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Title: wanted: space for 2 person tent Have: bitcoin & surplus solar power
Post by: capistor on May 13, 2013, 02:47:26 pm
I am looking for a shared camp site for the full event.  I have one two person tent.  I will be carpooling from the airport so no vehicle.

I would prefer to trade in bitcoin, though I could trade for precious metals beforehand if that is how you prefer payment.

I have enough solar to charge a smart phone about every 20-120 minutes, or about 4-7 tablet charges / day, or about 2-5 hrs laptop time / day (size dependent).  The setup includes an AC wall outlet and USB ports.  I would consider including some charges as part of the trade, otherwise I'll probably lease my outlet.  Honestly if I'm renting a spot from you and no one else is using my setup I would not mind sharing.  Like I said I should have a surplus.

Also I have a lot of fishnet hammocks and I might bring a few.  I would consider renting a space to hang a hammock and skip the tent.