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Title: interested observer
Post by: jaskug on August 02, 2003, 09:12:10 pm
I've been wandering though these forums for long enough now that I thought I should register and say hello. I haven't actually signed up for the project as a whole, since I don't think I'm actually ready to undertake a move or significant lifestyle change that such would involve. In a few years, when the project is getting closer to actually happenning, things may be different for me as well. I am definitely interested by the intelligent and freethinking group that has gathered here. In time, I would be glad to be a part of it.

At the moment I am nearly done with my college experience in Computer Science in Montana. Conveniently, I have also lived in another FSP state: I grew up in Alaska. Of the two, it's hard to say where I would prefer to live. For the purposes of FSP though, I think Alaska would be a better choice.

Another point of interest is that I have a great fondness for computer games (starcraft and warcraft 3 are favorites for online play). I expect that I'll drop a post or so in the relavent threads elsewhere.

Anyway, I'm here. Perhaps I'll spread what word of this place I can to those who I think would be interested herein.
Title: Re:interested observer
Post by: Elizabeth on August 02, 2003, 09:14:03 pm
Welcome!  :D
Title: Re:interested observer
Post by: LeopardPM on August 02, 2003, 09:38:49 pm
in doing so, I would consider you a friend of the FSP!