring it to its knees.7 Three days of aerial attacks were thought to be all the Serbs could withstand; in fact, seventy-eight days were needed.

It is particularly dangerous to make facile assumptions about abilities in warfare based on past performance, for societies evolve and so does the military subculture with it. The dismal French performance in the 1870 Franco-Prussian war led the German high command to an overly optimistic assessment prior to World War I.8 The tenacity and courage of French soldiers in World War I led everyone from Winston Churchill to the German high command vastly to overestimate the French army's fighting abilities.9 Israeli generals underestimated the Egyptian army of 1973 based on Egypt's hapless performance in the 1967 war.10

Culture is difficult to pin down. It is not synonymous with an individual's race nor ethnic identity. The history of warfare makes a mockery of attempts to assign rigid cultural attributes to individuals—as the military histories of the Ottoman and Roman empires illustrate. In both cases it was training, discipline, esprit, and élan which made the difference, not the individual soldiers' origin.11 The highly disciplined, effective Roman legions, for example, were recruited from throughout the Roman empire, and the elite Ottoman Janissaries (slave soldiers) were Christians forcibly recruited as boys from the Balkans.
The Role of Culture

These problems notwithstanding, culture does need to be taken into account. Indeed, awareness of prior mistakes should make it possible to assess the role of cultural factors in warfare. John Keegan, the eminent historian of warfare, argues that culture is a prime determinant of the nature of warfare. In contrast to the usual manner of European warfare which he terms "face to face," Keegan depicts the early Arab armies in the Islamic era as masters of evasion, delay, and indirection.12 Examining Arab warfare in this century leads to the conclusion that Arabs remain more successful in insurgent, or political warfare13—what T. E. Lawrence termed "winning wars without battles."14 Even the much-lauded Egyptian crossing of the Suez in 1973 at its core entailed a masterful deception plan. It may well be that these seemingly permanent attributes result from a culture that engenders subtlety, indirection, and dissimulation in personal relationships.15

Along these lines, Kenneth Pollack concludes his exhaustive study of Arab military effectiveness by noting that "certain patterns of behavior fostered by the dominant Arab culture were the most important factors contributing to the limited military effectiveness of Arab armies and air forces from 1945 to 1991."16 These attributes included over-centralization, discouraging initiative, lack of flexibility, manipulation of information, and the discouragement of leadership at the junior officer level.

The barrage of criticism leveled at Samuel Huntington's notion of a "clash of civilizations"17 in no way lessens the vital point he made—that however much the grouping of peoples by religion and culture rather than political or economic divisions offends academics who propound a world defined by class, race, and gender, it is a reality, one not diminished by modern communications.

But how does one integrate the study of culture into military training? At present, it has hardly any role. Paul M. Belbutowski, a scholar and former member of the U.S. Delta Force, succinctly stated a deficiency in our own military education system: "Culture, comprised of all that is vague and intangible, is not generally integrated into strategic planning except at the most superficial level."18 And yet it is precisely "all that is vague and intangible" which defines low-intensity conflicts. The Vietnamese communists did not fight the war the United States had trained for, nor did the Chechens and Afghans fight the war the Russians prepared for. This entails far more than simply retooling weaponry and retraining soldiers. It requires an understanding of the enemy's cultural mythology, history, attitude toward time, etc.—demanding a more substantial investment in time and money than a bureaucratic organization is likely to authorize.

Mindful of walking through a minefield of past errors and present cultural sensibilities, I offer some assessments of the role of culture in the military training of Arabic-speaking officers. I confine myself principally to training for two reasons. First, I observed much training but only one combat campaign (the Jordanian Army against the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1970). Secondly, armies fight as they train. Troops are conditioned by peacetime habits, policies, and procedures; they do not undergo a sudden metamorphosis that transforms civilians in uniform into warriors. General George Patton was fond of relating the story about Julius Caesar, who "In the winter time ... so trained his legions in all that became soldiers and so habituated them to the proper performance of their duties, that when in the spring he committed them to battle against the Gauls, it was not necessary to give them orders, for they knew what to do and how to do it."19

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Information as Power (#2 of 4 posts)

In every society information is a means of making a living or wielding power, but Arabs husband information and hold it especially tightly. U.S. trainers have often been surprised over the years by the fact that information provided to key personnel does not get much further than them. Having learned to perform some complicated procedure, an Arab technician knows that he is invaluable so long as he is the only one in a unit to have that knowledge; once he dispenses it to others he no longer is the only font of knowledge and his power dissipates. This explains the commonplace hoarding of manuals, books, training pamphlets, and other training or logistics literature. On one occasion, an American mobile training team working with armor in Egypt at long last received the operators' manuals that had laboriously been translated into Arabic. The American trainers took the newly-minted manuals straight to the tank park and distributed them to the tank crews. Right behind them, the company commander, a graduate of the armor school at Fort Knox and specialized courses at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds ordnance school, collected the manuals from the crews. Questioned why he did this, the commander said that there was no point in giving them to the drivers because enlisted men could not read. In point of fact, he did not want enlisted men to have an independent source of knowledge. Being the only person who can explain the fire control instrumentation or boresight artillery weapons brings prestige and attention. In military terms this means that very little cross-training is accomplished and that, for instance in a tank crew, the gunners, loaders, and drivers might be proficient in their jobs but are not prepared to fill in for a casualty. Not understanding one another's jobs also inhibits a smoothly functioning crew. At a higher level it means there is no depth in technical proficiency.

Education Problems

Training tends to be unimaginative, cut and dried, and not challenging. Because the Arab educational system is predicated on rote memorization, officers have a phenomenal ability to commit vast amounts of knowledge to memory. The learning system tends to consist of on-high lectures, with students taking voluminous notes and being examined on what they were told. (It also has interesting implications for foreign instructors; for example, his credibility is diminished if he must resort to a book.) The emphasis on memorization has a price, and that is in diminished ability to reason or engage in analysis based upon general principles. Thinking outside the box is not encouraged; doing so in public can damage a career. Instructors are not challenged and neither, in the end, are students.

