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Title: Quick and easy business for a new mover (or someone already in NH)...
Post by: MaineShark on May 07, 2013, 06:38:05 pm
I have a powered hand truck (ie, one capable of climbing or descending stairs), which I've generally used for moving boilers/furnaces/batteries into and out of basements.  However, more and more of my work is commercial, involving equipment too large to move in such a manner, so I really don't use it much.

The unit is capable of handling 1000 pounds, so it could easily move things like typical gun safes and such.  Furniture and appliances are a piece of cake.  I've also used it to move woodstoves and the like.

Someone in one of the cities could probably make some decent money, just on helping fellow Porcupines move in (given how many apartments have stairs), and I expect could make some meaningful money advertising the service on CraigsList and the like.  And there are always folks on CraigsList offering free scrap metal (boilers, woodstoves, and such) on the condition that you remove it from their basement, so if you did that on the slow days and took the metal to one of the scrap yards, you could make still more.

As noted, I really don't use it much, and never have put much use on it.  The biggest thing that goes wrong with one that's sat, is the battery goes dead, but the battery on this one was just replaced a few months ago.  Honestly, I'd suggest buying a second (larger) battery, as the one in it is smaller than it has space for (it was what was available when I needed one).  Grab a second battery, and you can have one charging while the other is in use.  You'll also need a battery charger, as mine does not come with it; a standard car battery charger is all that's needed, and you can pick one up at Sears or wherever if you don't have one (or if you want two, so you can charge two batteries overnight to make sure they're topped off in the morning).

[edited to add that it has enough vertical reach to get in/out of a pickup truck bed, or even a standard tractor-trailer, so you can unload a truck without a loading dock]

I'm willing to sell it for $1500, or one ounce of gold, or some comparable barter in firearms, ammunition, tools, or such.  I'll also include some basic training in its use, but it really doesn't take very long to get the hang of it.
Title: Re: Quick and easy business for a new mover (or someone already in NH)...
Post by: MaineShark on August 27, 2013, 09:38:16 am
Just wanted to note that I'm going to sell this pretty soon, one way or another.  I'd prefer to give a Porc the first shot at it, but it will go up for sale to the general public, soon.