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Title: -Knock. Knock. -Who's There? -Realsneaky -Realsneaky Who? -His Servant
Post by: bmud on May 17, 2013, 07:08:49 pm
I am Peter The Roman, and the Sovereignty Of Heaven is at hand.


Three significant advancements driving this revolution are 1) a special version of vitamin B12, sublingual methylcobalamin 2) warm coffee, not water, as an enema, and 3) for daily meditation at the push of a button. Feel free to explore alternatives to Ceterpointe, but the expertise found in Managing Evolutionary Growth is irreplaceable.

Because my instructions for surviving the Apocalypse exceed 10,000 characters, I have cut this message short.  A full post in excess of 10,000 characters is available at

The Free State Project should be all over the problem of DMT, the body's own hallucinogen, being outlawed.