Head-to-head competition among individuals is generally avoided, at least openly, for it means that someone wins and someone else loses, with the loser humiliated. This taboo has particular import when a class contains mixed ranks. Education is in good part sought as a matter of personal prestige, so Arabs in U.S. military schools take pains to ensure that the ranking member, according to military position or social class, scores the highest marks in the class. Often this leads to "sharing answers" in class—often in a rather overt manner or junior officers concealing scores higher than their superior's.

American military instructors dealing with Middle Eastern students learn to ensure that, before directing any question to a student in a classroom situation, particularly if he is an officer, the student does possess the correct answer. If this is not assured, the officer will feel he has been set up for public humiliation. Furthermore, in the often-paranoid environment of Arab political culture, he will believe this setup to have been purposeful. This student will then become an enemy of the instructor and his classmates will become apprehensive about their also being singled out for humiliation—and learning becomes impossible.

Officers vs. Soldiers

Arab junior officers are well trained on the technical aspects of their weapons and tactical know-how, but not in leadership, a subject given little attention. For example, as General Sa'd ash-Shazli, the Egyptian chief of staff, noted in his assessment of the army he inherited prior to the 1973 war, they were not trained to seize the initiative or volunteer original concepts or new ideas.20 Indeed, leadership may be the greatest weakness of Arab training systems. This problem results from two main factors: a highly accentuated class system bordering on a caste system, and lack of a non-commissioned-officer development program.

Most Arab officers treat enlisted soldiers like sub-humans. When the winds in Egypt one day carried biting sand particles from the desert during a demonstration for visiting U.S. dignitaries, I watched as a contingent of soldiers marched in and formed a single rank to shield the Americans; Egyptian soldiers, in other words, are used on occasion as nothing more than a windbreak. The idea of taking care of one's men is found only among the most elite units in the Egyptian military. On a typical weekend, officers in units stationed outside Cairo will get in their cars and drive off to their homes, leaving the enlisted men to fend for themselves by trekking across the desert to a highway and flagging down busses or trucks to get to the Cairo rail system. Garrison cantonments have no amenities for soldiers. The same situation, in various degrees, exists elsewhere in the Arabic-speaking countries—less so in Jordan, even more so in Iraq and Syria.

The young draftees who make up the bulk of the Egyptian army hate military service for good reason and will do almost anything, including self-mutilation, to avoid it. In Syria the wealthy buy exemptions or, failing that, are assigned to noncombatant organizations. As a young Syrian told me, his musical skills came from his assignment to a Syrian army band where he learned to play an instrument. In general, the militaries of the Fertile Crescent enforce discipline by fear; in countries where a tribal system still is in force, such as Saudi Arabia, the innate egalitarianism of the society mitigates against fear as the prime motivator, so a general lack of discipline pervades.21

The social and professional gap between officers and enlisted men is present in all armies, but in the United States and other Western forces, the noncommissioned officer (NCO) corps bridges it. Indeed, a professional NCO corps has been critical for the American military to work at its best; as the primary trainers in a professional army, NCOs are critical to training programs and to the enlisted men's sense of unit esprit. Most of the Arab world either has no NCO corps or it is non-functional, severely handicapping the military's effectiveness. With some exceptions, NCOs are considered in the same low category as enlisted men and so do not serve as a bridge between enlisted men and officers. Officers instruct but the wide social gap between enlisted man and officer tends to make the learning process perfunctory, formalized, and ineffective. The show-and-tell aspects of training are frequently missing because officers refuse to get their hands dirty and prefer to ignore the more practical aspects of their subject matter, believing this below their social station. A dramatic example of this occurred during the Gulf war when a severe windstorm blew down the tents of Iraqi officer prisoners of war. For three days they stayed in the wind and rain rather than be observed by enlisted prisoners in a nearby camp working with their hands.

The military price for this is very high. Without the cohesion supplied by NCOs, units tend to disintegrate in the stress of combat. This is primarily a function of the fact that the enlisted soldiers simply do not trust their officers. Once officers depart the training areas, training begins to fall apart as soldiers begin drifting off. An Egyptian officer once explained to me that the Egyptian army's catastrophic defeat in 1967 resulted from a lack of cohesion within units. The situation, he said, had only marginally improved in 1973. Iraqi prisoners in 1991 showed a remarkable fear and enmity toward their officers.
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Decision-making and Responsibility (#3 or 4 posts)

Decisions are made and delivered from on high, with very little lateral communication. This leads to a highly centralized system, with authority hardly ever delegated. Rarely does an officer make a critical decision on his own; instead, he prefers the safe course of being identified as industrious, intelligent, loyal—and compliant. Bringing attention to oneself as an innovator or someone prone to make unilateral decisions is a recipe for trouble. As in civilian life, conformism is the overwhelming societal norm; the nail that stands up gets hammered down. Orders and information flow from top to bottom; they are not to be reinterpreted, amended, or modified in any way.

U.S. trainers often experience frustration obtaining a decision from a counterpart, not realizing that the Arab officer lacks the authority to make the decision—a frustration amplified by the Arab's understandable reluctance to admit that he lacks that authority. This author has several times seen decisions that could have been made at the battalion level concerning such matters as class meeting times and locations requiring approval from the ministry of defense. All of which has led American trainers to develop a rule of thumb: a sergeant first class in the U.S. Army has as much authority as a colonel in an Arab army. Methods of instruction and subject matter are dictated from higher authorities. Unit commanders have very little to say about these affairs. The politicized nature of the Arab militaries means that political factors weigh heavily and frequently override military considerations. Officers with initiative and a predilection for unilateral action pose a threat to the regime. This can be seen not just at the level of national strategy but in every aspect of military operations and training. If Arab militaries became less politicized and more professional in preparation for the 1973 war with Israel,22 once the fighting ended, old habits returned. Now, an increasingly bureaucratized military establishment weighs in as well. A veteran of the Pentagon turf wars will feel like a kindergartner when he encounters the rivalries that exist in the Arab military headquarters.

Taking responsibility for a policy, operation, status, or training program rarely occurs. U.S. trainers can find it very frustrating when they repeatedly encounter Arab officers placing blame for unsuccessful operations or programs on the U.S. equipment or some other outside source. A high rate of non-operational U.S. equipment is blamed on a "lack of spare parts"—pointing a finger at an unresponsive U.S. supply system despite the fact that American trainers can document ample supplies arriving in country and disappearing in a malfunctioning supply system. (Such criticism was never caustic or personal and often so indirect and politely delivered that it wasn't until after a meeting that oblique references were understood.) This imperative works even at the most exalted levels. During the Kuwait war, Iraqi forces took over the town of Khafji in northeast Saudi Arabia after the Saudis had evacuated the place. General Khalid bin Sultan, the Saudi ground forces commander, requested a letter from General Norman Schwarzkopf, stating it was the U.S. general who ordered an evacuation from the Saudi town.23 And in his account of the Khafji battle, General Bin Sultan predictably blames the Americans for the Iraqi occupation of the town.24 In reality the problem was that the light Saudi forces in the area left the battlefield.25 The Saudis were in fact outgunned and outnumbered by the Iraqi unit approaching Khafji but Saudi pride required that foreigners be blamed.

As for equipment, a vast cultural gap exists between the U.S. and Arab maintenance and logistics systems. The Arab difficulties with U.S. equipment are not, as sometimes simplistically believed, a matter of "Arabs don't do maintenance," but something much deeper. The American concept of a weapons system does not convey easily. A weapons system brings with it specific maintenance and logistics procedures, policies, and even a philosophy, all of them based on U.S. culture, with its expectations of a certain educational level, sense of small unit responsibility, tool allocation, and doctrine. Tools that would be allocated to a U.S. battalion (a unit of some 600-800 personnel) would most likely be found at a much higher level—probably two or three echelons higher—in an Arab army. The expertise, initiative and, most importantly, the trust indicated by delegation of responsibility to a lower level are rare. The U.S. equipment and its maintenance are predicated on a concept of repair at the lowest level and therefore require delegation of authority. Without the needed tools, spare parts, or expertise available to keep equipment running, and loathe to report bad news to his superiors, the unit commander looks for scapegoats. All this explains why I many times heard in Egypt that U.S. weaponry is "too delicate."

I have observed many in-country U.S. survey teams: invariably, hosts make the case for acquiring the most modern of military hardware and do everything to avoid issues of maintenance, logistics, and training. They obfuscate and mislead to such an extent that U.S. teams, no matter how earnest their sense of mission, find it nearly impossible to help. More generally, Arab reluctance to be candid about training deficiencies makes it extremely difficult for foreign advisors properly to support instruction or assess training needs.

Combined Arms Operations

A lack of cooperation is most apparent in the failure of all Arab armies to succeed at combined arms operations. A regular Jordanian army infantry company, for example, is man-for-man as good as a comparable Israeli company; at battalion level, however, the coordination required for combined arms operations, with artillery, air, and logistics support, is simply absent. Indeed, the higher the echelon, the greater the disparity. This results from infrequent combined arms training; when it does take place, it is intended to impress visitors (which it does—the dog-and-pony show is usually done with uncommon gusto and theatrical talent) rather than provide real training.

This problem results from three main factors. First, the well-known lack of trust among Arabs for anyone outside their own family adversely affects offensive operations.26 Exceptions to this pattern are limited to elite units (which throughout the Arab world have the same duty—to protect the regime, rather than the country). In a culture in which almost every sphere of human endeavor, including business and social relationships, is based on a family structure, this orientation is also present in the military, particularly in the stress of battle. Offensive action, basically, consists of fire and maneuver. The maneuver element must be confident that supporting units or arms are providing covering fire. If there is a lack of trust in that support, getting troops moving forward against dug-in defenders is possible only by officers getting out front and leading, something that has not been a characteristic of Arab leadership.

Second, the complex mosaic system of peoples creates additional problems for training, as rulers in the Middle East make use of the sectarian and tribal loyalties to maintain power. The 'Alawi minority controls Syria, East Bankers control Jordan, Sunnis control Iraq, and Nejdis control Saudi Arabia. This has direct implications for the military, where sectarian considerations affect assignments and promotions. Some minorities (such the Circassians in Jordan or the Druze in Syria) tie their well-being to the ruling elite and perform critical protection roles; others (such as the Shi'a of Iraq) are excluded from the officer corps. In any case, the assignment of officers based on sectarian considerations works against assignments based on merit.

The same lack of trust operates at the interstate level, where Arab armies exhibit very little trust of each other, and with good reason. The blatant lie Gamal Abdel Nasser told King Husayn in June 1967 to get him into the war against Israel—that the Egyptian air force was over Tel Aviv (when most of its planes had been destroyed)—was a classic example of deceit.27 Sadat's disingenuous approach to the Syrians to entice them to enter the war in October 1973 was another (he told them that the Egyptians were planning total war, a deception which included using a second set of operational plans intended only for Syrian eyes).28 With this sort of history, it is no wonder that there is very little cross or joint training among Arab armies and very few command exercises. During the 1967 war, for example, not a single Jordanian liaison officer was stationed in Egypt, nor were the Jordanians forthcoming with the Egyptian command.29
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(#4 of 4 posts)

Third, Middle Eastern rulers routinely rely on balance-of-power techniques to maintain their authority.30 They use competing organizations, duplicate agencies, and coercive structures dependent upon the ruler's whim. This makes building any form of personal power base difficult, if not impossible, and keeps the leadership apprehensive and off-balance, never secure in its careers or social position. The same applies within the military; a powerful chairman of the joint chiefs is inconceivable.

Joint commands are paper constructs that have little actual function. Leaders look at joint commands, joint exercises, combined arms, and integrated staffs very cautiously for all Arab armies are a double-edged sword. One edge points toward the external enemy and the other toward the capital. The land forces are at once a regime-maintenance force and threat at the same time. No Arab ruler will allow combined operations or training to become routine; the usual excuse is financial expense, but that is unconvincing given their frequent purchase of hardware whose maintenance costs they cannot afford. In fact, combined arms exercises and joint staffs create familiarity, soften rivalries, erase suspicions, and eliminate the fragmented, competing organizations that enable rulers to play off rivals against one another. This situation is most clearly seen in Saudi Arabia, where the land forces and aviation are under the minister of defense, Prince Sultan, while the National Guard is under Prince Abdullah, the deputy prime minister and crown prince. In Egypt, the Central Security Forces balance the army. In Iraq and Syria, the Republican Guard does the balancing.

Politicians actually create obstacles to maintain fragmentation. For example, obtaining aircraft from the air force for army airborne training, whether it is a joint exercise or a simple administrative request for support of training, must generally be coordinated by the heads of services at the ministry of defense; if a large number of aircraft are involved, this probably requires presidential approval. Military coups may be out of style, but the fear of them remains strong. Any large-scale exercise of land forces is a matter of concern to the government and is closely observed, particularly if live ammunition is being used. In Saudi Arabia a complex system of clearances required from area military commanders and provincial governors, all of whom have differing command channels to secure road convoy permission, obtaining ammunition, and conducting exercises, means that in order for a coup to work, it would require a massive amount of loyal conspirators. Arab regimes have learned how to be coup-proof.

Security and Paranoia

Arab regimes classify virtually everything vaguely military. Information the U.S. military routinely publishes (about promotions, transfers, names of unit commanders, and unit designations) is top secret in Arabic-speaking countries. To be sure, this does make it more difficult for the enemy to construct an accurate order of battle, but it also feeds the divisive and compartmentalized nature of the military forces. The obsession with security can reach ludicrous lengths. Prior to the 1973 war, Sadat was surprised to find that within two weeks of the date he had ordered the armed forces be ready for war, his minister of war, General Muhammad Sadiq, had failed to inform his immediate staff of the order. Should a war, Sadat wondered, be kept secret from the very people expected to fight it?31 One can expect to have an Arab counterpart or key contact to be changed without warning and with no explanation as to his sudden absence. This might well be simply a transfer a few doors down the way, but the vagueness of it all leaves foreigners with dire scenarios—scenarios that might be true. And it is best not to inquire too much; advisors or trainers who seem overly inquisitive may find their access to host military information or facilities limited.

The presumed close U.S.-Israel relationship, thought to be operative at all levels, aggravates and complicates this penchant for secrecy. Arabs believe that the most mundane details about them are somehow transmitted to the Mossad via a secret hotline.This explains why a U.S. advisor with Arab forces is likely to be asked early and often about his opinion of the "Palestine problem," then subjected to monologues on the presumed Jewish domination of the United States.

Indifference to Safety

In terms of safety measures, there is a general laxness, a seeming carelessness and indifference to training accidents, many of which could have been prevented by minimal efforts. To the (perhaps overly) safety-conscious Americans, Arab societies appear indifferent to casualties and show a seemingly lackadaisical approach to training safety. There are a number of explanations for this. Some would point to the inherent fatalism within Islam,32 and certainly anyone who has spent considerable time in Arab taxis would lend credence to that theory, but perhaps the reason is less religiously based and more a result of political culture. As any military veteran knows, the ethos of a unit is set at the top; or, as the old saying has it, units do those things well that the boss cares about. When the top political leadership displays a complete lack of concern for the welfare of its soldiers, such attitudes percolate down through the ranks. Exhibit A was the betrayal of Syrian troops fighting Israel in the Golan in 1967: having withdrawn its elite units, the Syrian government knowingly broadcast the falsehood that Israeli troops had captured the town of Kuneitra, which would have put them behind the largely conscript Syrian army still in position. The leadership took this step to pressure the great powers to impose a truce, though it led to a panic by the Syrian troops and the loss of the Golan Heights.33


It would be difficult to exaggerate the cultural gulf separating American and Arab military cultures. In every significant area, American military advisors find students who enthusiastically take in their lessons and then resolutely fail to apply them. The culture they return to—the culture of their own armies in their own countries—defeats the intentions with which they took leave of their American instructors.

When they had an influence on certain Arab military establishments, the Soviets reinforced their clients' cultural traits far more than, in more recent years, Americans were able to. Like the Arabs', the Soviets' military culture was driven by political fears bordering on paranoia. The steps taken to control the sources (real or imagined) of these fears, such as a rigidly centralized command structure, were readily understood by Arab political and military elites. The Arabs, too, felt an affinity for the Soviet officer class's contempt for ordinary soldiers and the Soviet military hierarchy's distrust of a well-developed, well-appreciated, well-rewarded NCO corps.

Arab political culture is based on a high degree of social stratification, very much like that of the defunct Soviet Union and very much unlike the upwardly mobile, meritocratic, democratic United States. Arab officers do not see any value in sharing information among themselves, let alone with their men. In this they follow the example of their political leaders, who not only withhold information from their own allies, but routinely deceive them. Training in Arab armies reflects this: rather than prepare as much as possible for the multitude of improvised responsibilities that are thrown up in the chaos of battle, Arab soldiers, and their officers, are bound in the narrow functions assigned them by their hierarchy. That this renders them less effective on the battlefield, let alone places their lives at greater risk, is scarcely of concern, whereas, of course, these two issues are dominant in the American military culture, and are reflected in American military training.

Change is unlikely to come until it occurs in the larger Arab political culture, although the experience of other societies (including our own) suggests that the military can have a democratizing influence on the larger political culture, as officers bring the lessons of their training first into their professional environment, then into the larger society. It obviously makes a big difference, however, when the surrounding political culture is not only avowedly democratic (as are many Middle Eastern states), but functionally so. Until Arab politics begin to change at fundamental levels, Arab armies, whatever the courage or proficiency of individual officers and men, are unlikely to acquire the range of qualities which modern fighting forces require for success on the battlefield. For these qualities depend on inculcating respect, trust, and openness among the members of the armed forces at all levels, and this is the marching music of modern warfare that Arab armies, no matter how much they emulate the corresponding steps, do not want to hear.

Norvell De Atkine, a U.S. Army retired colonel with eight years residence in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, and a graduate degree in Arab studies from the American University of Beirut, is currently instructing U.S. Army personnel assigned to Middle Eastern areas. The opinions expressed here are strictly his own.

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Soros-Sponsored Terrorism: Ukraine to U.S.

This Info-Wars video links Soros, Obama, Clinton, McCain etc in terrorism plots

They claim that Nazis in WW2 killed 60 thousand Polish people. I'm not sure that's true, since it seems that most of the claims about German war crimes were merely propaganda. I believe it's been found that the Soviets killed innocent people in Poland, as well as in Germany and many other countries. In another thread I referenced many websites that show seemingly very good evidence that Germany and other European countries during and before WW2 were defending themselves from Soviet communist terrorism. And the Zionists were behind most of such terrorism, as well as the propaganda against Germany and other victims of terrorism. I've shared lately on another thread info from James Perloff that shows strong evidence that Israeli Zionists were primarily responsible for the 9/11 attacks. U.S. officials, such as Cheney, gave Israel their blessing to carry out the attacks.

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__Books) 75 Greatest Books Ever Written, OK, maybe not, but a better list than that of Esquire.
__Channeling Thoreau and Twain by channeling George Carlin. Warning: Don't read this if you are looking for an easy laugh.
__Meyer Schapiro. Another counter-critique of 20th century propaganda.
__Jack London) Outing Jack London in all ways. We deconstruct one of the worst fake bios ever.
__Elizabeth Gilbert, including a critique of the TED conferences.
__Hollywood) Strange Relations part 2. Guest writer Kevin is back with a continuation of his research on the early years of Hollywood.
__Easy Rider, another movie from the Matrix.
__James Bond Film) How to Deconstruct a James Bond Film. I show you how the new Bond film is a sign of the split in Intelligence.
__Inside Job) Fake Bankruptcy. A review of the movie "Inside Job," which won the Oscar for best documentary this year.
__Prometheus Unwound. An in-depth review of the new movie Prometheus.
__The Real Matrix. Language as the deepest Matrix.
__Matrix Deconstructed. Where I tell you what I think was really going on with those films. I have added a short section, warning you that the PBS show Closer to Truth is actually created to take you Further from the Truth.
__Spotlight) Let's Put the Spotlight on Spotlight. I uncover huge amounts of evidence the priest scandals were faked.
A Game of Fakes. Where I look at “Game of Thrones”, Spotlight, David Bowie, and Prince.
__Marilyn Monroe's Death was Faked. The top 14 red flags, plus photographic evidence and clues from Hawaii.
__Robin Williams) F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have added an addendum concerning Robin Williams, whom I linked to the Fitzgeralds and Kennedys through his published genealogy. Also linked him to Salem.
__Mel Gibson) Why I think Mel Gibson is Jewish. He's also probably a peer. Shocker, eh? Lot's of amazing genealogy and peerage work here, including the find that Mel is related to several of his characters, including William Wallace and Fletcher Christian! In a long addendum in the middle of the paper, we start by linking Mel to Errol Flynn, then go to the Mutiny on the Bounty, then to Pitcairn Island, and finally end up looking at flying saucers. I know, you have to read it to believe it.
__Keanu Reeves) What They Don't Tell You about Keanu Reeves. Mostly genealogy work again, but don't yawn yet. As usual, we go back to 1400 and pull in all sorts of other stuff.
__Daisy Ridley) From Daisy Ridley to Lord Byron, and everyone in between. Where I link many more people to the peerage and to one another. Including Ridley Scott, Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham Carter, David Irving, Kenneth Branagh, and many others. I have added a paragraph linking William Faulkner to the pot.
__Folk Scene was Totally Manufactured. I compile all the red flags on this one for you. Includes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Ewan MacColl, and Peter, Paul and Mary.
__Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones. Operation Rolling Stone. I also out the real poet behind Dylan's songs. Joni can't tell you, so I have to.
__Elvis Aron Presley: Intelligence Project. A long paper that will likely blow your socks off. It surprised me, and I wrote it. I have added photos from Elvis' movies Kissin' Cousins and Double Trouble.
__John Lennon) Proof John Lennon's Death was Faked. Also includes a short analysis of Michael Jackson's alleged death. Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death. In a long addendum, I reprint more good analysis from a reader, who shows us some very interesting clues from the film Let Him Be. I watched Let Him Be again, seeing a few new things. Go to purple text at the end.
__Yoko Ono's Gun Statistics. I analyze the numbers in the mainstream, showing they are pushed in many ways.
__Paul McCartney) HELP! Do you want to know a Secret? Paul McCartney is a Twin. Last update, I promise. I tear apart one last photo, showing you it is a fake. Many pages of photographic evidence.
__Paul McCartney) Looks like Paul McCartney is really Paul Macartney of the Peerage. Like John Lennon, Paul apparently comes from the upper reaches of the peerage. Also more info on Guy Ritchie, the Koch brothers, and many others. In a short addendum, we discover a couple of other useful things. See two pages from end.
__Karen Carpenter Faked her Death. I link to a youtube video that shows that Richard was also anorexic. Strange that no one ever cared about his health.
__Kurt Cobain . . . well, You Know the Rest. Also commentary on John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, and many others.
__River Phoenix: another fake death. Lots of photographic evidence. Plus commentary on Joseph Campbell, Charles Taze Russell, and others.

__Steve Jobs) Steve Jobs: Bold, Brilliant, Brutal. . . Fake. We find that everyone involved in the Apple project is not who you were told.
__Bill Gates: Jewish Aristocrat. Where we link Gates to everyone else you have ever heard of, and show Microsoft is one more front of the MATRIX.
__Mark Zuckerberg) The Ultimate Fake Person Award. Mark Zuckerberg, CIA creation.
__Jeff Bezos looks like Another CIA Front. We also look at the King Ranch and related topics.
__SpaceX is Fake. And so is Flat Earth.
__Elon Musk) Why I don't Believe in Elon Musk. I compile evidence that Musk is an Intel creation.
__Physics is Corrupt. I also talk about art here, as usual.
__John Forbes Nash) A Beautiful Mind? No, another Ugly Project. One of my readers does some good research on John Forbes Nash.
__Stephen Hawking) Brave New World of Stephen Hawking. I link you to my science site for this one. No equations, don't worry.
__Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced [This was written in 2011 & 2015]. I show lots of photographic evidence that Hawking died in 1985 and has been played by an impostor since then. To create confusion around this paper, someone (probably at the behest of Intelligence) created an internet death hoax for Hawking two days after it was posted. The death hoax got over a million likes at Facebook and was reported on widely in the mainstream press. Curious timing, no?
__Earth is not Flat. A short response to a deluge of emails.
__Mandela Effect is another Hoax. Not indication of parallel universes or false memories, but another Intel project to mess with your mind.
__Graham Hancock Unmasks Himself. Also an outing of Daniel Pinchbeck, Russell Brand, and Rubert Sheldrake.
__Buddhism: the Stronger Poison. An analysis of "The Life of the Buddha".
__Society of Friends looks like another Jewish Front. We look at George Fox, founder of the Quakers. I have added some inside information on Haverford College here.
__Atheism) The Illogic of Atheism.
Title: Re: Tyranny & Terrorism: False Flags; Fake Events
Post by: Luck on January 05, 2018, 09:09:36 pm

__Gender wars) Alpha Male with no one to Game. Analysis of the Redpill site, and commentary on the gender wars.
__Feminism) Who Stole Feminism? I use Christina Hoff Sommers' book of the same name to out her as well as both sides of the fake neo-feminist argument, showing they were manufactured to misdirect you away from the real culprit.
__Trannies Psyop. File this one with Flat Earth and Pizzagate.
__Third Sex) Counter-Advice from the Third Sex. I answer some questions about seduction, feminism, and—in a very short tack-on—Pizzagate.
__Gender-Bender) 80's Gender-Bender Pop-Projects and Crypto-Jews. A reader and guest writer does some good research on this topic.
__Zodiac Murders were Faked. And so were the Houston and Cottingham murders.
__Unabomber was Another Psy-op. Also includes a look at Gerald Gardner (Wicca), Son of Sam, and the Wicker Man.
__Sandy Hook) The Alleged Sandy Hook Tragedy. Another staged event.
__Sandy Hook Conspiracy Debunked? No. I show that nothing has been debunked, and even give you more evidence.
__Sandy Hook) Is Alex Seitz-Wald still Typing? I respond to his latest puff-piece, continuing my analysis of the Sandy Hook story and the hired litterateurs fronting it.
__Sandy Hook) Andrew Solomon Award, for fictional news reporting. A Sandy Hook update.
__Sandy Hook) Decoding the Sam Harris/Ian Murphy Flamewar. More misdirection on Sandy Hook.
__Trayvon Martin) Why the Trayvon Martin Case is not what it seems. Another government psy-op, fomenting new race wars.
__Boston Marathon, or the Case of the Four Fences. Like Aurora and Sandy Hook, another mystery it takes no Sherlock Holmes to penetrate.
__Boston Marathon Bombing Trial. I show you that the trial, like the event itself, is fake. Included is a brief analysis of the Gabby Giffords shooting, which is related.
__Santa Barbara Shooting is another Hoax. Elliot Rodger doesn't exist.
__Ted Bundy) Who IS Ted Bundy? Not who you think.
__Night Stalker Victims. Easy proof of another faked serial killer.
__Glen Ridge Rape was Faked. I show you many pages of evidence this 1989 event never happened, including the trial.
__Charleston and Roanoke Events were Faked. I show you a few things the other researchers have missed.
__Orlando Pulse Shooting is Another Hoax. Also analysis of Huey Long, the film The Big Fix, and the BP oil spill.
__Antifa is Fake. Call it ANTIFA-KE.
__Alt Right) Richard Spencer looks like a Mole. Also new info on Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Cord Meyer, Jacqueline Bouvier, the artist Caspar Friedrich, and the Houstons.
__Charlottesville) Yes, Virginia, the Charlottesville Car Crash was Staged. I compile the top research from Youtube, then give you some zingers you haven't seen anywhere else.
__Las Vegas Hoax
__Tying Harvey Weinstein to the Las vegas Event

Trump: Savior or Traitor?
Interesting things have been happening lately. On Dec. 21 Trump signed an executive order against human trafficking and corruption, which is either part of a serious effort to end major corruption in government or is a ruse to fool supporters. Since October someone using the name Q-anon has been occasionally posting predictions on 4Chan & 8Chan that Trump is working against corruption and there's very strong evidence that Q-anon is definitely very closely associated with Trump. I will be pleasantly surprised if Trump actually takes any meaningful steps to drain the swamp, but I won't believe it until I see it, if even then.

Title: Re: Tyranny & Terrorism: False Flags; Fake Events
Post by: Russell Kanning on January 16, 2018, 03:56:07 pm
Title: Re: Tyranny & Terrorism: False Flags; Fake Events
Post by: Luck on February 17, 2018, 11:31:27 pm
(Part 1 at )

- I think a lot of folks here might like to read eye-opening papers by Mathis at
- I found the site a month or two ago. He undoubtedly gets some things wrong, but he seems to have uncovered a hell of a lot of fraud in society that I never suspected before, mainly in mainstream news and history.

__Walt Whitman. Outing, Not in the way you think.
__Custer's Last Stand was a False Flag. I show you evidence of another probable hoax involving military intelligence; including lots of photo analysis, as usual. I have added several pages of new research, including more photo analysis.
__Mark Twain) What About Mark Twain? Where, somehow, I also pull in Sam Shepard, Matt Damon, Henry Miller, Eddie Vedder, Eminem, Gauguin, Richelieu, Daniel Boone, and the Mormons. Also more on Lincoln and the Booths.
__Gunfight at OK Corral Never Happened. Lots of fake photographs from the same set of old families.
__Lizzie Borden Axe Murders Never Happened. Another major hoax from Massachusetts. Lizzie Borden hoax
__Lucky Lindy? I analyze Charles Lindbergh's life, showing you some things you may have missed. I have discovered a few other interesting things, including the probable backers of the flight.
__Scopes Monkey Trial was Faked. Also analysis of Leopold and Loeb and other events of the time.
__Eugene Debs: Secret Agent Man. Where I out Debs and the Socialists, the Anarchists, the Pinkerton Agency, Mormonism, the Homestead Strike, the Haymarket Affair, and the death of President McKinley. Basically, the entire 20th century was a bad movie.
__Henry Thoreau and the Modern Magazine. We look at a recent New Yorker article on Thoreau called “Pond Scum”. Also analysis of Kathryn Schulz's TED lecture.
__Theosophy) From Theosophy to the Beat Generation, or, how even the Occult was Disguised. Including proof that MOMA is the CIA's Museum.
__Hippie Matrix. How the government co-opted the hippie, anti-war, and environmental movements. Including an outing of Ram Dass, Stewart Brand, and Larry Brilliant. My old Trivial Pursuit games pays again, when I discover Abbie Hoffman's judge in the Chicago Eight trials was Julius Hoffman. I have added some comments about them, as well as a bit about Lenny Bruce.
__Kent State Massacre Never Happened. An anonymous reader has submitted this paper for publication. Four non-dead in Ohio.
__Patty Hearst Kidnapping was Fake. Also related commentary on Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry.
__Tate Murders were Faked. That's right. Manson is another creation of the MATRIX. Over 80 pages of photographic evidence. The mainstream tells us Manson is now living in Santa Barbara! Skip to near bottom of paper for the update. I have added a couple of paragraphs showing Sharon Tate's death certificate is fake. Also several other anomalies on that document. In my last paper on Franklin, I tripped across the name Milles in the peerage and tentatively tied it to Charles Milles Manson. I have now done much more genealogy work, finding good indication I was right.
__Ramparts (magazine) was also a CIA Front. Strange goings-on at Ramparts.
__O. J. Simpson Trial was Faked, and so were the murders. Lots of photographic and legal evidence.
__Monica Lewinsky Scandal was Faked. Lots of photo analysis, plus commentary on Bill and Hillary, Vince Foster, the Jacobs family, Skolnick, and much more.
__Bushes) Looks like the Bushes are Jewish, too. Another big day at the genealogy sites and the peerage.
__911 Memorial) Graydon Parrish and the 911 Memorial.
__911 Truth and Obama's Birth. Get ready, the future arrived this week.
__Obama) What you should know about Barack Obama. His voting record and his advisors.
__Obama) Breitbart proves Obama was born in Kenya. Obama's literary agency bio listed him born in Kenya from 1991 to 2007.
__Obama's Genealogy, and so much more. Including more on John Lennon, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Stanley, Robert E. Lee, and many others. Once I got back on the genealogy sites, I was able to add another 7 pages or so, rounding out this paper. This one refuses to close. I have added another 3 or 4 pages of analysis sprinkled throughout, including more on John Lennon. I have added Lena Dunham and her parents to the end of this paper, showing they are spooks closely related to all the other spooks.
__Trump) Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish. I show you how to read his genealogy. My recent genealogical research has allowed me to show a probable link between Trump and the Nazis, including Himmler himself.

__Patriot Act) The Voice Vote. On Parliamentary procedure and the Patriot Act.
__First Amendment is not Dead. Long live the First Amendment!
__Voting problems) The DIY Ballot. The easy solution to voting problems.
__Vote) The Write-in Vote is Crucial. The loss of the write-in is the loss of democracy.
__Election) How This Election is already being Stolen. Manipulation of information.
__Fake Election News. CNN and CBS post fake delegate totals.
__Elections) The Death of Democracy. Proof from the Republican Primary votes that they can now steal elections that aren't even close.
__Election) 2012 Election was a Complete Fraud from top to bottom. An extended computer hack, televised.
__Taxes) Where do your Taxes Go? The rich just looted your country and your bank account.
__WSJ) More Sleight of Hand from the WSJ, a response to an article from The Wall Street Journal.
__NEA should be Abolished.
__Wikipedia) The Wiki Mandarins, a critique of Wikipedia.
__Onion) Your Best Source of Mainstream News is. . . The Onion. No, Seriously. I show you how to peel The Onion for more than a joke.
__Disinformation) Learn to Recognize Government Disinformation. I link to Edward Snowden's leaked documents, which prove government agencies are using lies and other dirty tricks in online forums to discredit people.
__Breaking News: Most Americans cannot tell fake news from the Onion from news from the New York Times.
__Fake Local News) Your Fake Local News. Fake news, fake murders, and fake trials, in your hometown. An update on the Johnny Hovey hoax, where I hear from Benjamin Radford at Go to end of paper.
__Health Emergency. Time to get in control of your food and water now.
__Chemtrails) On Chemtrails and Other Topics. Brief commentary on chemtrails, as well as some updates from my mailbag.
__Sheriff Arpaio) The Mainstream Media piles on Sheriff Arpaio. The controlled media is ordered to attack a man for launching an investigation, and they all say, "OK!"
__Ron Paul) The Silencing of Ron Paul. The spooks make another late-night visit.
__Boycott Everything. Well, almost everything.
__Occupying Wall Street. Won't matter if people continue to vote like sheep.
__Standing Rock) A Few Comments on Current Events. Including Standing Rock.
__Larouche) What I Finally Understood. Commentary on famous people, gun control, Smith&Wesson, and Larouche.
__Eustace Mullins was an Anti. Also more on the Fitzgeralds, Andrew Jackson, and the American Nazi Party.
__Noam Chomsky is and always has been a Spook. Extensive web research shows some very strange connections with Chomsky, strongly indicating his spook status. Includes bonus outings of Rudolph Rocker, George Orwell, John Kenneth Galbraith, William F. Buckley, Daniel Ellsberg, Dwight MacDonald, William Sloane Coffin and others. I have appended a long email I received from a reader—a reader who was a graduate student in linguistics at MIT. He confirms my reading of Chomsky, adding some tasty bits.
__David Irving) Looks Like David Irving is Jewish. So what, you say? He is also the world's most famous Holocaust denier.
__David Icke. Again, the genealogies tell us all we need to know.
Title: Re: Tyranny & Terrorism: False Flags; Fake Events
Post by: Luck on March 27, 2018, 11:17:19 pm

(Part 1 at )


I think the following are some of Mathis' most important papers. He shows good evidence that many major events in history were faked or were false flags to control the common people.

History) A Study of History. A variant reading of history.

Watergate Unstoppered. A look at Watergate, compiling easy information. (Nixon was innocent.)

[LUCK COMMENT: Although nuclear weapons may be fake, as Mathis explained in some articles linked below, radioactivity is real and needs to be protected against. Likewise, radioactive stockpiles need to be protected from major explosives, such as by terrorists. Another possibility is that nuclear weapons really do work, but that fakes have been used in some of the weapons tests.]

Nuclear) The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked. Easy photographic evidence.

Nuclear Hoax. My second paper on this, where I look mostly at the Trinity test.

NRO2. My guest writer is back with a second long addendum about NRO. This is a tack-on to my paper of a month ago about the nuclear program. He analyzes more fun government patches, among other things, and I teach you how a pyramid is like a volcano!

Nuclear) What is Really Going on Behind the Nuclear Program? A shortish paper on the topic, including brief connecting remarks on the Alien Project. But what is most interesting is how the paper moves into unforeseen places.

JFK) The Hidden King: Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin. I have added another 25 pages of explosive evidence, most of it old photographs. Via this evidence, I should change my title to Hidden Kings. Hidden Kings. I have added about 7 pages of photo analysis to this paper, which now makes it even longer than my Tate/Manson paper. See p. 31 for more photos of the Presidential limo, and p. 73 for 7 more fake photos of the family.

JFK) Looks like JFK was Gay. And other interesting news, including more explosive finds from the genealogies.

MLK) Martin Luther King. Another hero falls. Also information on Coretta Scott King, James Earl Ray, Billy Graham, Bill Maher, and a game-ender on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. The rabbit hole is getting ever deeper. I have extended the previous addendum, and you won't want to miss it. I have attached a third addendum to this paper, linking the Sneyds to the Stanleys.

Gandhi) Was the Fakir a Faker? A guest paper by Josh, where he unravels the life of Gandhi.

Castro) Fidel Castro: CIA Agent. Where we learn more about Castro, John Wilkes Booth, Gram Parsons, Harry Belafonte, and others. (Cuba has apparently been a CIA asset all along.)

Marx) Reading the Signs: Karl Marx. A reader wrote in to tell me Marx was closely related to the Rothschilds, and it turns out he is right. What he didn't tell me is that Borat is probably related to both. No, really. Today's Lesson: Karl Marx. I out another bevy of agents, including Marx, Heston, MacLeish, Lupino, and others.

Marx's Wife and other things. Where we learn a lot more about Jenny Marx. Also important information on John Kerry, and on the Jewish/German settlements in Texas, including King Ranch. Also more proof of the incredible Hitler/Nazi hoax.

Engels and Owen. A continuation of my paper on Marx, this one on Friedrich Engels and Robert Owen. I also out dozens of others.

Lenin) Vladimir Lenin is Another Fake. A long paper on Lenin and the Russian Revolution, with much photographic evidence. I have now appended the genealogy of Nicholas II to this paper, showing he is descended in direct maternal line from Barbara Jagiellon of Poland. This indicates he was Jewish and that the Russian Revolution was managed from both ends.

Hitler) Beer Hall Putsch. Oh, the maze of tunnels when you are down the rabbit hole.

Hitler's Genealogy. Readers from all over the world—including Germany—have sent me corroborating evidence for this paper in the form of links to mainstream sites. Those updates are scattered throughout the paper: I have marked them with the word addendum in bold. I have added many more pages of analysis, including more analysis of fake photos of Hitler. I also show that Eva Braun may have been twins. See addenda in the section on Eva (p.17) and near the end (p.44). Further research has allowed me to show a probable link between Trump, Heinz, Goering, Hitler, and Himmler.

More WW2 Fakes (London Bombing)

Dresden) Was Dresden also Faked? In a 6-page addendum, I discover Raphael's Sistine Madonna is a fake.

Benito Mussolini. Oh, the wonders I have seen. And which you are about to see.

Bogus Business Plot. Part One: What Isn't a Racket? Guest writer Josh is back, taking a close look at Smedley Butler, the New Deal, Roosevelt, Morgan, and much else.

Bogus Business Plot. Part Two: Smedley Butler “the Lying Quaker”. Guest writer Josh is back with the second installment of his Smedley Butler expose.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Commentary by request, where—as usual—I take a third side, confounding all previous analysis.
Lincoln Assassination was another Manufactured Event. I take you through the whole thing, using both old and new evidence. It was a False Flag. I have added several paragraphs of genealogy, showing Lincoln was related to most of his alleged conspirators through his wife Mary Todd, including John Wilkes Booth, Henry Rathbone, and the Surratts. Go down to p. 28 in the PDF.

Benjamin Franklin: Premier British Spook. We find that Old Ben does not match his cardboard cut-out from history class.

George Washington) A deep analysis of George's and Martha's genealogies, revealing many things.

French Revolution. A backwards continuation of my Napoleon paper, with more appearances of the House of Vasa. Also some news about Louis XVI.

Napoleon) Was Napoleon Jewish? Plus many other things that will shock and confound you, including more on Laplace. Two new addenda to this paper, one on later Bonapartes, and one on later Radziwills.

Salem Witch Trials were Faked. They are not what we have been told. I show evidence this was an early hoax, pulled—as usual—by the merchants, using actors and agents but this time starring. . . themselves. Smithsonian magazine takes only one week to produce a response to my paper, but only adds fuel to the fire. In a second update, we find T. S. Eliot's ancestor on the Salem trial jury! I have now linked Governor Phips to the highest levels of the British peerage.

Shakespeare: Intel Project. I have what I think is some new information on this subject. Or, a rather broader reading of the evidence.

Henry VII: Another Jewish Invasion of England. Where I unwind the War of the Roses and much else, including more information on the Stanleys.

Occult) Kabbalah, Hermeticism and the Occult. I go back five centuries and show you that even then you could substitute “Intelligence” everywhere you found “the Occult.” Including a close look at the Medicis and the Rockefellers.

Medicis) Thrones Infiltrated. We look again at the Medicis and Jagiellons, to see how these lines infiltrated the royal houses of Europe.

Crusades) Phillip III the Bold and the Crusades. Also new information on the Templars, the Popes, and the Byzantine Emperors. This one will not disappoint. . . unless you are a mainstream historian.